Places to Visit in San Marino


Located in the site of the old building of Domus Magna Communis, this is the town hall and also the official government building of the region. Built in the year 1884 – 94 it houses all the institutional offices of the administrative bodies of the government.

This ancient Catholic Church is the main church of the region of San Marino. It is situated in the northwestern part of the city and is dedicated to the founder of the region San Marino Diacino. The present Neoclassical styled church was rebuilt in the year 1836 in place of the older church of the 7th century. Many objects and relic of St. Marino are placed inside the main Basilica.

This 16th century old church is resided inside the old building of the convent site. It is said to have very simple form of architecture but this adds up to its peaceful and serene aura it reflects on the visitors. This church is dedicated to St. Quirino one of the prominent figures of the religious culture of the region.

San Marino does not have many amusement parks or water parks for kids, but the kids have a great time taking in the beauty of the historic monuments and museums. These historic places of this city talks about its culture and background and has lots of interesting facts hidden behind it,k which the kids will love to explore and learn.

It is inside the second of the watch towers. Cesta is situated on top of the highest summit of MountTitano’s. This museum was built in the year 1956 and houses old weapons in honor of Saint Marinus.

This museum is inside the Palazzo Pergami and it blends together the artistic creativity witnessing of the history and the different legends of the Republic of San Marino.There aremany different floors of exhibits.

This is a private museum which houses the various torture instruments all over the world. It may be a bit weird but stands very different among the other museums in the region.

The adventure park in this region has different paths and is subdivided according to differentlevels for the experts and the beginners. The toughest ones are meant for the sportsperson. The Baby Orsetto path gathers many safe attractions for children. The other paths include Indiana Jones, Titano,Bis Alfa Romeo and Asset Banca.These paths have bridges, pulleys, trapper bridges poles, other things of adventure. Mountain climbing and hiking is also a part of the adventure activity in the region.

The best way to relax in this region is going for a walk inside and around the streets and sitting with a cup of hot Italian coffee and enjoying the bustling crowd of the region. Spending some quite afternoons in the old forts and gardens are also preferred here. Biking and camping can also be added to the list. There are many camping spots in the region which are beside the small creeks or water bodies which come from the mountains.

It is an old restaurant set up in the 1920s and offers good coffee and simple food.

It is an Italian open air and inside restaurant which offers famous peppered steak and salad.

This is a cafeteria and snacks bar serving Italian cookies and snacks with the famous.

San Marino has no night life as such as the region is very quite during the night and even the streets are empty. The best way to spend the night here, as the local people do, is dinning at the small cafes and restaurants. You can eve enjoy some local music with it.

This departmental shop has a collection of all the brand names like BaldininiGlenfield,CalvinKlein, D&G Liu Jo, just to name a few.

The prices are quite reasonable and during the summer time there are many small selling outlets in the open air. It is also a nice place to grab a hot cup of Italian coffee while shopping in this region.

These street shops sell the local weapons which were used by the soldiers in different wars. They are all antique ones and are used for decorations. There are also few open markets that sell local handicrafts of the region.

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