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Places to Visit in Vilnius


Attractions in vilnius


This tall pillar is located in the breakaway district of Uzupis to mark the independence day of this wacky district.


This five metre monument shows a mother holding her dead child to honour the Soviet soldiers who died in the decade long Soviet War with Afghanistan. The names of the 96 Lithuanian soldiers who died in the War have been inscribed in its granite base.


They were first constructed here in the 17th century to honour some monks from a monastery nearby, martyred in the 14th century.


The areas and hallways of the Vilnius Cathedral are like a cave and is good fun for the children. A walk to the Round Tower exhibiting medieval exhibits and providing a good aerial view is of interest to the children too. The Vilnius TV tower which has a 360 degrees view of the town and also just 10 minutes away from the old town is a good place to have lunch and explore. The Aqua Park near the Siemens area is also a fascinating place.


A multi-religious atmosphere prevails in Vilnius. The 19th century Vilnius has many non-Christian temples, around ten different religions. Being a cross-road of the East and the West, many centuries old heritage building of multiple faiths are found here. Though at present 85.9 percent of Lithuanians are Roman Catholics, Russian.


Villa Terra Resort made of wood is built on a 285 km hectare land amidst two beautiful lakes connected by a stream. A driving distance of 75 km from the airport this spacious resort implements rest, pleasure and peace.The winding streets of the city make walking so pleasurable with open space and green areas all over. In winter and in between, the snow adds to a glistening impact on the city resulting in a never-seen-before sight. 40 percent of Vilnius is dedicated to parks and green areas; the nearby hills and the picturesque lakes add to the greenery.


The Gate of Dawn is a miraculous and religious place attracting people from all over the world and is one of the biggest highlights of any tours.

Gediminas Castle was built in 1230 and is one of the most popular tourist attractions. The main tower of this castle symbolizes Vilnius and Lithuania.

Vilnius Cathedral is again one of the most vital symbols of the Lithuanian capital comprising a glorious prayer house with multiple secrets in its catacombs. The architecture of the cathedral is stupendous.

Activities in vilnius

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It is a very interesting and unique activity where you can spend the afternoon biking and drinking. The bicycle beer bar will require you to peddle along with your mates while the bar man keeps filling your glass.

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This monument is a very relaxing place where people sit on the bench and chill out with friends or a book or a sip from their coffee cups.

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It’s a book shop with a character and ambience that all book lovers love to spend time in a relaxing mode.

Food in vilnius


There are two kinds of restaurants in Vilnius, the first essentially offering variety with waitresses in national costumes in an old barn kind of an atmosphere and the second is the casual one, the cafe kinds serving all cuisines.


Here you will get a mixed combination of Lithuanian and international menu with a very friendly staff making the dining experience very enjoyable.


This place specialises in authentic lip smacking Lithuanian cuisine and is a must visit for all tourists.

Night Life in vilnius


Aulos, Tamsta and Muzikos Rusys are interesting venues where live music is organized by locals with a mix of jazz, blues and rock.


The best nightclubs are:

Tamsta Club: The interiors here are retro with profound lighting and sound systems are private yet offer a big night.

Entertainment Club: Galaxy on the second floor of Forum is also a happening nightclub.

Shopping in vilnius


Tauras Hill Saturday Flea market is a great place to do some bargaining; there are people always crowding for serious purchases. You get rare stuff here like coins and post marks, books and all antique stuff for such two and a half hours on a Saturday morning.

The Flea Market of Sunday is held on afternoons for you to spend some enjoyable time.



It is a gigantic mall with everything under the sun from a movie theatre to skating rink, to food courts and of courses all the big brands. Lithuania’s super market chain stocks foodstuffs and personal care items. Undoubtedly this is the most popular mall of the city.

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