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China Holiday Packages

If you are on a look-out for a place that offers an amalgamation of history, modernity and culture, then China is the place for you. China, one of the oldest civilizations in the world harbors various ancient secrets, knowledge and antique architectural delights to please you. From the Han population in the East to the Uyghurs and Tajiks in the West, China tourism is an intricate blend of multiple ethnic groups. China overflows with beautiful places to visit. From singing sand dunes to some of the tallest statues on the planet, the city is filled with spectacular places. From ancient secret cities, to majestic palaces, to imposing temples, China has it all packaged in a sheath of spirituality.

Chinas cosmopolitan city Shanghai, the buzzing city does not have much treasures but has some idyllic getaways. Places like the enigmatic Forbidden City and the breathtaking Great Wall of China, the latter being one of the wonders of the world are few things that you must include in your China holiday packages. While traversing the land, experience the Chinese Charm of culinary delights that are world renowned.Your gastronomic memories from the tour will be an asset of a lifetime.
Whether you gobble down bowls of soups, or gorge on sumptuous noodles or the flavors of Schezwan or Manchurian delights, your tongue will be on a joy ride of its own.The land has such rich offerings for the tourism industry that it will be hard to cover all terrain within the span of a single travel to China. But with Thomas Cooks China holiday packages you can explore most of the beautiful places that China has to offer.

Planning an international destination could be a little of a daunting task. To make your task simpler, Thomas Cook has some amazing China packages. All the information that you need for your trip, from how to apply for your online visa application to the things to do in China, best time to visit China are made available to you in just a few clicks. They also provide forex services to convert your currency from CNY to INR, offering door-step delivery on request. And once you are back, you can easily exchange your remaining funds from INR to CNY.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your China tour package and experience the beauty of this wonderful country.