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Place's to visit in Rwanda

When you travel to Rwanda, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Rwanda, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Rwanda to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Rwanda things to do can include exploring Rwanda attractions and visiting the places of interest.

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Nyanza became the capital of the country in the year 1899 when it was under the reign of King Yuhi V Musinga and it was that time when this region gained importance. Today, the wonderful replica of the Royal Palace of Nyanza is located in Rukari and has impressed many people with its finest architecture and great structure. This has helped people to get acquainted with the high class craftsmanship of the native people of the region. The palace has been restored to its original condition of 19th century state and it is now managed as a museum that stores historical monuments and items in the perfect conditions.


If you are travelling with your children and are looking for options to keep them engaged in Rwanda then there’s a lot more for you to discover. There are many fascinating places that will keep your kids busy and will hook their attention. They can spend some uninterrupted time with the nature and the beautiful scenery around experiencing it and enjoying it perfectly. As the country is full of lakes and water bodies, you can guide the children and help them to explore the world of watery creatures and enjoy swimming.


Rwanda is a great place that has unique and excellent historical value that interests people significantly. It has great and ancient museums that that makes people experience the amazing and high quality collectibles and artifacts which give an insight about the region and about its historical importance in the world. There is great number of museums which one should definitely try to visit to gain an insight about the area and its history and to get aware about the wonderful life of the people.


When you feel like spending some excellent time with your family and friends, one thing that you definitely look for are the parks and gardens of the region. Nyungwe National Park is one of the most important parks of the country. It offers you a wonderful opportunity to gain an insight about rare and important species of birds and primates.It is a home to about 310 species of birds out of which 26 are endemic. It is also a home to the chimpanzees and helps you get the perfect experience of having a look at them.


The population of Rwanda still lives a rural life that makes them follow the traditional culture. Thus there is a great opportunity for you to explore the cultural aspects of the region perfectly. The festivals that are celebrated here and the kind of music and dance that the people get engaged in Rwanda are entirely different from other parts of Africa. There lies the region’s cultural uniqueness. Gorilla naming ceremony is a wonderful attraction that gives you a chance you to explore and get acquainted with different people and also experience the traditional dance of the region.


The most famous landmark of Rwanda is Volcanoes National Park and the Nyungwe Forest.

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For those who love adventure, Rwanda is a great place where you can experience the best adventures. One can explore the best regions and enjoy the amazing beauty and wonderful activity in which you indulge in. Gorilla trek is a great adventure which one must experience.

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Nothing can be as great and wonderful as relaxing and rejuvenating in the lap of nature. The beautiful landscapes will give you mental peace. 

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There are a number of restaurants in Rwanda. Some of the best ones include Rz MANNA, Meze Fresh, Heaven Restaurant and Inn, Khana Khazana and Zaaffran, just to name a few.


There is no doubt that one will get introduced to the best cuisines of Rwanda in the restaurants and other areas and markets as well. Ugali, Isombe, Ibihaza and Matoke are the famous national dishes of the region. Milk is very common drink and beverage of the country which also includes fruit juice, wine and beer. Ubuki is a wonderful beverage that one can easily enjoy.

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There are a numbers of bars and restaurants in this region that will give you a taste of the local culture and music. It will also add something extra in your memory that you will cherish forever.


In order to explore the high quality hospitality of the people in the country, you can visit bars and pubs.

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There are different flea markets in the country which is a major attraction not only for the local people but also for the tourists. These markets help the tourists to gain an insight about the area and its local culture. You can enjoy your time by having snacks and enjoying the music.


There are many departmental stores in this region that help you to get the local household products.

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