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Places to visit in Nagarkot

When you travel to Nagarkot, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Nagarkot, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Nagarkot to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Nagarkot things to do can include exploring Nagarkot attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Attractions in nagarkot


If you are looking for the perfect place to experience sunrises and sunsets while you are visiting the city, this is the perfect location. The tower gives you a perfect view of some of the mountains nearby including Mount Everest. This tower can only be accessed in the morning since the Army post will only allow you to cross then so make sure to get up early enough to experience this.


For those who are interested in seeing how the local people of Nagarkot live, this is the perfect option. It is especially interesting for children and families who want to be able to see some of the local culture and traditions. Your children will also be able to see how other kids in the villages live and can even interact with them.


This is a village of people belonging to Indian origin and these people follow the Hindu religion very strictly. They also celebrate many different holidays that occur with the religion and have many different idols and statues in the village.


This gallery is found in Bhaktapur which is a short trip from Nagarkot. The gallery has many different paintings that are ancient from different periods of Buddhist and Hinduism Tantrism.


This city is completely surrounded by lush green forests. There might be some small gardens and parks in the city, but they would belong to the homes and the people who live there.


This gate located in Bhaktapur claims to be the most finely molded and beautiful gate in the entire world. The door is surrounded by Maa Kali, one of the many goddesses, along with a griffin called Garuda.


Also found in Bhaktapur, this temple is well-known for the bell that is made of bronze and is called “the bell of barking dogs” by the locals. The bell was hung in 1737 A.D. by King Ranjit Malla. This bell was rung to signal the curfew.


Near the Hotel Shivapuri there is a factory that makes paneer which is the Indian version of cottage cheese. You should visit and experience how it is made and make sure to taste the fresh version.

Activities in nagarkot

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There is not much to do in this city that is adventurous, unless you include mountain biking. You can mountain bike to many of the closer cities and explore until you can't bear it anymore.

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Some of the hotels including the Club Himalaya Resort have a spa and pool. This hotel has a swimming pool that is inside, sauna, spa and even a hot tub. They also have a center for massages, which has many different types available.

Food in nagarkot


This restaurant can be found in the Club Himalaya Resort, since there are very few restaurants outside of the hotels. The restaurant serves Continental, Indian, Chinese and Nepali dishes.


There are various types of food items available in this city, but make sure you try the Nepali food. This can range from simple rice and daal dishes to vegetable curries and even meat dishes all of which need to be tasted.

Night Life in nagarkot


You will not find live music here, unless your hotel arranges it for you. However, if you are lucky you might be able to catch some of the live music that is created by the locals on occasion.


Being that this city is up in the mountains and is a hillside village there are no set places for discos or clubs. However, some of the hotels have a bar and dancing spaces so utilise those, even if they aren't your own hotel.

Shopping in nagarkot


There are no flea markets in the area for shopping. The only markets that you will find around here are the small typical ones that sell vegetables, fruits and other small items that are required.


There is a small street market here and it sells the typical things. These items would include fruit, vegetables and other small things. For the bigger things you would need to travel to Kathmandu or make sure to bring them with you.

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