Places to visit in Mali

When you travel to Mali, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Mali, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Mali to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Mali things to do can include exploring Mali attractions and visiting the places of interest.

This city was once the center of commercial activities as well as religious activities, but now stands as a beautiful city and is one that should not be missed. The buildings in the city are made completely of mud, including the Great Mosque.

Here you will be able to explore to your heart's content through many different types of terrain. There are salt mines that are still in operation, paintings all over the rocks and even many different types of animals that call this home. The kids will be thrilled to be able to visit the paintings and also to view the different types of animals.

This mosque is made completely of mud and was built in 1906. The mosque stands 5 stories tall and 3 individual towers and every spring the mosque is given a new layer of plaster. However, entry is only reserved for Muslims.

This park can be found in Bamako and it was built in 2010 by many different people at the behest of the government. Here you will be able to experience the best of nature while wandering through the park, the botanical garden, and even the zoo.

There is the huge desert in the area, which is called the Sahara Desert. Here you can take many different safaris into the desert and enjoy the experience. Also, you can wander around the many different areas in the country for some breath-taking experiences.

There are plenty of cities all over the country that are full of culture, but some of them have been ravished because of the Islamist groups. However, some of the best places to visit at this time would be Timbuktu, Muhave, and Djenne.

This city is one of the biggest landmarks that is well known throughout the world. The city was once made of gold, but over time has been devastated by the occupation of the Islamist groups. However it is still worth a visit if you can get in.

One of the most adventurous activities that you can do in the country includes taking a pirogue down the river from Niger. There are plenty of people you can hire who will take you up and down the river. You can also go to many of the different small cities. However those places should be carefully visited because of the strife in the country.

There aren't any spas in the area, but there are plenty of small beauty parlors. Here in these parlors, you will be able to get facials, pedicures, manicures and much more. However, if that doesn't appeal to you, you can merely wander around the park and experience the botanical garden and the zoo for a quiet relaxing time with nature.

There are plenty of different restaurants all over the country and the top ones have a huge variety of different cuisines, including Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Vietnamese and many more. You can also find a huge variety of good street food from the many different street stalls, which is always an interesting experience. Some of the top restaurants in Bamako include Restaurant Le Loft, Le Savana, Da Guido Pizzeria to name a few.

There are many different dishes that are unique to Mali, including 'to', which is a gelatinous dish made from millet or corn and is served with a local sauce. Tigadigana is also extremely popular which is simply rice that is served with sauce made of peanuts, onion, oil, tomatoes, okra and other leafy vegetables. You will also run into couscous here a lot, which is an extremely popular dish.

There are plenty of different places to experience live music. There aren't many nightclubs or bars in the area since drinking is prohibited, but there are plenty of other places to listen to live music. The best thing is to visit some of the smaller villages and listen to the traditional music, which is accompanied with a dance.

There aren't many pubs and bars in the area, especially since the country is mostly Muslim and they are against drinking. However, you can find drinks in most of the restaurants, especially the ones with the international cuisines. You can also visit Evasion, which is one of the hottest nightclubs in the country.

There aren't any flea markets in the country, but there are plenty of different street markets, which are equally good. In these street markets you will be able to find a huge variety of local goods, including blankets which are called bologas, leather goods, silver jewelry and even some local musical instruments.

There are plenty of different street markets all over the country, which is one of the best places to find some good treasures at very reasonable prices. Here you will be able to find locally made goods, clothes, spices and much more for decent prices.

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