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Place's to visit in Zagreb

When you travel to Zagreb, you will love to visit popular tourist spots and enjoy the local culture. Amongst other Things to do in Zagreb, you can surely explore some of the best things to do in Zagreb to make your trip a fulfilling one. On a trip to Zagreb things to do can include exploring Zagreb attractions and visiting the places of interest.

Religious places

This multicultural place has different religions and places of worship. The Zagreb Cathedral, the Serbian orthodox church, and the Islamic mosque holds testament to the city’s multi cultural disposition.

Natrual Attraction

Endowed with natural spaces, Zagreb has beautiful open spaces. The
Ribnjak Park is famous for the beautiful lakes present there. With gardens, waterfalls, beautiful trees and exotic plants, this place brings a breath of fresh air. The Opatovina Park is spread out with beautiful rocks and stones. This green field in the summer stages open theatres. The botanical garden is another place which lets you taste the goodness of nature. Visit the beautiful Bundek Lak

Well of life

This beautiful and realistic sculpture oozes out the meaning of life. Made by Ivan Mestrovic in 1950, this sculptor depicts the various stages of human life. The well is surrounded by human figures and represents the life. 

Museum of broken relationships

As innovative as the name, this museum showcases articles of daily use or personal objects donated by ex- lovers. It was started by a former artist couple of Zagreb, to house their personal items, once they broke up. Later on they started taking personal objects of their friends who have broken-up. Gradually, they started getting such objects from tourists and visitors. This unique museum received the Kenneth Hudson award in 2011 as the most innovative museum of E

Cultural Attraction

From beautiful museums to stupendous architecture, Zagreb has a culmination of cultural attractions. Beautiful open theatres, ballets, drama, you are sure to find one or the other event being performed throughout the year.

Zagreb cathedral

This is the tallest building in Croatia, and also the most beautifully designed one. This holy place of worship has always been the major attraction for tourists.

Fun Filled destinations For Kids

Any tour becomes a memorable visit only when the kids are happy. Zagreb knows this and hence has a potpourri of amusements for the younger visitors. Walk into any of the Paintball Park in Zagreb and you will enjoy the visit. The Zagreb botanical garden is also a great attraction for the kids. Take your kids to the go- karting arena in Zagreb and they are sure love it. Take them to the Idemo u Gardaland and you are sure to find a precious smile. This

Museum of contemporary art

Designed by Igor Frani?, this is the biggest modern contemporary art museum. This 14,600 square meter museum houses different art of different artist.

Mirogoj Cemetery

This beautiful cemetery houses some of the well known people of Croatia. This peaceful place is sure to strike your emotional chord. The magnificent architecture gives a glimpse of the historic craftsmanship.

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