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Universal Currency Converter

Travelling abroad comes with a lot of additional tasks. From getting a visa done to managing flight tickets at the best rate, everything is needed to be done perfectly in order to avoid troubles and any last minute complications. The same is the problem with currency conversion. A small mistake and you’ll end up losing your hard earned money to some fraud. Travellers who are planning to go to a foreign country or cover multiple nations in one trip need to understand the currency conversion policy. The currency conversion calculator is not universal or common to every travel agent. This also includes conversion fee and commissions that makes forex expensive. One must choose someone reliable who has up to date information on currency values in order to find the best rates. We, at Thomas Cook offer the best assistance on currency conversion. We believe in honesty and reliability so that you find the best value for your money without any fraud or hidden charges to pay.

How to exchange currencies with Thomas Cook

Select Currency STEP 01
Choose your desired currency and amount. Enter basic details including the purpose of travel and number of travelers.
Traveller Details STEP 02
Enter the traveler?s detail and Choose delivery options that include door-step delivery or branch pick-up.
Make Payment STEP 03
Make your payment online.
Get Confirmation STEP 04
Get your order confirmed.
Select Currency STEP 01
Choose the amount and currency you want to sell and enter your log in details.
Traveller Details STEP 02
Enter travellers & Branch details you would like to visit for currency pickup. Here you have an option to block the sell rate of the foreign currency by paying a 4% of the total transaction value.
Make Payment STEP 03
Make payment if you choose to block the sell rate by paying 4% of the total transaction, or visit the branch and convert your Forex into INR.
Get Confirmation STEP 04
Get the blocking amount refunded within 4 to 5 days.
BPC Card
A secure and convenient way to carry up to eight Currencies in one Card, every time you travel.
One Currency card
Transact in local currency anywhere in the world at Zero Conversion charges.
Buy ? Sell Forex
Buy and sell Forex online at the most competitive rates

Currency Calculator FAQ?s

Get answers for all your queries

What are the factors that can affect currency rate?

There are various factors that can affect currency rate. Some of the major factors include inflation rates, interest rates, government debt, terms of trade, relative strength of other currencies, recession, change in competitiveness, and government intervention.

How often do currency rates fluctuate?

Currency rates change every day due to demand and supply. If the currency value of a particular economy (country) raises then the currency of the other economy decreases. And hence currency buyers and sellers find themselves on the way to equilibrium most of the time.

Can I purchase multiple currencies & products in one order?

Yes, you can add multiple currencies & products you wish to purchase in one order. You just need to add the currency/product in the order cart and proceed.

Are rates published on Thomascook.in updated?

The rates published on Thomascook.in portal are updated on real time basis as they are connected to a live market data feed.

See what out customers want to say
  • Thomascook.in is one of the most reliable and fastest platforms to buy and sell forex. Along with genuine currency and speedy service, they offer door step delivery.
    This means, you can simply buy currency online from the comfort of your home without having to stand in cues and haggling with traders.
    Rajesh Joshi
  • We made a last minute plan to visit Europe and bought our foreign exchange from Thomas Cook. It just took a couple of days for them to get our Forex delivered to our doorstep without any hassle.
    It is not only one of the most reliable platforms to buy Forex, but also educate their customers as to when and how to buy Forex to get the best rate.
    Sameer M
  • I take international trips quite often for business purpose and thus, decided to buy Borderless Prepaid Card to avoid carrying cash and wasting time in transactions everywhere I visit. This is an amazing prepaid travel card that lets you travel from one country to another without getting into the hassle of exchanging currencies first.
    Plus, it?s safe and helps you save money, which people otherwise waste every time they make transactions.
    Shalini Singh
Free Doorstep Delivery
Best Exchange Rates
Genuine Currency
Awarded as Best Company Providing Foreign Exchange#

Why Thomas Cook for
Foreign Exchange

  • Leader in Foreign Exchange.
  • Online Forex ordering tool to buy your forex at your convenience.
  • Varied types of Forex products for your convenience and ease of use
    • Foreign Currency Notes in 30 different currencies for immediate and small needs.
    • Prepaid Forex Card (8 different currencies) for safety and convenience.
    • Travellers Cheque (6 different currencies).
  • Our advisers will help and guide you to get the right mix of products (Currency Notes, Prepaid Forex Cards and Travellers Cheques) so your trip abroad is smooth and hassle free.
Get Foreign Exchange upto 60 days in advance of your trip.