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Places to Visit in Moshi


Attractions in moshi


From Moshi, this religious place is about a half an hour drive. Kidla, the oldest church made by the Germans in Tanzania happens to be located in this region. Visitors can take a tour to the multiple Lutheran and Catholic churches build in this mountainous place. Each church and cathedral has their own stories about missionaries and Chaggas, which visitors might be interested to know.


A trip to Olpopongi, which is a Maasai Cultural Village and Museum, is a great experience as it offers excellent first hand knowledge on Africa. It is also a great way to find out about the culture and heritage of the local tribe. With the help of a hired guide, tourists can take a tour of this Maasai village and meet some tribesmen in person. 


One can start off with the Moshi town itself. Since Arabica coffee is one of the main produce of this region, one may visit the city center and spend a lazy afternoon seeping the local beverage. As this town of Moshi is situated in the foothill region of Mount Kilimanjaro, one can also enjoy the majestic view of the mountain peak, which also happens to be the highest peak of the African continent. 


This forest also known as Rau is situated on the east of town Moshi. For visiting this area, one needs to take a guided tour to enjoy the abundant beauty of nature. The famous tall Mvule trees are the main attraction of this forest region. 


All of the bars are located in the higher end hotels and there are none outside of these. Some of these hotels include Palace Belvedere, Arif Castles, The Naini Retreat, Woodside Retreat and many more.

You can also buy the liquor from outside of the bars, if you can find a store. If not you should bring your own drinks with you when you travel to the city, especially if you are planning to drink something expensive and imported.


The way to this reservoir offers a very scenic drive. Especially the blossoming flame trees are a delight to see. Different fishing settlements have developed based on this reservoir and also a great place for bird watching. 


Tourists have to visit Machame to see this beautiful10 meter high water fall, formed by River Makoa. An abundance of coffee and banana plantation is sighted in this region. 


It is a guided tour to the national park. One has to pay at the entrance and take along a guide for a whole-day walking tour. Before entering the national park, visitors also stop by the Ndoro waterfalls, located about 40 minutes drive from the town of Moshi. 


At about a distance of 50 meters from Moshi, tourists can visit this waterfall and can also enjoy a hike while enjoying nice views of the surrounding. Also good for outdoor picnic and the base of the waterfall is also safe for swimming.


One can find out how the coffee is produced or how the local people carry out the banana plantation in this Tanzanian region. Visitors can take strolls through the farmlands of this region or take a hike, which actually is a good practice before starting off with hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro. Moshi travel packages to Machame include visiting the homes of local Chagga people along with exploring the nearby waterfalls, rivers and gorges. 


It’s a drive of about 45 minutes from Moshi town. Situated nearly about 30 km away in the north east of Moshi, Maragu is a very good place to find out about the living and livelihood of local inhabitants. This region is situated at an altitude of 1800 meter and is home to the first ever coffee tree plantation of Moshi, initiated by German missionaries. Visitors can explore the homes of the locals; visit the caves or landmarks where Chagga and Maasai wars were fought. This cultural tour by the slopes of the mountain may require half to a full day. 


Mount Kilimanjaro National Park is the most visited landmark spot near Moshi. It is a breathtaking beauty of East Africa that should not be missed. With an elevation of 900 meters, it is the highest peak in Africa and in the whole world it is the tallest of all free-standing mountains. Generally six trekking routes are used to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro. Trekkers from around the world come to achieve this accessible high summit of this great mountain. Many trekkers trek upto the crater rim and many others achieve reaching the actual summit point, known as the Uhuru Point.

To reach the trekking routes for Kilimanjaro, visitors have to take about an hour’s drive from the airport. If traveling from Arusha, it takes 128 km to reach the destination. Both day and overnight trekking facilities are available at Mount Kilimanjaro National Park on the Shira plateau. One can also take the trails for the lower reaches. Chala Crater Lake is another attraction of this national park. For fun, trekkers can engage in trout fishing, a popular activity of this region.

Generally a trip of five days or more is recommended for trekking tours to Kilimanjaro. This is to avoid altitude sickness and to slowly get used to the climbing condition. Trekkers prefer to visit this beauty during the colder months of July to September as well as during December to February stretch.

For accommodation visitors can book huts on the mountains or stay in the designated campsites. Town of Moshi and village of Marangu also have accommodation facilities just outside the park. While undertaking these trekking tours, visitors can opt to hire guides for $20 per day, porters $10 a day and even cooks with affordable rates of only $15 per day.

Activities in moshi

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Hiking, trekking and camping are most adventurous activities undertaken in Moshi. Trekkers can use designated trails for guided hiking and walking tours by the mountain slopes. Trekking the Mount Kilimanjaro in itself is very rewarding and thrilling experience for any adventure seeker. Trout fishing and horse riding are also popular sports.

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Moshi is also ideal for spending a relaxed holiday in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Tourists can seek accommodation in different hotels and lodges in the town. Moshi visitors can enjoy and relax by sunbathing and swimming in the hotel pools. 

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To enjoy natural beauty in Moshi, tourists can hike and take walking tours with help of a guide through the coffee and banana plantation fields. They can also visit the nearby lakes like Duluti Lake and Lake Chala or Kikuletwa Hot Springs and nearby forests. Kilimanjaro National Park can be visited to enjoy the serene beauty of this mighty mountain.

Food in moshi


There are plenty of restaurants in Moshi. It will be hard to choose from the different coffee shops like Salzburger Café, Union Café, Coffee Shop and Kilimanjaro Coffee Lounge. As this place is mainly known for produce of Arabic coffee, one should not leave without sipping the fresh and aromatic coffee of this town. Tourists can choose from the multiple local and international cuisines served at Italian Passion, Indoitaliano, 10/2/10, Green Bamboo Barbeque, Deli Chez, Sikh Club and El Rancho.


While staying in Moshi, Tanzania, tourists can try out different cuisines including Italian, Chinese, Indian, Continental and local food served at different restaurants in the town. 

Night Life in moshi


The bars and pubs in Moshi host live music shows for their guests. The Malindi Club is a pretty place where local people can hang out, order good drinks and at the same time enjoy music from live performances. 


For some nighttime entertainment one can visit the local clubs - some of which also have facility to enjoy disco. People at different clubs like Malindi Club, La Liga Night Club and Peter’s Club enjoy tapping feet to hip music.


Local youths gather at the bars and pubs like Makumba, Pub Alberto, Kool Bar and C’Africa Bar to enjoy some quality drink with friends and music.

Shopping in moshi


Flea market area is located near Moshi town in Arusha. Local people visit this weekly flea market mainly for buying and selling cheap recycled clothes. People from nearby cities of Dodoma, Nairobi and Mwanza come here to buy their necessities. One may also visit Memoria – it’s a market for used cheap clothes. The market remains open on every Saturday, Wednesday and Fridays.


There are numerous departmental stores in Moshi. Tourists can visit the curio shops like I Curio, Shah Industries and a very reputed shop known by the name of Chui Traders for authentic souvenirs and crafts. Though unlike the street markets, these shops sale items at fixed prices. These shops are also good for collecting visitor’s map and books. There are other bookstores like La Chance Book Shop where one can browse through books by various East African authors. For authentic and good quality local fabric one can visit the Moshi shops like Kiboriloni and Unique Batik.


Tourists find the street markets in Moshi quite interesting as they sell different ethnic items at cheap prices. But one needs to be good at bargaining with the local vendors. A very popular open-air market near Arusha is the Maasai Market. It’s a treasure trove for handmade items by people of East Africa. One can find handmade fabrics, home-décor items, jewelry, souvenirs and bags. This open-air street market is very near to Moshi and remains open on every Tuesday.

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