Places to visit in Serengeti

When you travel to Serengeti, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Serengeti, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Serengeti to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Serengeti things to do can include exploring Serengeti attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Serengeti includes a large part of Tanzania, and when in Tanzania, you can visit the Amboni caves near Tanga. Natural caves can date back to the Jurassic era. Or you can visit the town of Zanzibar and you can see the Maruhubi Palace Ruins which were built around 1880 by Sultan Barghash. And when in Zanzibar, give a visit to one of the World Heritage sites, the stone town, where you can visit David Livingstone’s house.

Serengeti itself is a very fun-filled experience for kids, as they get to see enough wildlife to colour their imaginations. Or help them to spot a Gnu or a Zebra near Lake Victoria. Herds of wild beasts or Impalas will make your children take a sudden interest in photography as they will get to see these herds up and close.

The Dar es Salaam National Museum in Tanzania is a memorial museum dedicated to King George. Established in the 1940s, this museum still hosts a car used by the King and which is on exhibit. Discovered near Olduvai Gorge by Mary leaky, some bones of Australopithecus boiseiare on display here. Another brilliant museum is the open-air Village Museum, which was built in 1996 as a museum dedicated to the ethnography of Tanzania. It exhibits huts that are built traditionally,and which belong to the 16 ethnic tribes of Tanzania.

Also visit the National History Museum in Arusha, which hosts exhibitions on the evolution of humans and entomology. Arusha also has another museum, Arusha Declaration Museum, which showcases the history of Tanzania, and its freedom fight and the Arusha Declaration. Dedicated to Julius Nyerere, Tanzania’s first president, Nyerere Museum exhibits artifacts related to Nyerere’s personal and political career.

The Arusha National Park, situated at the Northern part of Tanzania, is a brilliant place with various animals, and its bio-diversity will welcome you with surprises at every corner. Blue Monkeys, Turacos, Trogons and the rare Colobus monkeys are pretty common in this park. And when on a safari, visit the quaint and beautiful Momela Lakes, where you will see thousands of flamingos flocking in. Near Lake Tanganyika, the smallest national park of Tanzania, the Gombe Stream National Park is a place where you’ll find chimps and baboons of different species.

There are plenty of cultural places with various museums in Tanzania hosting workshops on history and etymology. And the growing art spaces are opening up with contemporary tribal art and many exciting art mediums.

TheKatavi National Park is one of the less travelled places in Serengeti. Remote, isolated and hundred percent pollution free, this is Tanzania’s third largest park, where you can see antelopes of different kinds. And near the KatumaRiver, you can view Hippos and crocodiles fighting for land. The best part is, you can see mighty buffalos and majestic elephants in large numbers. And if you’re going for a safari in the north of Serengeti, Bologonja Springs is the place where you will see elephants, giraffes and many other animals. The crocodile population at Grumeti River is also a key attraction point of the park. If you’re willing to go for more, in the wooden savannahs at the Ndabaka plains, you can stay at the Kirawira Serena Camp, one of the best camps near the Kirawira River, where you can get the true experience of staying inside the heart of Serengeti.

Over the Kiwira River, Daraja la Mungu or the bridge of God, is a naturally built bridge. Near Arusha, visit the Shifting Sands of Serengeti, the parabolic black sand-dune formed by the flying ash from the Ol Doinyo Legai volcano. Amboni Caves at Tanga are also pretty exciting to explore as you get to be inside 30metre high caves. You should visit the longest caves in Tanzania,Matumbi Caves,made of limestone near Lindi. There are more landmarks in Arusha than you could ever imagine. You can see Laetoli footprints where you’ll experience human footprints in volcanic ash, which dates back to 3.6 million years. Visit the Olduvai Gorge in Arusha where you’ll find the origins of human evolution in the form of Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus and Homo Sapiens,all having lived here. With cave paintings, stone tools all around, you’ll be enthralled to see a place that is millions of years old and home to human beings inancient times.

Take balloon rides to see the whole Serengeti from a height of 1,000m. Or go for a safari in north Serengeti, where you’ll encounter spotted hyenas and giraffes. Take a walking safari by the Mara River and in the Moru Kopjes.

Visit Blue Heron in Arusha, a lounge bar with a family restaurant, where you can chill out with your friends or family after a lunch with beef tenderloin, rice and broccoli fried balls in ratatouille sauce. At the Emerson Spice Rooftop Tea House, take your date on a Sunday evening, and enjoy Mojitos with a panoramic view of the Stone Town. Try the seafood and sorbets made of custard apple. Or visit the Addis in Darfor a more traditional food as your food gets served in a communal style.

Visit Mercury’s when in Zanzibar, and catch a football match as international matches are screened here, with a beer by your side. Or enjoy live music on Saturday nights which will last till midnight. Or visit the beach bar of Mbalamwezi Beach Club, with a restaurant and a bar with live music on Sundays and disco nights on the early weekends.

Shanga is the best shopping experience you’ll ever have. Furniture, clothes and paper are made with recycled items by physically-handicapped workers. In Dar es Salam, you can visit the Wonder Workshop, where you can buy world-class products created by artists with physical challenges. These include products such as jewellery, sculptures and many other products made of glass, metal and recycled items. Buy masks, arrows, maps, homeware and plenty of other utensils as part of vast collections at Schwari.

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