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The official currency of the European Union (EU), Euro (EUR) finds use in 18 of the European Union countries. It is the second most popular currency to be used in the world. This is the reason we recommend you buy Euro if you are planning to visit any of the European countries like Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, and Germany among others with our Europe Packages

Converting travel money in regional currencies is of great help when you set out for international trips, and Thomas Cook India can assist you with that. Besides the Prepaid Forex cards and Foreign Currency Traveler’s Cheques, you will need cash to pay for daily expenses. You can convert Euro to INR or INR to Euro online at live rates by logging on to our website. To know about the current and best Euro rate, you can set alerts on

If you have a foreign trip lined up and don’t know which is the most reliable source to buy your forex at the most competitive rates, Thomas Cook can help you buy Euro online to avoid last-minute hitches. We maintain utmost transparency with regards to booking foreign currencies, as you can check Euro forex rate live on our online portal around the clock. Thomas Cook is a leader in Foreign Exchange, and respects your need for convenience. Just freeze your currency rates online and you can be rest assured about your foreign exchange purchases. Buying foreign currencies couldn’t get easier than this.

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  • On my last trip to Europe, I had exchanged the currencies well in advance. Since I had booked my trip from Thomas cook, I decided to get my currencies also exchanged through them. When I compared the Thomas cook forex rates with other providers, this turned out to be best deal. I got my INR converted to euros & delivered right at my doorstep. Even for my future trips, I would definitely choose Thomas Cook to exchange currencies. .

    IyerS Malik
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