Places to visit in Wadi Rum

When you travel to Wadi Rum, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Wadi Rum, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Wadi Rum to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Wadi Rum things to do can include exploring Wadi Rum attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Wadi Rum is actually a set of distinctively formed sandstone Rocky Mountains, mounted vertically over the pink sand of the desert, which divide one dark heap from another in stunning desert scenery, with gigantic cliffs of weather-beaten stones. The mountain bases are approximately 1000m above sea level. Jabal Rum is the highest peak in Wadi Rum and the second highest in Jordan. After taking approval from the visitor centre, you can reach here via 4X4 drive.

This natural, towering summits sandstone rock formation has got this famous name through the legend of Lawrence. It indeed is a wonderful sight in the desert and is suited for trekking as well.

This little spring under a rock on a high mount is much overrated, owing to the film location of Lawrence of Arabia. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth a hike so that you can enjoy yet another breathtaking desert landscape.

The 4X4 drive through the desert to reach Wadi Rum, is something the kids may enjoy immensely, not to mention the breathtaking desert views. The overnight camp in the desert will be an unforgettable experience for the kids, with amazing views of sunrise and sunset.

Believed to be constructed in 14th century BC by archeologists, the ruins of the marble-lined Nabatean Temple is a must visit. The temple is assumed to have been devoted to Goddesses Atargatis and Hadad.

Adjoining the Visitors Centre in Wadi Rum, there is an Intepetation hall located, which contains photos and general information about Wadi Rum including the history, Bedouin information, the culture and nature of Wadi Rum.

Situated approximately 30 km away from Wadi Rum Visitor’s Centre, this stunning mountain is 1650 meters above the sea level. The Canyon rock divides the mountain from the north, which has some Arab, Islamic and Nabatiyah drawings and writings encrypted with it, which is more than thousand years old.

While exploring Wadi Rum, you must visit this secluded canyon situated between two massive mountains of dissimilar red and white sand. It is not too far from the Wadi Village and the view from the top of this canyon is breathtaking and fulfilling.

It is a spectacular natural arch rock surrounding Wadi Rum, which is just 15 meters above the desert floor. You can reach the top via a gully and the bridge is fairly narrow; so you need to be careful up there.

Being a protected desert zone, Wadi Rum is home to rare species of plants such as Jordan’s national flower Black Iris, Red Anemones, Poppies and many other herbs. Bird-watchers can see approximately 110 diverse species of birds such as Sparrows, Vultures, Eagles and Buzzards and many more. Being a desert, very few animal species seen here and some of them are Gray Wolf, Arabian sand cat and the mountain goat.

The desert has been inhabited by diverse cultures, including Nabateans and Bedouins, since ancient times. The ancient Arabic writings and rock drawings depict a genuine narrative of the Bedouin life.

The famous Alameleh inscriptions found here are best examples of conserved prehistoric rock drawings, screening camels and wildlife.

Situated around 20 km from the Rum Village, this majestic mountain worth a climb right to its top, just for the awe-inspiring view from there, is  a must visit. 

These inscriptions involve a lot of history of the Thumadic tribes, who labeled their journey through the desert during prehistoric times, in these Anfashya inscriptions. Sounding Jabal Anfashya, you can marvel at the moving sand of red sand dunes.

The camel rides arranged as part of various tours across the attractions in Wadi Rum is another fun activity kids can enjoy.

A full day ride in 4X4 through the desert steeps and sand dunes is a must do, adventurous activity here. You can ride to far off secluded valleys in the south around the lonely and stunning.

A horse trekking can take you through the off beaten paths and routes of the desert, which is not accessible in a 4X4 drive. You can hire an expert guide and go on in your chosen horse.

In Wadi Rum, it is mandatory that you need to take a guide along, if you are opting for trekking or hiking. In these interesting trekking and hiking excursions, you can explore the mount attractions like the Burdah Arch or Rakebat Canyon. Before starting this venture, you need to gather information on trekking and be prepared with all the trekking/hiking gear required.

There is nothing more relaxing than, a night sleeping under the enchanting desert stars in one of the desert camps. After a whole day of enjoying the enlivening desert tours, an unmatched open night experience in the desert after traditional barbecue dinner with Bedouin music, is pure tranquility.

You can opt for a camel ride to explore the natural beauty and serenity of the desert at your own pace, which is available as a one day tour or for more days. In this ride you can experience the thrill of travelling along the prehistoric trade routes and the off beaten secret trails.

Enjoying the sunrise and sunset from the popular spots of the natural reserve Wadi Rum, is an enchanting experience in itself.

You can taste traditional Jordanian food in the night camp tents here, which is prepared by the chef of the camps. All the tents will offer you their tea or coffee with cardamom, which is a Jordanian specialty. The traditional dishes include Hummus, various grills with meat, pita bread sandwiches with lots of olives and olive oil.

Located near to the Visitor’s Centre in Wadi Rum, this restaurant offers international cuisine and the buffet available from noon to 4 pm, has a fine selection of dishes especially meant for the tourists. At other times non alcoholic drinks and snacks are available here.

This is a local Middle Eastern restaurant, which serves traditional Bedouin food. Located along the main road of Wadi Rum, this is a place where you can taste local food.

The nightlife in Wadi Rum means a quiet night under the galaxy of stars in the captivating beauty of the desert. In most of the night camps here, live Bedouin music performances are arranged with dinner.

Wadi Rum is not a great place for shopping; although you can get some interesting stuff in the Bedouin tents, which are situated near the place where 4X4 cars are parked. You can find a limited range of interesting desert stones, local clothing, cardamom, tea and few handicrafts in these tents.

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