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Places to Visit in Pokhara


Attractions in pokhara


Karma Dubgyu Choling Nyeshang Monastery is located on the top of the hill and keeps watch of expansive town. The concord and tranquillitysway here under the lustreof the gigantic Buddha figurine. The monks inside the monastery are awfullyenthusiastic to help the tourists with information about prayers.


There are many fun-filled activities that will make your kid very happy on the vacation to Pokhara. Just Boating hire a boat and go out in the water for a day. Or you can choose White Water Rafting day adventure expeditions on beautiful Nepali rivers. For more information on this,talk to Pokharatourism guide.

Don't miss Paragliding, where you can soar about Lake Pokhara and the Annapurnasfor a bird’s eye view of the value! Your Pokharatravel packages will guide you to it.


Bindhyabasini temple is the centre of spiritualbustle in the old bazaar. It is devoted to goddess Bhagwati, yet another manifestation of Maa Shakti. Worshippers flock here forsacrificial worship, and particularlyevery Saturdays the parklike grounds take on a festive fair. There are several temples along withgumbasacrosspokhara valley. A group ofshrines serve as collective places of devotion for Hindus as well as Buddhists.The few of the popular temples and gumfas are:TaalBarahi Temple, Bindhyabasini Temple, Sitaladevi Temple, MudulaKarkiKulayanMandir, Sunpadeli Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Kumari Temple and so on.

Pokhara also include the first church in Nepal, NepalChristiyaRamghat Church, which established in 1952 in Ramghat area.


The International Mountain Museum is home tosummiteers and mountaineers worldwide. This menagerie has been recently opened to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first climberslikeEverest by Hillary and Norgay. Various visitors take a trip to this museum. The museum is sub-divided into various segments of interest.The Pokhara Museum exhibits maps, photographs, musical apparatus, traditional attire, ornaments and earth models that portraycustoms, ceremonials and routine of the people of this region. The Pokhara Museum mirrors the ethnic medley of Nepal. One major lure is a demonstrate highlighting the recently revealedremnants of an 8000-years old settlement in Mustang. The Annapurna Regional Museum known as the Natural History Museum is another interesting visit in Pokhara. The Museum has an outstandingassortment of vermin, butterflies, birds and other representation of natural world found in the area.


To the north of the Phewa lakeliesSarangkot. This area is enriched with historical connotation, and obtains its name inMagar language. The word Sarangsignifies sword, and Kot is means the position where defence was mounted and utilisedas ammunition storage. Most of people favour to stroll up gentle slopes in order to take pleasure in the views. From the summit, one can get pleasure from the sight of lake as well as township below. The experience of dawns and twilights in contrast to the snow adorned mountains are impressive from here. Sarangkot is attainingstatus as take-off location for para-gliders.


Gurungs and Magars, who have earned internationalreputation as ferociousGurkhacombatants, are predominant in Pokhara. Thakalis, native of the ThakKhola region of Mustang, run tea houses along the trek routes in the Annapurna region.Gorkha is locatedaround18 km to the north of Siling on Prithvi Highway and 106 kms to the east of Pokhara. Gorkha was the inherited home of the Shah dynasty. There are various important structures that encircle the tank. The temples of Vishnu, Krishna and Ganesh are also situated near it. There is also a pillar with a figurine of the eminent king.


There are various exotic places of interest in Pokhara. Some of these places are the Fine Art Gallery, Mahendra Caves, Seti River Gorge, Sarangkot, BindyaBasini Temple, Devi Falls, International Mountain Museum, Karma Dubgyu Choling Nyeshang Monastery, Regional Museum andPhewa Lake.

Activities in pokhara

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Adventure Sports like Hiking or Trekking, Boating or Canoeing, Whitewater Rafting or Kayaking are few of the many options of activity in Pokhara.

Visit Tibetan Refugee Camp whileriding a bike down to the airport, on the route to the Tibetan commune where there is a school, a pleasant little lamasery, and jewellery and craft stallsfor and by the refugees. You should be uptothe challenge to ride uphill on the trip forreturning to Lake Area.

Paragliding is something you would not want to miss:Flying around Lake Pokhara and the Annapurnas with Lammergeyer eagles or huge Gryffon vultures to guide the way!

Pokhara is Nepal's top yoga terminus and there are numerous yogahavens. Many of these retreats also offer massage, reiki, and water or honey therapy.

Food in pokhara


The low-cost food is obtained at the roadsidebooths that sellmomos or dumplings, Samosa or fried noodles. A favourite time is in the morning when kids abound on the streets with trays of pastries, chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls and other deliciousfills. Along the lakeside road, a variety of quality restaurants can be found. Asian Teahouse Located along the main road through Lakeside on the opposite side from the lake. Natssul Korean Restaurant beside Lakeview Resort on the way to the bus stand at the end of town, is an open-air garden eateryand run by a Korean couple and serves genuine Korean dishes. PokharaThakali Kitchen, Hua-Han, Hanging Garden restaurant, German Bakery,Busy Bee Cafe, Koto, Laughing Buddha Restaurant, Bistro Caroline are some of the genuine restaurants in Pokhara region. 

Night Life in pokhara


Nightlife in Pokharaattains its pinnacleeachtime from Christmas to New Year. Street food festival is prearrangedfor these days. Streets alwaysremain flooded with light. Lakeside or Baidamproffersmost excellent nightlife in Pokhara as it is huddled with the guest houses, best hotels, pubs, bars, dance clubs and restaurants in Pokhara.Lakeside area holds the largest numbers of public houses in Pokhara. Sky LoungeCafe, Old Blue’s Bar, Bar and Grill, Busy Bee Cafe, Laila’s Bar, Club Amsterdam Cafe and Bar, Club Paradiso, Ibiza Dance Restaurant, Cafe Concerto, Blue Lagoon, Bullet Base Camp, All That Jazz, Nasha Club and are Firefly Bar the list of nightclubs in Pokhara. Along with nightclubs and night bars, there are also exquisite dance clubs in Pokhara which cordiallygreeteven the foreigners.

Shopping in pokhara


Pokhara’s customary bazaar is vibrant and so are its ethnicallyvaried traders. The shrines and monuments of Pokhara show fidelity to the Newar architecture of the Kathmandu valley. The old bazaar is also abode of Goddess Baghwati inthe BindhyabasiniMandir.

You can buy Jewels as well as trinkets from Tibetan women who sell on the streets. Enjoy the environment, butensure that younegotiatewith the rpices.

Kriayt Social Business is another marketplace at central Lakeside with mission of empowering Nepalesewomen. You can buy handmade stunning products and even devise your own, for support of a sanecause.

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