Places to Visit in Sao Paulo


To preserve and remind Brazilians about importance of independence, MuseuPaulista, it’s one of the first monuments which preserved important documents like forty thousand manuscripts and one lakh books and also artefacts used by freedom fighters. The rich history of Brazil reflects when you enter Pinacoteca do Estado, a neo–classical museum which exhibits 19th century artworks of big names like Di Cvalacanti, Portinari and many more. Or visit the Memorial da America Latina, to see CandidoPortinari’s brilliant artworks and the big painting Tiradentes at the Salao dos Atos, a ceremonial space.  Msteiro Sao Bento is this city’s one of the oldest churches which holds a lot of religious importance, with amazing art-work of glass paintings and stained glass.

Take your kids to see the wild-life at the Sao Paulo Zoo. The kids will love the favourite theme park of MundodaaXuxa, which has different rides. The Cataveno Cultural and EspacoCiencia is another interesting place that you must not miss. If you want you kids to jump in joy, take them to the theme parquet of Playcenter where rides like rollercoaster. In case you are in town and the annual Carnival, the Sao Paulo is going on, you must take your kid to the AvenidaOlavoFontoura, to enjoy the carnival. See the parades, dance on the tune of samba music with your kid. It will be a memorable experience for kids.

Memorial of the Immigrant, previously a hostel and now it has been converted to a museum for immigrants. It hosts exhibitions of documents and artefacts used by 2.5 million immigrants over a long period of time.

While visiting the Zoological Museum, take a peek at the vast tropical Brazilian flora and fauna. With embalmed animals that were readied for exhibition over fifty years ago are on show here. Classified into groups, creatures such as fishes, mammals, reptiles and plenty others from the group are there for the exhibit.

Museum of Art of Sao Paulo, houses one of the vast and ontologically important art collection of Europe. It runs several exhibitions of French and Italian artworks by masters. It also hosts workshops, seminars on contemporary art, design, architecture throughout the year.

There are three types of parks in the city of Sao Paulo. They are- leisure parks, eco-tourism parks and mixed parks. Parque do Ibirapuera is one of the leisure parks of the city which has a lot of recreational spaces inside, such as museums and monuments. ParqueEstadual da Cantareira is one of the eco-tourism parks, which is covered with the Atlantic rainforest. Likewise, APA Capivari-Monos has a same kind of environment and a natural eco-system. And lastly, Parque do Carmo and Parque do Tiete are the two most famous parks that serves to both crowds of eco-tourism park crowd and leisure park crowd. These two, and,HortoFloresral, another mixed park serves a lot to the crowd who seeks adventure and leisure back to back.

Parque do Ibirapuera, is the biggest green space in the city where you can be without the hustle and bustle of the city. You can breathe more oxygen and feel fresh. There are plenty of buildings that are designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the famous artist. Museu de Arte Scara, holds and exhibits one of the best collections of art-works in the whole Brazil, where you can see artworks from 17th to 20th century masters an most especially, the sculptures of Antonio Aleijadinho. This museum is located inside the famous Luz monastery of 18th century. People call this building’s brisessoleil or permanent sunshades, the symbol of the city, Edificio Copan, was designed by Oscar Niemeyer. This is a stunning piece of architecture by Oscar as it reflects his leftist spirit, as it gathers lavish apartments for the upper classes and small apartments for the working classes.

Cycle throughout the route of Ciclofaxia de Lazer, a 45 km stretch that veins throughout the West and Central part of the town. Mainly it goes through the Parque Villa-Lobos and Parque do Ibirapuera, the two beautiful parks. You can visit the Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace where you can experience on of the most challenging tracks of Formula One race. Opt for the Sao Paulo Indy 300 circuit which was the favourite tracks of the famous Brazilian driver ArytonSenna.

Mani is a restaurant which you should try once in your life as it specializes in the sector of traditional Brazilian dishes as well as contemporary Brazilian dishes. Try the slow cooked egg or the famous Waldorf salad here. Run by Rodrigo Oliviera, Mocoto is the city’s best restaurant by popular choice, as the specialities are mainly concentrated towards the north-eastern delicacies. Spend a nice cozy afternoon while a steamy cup of Brazilian coffee waits for you at the Feijoada de Lana. You must not miss to taste Brazil’s national dish feijoada is prepared by Lana herself.

Nightlife is pretty high octane in the Jardin neighbourhood. The BilaOlimpia neighbourhood where clubs like Provocateur or Disco hosts parties national and international DJs fly in to play techno-funk music. Bars like The History, Charles Edward or Piove host live music sessions with musician of international repute and indie musicians and bands. If you are in downtown, visit Voodoohoop, Lions, Cine Joia as these clubs has discotheques and pubs for live music served with spirits of your choices. A visit the massive Metropole, is recommended, where you will feel the night is always young as people pouring in all throughout the night and crème de la crème of Sao Paulo flocks in.

Buy handicrafts inside a mansion that was created in the year 1929, Casa da Villa stores items over three thousands in different rooms classified into themes. Buy new and funky shoes or well-designed boutique shoes at Galeria Melissa. Designers like ZahaHadid, Karim Rasheed’s designer footware are also available here. Sao Paulo’s top end brand Ladice produces ethnic and casual wardrobes for both genders. Mercado Municipal is a domed shape roofed where one can seat and have lunch completed with local Sampa delicacies such as Mortadella sandwiches or dishes made of fresh fishes and meat with live music playing by side.

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