Places to visit in Pushkin

When you travel to Pushkin, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Pushkin, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Pushkin to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Pushkin things to do can include exploring Pushkin attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Catherine Palace is a famous monument in Pushkin. It was built by FransescoRastrelli who had designed this whole palace with sculptures, decors in the fading Russian Baroque style. With gilded wrought iron fanxe and gates, the main courtyardcan be seen facing the west with surrounding architecture that dates back to late 18th century. You can visit the All Russian Pushkin Museum’s branch, TsarkeyoSelo Lyceum which was used to be an Out-House to the south. The Lyceum is connected by a beautiful arc that hovers over the Sadovaya street which was built by the architect I. Neelov. The other architecturesthat one can see in this palace are Zubovsky Wing, the Cameron’s Gallery, Cold Saunas, a hanging garden and the famous amber room.

There are not many religious places in this town, but you can definitely pay a visit to the Church of St. Sergius to offer your prayers on a Sunday morning. You can also visit the famous Fedorovskiy Cathedral which was built keeping in mind the Russian-revival style. Earlier, it used to be the house church of the Imperial family.If you are a religious person, this is the place for you. Here you will find solace, peace and can experience tranquility. All you need to do is ask your toru operator to include this in your package.

Pushkin is a plae which offers something for everyone – right from kids to adults. If you are travelling to Pushkin with your children, you and your kids will certainly not be disappointed. Inside the Catherine park, you can take your kids for a boat ride on the Great Pond. These boats are pulled by cables which will take you to the island that is situated in the middle of the lake. And when you are on the island, you can climb up the Chesma monumentfor a 360 degree view of the pond. Or ake your kids to the Formal Gardens where they can run around and play games around the pool or the paths and also ask them to check out the Fish Canal which used to be a place where the chefs of the royal family caught fishes. 

Your children will definitely fall in love with this place and will enjoy and cherish every moment spent here. Do not forget to take photographs of your children so taht they always cherish and rejoice the memories of Pushkin.

Pushkin Museum is located just around the corner of Pushkinskaya Street where the writer Pushkin, used to spend his summer with his wife Natalia. This museum of contains some of the great amount of artifacts used by Pushkin and will help you to learn about the literary work and life of Pushkin. And if you want to know about the history of the town, do drop in to the Historical Museum which exhibits thirty thousands items that shares the history of the town and its people. Visit this museum which is dedicated solely to the painter PavelChistyakovwhoexhibits his art-work that were produced during the golden era of Pushkin.

Babolovo Park, just adjacent to the Catherine Park, built by the famous architect V I Neelov in memory of Grigory Potemkin. You can spend some quality time here with your family and children and enjoy the landscape. Otdelnypark is a vast piece of land with one hundred hectares of area. You can take your kids to the park and watch them run around with fun.

If you are coming via the Pulkovo Highway, you can stop at the Buffer park which was created in the early nineties. There is a cemetery and a handful of ponds and the great Tsarskoselskaya Railway used to pass through the park. You can see the remains till this day. You can also visit the Reserve Palace which was built during the early 1800’s near the Sadovaya Street,. This place will remind you about the Italian Renaissance villa built with classical style keeping in mind.

The Amber Room is inside the Catherine Palace and it is a must see for every visitor. The walls are decored with mosaics of ambers which makes the room glow with the shade of golden light.You can also visit the Fermsky Park which is just near the Alexander Park. This park  used to be the grazing area for animals belonged to the imperial farm.

You can wander around the great town of Pushkin on foot and get lost in the big parks watching the sun go down. You can also take a break from the hussle and bustle and just get yourself into a relaxed mood getting a cup of coffee from the nearest cafe and sit inside the park.

Bushe is the perfect place for your sweet tooth to get exploited as you go through the bakery. You can also visit Sochi for authentic Italian dishes that will melt in your mouth. White Rabbit near the Catherine Park is another best place to eat after a whole day of wandering around.

You can wander around the great town of Pushkin on foot and get lost in the big parks watching the sun go down. You can also take a break from the hussle and bustle and just get yourself into a relaxed mood getting a cup of coffee from the nearest cafe and sit inside the park.

There are plenty of super markets and road side stores where you can look for  what you want. Mainly, you can buy commercial art-products, souvenirs and gifts to take back home for your friends and family. Apart from this, you will find aanuber of local shops and markets selling a variety of products. There are also a number of big and small departmental stores in Pushkin where you can shop for your deaily requirements. You can contact the loacal people staying there for accurate information on the best places to shop in and around Pushkin.

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