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Kuwait Dinar (KWD) is the official currency of oil-rich Kuwait. The country is classified as a high-income economy by the World Bank. Therefore, its currency is of importance from a business/ economic perspective. Travelers can buy Kuwait Dinar currency notes from Thomas Cook India to benefit in two significant ways. They can avoid the fees banks charge for using debit and credit cards abroad. Furthermore, volatile exchange rates will not affect them. By ordering currency notes on the website, users can take advantage of free home delivery and credit card payment options.

Our website displays current exchange for top currencies of the world, including the Kuwait Dinar. This helps those who want to convert KWD to INR or INR to Kuwait Dinar online. Users can take advantage of the alerts feature available on too. The feature keeps the users abreast about Kuwait Dinar rate so that they can make profitable transactions.

If you have a foreign trip lined up and don’t know which is the most reliable source to buy your forex at the most competitive rates, Thomas Cook can help you buy Kuwait Dinar online to avoid last-minute hitches. We maintain utmost transparency with regards to booking foreign currencies, as you can check Kuwait Dinar forex rate live on our online portal around the clock. Thomas Cook is a leader in Foreign Exchange, and respects your need for convenience. Just freeze your currency rates online and you can be rest assured about your foreign exchange purchases. Buying foreign currencies couldn’t get easier than this.

Why Thomas Cook for Converting INR to Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) Online


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  • As my family resided in Kuwait, I have to frequently visit Kuwait. Earlier, I used to dread waiting in long ques to exchange currencies at banks and airport kiosks. Since I found out about the Thomas cook online currency exchange, international travel has become much more covenant and hassle free. After I had placed my order of converting INR to KWD, the currency was delivered to me on time. I will undoubtedly choose Thomas cook for all my international travels.

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