Places to visit in Ukraine

When you travel to Ukraine, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Ukraine, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Ukraine to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Ukraine things to do can include exploring Ukraine attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Popularly known as the Mother Motherland Monument, the Rodina Mat situated in Kiev happens to be a part of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. The statue measures 203 feet in length and weighs almost 450 tons. Constructed using titanium, the monument stands at the top of the museum, making the whole structure around 334 feet tall. The statue holds a nine-ton, fifty-two foot long sword in its right hand as well as shield measuring thirteen by twenty-six feet and weighing thirteen tons, which bears the Coat of Arms of the Soviet Union in its left hand. Unveiled in the year 1981, the statue was the first of its size to be erected in the Soviet Union.

Also known as the Golden Gate, the ZolotiVorota is one of three similar gates which were originally built as part of the fortifications for the city in the year 1037 by Prince Yaroslav the Wise. Following the construction of the ZolotiVorota, which was simply called the Southern Gate, it served as the primary entrance into the city. The gate had to suffer excessive damage in 1240 when the Golden Horde of Batu Khan stormed the city and destroyed the structure from the inside. The remaining parts of the monument remained in use as the entrance to the city and for ceremonial purposes even though it fell into great disrepair with the passing of centuries. In 1832, ZolotiVorota was excavated by archaeologists and they restored as much as they possibly could.

There are plenty of religious sites in Ukraine. Some of the most famous ones include St. George’s Cathedral in Lviv where tourists will be able to see the sacred relic belonging to Virgin Mary. Another holy site you will not be able to overlook in the country is the St. Sophia’s Cathedral. This is the oldest church in Kiev and is an architectural wonder. The Kyiv PecherskaLavra Monastery is worth a visit and the structure was originally erected by two monks and quickly turned into a vital center for Orthodox religion. The Uzhgorod Synagogue boasts of a popular Romantic style and was constructed in 1910.

Ukraine has plenty of fun filled activities and lots of great destinations which are sure to hold the attention of your children. A visit to the Kiev Zoo is a must since your children will be able to view lions, elephants, monkeys, buffalos and many more animals. The zoo has an amusement park area with lots of great rides and so your kid will never get bored. There is a special tram line in Kiev with a unique cable-pulled tram car called the funicular which offers happy lifts to kids.

One of the most popular museums in Ukraine happens to be the National Art Museum situated in the capital city of Kiev. The building houses a superb collection of icons, paintings, and other artworks. The building itself has amazing historical value and dates back to 1898. The National Museum of Medicine in Ukraine is well-worth the visit. Erected in 1973, this amazing site guides visitors through the department of medicine in Ukraine throughout the ages. You should take out the time to pay a visit to the Regional History Museum in Odessa. The Odessa Numismatics Museum is a great museum dedicated to the history of coins and money. The Waxworks Museum promises to ensure a great time for tourists.

Football and wrestling are popular sports in Ukraine.

The two most popular health spas in Ukraine include Truskavets and Morshyn.

The best restaurants in Ukraine include Masonic Restaurant, Reflection, Manufactura, Fish cafe and Spotkach.

The common dishes found in Ukraine include Borshch, Kapusniak, Rosolnik.

The best clubs and discos in Ukraine include Arena Entertainment Complex, Club Ajour, Babyface DJ Bar, Barsky and Caribbean Club.

The most famous bars and pubs in Ukraine are Babuin in Kiev, Masoch Café in Lviv, Patipa in Kiev, and Biker’s Bar in Donetsk.

You will find a great flea market in the city of Kiev which convenes every Saturday morning.

The Central Department Store in Kiev is worth a visit.

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