Places to Visit in Ouarzazate


The main attraction in Ouarzazate is the ancient fortified villages or Kasbahs. Ait Benhaddou is one such Kasbah which is amazingly well preserved and a trip to Ouarzazate would remain absolutely incomplete without taking a trip to this quaint old village. An UNESCO declared world heritage site, it is the precise location where various episodes of Game of Thrones have been filmed and it is the most appropriate background for all your selfies and travel photographs. So, keep an entire day in your trip to just laze around this village, absorb its old world feel, take a few photographs and enjoy the locales where you favourite episodes of Game of Thrones were shot.

There are ample numbers of playgrounds and playing football is a popular activity among the kids. Other than that the desert treks and the visits to the studios is bound to keep the kids hooked and entertained. There is another place called Awadi which is a lovely place for the kids, with space to run wild, orchards and plenty of outdoor activities.

Morocco, in general, has a vast majority of Muslims, who mostly follow the Sunni faith. Ouarzazate is no different and The Ouarzazate Mosque is quite famous. You should definitely keep some time to visit this mosque. Other than that the Sidi Daoud is another religious building located in Ait Saoun. It is a village in Ouarzazate, a region of Morocco, a country on the continent of Africa.

There are two very significant museums in the region namely the Cinema Museum and Museum of liberation army and has several historical objects belonging to the Ouarzazate’s Liberation Army. The Cinema Museum is another important museum in this city where a lot of international films have been shot.

One of the best ways to enjoy your stay in Ouarzazate would be to spend a night in the desert and just experience the electric atmosphere. These treks are often a part of the packaged tours but if you are not a part of any suck package then simply rent a car drive around and enjoy the night under the desert moon. This is especially for those who like a taste of adventure because nothing can be more adventurous or exciting than a desert trek under the stars.

It’s but natural that the city of the legendary Lawrence of Arabia will have a whole lot of studios and paraphernalia related to cinema. One such studio is the CLA studio near Marrakech, where you get to see the sets and props used in famous movies like “Kingdom of Heaven”. For any movie buff or film geek this is simply the place where you can let your imagination go wild and live out all your dreams and fantasies.

Other than the CLA studio the other important studio in the region is the Atlas studio, which is about 4 km from the main town. It is the very studio where films have been shot from the times of Lawrence of Arabia to the very recent Babel. The only problem is that it’s not very well maintained and though the decorations are striking they are in a shattered state.

If you are a nature lover then you should definitely not miss out on the Oasis de Fint. As mentioned above, it is really a beautiful place and a placed where you can see some greenery in this barren landscape. Apart from this, exploring the vast desert is another thing that you can go for. 

The famous landmark in Ouarzazate is Kasbah Amridil. This is the most beautiful Kasbah out here and hence should not be missed anyhow. The Taourirt Kasbah is yet another famous landmark here that you can include in your list. 

Ouarzazate is known in popular culture as the shooting location of major movies and TV shows like Game of thrones and Lawrence of Arabia.

Sahara is amongst the most popular deserts in the world and trekking here can be really a great experience. The trekking experience can be enjoyed by simply taking a walk or mouthing a horse or a camel. The best way to go trekking would be definitely riding a camel, because nothing feels more exciting in a desert than taking a bumpy camel ride and enjoying the eclectic atmosphere of the Sahara.

The best way to relax in this town would be visiting the major studios and taking a stroll around this beautiful quaint town. You can also relax by joining one of the many meditation and/or yoga classes out here. 

The best way to enjoy nature would be to take a desert trek in the region and explore the entire region.

This is the best restaurant in town, and you'll need a taxi driver to take you there since it's tucked away in a small alley. It has a wonderful decor- the small reflecting pool in the middle brings light and romance to the space. The food and wine list are excellent.

This place has unique views. The food is amazing and the incredible ambience coupled with great service makes it worth a visit.

The traditional Moroccon food specialises in its use of herbs and spices. Lamb is very popular throughout the country

The signature dishes include Harira soup (made with beans and herbs), Chorba chicken soup, pastilaa (made with pigeon meat and pigeon eggs),tagine (spicy meat cooked with vegetables),couscous(steamed semolina grains ), kaliya (lamb cooked with tomato, onion and bell pepper) ,basara (soup cooked with peas and olive oil) and many more.

Auberge La Terrasse des Delices, Hotel Ouarzazate and Restaurant CôtéSud are some of the best places in town to enjoy some live music in the evening after a long strenuous day at the desert. 

The main bars in the region are in Riad Ksar Ighnda, La Perle du Sud, Le Temple des Arts, Oscar Hotel and Mercure Ourzazate Hotel. These hotels have some amazing bars and pubs where you can surely enjoy yourself after a long strenuous day at the desert.

The main discos in the region are in Biblos Disco club, Club Hanane and Riad Pegase Hotel.

There is a special Christmas flea market that is organised on 6th December every year, where clothes, handicrafts and gift articles are sold.

Tresor De Riad, La Fibule de Sahara, Tresor des Tribues, and La rose de Essouiera are the major departmental stores.

Articles are found on sale in various markets in the Kasbahs. There is also another market opposite the Kasbah de Taourirt which sells a variety of items, specialising in carpets and fabrics. The material has designs in domestic patterns. The shopkeepers are good and charge fair prices. The bazaars sell traditional Moroccan stuff in general and the Moroccan craft of weaving is conspicuously visible in every article found in the region.

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