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Places to Visit in Stratford


Attractions in stratford


Also known as the ‘Stone Town’, this place is made up of limestone and has beautiful architectures. The opera house, the hall, the churches and the shops that sell antiques and so on and so forth- St. Mary’s has lot to offer.


Established in 1901, the idea was to keep it as a vaudeville domicile named Theatre Albert. But by the year 1905, it turned out to be the most popular movie Theatre. In 1963, the Stratford Festival bought it and changed the name into Avon Theatre.


This theatre was established in 2002, during the 50th season accomplishment merriment. 


It was in the year 1971 that this theatre was founded. Named after the founder of the festival, this theatre is known to be the residence of serious experimental work.


Other than these are the Perth Jubilee Court House, the Heritage Memorials of Perth County Limited and a lot more.


Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum has the story of the advent of football in Canada since 1938 till date, lyrically.

The Stratford-Perth Museum is another famous museum of the town, which has historic artifacts like the art during the war, the royals, the eras left behind.

Activities in stratford

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To feel spooky, the Ghost Walk Tour on the weekend days of Friday and Saturday are great to try.

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A walk on the shore of the Avon river, watching sunrises and sunsets or simply strolling at any point of the day, or availing the Cruises, watching the ‘Art in the Park’, visiting the book stores that have a vintage charm or sitting on a roadside café sipping into a cup of coffee and watching the city pass by- Stratford relaxes and charms the tourists.

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Stratford is a green city. It has old trees, the evidences of the past, fields which are green with grass and wild flowers, birds chirping and flying over the head; this city is serene to the eyes.

Food in stratford


Stratford is well known for its Canadian cuisine. Other than that, the taste bud of this city is very much diverse, with various cuisines exploring the epicurean delight every day. The Canadian cuisine is has an impact of the British and Scottish cuisine on it, as is often debated. The national foods of Canada are Poutine, Cheese and Macaroni, and Butter Tarts. The other must have’s are the maple syrup, Caribou stew, Bake apple pie, Smoked Goldeye, the California roll, the Ketchup and Chips, the Salmon Jerkies, Bagles, smoked salmon and so on and so fore. Pemmican, Oak Cheese, Roasted Beef with the Yorkshire Pudding, Nova Scotian Donair, the Lobster Rolls, Sea Pie, Flipper Pie and innumerable others dishes should be savored as well, so far possible.

Restaurants and Cuisines:

The most visited restaurants in Stratford are the Boomers Gourmet Fries for the American and Canadian cuisine. This place is also famous for hamburgers and other fast food items. 

For Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, the Pizza Bistro is the best place. 

Sirkel is well known for vegetarian and Asian preparations. 

Monforte on Wellington is known for its expertise on organic cuisines. 

Night Life in stratford


Monforte on Wellington is both a famous food joint and a bar. Sid’s Sports Pub and Eatery, Bards’ on Market place, the Mercer Hall etc are some famous bars and pubs of Stratford.


The Boar’s Head Pub is a famous joint in Stratford that offers a rocking nightlife. Other than this, the Molly’s Bloom Irish Pub, the Dominion Tavern, the Forster’s Inn Restaurant and Lounge, the Queens’s Inn at Stratford are some of the famous nightlife joints of Stratford.

Shopping in stratford


Theatre Albert on 99 Downie Street has the Stratford Festival Shop, which not only is a place to visit but also has a large collection of books and souvenirs. 

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