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Places to Visit in Pisa


All Attractions


The Leaning Tower was originally built as the bell tower of the cathedral. Once you reach the top of the tower, the view will make it worth the effort.

The Cathedral of Pisa at the centre of Campo deiMiracoli. The Cathedral is shaped like a basilica. Its dedication is to Mary.

The Duomo has an interior lined with white and black marble. A chair represents nine scenes from the New Testament. 


Pisa boasts of several destinations that are of immnese interest to kids. The Leaning Tower is one such glaring example. The castles, forts, museums and other entertainment possibilities are enough to keep your child remain interested for hours.

Home to the genius Galileo Galilei, Pisa can inspire the scientist in your child. There are also a number of patisserie and ice-cream parlours. CaffeDell'Ussero is both an ice cream parlour and cafe. It serves as a patisserie too. If your child has a sweet tooth, there is just no place better.


The Church of Santo Stefano deiCavalieri is situated in central Pisa. This church is considered as one of the most fascinating sites of Pisa.  To be specific, it is one of the most important and fascinating historical sites of Pisa. The white marble exterior of the church makes it all the more appealing. It was built when the Order of the Knights of St. Stephen was founded. The bell tower of the church was designed by Vasari.


This is a well-preserved early Romanesque building.


This houses the works of many titans like Jacopo da Empoli, Santi di Tito and TaddeoGaddi.

Other places of religious interest are the Church of San Frediano, Church of San Nicola, Church of Santa Maria dellaSpina, Church of San Paolo a Ripad'Arno, Church of San Pietro in Vinculis, BorgoStretto, Medici Palace, Ortobotanico di Pisa and the Palazzo Reale.


The Museodell'OperadelDuomo exhibits the original sculptures of Giovanni Pisano and Nicola Pisano.

MuseodelleSinopie, with its red ochre frescoes, made with greenish, reddish or brownish earthy colours, is a sight that should not be missed.

Other museums that should be visited during your stay are the MuseoNazionale di Palazzo Reale, MuseoNazionaledegliStrumenti per ilCalcolo,MuseoNazionale di San Matteo and Museo di storianaturale e del territoriodell'Università di Pisa.


Pisa offers a variety of landscapes and ecosystems. It offers green pastures and hills to the sandy CollineMetallifere.  Vineyards and gardens of olive cover the white Calanchiof the Volterra. Red clay and sandy terrain take turns to adorn the Pisan Hills. The Soffioni of Larderello is a coast lined by pine woods and dunes.


If you are visiting Cecina Valley, traces of mines and underground works are not far off.

In Pisa, extraordinary sites are everywhere. All that one needs is the curiosity and the urge to make the effort.

Places like the Volterra should be explored for it is a meeting point of history, nature, technique and art.  From the Etruscan-Roman era, very artistic objects have been crafted from alabaster.

All Activities

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The beautiful beaches, the blue sea and shadowy woods, the leisure and sports facilities like the huge number of pubs, golf courses, and horse-riding opportunities offer a varied and very relaxing stay.

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The Pisan coast offers a wide range of seaside facilities and beaches.

All Foods


Pisa is a place where you can admire the exquisite art collections while delving into the varied flavours of the food and the wine, the cherries and the truffles.

Routes from the sea take you to the hills where you are left to discovery the exquisite local dishes and the wine. 


Unique and unforgettable flavours rise from the varieties of oil, fruits, wine, cheese, truffles, sausages and meats that are made to satisfy the needs of a crowd that is in search of unique flavours against the backdrop of history and culture.

All Night Life


Lots of bars and pubs hold karaoke sessions. Or the local bands live music for the crowd.


Pisa may be ancient at heart but it boasts of plenty of nightclubs and discos that the partygoer can visit.


Pisa is a delightful overwhelming of the senses. The smell of well-cooked food and delicious wine permeates the air. You can spend the nights at a pub sipping the locally made red or white wine.

All Shoping


The markets in Buonarroti, San Martino, Marina di Pisa Ponti di Mezzo are shopping paradise for both the veteran and the novice shopper. Some are open only on certain days of the week and some open a particular time of each month. The markets offer a wide variety of stylish clothes, delicious food, well-crafted jewellery etc.


There are plenty of departmental stores in Pisa and one can find them practically on every street. But the local markets are more colourful and sell inexpensive trinkets that you can gift your loved ones. Piazza delleVettovaglie and Piazza VittrioEmanuele II will offer you food and spices that no departmental store can boast of.

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