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Places to Visit in Pangkor Laut


Attractions in pangkor laut


GaleriFangkong, is a museum of local history, where you can learn about the local handicrafts. Apart from bringing you artefacts, this museum unlocks the history of the island in a graphic detail. The architecture of Jam Besar is worth watching. It’s a tower made in 1885, used as a portable water tank. Lastly, Kota Belanda is a Dutch Fort built in 1670, which will give you a glimpse of the past of the island.


PangkorLaut has a lot to offer not just for adults, but also for kids. Since kids love adventure sports, they would love participating in water sports at the beaches of TelukNipah and PasirBogak. If you wish, you can also take your kids to the local parks where there can spend quality time taking fun rides. If your kid is a bit brave, take him for a snorkelling trip near the Giam Island. Believe it or not, this would be a memorable trip for your little ones.


Lin Je Kong temple, situated on the northern end of the coral beach, is a temple for the psychedelics, with giant statues of Donald Duck, mushrooms and mermaids. You can also visit Fu Ling Kong, the busiest temple of the island. There is a South Indian temple that speaks of the presence and contributions of Dravidians during that period.


GaleriFangkong is the only significant museum of the Island and it has done a marvellous job of restoring and preserving the Island’s history. From traditional artworks to local handicrafts, this place exhibits the true culture of the Island and shows you how many races came together to form a harmony amongst them to form PangkorLaut.


Although there are a few parks or gardens in PangkorLaut, you can opt for the small well maintained parks situated just on the sides of the beaches which are artificial. You can always visit these parks to enjoy on your lazy weekend evenings. In fact, you canjust sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy the cool breeze with pleasure.


Pangkor has a lot of places to see around. One can snorkel at the nearby Giam Lake. Marina Island, where you can spend a quiet weekend, is a beautiful spot for a romantic gateway. You can even visit the kali Amman Temple, the Ancient Tombs and the Tortoise Hill. See the historic sight of BatuBersurat on the waterfront at TelukGedong, where a huge stone carved with the symbol of the Dutch East India Company.TelukNipah beach and PasirBogak beach are the two main beaches on the Island. Or watch the architecture of Jam Besar, and marvel at it. It’s a tower made in 1885, used as a portable water tank.


There are plenty of famous Landmarks that will woo the traveller’s heart and lure them to these places. GaleriFangkong is a museum in this island and it’s the only museum of the island. It’s doing a decent job of restoring and preserving the Island’s history. You can visit the kali Amman Temple, the Ancient Tombs and the Tortoise Hill. Lin Je Kong temple is a temple for the psychedelics, with huge beautiful structures of Donald Duck, mushrooms and mermaids. This temple is situated on the northern end of the coral beach. Or visit the busiest temple of the island by footfall, Fu Ling Kong, with a miniature climbing of the world famous Great Wall of China situated just behind the temple. And there is a South Indian temple also. This temple is the architectural proof of the fact that the Dravidians have been an influence in the culture of this island.

Activities in pangkor laut

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You can do snorkelling at the Giam Island. The watersports available at the beaches of this island will challenge you with different rides such as para-sailing, banana rides, jet skiing and many more, so plungs into the sea by taking up the wide array of watersports. See the historic sight of BatuBersurat on the waterfront at TelukGedong, where a huge stone carved with the symbol of the Dutch East India Company.

Take absolute pleasure in sailingalong the breathtaking seas on the private sailing yacht of the resort.You can even discover the fundamentals of sailing or relax there with your loved ones.

What you will love there is basking in the sun on the deck and gliding through the sparkling waters with the sea breeze in your hair.A great idea would be tosavour some mouth-watering dishes while enjoying a scenic cruise.

Food in pangkor laut


Try the local Malaysian cuisine at Seri Ilhan with a good choice of sea food. Try the rich tulang soup with grilled and sizzled sting ray. Or try the Chinese-indian-malay fusion food at RestoranPasirBogak, near the beach. Have the chilli chicken with a wide array of choices in beer. And just near the Coral Beach, you have Daddy’s Cafe, where you can have the experience of eating on the beach with tables set on the beach. 

Night Life in pangkor laut


Some of the restaurants have nice live music, so you can hop in anytime you want and grab a beer and enjoy. Small pubs have usual live music crowd with latest electronic music played by renowned DJs from all over the world. During the beach festivals, you can also head out to the beach. While the music is on and loud, you can be a part of a big group of people while dancing on the beach.

Shopping in pangkor laut


There are plenty of Shopping Hotels with arcades that are full of garments, beach wear, souvenirs and a lot of items. Don’t forget to brush up your bargaining skills here as the rates can come down to a good extent. 

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