Place's to visit in Malawi

When you travel to Malawi, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Malawi, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Malawi to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Malawi things to do can include exploring Malawi attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This is one of the most famous buildings in Malawi and the most remarkable thing about it is that it’s design was not created by any professional architect but a priest.  You can visit a couple of more historic buildings nearby when you visit this site.  It is a national monument.

With an area of 3200 square km, this is the largest national park in Malawi. The park lies in the Nyika Plateau and covers majority of the area. This place is accessible by a single dirt road and getting there is quite an adventure in itself for all ages. Kids will love the various species of flora and fauna that is prevalent here. All in all it is a beautiful place for kids to enjoy something different apart from their regular lives.

This church dates back to 1891 and was built by Scottish missionaries. It has undergone some amount of renovation ever since but it was originally constructed with only wood and bricks and constructed by hand.

If you are interested in retracing Mankind’s evolution from the time of dinosaurs to when man evolved in the current state, then this is the place for you. It is home to the copy of the Malawisausrus. Kids will love a visit to the museum as there are plenty of fun things to do here too such as looking though a viewfinder to find a prehistoric man and other cool activities.

This should not be missed by any visitor as it is an easy hour long tour that will enlighten you on Malawian history and their cultural and traditional beefs through a series of striking mural paintings. An entrance fee needs to be paid that includes a guide too.

It is a great stopping point for people going to Lower shire and thus the name seems quite apt. Wildlife is not a strong point of this reserve but if you are looking for the most gorgeous natural views; then this is the place for you. If you want, you can pick up some local produce such as coffee or tea from here.

This is a majestic rock formation in South east Malawi that is 16 x 13 miles in dimension. It is home to high peaks and the deepest of ravines. This is an interesting geographical feature and was formed due to a large surge of magma estimated to have occurred 130 million years ago. You are welcome to go hiking provided a guide also goes with you.

This is actually located in Mozambique waters but is very much a part of Malawi. This is the ideal retreat if you are looking for luxurious resorts and a peaceful retreat.

This is a sight to behold and is often termed as “island in the sky”. This mountain rises quite steeply from the highlands and the peaks are often surrounded by mist resulting in a surreal feeling. It is a popular site for hiking or trekking and one can easily climb up through clear paths that have been built here.

There is no dearth of adventure activities in the beautiful country of Malawi. Take a guide tour into the wilderness or head for the most popular place, Lake Malawi to take part in plenty or water sports such as kayaking, sailing, diving fishing etc.

The beautiful natural sights of Lake Malawi or the African dance and music or simply a walk around the village is a great way to unwind here in the cradle of civilization. There are cruises which you can go on or a short yachting trip is enough for you to forget your worries.

The cities here will not disappoint you in your choice of cuisine and there are plenty of upscale hotels and restaurants here especially in Lilongwe and Blantyre. You can choose from a wide range of Chinese, Italian, European, Korean, and Haute Cuisine or go for the local flavors.

You will find all types of dishes here so food is not a problem at all in Malawi. The country has the finest cuisine of Africa. For the best of the local flavor, you can try theNsima which is a side dish made from ground corn and do relish the variety of fishes available including the tilapia. You can also enjoy the unique aroma of tea produced here.

All the live music is done at bars here. There are a couple of places in Lilongwe which play a good collection of African and Western music.

It is only in Lilongwe and Blantyre that you will find some upscale bars which are a favorite haunt of expats, tourists and a few locals. The beer is locally produced here so you can buy flavorful drinks at quite cheap rates.

The colorful mix of various tribes makes for an intrusting visual treat. Each tribe has unique customs and you can find a whole variety of dances, songs and religious beliefs.

Music and dance are a very important part of life here. You will come across the Gule dancers and their music which is one of the oldest forms of music. These dancers are believed to have the power to summon spirits of their ancestors.

Every city and village in Malawi has sprawling city markets where the locals can showcase their talent in the form of exquisite wood carvings and other handmade products. You will not realize the hours pass by as you admire and buy quite a few wood masks and figurines.

There is a newly initiated large flea market in Zomba where you will find all sorts of things at very cheap prices. If you are a person who would not buy an item without a bargain, then this place is ideal for you.

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