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The Serengeti National Park is an in situ conservation site in Tanzania which has the largest mammal migration in the world. It houses 70 larger mammal species and some 500 avifauna species in this area. It also has several game reserves for entertaining tourists.

The major population of wild animals is dominated by mostly the ungulates like the wildebeests and the Burchell's zebra, which are often found to be grazing together. Other species of ungulates found here are Thomson's gazelles and the common elands. One can also hope to see black rhinos, hippos, leopards, hyenas and African wild dogs. The crater is a well preserved wildlife sanctuary which offers luxury safari rides into the forests.

It is an archeological site within the NCA. Due to the erosion, various fossils of ancient species have been revealed in this place that forms the main reason for attracting large number of archeologists, paleontologists and zoologists from all over the world.

It is a lake that preserves several fossil remains and foot marks of various ancient species that walked on these lands.

This is another natural site which provides the best views for bird watching.

A visit to village of the Masai people is an unavoidable part of any Ngorongoro Tour Package. The indigenous native tribes of this area, the Masai people, are simply an adorable lot. They were unpopular during the colonial times during the reign of the Europeans. But they have gained immense admiration from the Western world countries in the recent times. The way they managed to preserve their traditional identity despite the widespread influences of the western world is very admirable.

They still practice their ancient customs and rituals. They organise ceremonies and have an age-oriented hierarchy in their ranks of warriors. There bravest warriors are known as the Illmuran who are no less than commandos of the modern world.

As for the cuisine, their main food comprises of blood and milk. They have unique rituals like circumcision of males to grant them the title of Illmuran warriors. In order to demonstrate their bravery they need to kill a lion (which is now prohibited by law). They also have a unique form of warrior dance that includes jumping as they dance with spears and a shield. But these bookish descriptions of the Masai people are not true to their entirety.

In fact these people, who are simply unavoidable whenever you visit Tanzania, are simply lovable. They will always be very polite and helpful to the tourists who flock to this place. Another great facet about this group is that they live in close proximity to various wild animals but are not feared of each other. As for their traditional attires, they dress themselves in unique red garments and accessorise them with unique handmade necklaces. Their hair styles are also different.

The total population of this tribe now only remains to be between 90,000 to 100,000 people in the whole of Tanzania and Kenya. It is now assumed that the Masai tribe is in decline as many of the people are being forced to settle down and take proper jobs in towns. The native language spoken by the Masai is known as Maa and both the groups of Masai speak it.

This museum is located within the Ngorongoro Conservation Area and has depictions of various fossils and preserved animals. The fossils have been preserved using chemicals. This truly unique place will be a great attraction for children and adults.

The only restaurant present in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area is Ngorongoro Wild Camp. It offers activities like luxury tent camping and “sleeping in the wild with animals” kind of special activities. It is well known for providing lip-smacking dishes.

When it comes to adventure, there are a few places that can overtake Ngorongoro. The crater area is populated by a wide variety of jungle animals and you can opt to see them and click photos. The various wildlife safari rides that are provided by all the hotels and resorts around the area will help you in exploring the infamous wildlife of Africa.

Not just harmless wildebeests and zebras, you can also expect to encounter lions basking in sun during the lazy mornings. If you are lucky enough, you might even find them in action while they hunt and feed on their prey in their natural habitat.

The safari vehicles are well protected heavy duty vehicles and are designed to keep the tourists safe. During the journey, the tourists would not have the permission to stop the vehicle for any reason. The strict orders of the guides should be adhered to which concern the safety of all.

It is claimed by most tourists that the view of the moon from the Ngorongoro crater is one of the most breathtaking experience that one hope to find. It transcends one’s mind to a land of fantasies and some even claim it to be a spiritual experience. There are a large number of luxury hotels and resorts that are booked by the tourists throughout the year and have all the modern amenities. 

When it comes to nature, Ngorongoro crater is the most well-preserved pristine wildlife destination which is proclaimed to a world heritage site. Apart from the crater, the surroundings and the scenic beauty of this place is one of the main attractions of this place. The various plant and animal species will be a treat for all the tourists. Stay in luxurious hotels while you visit the wild nature during daytime. Have an experience of a lifetime by visiting this heritage site.

For accommodation, Ngorongoro provides plenty of options:

Ngorongoro: Rhino lodge

Amboseli : Sentrim camp or AA Lodge

Serengeti NP: Ikoma camp

Tarangire: Lake Burunge camp

Lake Manyara: Migunga forest camp

The luxury hotel around the NCA area provides all kinds of cuisine based on the preference of the tourists. You can choose from Chinese to Italian to continental, any kind of dish that you wish for. The special mix of spices makes the dishes here delicious.

As per the entertainment and night life of the place, there are several in-house bars and pubs. The various luxurious hotels play good music based on local tunes and themes. The city, which is still evolving as a modern tourist spot, is only the beginning to develop entertainment places such as night clubs and bars, but the ones in the various hotels are quite fun to hang out in.

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