Places to visit in Nicaragua

When you travel to Nicaragua, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Nicaragua, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Nicaragua to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Nicaragua things to do can include exploring Nicaragua attractions and visiting the places of interest.


The natural beauty of this country is the lakes and the volcanoes it has.The islands built due to the volcanic eruptions and the lake towns which border alongthe region are thespecial gifts of the nature and are perfect for holidaying.


This volcano is very young and had last erupted in the year 1999.Its loose black sand which is the formation from the previous eruption is the best place for sand boarding now.

It is in the middle of the Lake Nicaragua and is quite active.Sometimes the smoke can be seen rising from the crater. This makes it more adventurous for the tourists.

The majority of the population is Spanish but it also has the influence of the English culture too. In other words,it can be said that it is a multi-cultural country. The colonies were captured by the Spanish forces and till date there is a strong influence of Spanish culture in the region. Now the younger generation is trying and merging the diverse culture through the unification of the religious system. There are also people from the different tribes like the Sumos and Ramas who are the part of this ethnic culture.


This monument was built in the memory of Carlos Fonseca who played a vital role in founding the socialist political party named, Sandinista National Liberation Front. It is situated in the capital city of Managua.

It was built on the San Juan River to protect Nicaragua from the sea pirates in the year 1673. It is a historical monument.

Nicaragua had faced many revolutions to get its independence and change the history, this monument is in memory of those guerrilla soldiers who sacrificedtheir lives fighting for the country.

This museum speaks about the interesting folklores of Nicaragua and houses the extraordinary items of fantastic creatures, spirits and also possessed people. It is situated in the former prison of the Leon city.


Built by the president Juan Bautista Sacara in 1935 this was earlier the National Palace and was used for many government activities during the time of the revolution. For the last 50 years it is also serving as the National library and Archive. There is lot of history to be known from this building and is not to be missed from the places to visit.

It is situated in the city of Nindiri and houses 1500 different free Columbian historic art pieces. Also there are many other stone and mud sculptures reflecting the traditional dance forms of the region.

The basic religion here is the Roman Catholic which has the monopoly and freedom.There are few more different churches but their influence is not so strong on the people. Other than the Roman Catholics there are few small communities of the Jews, the Mormons, the Mennonites, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Unification Church members, the Muslims, Baha'is, and also the members in the Church of Scientology.

This country offersthe tourists with varied choices of adventure sports, which start from cave kayaking, mountain climbing, sand surfing on the volcanic erupted formation sands. As there are many beaches, the tourists can enjoy a number of water sports.Since numerous volcanoes are found in the region, one can do volcano hiking.

The best way to relax in this adventurous country is to take a quietboat ride to any of the islands and enjoy the view and food or have a relaxing day on the beach. There are many spas which offer natural treatments through natural hot springs formed from the volcanic heat. These are the best stress releasers and will give the feeling of heaven in such a fast paced country.

The staple food of Nicaragua is the different kinds of fresh vegetables, which have a strong Spanish touch in it. As there are severalcoasts,  sea foods like crabs, prawns and other delicacies are found here. There is strong influenceof both Spanish and Englishin the food. This makes the tourists more open with their taste buds as they get new things to try.All the tropical fruit juices and light blend rum the el macuáarevery famous here.

In the country, each city has its own blend of restaurants and eateries. For instance, in the city of Leon, the Pan Paz French bakery is quite famous for the baked items and good meal for breakfast. In the capital city Managua,the Ola Verde is famous for organic vegetarian food which is very tasty and has the flavour of the whole region.

There are various local night clubs where one can enjoy good music, dance and drinks and some indoor sports too. For instance, there isMoods, which has a bit formal wear as dress code and ZonaRosa.Both these clubs are in Managua. El flamingo is a street side eating and music place andthis is a new form of open air club.

Some of famous bars and pubs of this region are Nicos, Casa veija, bar Jinocuba, Zona Hippo’s Bar Titi.

There are many open markets and flea markets in the region.Bargaining is quite an art here. The famous Masaya market is markedfor the bargaining it has and different kinds of hand crafted Nicaraguan items like beautiful hammocks, leather, jewellery, pottery, toys and many other things.Everybody can get a souvenir from all the markets here which are open air or small stores.

Mercado Viejo is one of the most popular handicrafts store in the region, where crafts from all the regions of the country are available. It is a small shopping complex for carts and antiques. Another name which is quite famous in the country is the Mercado oriental which is famous for all the high class products at your viable price.

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