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The world is becoming a smaller place with each passing day. The boundaries of the world have blurred. Be it for business or education, people are travelling far and wide to explore new opportunities. Since all of the dealings require money, online remittance service or money transfer has become the need of the hour. Thomas cook brings to you efficient and smooth remittance services that will address all your money transfer needs online. With Thomas cook money transfer online, it is now possible to send money to any part of the world from the comfort of your own home. It is made for the next generation of global citizens who enjoy doing things at their own time and pace. Through its robust network of online payment agents such as MoneyGram and Xpress Money, you can be assured of safe and quick money transfer without any hassles. Thomas Cook has simplified money transfer online into three simple steps that are very easy to follow. All you need to do is

  • Choose your desired currency and amount from the website

  • Fill in the transaction details

  • Make the payment online

Once the payment is done, you will be provided with the receipt for remittance. The Thomas Cook customer service team is also available round the clock to make sure that you experience smooth, speedy and secure online money transfer service.


Remittance Testimonials

  • I needed to transfer some money immediately for my university fees abroad and it is then when I came across the Thomas Cook money transfer service. It was a quick, convenient and smooth experience.

    Rohit Srinivasan
  • Thomas Cook money transfer service is one of the best that I have availed. I was able to transfer money to my family abroad easily. The transaction rate is really good. I highly recommend this service.

    Anant Mathur
  • My experience with the Thomas Cook remittance service is excellent. I send money to my daughter on a regular basis via this service as the charge for transferring money is reasonable. Thank you Thomas Cook!

    Sunil Chadha
  • Thomas cook money transfer service is quick and reliable. Service is very good and I am able to transfer money to my family abroad simply with a click of a button. Highly recommended!

    Nikita Swaminathan