US Visa Documents Required

Common Documents for USA Visa
  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Old passports
  • Visa fee receipt issued by Axis Bank or CITI bank
  • Interview appointment letter and CEAC confirmation page
  • Bank statements and tax returns for the past 3 years
Documents for Tourist - USA Visa
  • All documents in common documents required
  • If travelling with kids, original birth certificate for children below 14 years of age
  • If you are visiting a relative, carry photocopies of the relative's proof of status
Documents for Business - USA Visa
  • All documents in common documents required
  • Proof that the company will finance the trip
  • If the Company is new, carry tax records of the firm for the last 3 years will be helpful
  • Carry evidence of how the trip will be financed along with letters of deputation, invitation or sponsorship
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US Visa Types

  • Business Visa (B1)

    A business visa is given to people who want to travel to the United States for business or work purpose. B1 visa can be used by business professionals who travel to the US for meetings, trainings and negotiations, for which you are not being paid in USA.
  • Tourism Visa (B2)

    A tourism visa is given to people who wish to travel to USA for a holiday or recreational purpose.
  • Student Visa (F1)

    Student visa is given to people who are accepted by U.S colleges and universities and fulfil certain requirements. It is only valid for the duration of your course in the U.S.
  • Work Visa (H1 - B, H-4)

    Work Visa is given to skilled temporary workers to fill vacancies in the US. You are only eligible for this visa if you have a four-year college degree or equivalent work experience.
  • Trainee Visa (H-3)

    Trainee Visa is given to people who travel to the US for training in any field other than medical training, given the proposed training is not available in the applicant’s own country.

4 easy steps to get your US Visa


How long can I stay in the US on a tourist or business visa?
Your visa does not determine the length of time you can stay in the US. The officer who processes your entry will determine the length of time you can stay at the time you arrive in the country. Book USA Visa
Are the visa requirements different for different categories of visa?
Yes, requirements for work, study, business and tourist visa are different. Your document requirement and funds may vary for different categories of a USA Visa.
Can I extend my US Visa?
Regardless of which visa type you possess, a USA visa can’t be extended. You will only have to apply for a new visa. Book Now
How soon should I apply for a USA visa?
The sooner the better. You should ideally apply 6 to 8 weeks before you plan to travel. Book USA Visa
What if I don't receive my visa in the given time?
If you don't get your visa within the given time frame, it is suggested to track your visa on or get in touch with the visa experts who can communicate with USA embassy to know the reason for delays.
Do the visa fees vary for different categories or types of visa?
Yes, visa fee for tourists, businessmen, students and for the ones applying for permanent residents may vary. Also, visa fee for single entry and multiple-entry in the US is different. Book USA Visa
Is there any age criterion to apply for a USA visa?
There is no age criterion for a USA visa application. But the requirement of documents may vary for different age groups.
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