Place's to visit in Mozambique

When you travel to Mozambique, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Mozambique, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Mozambique to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Mozambique things to do can include exploring Mozambique attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Maputo is the capital of Mozambique and with its Mediterranean-style architecture, wide tree lined roads and waterside setting is one of the most attractive cities in the entire continent of Africa. With hotels, restaurants, cafes, super markets and a lively culture this is also the most developed place in the country and a must visit for every tourists visiting here. Its graceful Portuguese era buildings, narrow side streets and women selling sea foods and spices makes this city a cauldron full of colours and sounds.

SamoraMachel was the first president of People's Republic of Mozambique who died in a plane crash and this statue which was erected in the year 1999 is now a national heritage site.

Most of the historical and religious attractions of Mozambique are centred on its colonial occupation by the Portuguese and many of these places are located at the MozambiqueIsland – the old capital of the country. Palace and Chapel of Sao Paulo, Church of the Misericordia, NossaSenhora de Baluarte church and Cathedral of Our Lady of the Conception, Inhambane are some of the most visited religious destinations in the country. Church of NossaSenhora de Baluarte is the oldest European building in entire southern hemisphere.

Visiting the museums of Mozambique must occupy some time in your travel itinerary and the majority of cultural offering is located in Maputo. Maputo Museum of Natural History or Museu de História Natural is the best known museum in Mozambique and houses a treasure-trove of exhibits. Housed inside a beautiful colonial building the museum is well known for its unusual displays. Museum of the Revolution, Casa Amarela or the Museum of Money, Nampula's National Ethnographic Museum, Maritime Museum at Mozambique Island and Maputo Geology Museum are other well-known museums here.

There are a number of parks and gardens in Maputo and Tunduru Gardens – a park designed by Thomas Honney, a famous British gardener is one of the most popular park in Maputo. You can relax amidst blissful nature anywhere in the country be it the pristine beaches or the national parks and game reserves. The game parks of Mozambique are homes to the big five of Africa – that is elephant, lion, buffalo, hippo and rhino and MarimbaSecretGardens, GorongosaNational Park and Niasa Game Reserve are all famous for their rich flora and fauna.

Mozambique is a land of natural attractions. Be it the palm lined pristine beaches with azure water, unspoiled coral reefs and an extraordinary variety of marine creatures or the savage beauty of the Gorongosa National park or Niasa game reserve – natural beauty is scattered all around the land. The islands of Bazaruto Archipelago with its fascinating marine life add to the variety of natural attractions for tourists in this African country.

Mozambique is home to a variety of ethnic groups and most of the cultural practices of modern Mozambique are rooted in the cultural of these ethnic groups. Singing and dancing is an important partin rituals and ceremonies; local tribal dance forms like hunting dance or Chopi, ‘hopping’ dance of the Makua men and Tofu from Mozambique are popular all over the country. Mapiko, or dance of the Makonde tribe is perhaps the most well-known ceremony here. There are still major cultural differences between these groups and presently Mozambique has a mixture of religion.

This 170 metre high dam is one of the largest built on the Zambezi river and the 255km lone and 38km wide lake created by it is the fourth largest artificial lake in Africa. This dam operates as a part of Mozambique’s hydroelectric scheme and is visited by many tourists.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that Mozambique has every ingredients required to become a perfect family destination. Children will love playing on the least crowded beaches and there are also many different water sport activities for people of all ages. Though Mozambique is not among the best wildlife safari destinations in Africa but it can be an excellent place for whale watching and birding – and both of these experiences can be pretty fascinating for the kids and teenager children of your family.

Mozambique offers its visitors the chance of indulging in a variety of adventure activities. The country has some of the best diving destinations in the entire world and with its still unspoiled coral reefs and fascinating marine life this is a perfect destination for scuba diving and snorkelling. Wildlife safari tours in Gorongosa National park or Niasa game reserve are no less adventurous.

The beach holiday destinations in Mozambique offers excellent quality luxurious accommodation and numerous other facilities are truly get places for a relaxing and unwinding holiday.

When it comes to restaurant, you will find a diverse variety of them in Maputo and also in most of the popular tourist destinations. Mozambique is a country known for its excellent sea food and you will find both Portuguese and traditional Mozambique style sea food available in many restaurants.

Traditional Mozambique cuisine is famous all over the world for its exceptional sea food delicacies. A wide variety of tasty sea food preparations is widely available here. Apart from that Zambézian chicken is another dish that you must not miss.

You will find live musical performances in Maputo almost every day. Live performance of traditional singing and dancing is also regularly organized for the tourists.

Most of the major hotels in Maputo have their own bar and there are also a number of independent bars in the city. Seaside bars can be found in most of the popular beach destinations those are also regularly visited by tourists.

Fajardo Flea Market in Maputo is one of the largest Flea markets in Mozambique and you will find a wide variety of stores available here.

You will find lively street markets in every popular area of Maputo and also in the other towns and cities. But the markets in the smaller towns have a different flavour than the street markets in Maputo.

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