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You can create a rate alert only for buying rates, wherein we will inform you via Email/SMS whenever a currency of your choices crosses any of the upper or lower limit set by you. By default the rate alert will be active for 1 month.

Purpose of Travel
The purpose of Travel you select defines the total amount of Foreign Exchange you can carry. For Personal /Leisure Travel the limit is USD 10000 in a year or equivalent and for Business Trip the limit is USD 25000 or equivalent in a year.
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Date of Travel
As per RBI rules, your date of travel should be within the next 60 days for buying Foreign Exchange today. If the date of travel is different for the passengers, you can edit the same for each traveller before making the payment.
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Borderless Prepaid Multicurrency Travel cards from Thomas Cook India are a secure, convenient and easy way to carry money and make payments whenever you travel abroad. Borderless Prepaid Card allows you to load 8 currencies simultaneously and the balance of amount in any currency can be converted into another currency as and when required Currency Cash is available in 26 leading currencies of the world at Thomas Cook India. Foreign Currency Travellers Cheques are convenient and easy to use while traveling abroad and allows you the convenience of cash as well as purchases
Foreign Exchange Amount
Please enter amount for in multiples of 50 only. In case of Thai Baht and Japanese Yen enter multiples of 100 only. You can buy a maximum of USD 3000 or equivalent in case of Currency Cash. You can buy the remaining amount as Travel Card or Travellers Cheque
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