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Places to Visit in Seychelles

Seychelles is pristinely gorgeous with its green tropical mountains, turquoise blue waters and sparkling white sands. With moderate temperatures prevailing all the year round and a cool sea breeze, Seychelles is always pleasant, warm and humid.  

Seychelles has some of world’s most beautiful beaches and spending a day relaxing on the beach, or swimming or snorkeling around can be an ideal way to start off with. The tropical mountain forests have quite a few marked trails to explore the island’s natural reserve. These forests have a wide variety of flora and fauna that are waiting to be discovered at every nook and corner. The trails may lead you to a mountain peak and give you a different view of the island altogether. 

On another day, you can indulge yourself in a dive or surf along or just climb a steep granite boulder if you are an adventure sport enthusiast. A glass bottom boat ride can be quite a stunning experience with a whole marine world opening up to you while you ride your way through. Each island has characteristics of its own and island hopping can be a part of the travel Itinerary. 

Exploring nature at its best can never end even if you stay in these islands for years at a stretch. Vallee de Mai which is home to the Coco de Mer trees is another treasure in itself. It all depends upon how much you are willing to explore, how much time you can afford for HER, how much do you love HER.

And as the sun loses its last ray to time, you can sip in a glass of wine and relive the day while a sumptuous Creole dinner is being garnished to perfection or you can groove to reggae at a famous nightclub and try your luck at the roll of a slot. As the music in Katiolo fades away and your footsteps give way to rhythm, you hear a warbler sing.  And then a two, and a three, and then the dawn chorus would be, and a new day begins.

Port Launay

A horseshoe shaped arc of white sands serve as the entrance to this marine reserve. This is the best place for snorkelling as it’s protected and you wouldn’t find people flocking here. The Constance Ephelia Resort has two restaurants and a beach bar. This resort lies hidden behind the trees and thus do not pose a threat to the otherwise picture perfect natural beauty.


Anse Source D Argent

If you visit this place just when the high tide is about to die down, you will witness the beautiful white dazzling sands along with the naturally sculpted granite rocks slowly coming to life from beneath the sea. This beautiful beach has blue shallow waters and if luck persists you may spot a turtle swimming away from the shore to glory. 

Though swimming is not convenient here but you can always walk alongside the marine l

Fet Afrik

This festival commemorates the Africa Day and is celebrated on the 25th of May every year with multi artistic festivities to mark the African influence on Seychelles culture.


When: 25th May


Mahe is the largest and the most developed islands on the Seychelles archipelago. It is home to the country’s capital, Victoria and 90% of the country’s population. Mahe is diverse when it comes to Natural beauty. This island in the east coast of Africa has lush green jungle clad mountains rising from the Indian Ocean surrounded by beautiful pristine beaches and coves and sweeping bays of white powder sand. The island is divided into the East and the W

Anse Lazio

Anse Lazio often referred to as the world’s most beautiful beach graces the northwest coast of the island. The perfect white sands stretching over the clear celestial blue waters surrounded by a thick fringe of palm and takamaka trees and granite boulders breaking the monotony will make you feel that it has been built with long precision by the perfect artists together.



Carnival international de Victoria

The mere fact that this festival has been called the “Carnaval des Carnavals” tells us of the magnitude of this carnival. Termed as one of the biggest carnivals of Sychelles attracting participants and tourists from around the world it matches its theme of “Bringing the world to Seychelles”. This 3 day euphoric colourful fiesta held in April, draws inspiration from the fact that Seychelles is a ‘melting pot of culture’ and highl

Beau Vallon

Beau Vallon is the most popular and one of the longest beaches of Seychelles. It has a wonderful infrastructure and has a host of activities going around it to make it one of the the most sought after places in Mahe. Diving or snorkelling in these clear waters enrich you with the beautiful underwater scenery. Surfing, skiing and similar water sports is also a part of this resort’s activities.


Cousin Island

A small island two km west of Praslin and the first internationally owned reserve, Cousin Island has been declared as an Important Bird Area and has been attracting ornithologists and bird enthusiasts from around the globe. The Seychelles magpie robin, the Seychelles warbler and the Seychelles fody, mapou, Indian mulberry are birds that can be easily sighted in this island. Dragonflies, moorhens and terrapins thrive in the fresh water wetlands while the wedge tail

SUBIOS Underwater Festival

This festival aims at promoting conservation of marine life with three days of photography exhibitions and film screenings on the world beneath the waves on the Beau Vallon Beach. It is accompanied by lectures and special school programmes to educate the country’s youth.


When: Early October

Saint Anne Marine National Park

Approximately 5km off the North-eastern coast of Mahe, is a National Park formed of 6 islands surrounded by a lagoon. The small islands are namely the Cerf Island, Ile Cachee, Moyenne Island, Round Island, Long Island and Saint Anne Island. This is a haven of about 150 varieties of fish and sea creatures. The reefs are colourful and the crystal clear water gives a glimpse of the underwater granite rocks and corals. Glass bottom boats provide an excellent view of t

Anse Cocos

Anse Cocos is a picture perfect beach with sparkling white sands sweeping down to rocky shallow waters and granite boulders, a la Anse Source d’Argent. But it’s almost serene and far less crowded. You can reach Anse Cocos on foot from Grand Anse. It’s a steep walk but it’s worth the effort. Ansecocos is not suitable for swimming but a natural pool formed by the boulders makes it the perfect place to have a dip after the long walk.

Seychellois National Park

The largest in Seychelles with an area of 3045 hectares, Morne Seychellois National Park is named after its highest peak Morne Seychellois (905m). This park is 10 km in length and 2-4 km in width and has a trail network of more than 15km. Excursions can be made on 12 different trails. 

The excursions may range between a half day and a full day one depending on the trail you choose. These trails can be most rewarding as the

Vallee de Mai

General Charles George Gordon of Khartoum was long convinced the Vallee de Mai was the “Garden of Eden”. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the two places on planet Earth where the Coco-de-Mer trees grow in its natural state. The Coco-de-Mer tree produces the largest seed and palm flower. The tropical forest is the abode of an array of endemic birds like the Seychelles bulbul, the blue pigeon, the Seychelles warbler and the black parrot. There a

Semaine de La Francophonie

This festival marks the influence of French culture with a week longcelebrations of Film exhibits, French songs, fashion, food and literary readings in the island of Mahe.


When: Mid March

Anse Major

Located in the wild northern coast of Mahe, is this little bay, well known for its translucent cove with coral seabeds and extravagant underwater life. It’s a one hour hike through the Morne Seychellois National Park. This place is a snorkelling paradise.


Location: Mahe

Known for:  Snorkelling

La Digue

Have you ever imagined being stranded in paradise? This is how you may feel when you come to La Digue. With very few or almost no tourists, a laid back island at your disposal, no airports and just around 2000 inhabitants in the entire island La Digue provides the perfect ambience for a secluded gateway. It gives you the feel of going back to nature. There are no airports hence you have to reach this island through La Passe which is on the east coast of the island

Festival Kreol

One of the most important events in the Seychelles calendar, this festival is dedicated to preserve and promote Creole food, fashion art and music. The Kreol Institute also organises events to promote the Kreol-Seselwa language. This festival includes colourful performances, floats, musical shows, art exhibits and fairs in all the three principal islands.


When: Last wee

Praslin Island

Praslin is the second largest island in Seychelles about 45km northeast of Mahe. Praslin is considered as one of the most beautiful destinations in this world. It’s practically mesmerising with its white sandy beaches bordered by  rows of palm trees, green tropical forests and curving hills dripping down to crystal clear waters. Away from the bustling Mahe and more towards the sleepy La Digue, the Praslin Island is a perfect blend of a small population,

Silhoutte Island

20km to the northwest of Mahe, is the third largest granitic islands of the Seychelles archipelago. SilhoutteIsland has been a marine reserve and home to a five star resort, Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort and spa. A mountainous interior bordered by white sands, Silhoutte’s highest peak at 740m is Mount Dauban. Silhoutte is filled with rain forests, orchids and carnivorous pitcher plants. Mountain trails provide excellent ways to explore this island. La Pass


The capital of the Republic of Seychelles and its only city, Victoria is the commercial, economic, cultural and political hub of the country. Guarded by the mountains and the topaz sea, this city boasts of quite a few intriguing sights and can be a more than satisfying worth a day’s walk. The city has two main cenres: one around the clock tower and the other around the Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market. These are the few places you wouldn’t like to miss


This is a major tourist attraction for day trips. It is also called the Red Island owing to the red coloured soil on this island. Curieuse is the second place on Earth after Vallee de Mai where the Coco-de-Mer palm trees grow naturally. Curieuse is the breeding ground of giant Aldabra tortoises. A walk through the dense mangrove forests is one of the most enchanting sights past the giant granite cliffs. The Doctor’s house is a large restored colonial villa w

Round table Beau Vallon Regatta

This has become an important national event. Spanning over a week in Beau Vallon this event features yatch races, tug of war, live performances by local artists and finally culminates with a hilarious ‘Greasy Pole Contest’.


When: Last week of September.

Hiking in Seychelles

There are a number of well-marked trails in all the principal islands viz Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. Hiking excursions for a day or half is usually a part of most travel itinery. It’s usually advised to take a guide for these hiking tours. Though the routes are mostly marked, a guide can explain the diversified flora and fauna while divulging into the details of the trail. The Copolia trail to the summit of Mount Copolia in the Morne Seychellois National pa

Adventure Sports

Specialized Multi Adventure Company (SMAC) is a group of adventure enthusiasts, located in Mahe.The crew has many years of experience in adventure sports behind them. They have established a Rock Climbing, Zipline and Abseiling facility within the Ephelia Resort.


Location: Mahe

Approximate Cost: The cost varies depend

Diving in Seychelles

Most of the beaches in Seychelles have crystal clear water, experience moderate temperatures (about 28° C) all throughout the year and have maximum visibility (30m on an average) making the conditions ideal for diving. The reefs that encircle the islands are a plethora of fish and underwater life. This along with the different varieties of coral that grow in these waters will give you a diving experience that will stay with you forever. There are schools on Ma

Snorkeling in Seychelles

The tropical beauty with the spectacular marine flora and fauna attract snorkelers from around the globe. The South point villas surrounded by the Sainte Anne National Marine Park is one of the best locations to snorkel with green sea turtles, bat fish, parrot fish around you. The majestic whale sharks often come here in search of food and sighting one can be quite an experience. Other popular snorkeling sites are the Vista Bay rocks in Beau Vallon Bay, Curieuse I

Bird Watching in Seychelles

Seychelles is “heaven” for bird watchers. Ornithologists have been flocking in groups from all parts of the world. Seychelles homes almost 12 endemic species of birds vizSeychelles black parrot, Seychelles blue pigeon, Seychelles black paradise flycatcher, Seychelles magpie robin, Seychelles warbler, Seychelles scops owl, Seychelles white eye, Seychelles sun bird, Seychelles fody( also called ‘toktok’), Seychelles kestrel, Seychelles swiftl

Fishing in Seychelles

Seychelles Bank is the ideal place for fishing big game where many record breaking dog-booth tuna, marlin, sail fish and sharks have been caught. Fishing – big game or fly- is a very big business in these islands. The Bird Island and the Denis Island are the nearest islands but charters also sail from Mahe. The best months for fishing are November to April. Fly fishing is more common in the outer island of Alphonse. 


Apart from snorkeling and scuba diving, one can indulge in sailing, surfing, boat-rides. Sailing has some mooring limitations. Surfing is not very common but surfable waves are there and iSurf school in Mahe can guide you through. Boatrides are common in most parts of Seychelles and there are some places where you can ride on a glass bottom boat to be able to see the entire colourful life underneath while boating your way through.

Marie Antoinette

One of the oldest and the best restaurant in Mahe, housed in an over 100 year’s colonial mansion, the name “Marie Antoinette” refers to not just a restaurant but a culinary experience of a lifetime. It serves authentic Creole cuisine made from the fresh local ingredients and boasts of a tradition that it has maintained since 1972.This is the only place the serve bats. Don’t forget to visit the mansion backyard after your meal to see the gia

Lanbousir La Digue

This eatery with a simple and rustic setting is a perfect place for lunch after a sunbath. It’s run by a gang of affable ladies and the food worth mentioning are the fish salad, the tender fish fillet and the banana or vanilla cake to end on a sweeter note.


Location: Anse Source D'Argent / La Digue

Must have: &n

Breadfruit chips

Breadfruit chips are a favourite snack. Octopus curry and smoked fish salads are absolute favourites among locals and tourists. Chatini is a must have accompaniment, served cold and made of thinly sliced marinated vegetables and fruits, cooked or raw. It is less sweet than its Indian counterpart. 

Seychelles has some unusual local food too and one must know about them before ordering. So if you findRousettes on the menu, th

Boat House

Located in the amazing Beau VallonBay, overlooking the sea, this Creole themed open air restaurant offers a traditional buffet of 20 different dishes which include Creole curries, salads and barbequed fish.


Must have:- Creol buffet

Approximate Cost for two:- 6200 INR


Les Lauriers Restaurant in Praslin

This restaurant is a part of the Les Lauriers guesthouse. It gives you a fine dining experience in that the delicious Creole barbeques are made just before your eyes.


Location: Laurier Eco Hotel & Restaurant, Cote D’Or, Praslin Island.

Must have:  Barbeques


Le Repaire Restaurant

Once again another Italian Chef creates his magic in this islands but this time it’s in LaDigue. He combines local ingredients and traditional Italian techniques to create his own culinary brilliance along with the classics. Chef Remo claims to import some key ingredients from Italy.


Location: Anse Reunion, La Digue



This place is Katiolo's rival on Mahé. Ozone gives away prizes for best-dressed patrons and best dancers. Half-price admission on Sundays usually ensures a good house.


Location: La Plaine St. André, Au Cap

Opening Hours: Saturdays, from 10:00 – 04:00 Sundays 10:00 – 02:00

Casino des Iles

This is the only casino in Praslin. It can hold over 300 guests who can indulge in slots. Roulette, blackjack and blackgammon.


Location: Cote D’Or, Praslin

Opening Hours: 00:30-3:00 (Daily).

Barrel Night Club

This place is a favourite among the locals. The club is underground and it plays local Creole music along with Hiphop, Dancehall and Reggae.


Location: Beau-Belle, Bel Ombre, Mahé

Operating Hours: 22:00-04:00 Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Amusement Centre

The Amusement Centre has 200 slot machines and gives away the maximum jackpots every day along with a fully licensed bar.


Location: Oceangate House Extension, Independence Avenue, Victoria

Opening Hours:  daily 22:00-02:00 

La Faya Far

It’s one of the most happening night spots in Seychelles with local DJs mixing it up from around the world. It’s specially crowded in Fridays and doesn’t allow anyone in shorts. The inner area is a little small so it can be overcrowded at times. The outer area has a pool table and is more spacious and chilled out.


Location: Beau-Belle, Bel Ombre, Mah&e

Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort and Casino

This has two bars, the Silhoutte Bar that plays live music and the Casino Bar. The casino here has 55 slot machines and 16 gaming tables plus there are private rooms for high-betting game tables. The minimum on gaming tables are two and five US dollars on Black Jack and Roulette respectively.


Location: Beau Vallon, Mahe


Katiolo Night Club

This is an open-air night club with an oversized dance floor.It is located in Anse Faure between the International airport and Anse Royal. It’s open on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It’s free for ladies on Wednesdays.The club maintains strict dress code and there is no exception to the rule.The music is diverse and covers a wide range of genres – 70s, 80s up to recent hits, R’n’B, local tracks, and Rock’n Roll. It is also t

The Jungle

This is considered to be the best night club in Praslin. Local artists perform live regularly. Dancers flock this night club in masses.


Location: Grand Anse, Praslin

Opening Hours: 22:00-04:00 (Friday, Saturday)

Tequila Boom

This is a spacious and well air conditioned discotheque.There are regular performances by professional Go-Go dancers. The DJs here play techno, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Reggae.This club has a VIP booth, but it has to be booked well in advance.


Location: Beau-Belle, Bel Ombre, Mahé .

Operating Hours: 22:00-05:00 Wedn

Gran Kaz Casino

Gran Kaz offers the best gaming experience in slots and table games in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.GranKaz exhibits more than 150 technologically advanced slot machines. With low minimum bets ranging from 1c to SCR100, Gran Kaz slot machines encourages smart cashless gaming.GranKaz offers a Table Games area where you can play Roulette, Black Jack, Stud Poker, Russian Poker, Casino Hold ‘em Poker, and Texas hold ‘em Poker. The Mercury Bar in the

Anse aux Pins Mahe

Anse aux Pins on the east coast of Mahe is another shopping area. A craft village is located here. Each shop is like a Creole bungalow where artisans can be seen to work on coconut oil scented bath soaps, paintings on silk and coconut shell handicrafts to name a few.


Location: Mahe


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