Places to Visit in Tunisia


It is the ancient ruinsof the city of Punic and a place to be visited without fail. It was discovered in 1929 and again rediscovered in the 1950s. The recent excavations revealed many small facts of history. It is high above the sea level and has an overview of the whole city and the entrance is adorned with the beautiful yet rough paved streets.

There are several amusement parks around the region for amusement of children, but the most famous among them is the Carthageland Hamamet theme park which has everything a child wants to enjoy with the family. Please add this to your to do list if you are travelling with kids.

This is one of the oldest and the biggest mosquesof the whole region. It serves as the religious and tranquil head of the Islamic clan and is the fourth holiest place on Earth. You can enjoy the distinct calmness within its intricately designed walls, and can also experience the affluence of the culture here. It is in itself an architectural wonder adorned with the ancient Arabian techniques of painting all over the walls.

This museum was founded in 1888 in the main city of Tunis.It houses a large compilation of Roman Mosaics found in the whole world.

This museum hasa large collection of the Islamic art in the whole country. There is also the collection of document of the Koran from the Great Mosque of Kairouan.

The most famous natural attraction of the region is the Mediterranean island of Djerba. It is a very colourful city and preserves the strong and rich culture and lifestyle through several millenniums. It is a must visit while touring the sites of the country.

The camel rides in the desserts area and the water sports are very common for the travelers and even the local people. The underwater diving is the main adventure sports here other than the water skiing and boating.

The best way to relax here is to go for a walk around the main city or enjoy the cultural happenings which are quite fascinating. Horse riding and golf is also a way of relaxation in this bustling region.

This country has a diverse culture which has also affected largely the cuisine of the region. Tunisian meals are elaborate and long with different courses of mouth-watering dishes. A formal dinner begins with soups- the shorbafrik. This is a type of lamb flavoredsoup with sprouted green grains of wheat, mixed with the rich tomato paste, a sprinkle of green coriander, and several varieties of seasonings.

Belly dancing and Arabic music with the blend of Sufi music is the main musical genre of the region.  Many bars offer the customer the Latin music. The nightlife in the city of Tunis is limited. Few cafes are there a few bars and clubsavilable.

This bar serves the finest alcohol in the whole region. It is situated on the 10th floor of the hotel El-Hana International, which holds great views, lounge music and a good and genuine mixed crowd.

The city of Tunis has the open farmers markets where you can find the different variety of dairy products and vegetables. On the other hand the main open market for handicrafts and jewellery is in the centre of the city. Enumerable shops are there to choose the best quality handmade craftsmanship as a souvenir and different Arabic lanterns and carpets. There is a wholesale market of Arabian carpets where one can even bargain the products.

The streets of this region are the best shopping arena for all. Long boulevards selling local goods and gold jewelry is quite common. Traditional clothes and even food stalls are common on the streets here.

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