About Xpress Money

Xpress Money is a simple, fast and safe global instant money transfer platform with over 12 years of dedicated service experience spread across 5 continents, 100 plus countries and 110,000 locations.

Compliance & Controls
• Expert AML compliance team, monitoring global transactions; abreast with latest compliance guidelines
• Risk and internal control mechanisms to drive operations

Cash to Cash
It’s simple and convenient! Just walk into any Xpress Money pay-out location and pick up the money sent to you in cash from Thomas Cook India branches

Cash to Account*
You don’t need to collect your money! Funds maybe simply transferred straight to the beneficiary’s bank account and can be withdrawn at an ATM or used at a shopping outlet.

Door Service*
Money maybe received straight to your doorstep! To make the process of sending money completely hassle-free the sender can choose to have the money delivered at the receiver’s address by Thomas Cook India Limited for money received in India.

• Unique 16 Digit code called XPIN (Xpress Personal Identification Number) for added security
• Simple encashment procedure for beneficiaries
• SMS alert to the sender, which helps avoid costly follow-ups
• Live updating of transaction status online as & when payment is made
• No cancellation charges
• Telephonic notification to the receiver (at select locations)

Inward Remittance Process

Why Thomas Cook for Inward Remittance

Terms and Conditions apply.