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Sri Lanka Honeymoon Packages

Long ago, Pangea consisted of a large mass of land that was eventually split into 7 continents by continental drift. As the bigger nations began to form, a small part of Asia drifted away to form the country of Sri Lanka.
Given its size and topography, Sri Lanka is often called an island, the 25th largest island in the world. And even though it does consist of a large number of islands in the northern region, Sri Lanka is actually an established country and has been for many millennia.
As a holiday destination, Sri Lanka proudly sports the cultural dynamism of its rich heritage, thus offering tourists a stunning symbiosis between the past and present to enjoy their holiday. Situated near the southernmost part of India, Sri Lanka is both connected and disconnected from the world. It features beautiful blue oceans on all sides along with vast forestlands across the country. The people here are quite conservative, given their state of isolation. However, the country has progressed through time with great leaps and bounds.
As a holiday destination, Sri Lanka celebrates history along with its passion for preservation. The numerous wildlife and marine life housed in and around this country will both surprise and delight you on your Sri Lanka trip. The lush greenery is truly admirable, not to mention the people’s desire to rejoice in their calm and happy existence. They welcome tourists with open arms and are always keen on sharing their bountiful country to show them the best time on their vacation.

Benefits of booking your Sri Lanka honeymoon packages from Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is possibly the oldest travel agency in India, established even before the country became independent from British rule. This has allowed the company ample time to understand the needs of people and design honeymoon packages that best fit their expectations.
As a team dedicated to serving the Indian population to plan their beautiful holidays at the best possible locations, Thomas Cook has always gone above and beyond. This effort was recognized by many prestigious organizations which further cemented their significance in the travel industry, thus earning them many titles and awards.
There are several benefits to booking your Sri Lanka honeymoon packages with Thomas Cook such as:
1. They always take into consideration that a honeymoon marks the beginning of a lifelong relationship, the time when you cannot squander money on things you do not need. Therefore, they diligently devise honeymoon packages but only require clients to pay for what they will absolutely use.
2. They Provide accommodations for honeymooners at the most luxurious hotels so the couples can be pampered during the special holiday trip.
3. They offer a number of subsequent packages, including amenities, flights, sightseeing tours, and more at additional costs as for the reference of the travelers.
4. As a travel agency that established its roots across five continents in 25 different countries, Thomas Cook uses the resources to identify and curate honeymoon packages all over the world. Therefore, you have a lot of viable options to choose from.
5. Keeping in mind the stressful logistics of planning a vacation, the travel advisors at Thomas Cook are always at your disposal to assist you in acquiring the required documentation and permissions for special events. They will also help you with their expertise to choose the ideal package and add any distinguished service to benefit your needs. You can reach out to them with the help of the pop-up window at the bottom of the screen on the Thomas Cook website.
6. The company offers several other advantages including cashback, wallet cash, travel benefits, etc.
7. They love transparency, which is why each curated location for honeymoons, family trips, business trips, or solo trips offered by them is first explored by dedicated teams. This enables them to identify the best hotels, tourist spots, culinary charms, Shopping targets, and other important information that will help their clients have the best trip. They subsequently take pictures and make videos of these locations and upload them on the website that you can access before you book your honeymoon packages to know more about the place of your choice.
The benefits of booking your honeymoon with Thomas Cook far outweigh the hassle of planning the trip yourself. The logistics alone can be quite cumbersome, not to mention the unpleasantness of having to deal with reservation errors. With Thomas Cook, you can bypass all the trials and tribulations and just enjoy your honeymoon bonding with your spouse.

Best time to visit Sri Lanka

Situated close to the equator, Sri Lanka experiences an interesting weather pattern that makes it an ideal holiday destination at any time of the year. The weather is always warm and welcoming thus making it the perfect location to bask in the sun on at least one of the coasts of Sri Lanka. Country experiences dual monsoons, which hit different coastlines at different times.
Ideally, it is best to visit Sri Lanka during the dawn of winter when you can enjoy the beachside views and amenities while exploring the towns in your free time. You can go on nature walks in the various wildlife preservations or simply trek through the many marketplaces.
The summer months of April to June are ideal for a holiday in the East and Northern regions. This is when the coasts are clear of heavy rainfalls thus allowing a good time to explore the Sri Lankan beauty. This is also when the crowds are thin so you are likely to get awesome deals on your holiday plans.
On the other hand, the months of November to April are perfect for visiting the wildlife sanctuaries when you can run into rare species by chance around the major watering holes. Sri Lankan independence is celebrated in February, which is a rare occasion for tourists to take part in the festivities.
The best time to visit Sri Lanka is between the dual monsoon during the months of September, October, and April. The rainfall is unlikely to ruin your beach trips and you can enjoy all the sights as well as shop and explore the remote regions. It is also high time for festivals so you can partake in the reputed Sinhala celebrations.

How to reach Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is surrounded by the Indian Ocean, making it a perfect location for short travels by flight and luxurious travels by cruises and ships. The region is inaccessible by road or railway so the options to take a cruise or flight are extremely convenient to reach Sri Lanka for more than one reason.
The Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka is always welcoming travellers from all around the globe, especially from India. There are direct flights available from major airlines departing from the cities of Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai which happen to be the closest Indian cities to Sri Lanka.
If you travel on a budget, you can always take a train or bus to one of these cities and then board the flight headed for Sri Lanka. It considerably cuts down the cost of travel, although the duration may increase by days. Other cities also offer connecting flights to Sri Lanka that pass through these hubs for convenience. Depending on the flight you take and your destination for take-off, the flight to Colombo International Airport could be anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.
On the other hand, you also have the glorious high seas of the Indian Ocean that allows travel by ship. The Mumbai-Colombo cruise is one of the highly sought-after modes of travel for most tourists. The luxurious cruise liners allow honeymooners to enjoy the journey in style while bonding before their upcoming vacation together.
Of course, there are also ferry rides available to Sri Lanka from Chennai and Mumbai. They are less expensive but also a lot less luxurious. However, they are perfect alternatives for travelling on a budget so you can allocate more funds to explore the natural beauty of Sri Lanka.

Main honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka

There are so many different destinations around the North, South, east and West coasts that it is difficult to choose the main and best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka. The entire country is one big cornucopia of specialities and no matter the region you choose to stay or go sightseeing in, you will encounter the best sights. While it is an increasingly taxing endeavour to choose, there are some places that offer more in terms of activities, beaches, tourist attractions and spiritualism. So, here are the main honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka to visit:

1. Anuradhapura
2. Bogawanalawa Valley
3. Colombo
4. Dambulla
5. Galle
6. Hikkaduwa
7. Kalupuhana
8. Kandy
9. Kochchikade
10. Mirissa
11. Nuwara Eliya
12. Panadura Beach
13. Pasikuda
14. Sigiriya
15. Tawalantenne
16. Trincomalee
17. Uva Province

Colombo being the capital city of Sri Lanka offers a variety of sites and destinations to check out. From beachside attractions to exquisite temples and markets, you can find it all here in this one city to keep you entertained. The valleys and other cities are also excellent places to spend some time walking around the land, taking in the beauty of Sri Lankan scenery.
You can visit the Buddhist temples, spend time with your spouse at the beach, take a safari of the wildlife and bird sanctuaries, visit the museums, or collect souvenirs from your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Each of the main destinations has its own charm and glory that will delight the mind and soul.

Best beaches and hill stations in Sri Lanka

As you know, Sri Lanka experiences a dual monsoon during which only one side of the country is rained out while the other basks in the sunshine making it perfect for a day at the beach to relax and partake in Sri Lankan adventures. It is best to be prepared for both sides of the coastline to ensure you have your beach days while on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka:

1. On the South coast The south coast is most famous for its beaches and proximity to the hillside areas on the west coast. The region experiences its rainfall from May to September, thus making December to March the ideal time to plan your vacation. You can book Sri Lanka honeymoon packages to the South and West coasts during winter and spring to enjoy fabulous south coast beaches and treks around the hills

○ Dalawella Beach
○ Hiriketiya Beach
○ Jungle Beach
○ Kabalana Beach
○ Madiha Beach
○ Mirissa Beach
○ Pehebhiya Beach
○ SK Town Beach
○ Talalla Beach
○ Unakuruwa Beach
○ Unawatuna Beach
○ Weligama Beach
2. On the North coast
Contrary to the south and west coast of Sri Lanka, the North coast experiences mild to heavy rainfall between the months of October to January, thus eliminating any chances of a holiday at the beach during winter. However, the summer and autumn months of April to September are dry with mild wind and the smell of blossoms in the air. It is the perfect time to explore the north coast and all the surrounding towns with their exquisite beauty.
○ Casuarina Beach
○ Kankesanthurai Beach
○ Keeri Beach
○ Kovalam Beach
○ Mullaitivu Beach
○ Seven Wells Beach
○ Talaimannar Beach
○ Thalaiyadi Beach

These beaches around Sri Lanka offer some of the most spectacular views of the many attractions in the various towns. Each beach has its own unique selling point in terms of entertainment, street food, adventure, marine life, and more. Regardless of which coast you visit, the stunning beauty of Sri Lanka beaches is bound to take your breath away.
However, Sri Lanka is not just famous for its coastal location. As a country, it sports inland valleys that lay around the foot of extravagant hillsides where you and your spouse can spend a lovely time during your honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Here are some of the best hill stations to visit in Sri Lanka:

○ Adam’s peak – A sacred ground for all religious practices in the country of Sri Lanka, where each religion harmoniously chooses to believe that the footprint on Sri Pada came from their God or leader.
○ Diyatalawa – Home to Sri Lanka’s military base where tourists can visit the outskirts to enjoy the panoramic view and dense forestlands.
○ Ella – A small but beautiful town in the Badulla district famous for the railway bridge. It features some
○ Kitulgala – One of the main destinations on the west coast of Sri Lanka for adventurous activities including white water rafting in the river at the foot of the hill.
○ Nuwara Eliya – Home to the ancient English colonisation and the World’s End destination.
Although most people come to Sri Lanka to spend time at the beaches, these hill stations and their many attractions have been prime destinations for honeymooners. Not only can you enjoy the coasts of the North and South provinces when exploring Sri Lanka honeymoon packages, but you can also take treks around the hillsides and enjoy the numerous adventures that present themselves on the West coast of the country. It can be a thrilling experience as well as a bonding moment for couples to witness such exquisite beauty together.

Best places in Sri Lanka to visit

Sri Lanka is a land of natural beauty. Whether you are on the East coast or West, North coast or South, there are numerous places to explore with your partner. Tourists come from around the world to witness the magic of Sri Lanka with their natural wildlife habitats and extraordinarily preserved wilderness, to bask in the spiritual glory of Sri Lanka’s many religious spots. Here are some of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka:
○ Anuradhapura – A historical spiritual home to the Bodhi tree, also known as the tree of enlightenment.
○ Attidiya Bird Sanctuary – An unbelievably beautiful natural preserve that wholeheartedly welcomes migratory birds as well as the local species of Sri Lanka.
○ Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue – A white statue of Gautam Buddha that stands tall in Kandy. Not only can you see the massive structure from anywhere in the neighbouring region but you can also see the entire town of Kandy from the top of the statue. At night, the statue has an ethereal feel to it being lit up with lamps.
○ Bentota Beach – The beach that meets the Bentota River allowing boat cruises around the town. It is also close to the Kasgoda Turtle Hatchery where you can glimpse some of the rarest species.
○ Dehiwala Zoo – A beautiful destination to spend time with your spouse surrounded by wildlife, birds, and dense forestry.
○ Galle Face Green – A seafront romantic place in Sri Lanka for couples located in the centre of Colombo.
○ Gangaramaya Temple – One of the unique spiritual destinations to celebrate Buddhist traditions amid extraordinary architectural genius.
○ International Buddhist Museum – The ultimate destination to study the development of Buddhism throughout the world with the help of statues, paintings, and scriptures that have been preserved for centuries.
○ Mahiyanganaya Sorabora Lake – It is among the best romantic places in Sri Lanka for couples to take a boat ride and admire the forestlands all around in its exquisite beauty.
Nuwara Eliya – An old town on the Horton plains known for its colonial British architecture. It is popular for housing Baker’s fall and the phenomenal location called World’s End.
○ Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage – A natural land to preserve and protect the different elephant species in a safe environment.
○ Polonnaruwa Sacred City – The remnants of an ancient Sri Lankan kingdom that is blessed by various religious practices that leave you feeling calm.
○ Ruwanwelisaya – A stupa structure constructed on the behest of King Dutugemunu featuring a dome that houses the most religious aspects of Buddhism.
○ Sigiriya – The historical fort and private residence of King Kashyap which is roughly 1600 years old with two moats around for protection.
○ Sinharaja Forest Reserve – Located around Galle, this is home to many indigenous species of birds and animals, particularly lions. The weather is always pleasant with hovering rain clouds.
○ Sri Lanka Cricket Museum – A tribute to the most beloved game in Sri Lanka sporting the country’s contribution to the field of cricket.
○ St. Anthony’s Church – A spectacular example of Sri Lankan spiritual buildings that houses the statue of St. Anthony which was transported from the state of Goa. It has been made and remade but the essence of the church is still its tranquillity.
○ St. Clair's Falls – The Little Niagara is among the tranquil and best romantic places in Sri Lanka for couples to spend some alone time.
○ Tea and Herb tour – A trip around the tea plantation and spice gardens in Sri Lanka. It is quite the trip to see where all the fragrant ingredients in your daily diet come from.
○ Temple of the Sacred Tooth – A divine relic in the form of a single tooth of Gautam Buddha is housed in this exquisite example of architecture.
○ Yala National Park – A natural habitat for the thriving wildlife of Sri Lanka where you might be lucky enough to spot a leopard, sloth bear, or elephant.
Sri Lanka’s knack for preserving its cultural heritage along with the gifts of nature makes it one of the most astounding countries to visit. The best places listed above are not the only attractions that draw tourists from all over the world to this piece of heaven in the Indian Ocean.
As you walk around the main destinations in the city, you will come across numerous other temples, waterfalls, reserves, sanctuaries, beaches, markets, museums, and even hillside valleys that will beckon you closer. Make the most of your Sri Lanka tour package for couples and explore everything around you, you will not be sorry. The profound beauty of this country has left many people speechless over the years.

The culinary charms of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan food is just as diverse as the rest of the country. Conjugating popular dishes with the use of local herbs and spices, they create enigmatic culinary offerings that reflect their love for hot and spicy foods. Here are some of the dishes that you must try on your Sri Lanka tour package for couples:
○ Vegetarian kottu made of shredded Indian bread fried with veggies and spices
○ Kiribhath, a combination of rice and coconut milk
○ Wambatu Moju or fried caramelized pickled brinjal
○ Parippu dal made of masoor lentils
○ Gotu kola mallum sambola or shredded green vegetables with coconut garnish
○ Gotukola Sambol or pennywort garnish salad
○ Polos or spicy jackfruit curry
○ Beetroot curry
○ Egg kottu consisting of veggies and spices along with shredded eggs
○ Sri Lankan egg hoppers made of pancakes topped with fried eggs
○ Salted and fried fish
○ Sweet and sour devilled fish curry
○ Mixed vegetable rice with fish curry
○ Lamprai or Spicy chilli fish curry
○ Deep-fried chicken rice
○ Kukul Mas curry or Sinhalese chicken curry
○ Ela Batu or Thai green curry with a Sinhalese twist
○ Asmi, a snack prepared with batter mixed in milk and cardamom
The Sinhalese cuisine is simplistic in taste but the holistic benefits of the food are far greater than their names. The best part of Sinhalese cuisine is that every dish plays a major role in enhancing immunity, controlling certain diseases, preventing infections, and providing a wholesome diet of the main food groups to keep the body functioning optimally. Celebrating the cultural dynamic of the past rulers of Europe and the Middle East and their neighbours in India, they add a touch of their artful skills to prepare these extraordinary dishes that delight tourists from all over the world.

Romantic things to do in Sri Lanka on your honeymoon

There are a number of activities that entice couples to go to Sri Lanka for their honeymoon. The beach activities sure have a special appeal for a relaxing vacation by the water but so does the lush greenery and numerous spiritual experiences. For adventure seekers, there are a number of sporting activities that not only raise adrenaline levels but also soothe the soul. Shopping in Sri Lanka is an added bonus for your trip.
So, here are the most popular things to do in Sri Lanka for couples:
○ Sit by the sandy shores of Turtle Beach or play in the sparkling blue waters with your spouse.
○ Have a romantic dinner by candlelight at the numerous beaches scattered across the country
○ Take a boat ride along the rivers and lakes of Sri Lanka
○ Cruise through the turbulent waters of the Indian Ocean on a luxurious ship
○ Take a hot air balloon ride for a bird's eye view of the lush greenery and exquisite waterways. You may even catch a glimpse of various indigenous species along the way.
○ Even better than hot air balloons are the helicopter rides soaring above the Mainland of Sri Lanka
○ Go snorkelling to explore the marine life of the Indian Ocean.
○ Have a tropical day at Pigeon Island with your spouse and a number of chirping birds all around.
○ Explore the architecture of colonial and mediaeval eras around the various towns and hill stations.
○ Take a spiritual trip to attain blessings for your life as newlyweds at the numerous temples, churches, and monasteries in Sri Lanka.
○ Go shopping for authentic Sri Lankan artworks and pieces of wooden furniture to decorate your home or souvenirs for friends and family.
○ Trudge along the riverbeds or trek through the hillsides of Sri Lanka.
○ Take a safari trip to encounter rare species of birds and animals in the wildlife sanctuaries and preservation lands.
○ Learn the rich historical significance of the country at the museums.
○ Take time out to watch cricket matches to partake in the local pastime or play volleyball at the beach with your spouse and a number of other enthusiasts.
○ Watch the dolphins frolicking in the water.
○ Go kite-surfing or windsurfing along the coasts and seaside respectively.
○ Check out the illustrious waterfalls all around the country and explore the caves nearby.
○ Golfing with your spouse is also a great way for couples to bond over a shared interest.
○ Take a tour of the tea gardens and explore the Lipton’s seat which was a guilty pleasure of Thomas Lipton.
There are countless activities for couples in Sri Lanka that both relax and enthuse them. Aside from the romantic things to do listed above, you can also spend some time at the spas and saunas to relax your muscles and be pampered by the professionals with their expertise in holistic care. It truly is an enriching experience for the Sri Lanka tour package for couples.

Shopping in Sri Lanka

Shopping in Sri Lanka is just as enticing as the adventures and sights around the country. The cultural diversity of Sri Lanka allows tourists to indulge deeply in the experience while acquiring meaningful mementoes from their lovely trips abroad. Here are some of the ideal places to shop and popular things to buy in Sri Lanka:
○ Barefoot and Selvyn Fair Trade – A fortuitous market featuring the art of Batik, which is a printing method using wax-resistant dyes. You can also find traditional garments of Sri Lanka as well as beachwear at this incredible trading market.
○ Ceylon Tea Museum and Supermarket – A one-stop locale to learn the rich history of tea plantations and take home the fragrant leaves for your home.
○ Dutch Gallery – Home to a number of antiques that tell the tale of Sri Lanka with illustrations and handicrafts.
○ Exotic Roots – A highly sought-after shopping destination for exquisite décor items to enliven your home as newlyweds.
○ Galle Fort – The hub of acquiring unique gemstones in Sri Lanka as well as jewellery with rare stones embedded in them. You can also shop around for local herbs and spices grown in Sri Lanka that make their food so delectable.
○ Lakshala and Lakhpana markets – They have a range of décor items like no other. The traditional demon masks are a particularly delightful acquisition for most tourists with a mythological history behind them. You can also purchase souvenirs with beautiful handcrafted designs and tiny woodwork.
○ Olanda Furniture – If you are a fan of colonial designs, this is the place you will feel most at home. With the workshop’s intricate designs at your disposal, you won’t know what to buy.
○ Paradise Road – A haven for collecting incredible designs portrayed on tiny sculptures and figurines. It is the perfect place to collect memorabilia as well as items to enhance the calming vibes of Buddhist teachings in your house.
○ The Dutch Hospital in Colombo – An old sanatorium for soldiers has been converted into one of the most delightful shopping destinations. From garments to designer artistry to exquisite restaurants, this is your ultimate destination in Sri Lanka.
As you walk around the popular marketplaces, take some time to also explore the local shops. You will be surprised by what hidden gems you find at the many stores and malls in Sri Lanka. They enhance the shopping experience immensely when you indulge with the locals for an immersive time on your honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

Honeymoon places in Sri Lanka for couples to stay

The beauty of Sri Lanka is a beckoning call to honeymooners. The luxury hotels in this country are designed to facilitate the best possible stay for their guests with their welcoming attitude and an innate sense of hospitality. There are several cities in Sri Lanka that house the most beautiful hotels with extravagant services to pamper you and your spouse. Here are some of the best romantic places in Sri Lanka for couples to stay:
○ Anuradhapura – The cultural and spiritual hub of Sri Lanka that sports numerous hotels for a cosy stay and a number of healing tourist spots.
○ Bentota – The beachside city is known for its extravagance when it comes to hospitality.
○ Colombo – The capital city of Sri Lanka famous for being the ideal destination to stay with its luxury hotels and a wide number of temples, museums, and natural reserves.
○ Dambulla – A righteous city to experience spirituality with the practices of Buddhism to calm the mind ad rejuvenate the body.
○ Ella – A small town on a hillside popular for its railway bridge, which does make it easier to appreciate the beauty of Sri Lanka.
○ Galle – A major tourist city near Colombo famous for its walkways and parks facing the wide expanse of the ocean.
○ Hikkaduwa – One of the majorly romantic honeymoon places in Sri Lanka to stay and enjoy various aspects of nature and wildlife.
○ Kandy – Home to some of the major tourist attractions including the Buddhist Tooth Temple and a massive statue of Buddha.
○ Mirissa – The white sandy beaches and clear water around Mirissa is a spectacle that treats the eye and calms the senses.
○ Negombo – A coastal beauty with numerous extravagant accommodations around the beaches so you wake up to a refreshing view.
○ Nuwara Eliya – A famous town for its colonial architecture from the British era. They were known as holiday homes for the English, some of which have been converted into luxurious hotels.
o Pasikuda – Another developed beachside location where couples can stay and enjoy exquisite views as well as celebrate by the beach.
○ Sigiriya – A beautiful island destination with panoramic views, lush forests lands and rivers where you can go boating with your spouse.
○ Trincomalee – A perfect romantic destination for couples to stay and enjoy beachside activities including exploring the marine life around.
○ Unawatuna – A beautiful coastal region with a vast expanse of sea in the northern region of Sri Lanka.
You can choose from the most romantic honeymoon places in Sri Lanka for couples to stay based on the time of year for your visit. Based on the seasonal climate, you can find luxurious hotels with Thomas Cook at the various prime locations that allow you to explore Sri Lanka inch by inch while allowing you to spend quality time with your spouse.

Adventures in Sri Lanka

For thrill-seekers around the globe, the tourism of Sri Lanka offers a variety of sporting and relaxation events, especially if you love these adventure sports for an enhancing, soul-searching experience. Let us take a look at the different adventures in which you can partake alone or with your spouse in Sri Lanka:
○ Bicycle rides along the towns and villages as well as the rocky forestlands can be quite enchanting.
○ Mountain biking is another thrilling adventure that combines the beautiful sceneries of cycling with the hair-raising experience of treacherous mountain climbs.
○ Deep sea fishing is a special skill that both drives the adrenaline and provides tranquillity on the vast ocean.
○ Kayaking in the water bodies in and around Sri Lanka is thrilling.
○ River rafting at the foothills can also spike your adrenaline levels.
○ Seek out the pleasures of encountering leopards and giant elephants in the wildlife reserves. It will make you cling to your partner as you fear for your life, even though the safari trips are very safe.
○ Go rock climbing on the steep slopes with nothing but a harness holding you to the top of the jagged hill.
○ Scuba diving amid the natural habitat of marine life is an adventure you will never forget.
○ Snorkelling can be very calming as you explore the sea bed and the various homes of the amphibians and aquatic life force.
○ A thrilling train ride across the bridge in Ella can also raise your hair as you gaze upon the steep slopes around.
○ Take a canoe or banana boat out to the waters of Bentota.
○ Jet skiing with your spouse is a thrilling adventure to enjoy together.
Being a waterfront land with numerous water bodies running across the country and a splattering hillside on the west coast allows Sri Lanka to offer more than its fair share of adventurous activities for tourists. You will not experience a single lull moment whether you choose extreme adventures or serene ones. Each of them has the capacity to leave you breathless from the escapade.

Interesting facts about Sri Lanka

Most people visiting Sri Lanka go for the breath-taking view and the plethora of adventurous activities that raise the adrenaline and instantly spark a new appreciation for life. However, very few people know the interesting facts that make Sri Lanka such a great country. So, let’s get to know what they are:
○ Sri Lanka was originally called British Ceylon until 1972. Since then, it has been known as the teardrop of India due to its unusual topography and close proximity to the country. It is often referred to as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean due to its significance in offering the most exquisite gemstones around the world.
○ It is a land of preservation; therefore, you can often catch glimpses of the rarest species just traipsing through the forestlands. Sri Lanka is home to over 220 species of birds, 170 species of diverse reptiles, 120 different types of mammals, and 120 more types of amphibian classes. It is easily one of the largest populations of wildlife on land alone. There are countless species of marine life in the Indian Ocean surrounding Sri Lanka as well.
○ Sri Lankan Cinnamon is one of the most popular varieties and is heavily exported all over the world. In fact, it may have been the first place where cinnamon was found, however, there is some debate about that.
○ Sri Lanka is also home to a special tea plantation and the country commemorates the contribution of leaders in the tea industry such as Thomas Lipton of Lipton tea and James Taylor. These Scottish pioneers turned Sri Lanka into the British hub for tea gardens back when the land was called British Ceylon.
○ The cultural heritage of 19th-century English settlements is still an active part of the Sri Lankan town of Nuwara Eliya. Consisting of architectural brilliance in the form of houses, cottages, and mansions reflecting colonial styles, it is known to be a holiday spot for the British rulers back in time.
○ Sri Lanka contributed to coining the term ‘serendipity.’ An old tale of princes that were popular during the Persian and Arab rule talked about a place called Serendip, which was the name of Sri Lanka at the time. When the British coined the name Ceylon, an English writer also coined the term ‘serendipity.’
○ The Sri Lankan flag is a symbol of heritage. It is one of the oldest designs used since 162 BC and has held the significance of its cultural diversity. The orange represents the Hindu practices in the region, a colour usually donned by the Hindu maharishis. The Bo leaf represents the calmness practised by Buddhists. The green colour references the practices of Islam not only in the present but for the rulers of the past. Lastly, the lion represents the wisdom and bravery of the native Sinhalese population of Sri Lanka who endured the rulers of different cultures and nations only to emerge victorious as an independent country.
○ It is the first-ever country to nominate a woman as prime minister. Back in 1960, Sirimavo Bandaranaike became the first female prime minister, 6 years before Indira Gandhi took the same position in India.
○ Sri Lanka is a land that celebrates wisdom, as evident from its flag. Therefore, the government is insistent on literacy being the foremost priority. Sri Lanka celebrates the highest literacy rate in Asia with 92% of the population being granted the right to education in one way or another.
○ Although the Botanical Garden in Kolkata celebrates the life and death of the oldest banyan tree, the oldest tree in the world that was planted by humans is found in Sri Lanka. The Sri Maha Bodhiya is a sacred fig tree that dates back almost 2300 years. This proves how seriously Sri Lanka takes the concept of afforestation and pursues it to this day.
○ It may be the only place in the world where sign language got mixed up. Here, if the people shake their heads from side to side, it means they agree with you or are saying ‘yes.’ A natural contradiction to the rest of the world, sure, but Sri Lanka is known for their unique culture after all.
○ With a prime interest in Buddhism, Sri Lanka carefully houses a single tooth of Gautam Buddha brought to the land from India back in the 4th century. It is kept in a temple in Kandy and honoured each year during the ‘Tooth Festival.’
○ Sri Lanka has an interesting story behind the country’s sacred mountain called Adam’s Peak. Christians believed that it is where Adam first set foot when he was vanquished by God himself from the heavenly Garden of Eden. Over time, cultural diversity has taken a rather amusing turn where each religion claims that the footprint belongs to its prime. Hindus believe it to be the footprint of Lord Shiva, Buddhists believe it was left by Gautam Buddha, and Muslims claim it to be the print from Muhammad. While they choose to have these differences in opinion in harmony, the footprint is referred to as Sri Pada and remains a sacred ground.

The culture of Sri Lanka

The oldest record of inhabitants in Sri Lanka dates back to 160 BC at the least; It could easily be older. Since then, Sri Lanka has been under the rule of several different civilizations, the latest of which were the Arab and Persian communities, the British Colonisation, and finally the Sinhalese.
As a country, Sri Lanka is a mixture of much of its past heritage combined with recent developments. The culture of the Sinhalese people is largely influenced by Buddhism as part of its historic development to adopt a way of peaceful and happy living. They are big on celebrating their artistry and take pride in working with their hands.
The Sinhalese are gifted when it comes to the arts. Be it painting, music, dance, or food, they create such wonders with their talent that it leaves us amazed. They prefer the practice of holistic Ayurveda over western medicine, for the most part, keeping on par with the tradition of Buddhism and its belief in all things natural. They also indulge greatly in the preservation of living things, be it plants and trees, wildlife, or marine life. They sincerely trust in the works of nature and mankind’s duty to conserve what was gifted to us.
The south Indian traditions also affect the culture of Sri Lanka. Being close to the harbours of Chennai and largely populated by Tamilians in the early years, Sri Lanka has happily adopted their festivals and way of living. In fact, one of the two most popular languages in Sri Lanka is Tamil. Even their cuisine reflects the peaceful culture of South India wherein everything holistic from food to Ayurveda is believed to have the best effects on the human body.
The architecture of Sri Lanka also reflects in large parts its historical gravity. With colonial British homes surrounded by Dutch and Portuguese structures, this country truly enriches the meaning of the term's historical significance. Even the architectural genius of Asian countries as well as Europe plays a major part in the design styles adopted by the people.
In terms of religion, the Sinhalese people follow Buddhism and Hinduism for the most part as evident from their artwork and spiritual institutions. The handcrafted wooden sculptures, the lacework portraying various religious practices, and their works with clay are largely dedicated to their gods and iconic religious figures.
Their festive season is dominated by the beating of Kandyan drums and followed by the folk dances of Sri Lanka. They also partake in western dances and music as part of their all-inclusive cultural diversity. Their movies are similar to the Bollywood style in making and creative work with influences from their conservative practices. Even the national flag of Sri Lanka largely represents the diverse cultural norms, even though it was designed centuries ago.

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FAQ for Sri Lanka

1. What is the most popular aspect of Sri Lanka?
While there are several interesting aspects that attract tourists to the teardrop of India, Sri Lanka is most famous for its unique production of sweetmeats. The item is not available elsewhere around the globe unless it is made by a resident Sri Lankan. The unusual preparation and taste of the meat coupled with the warm hospitality and eccentric views are the most popular aspects of this remarkable country.
2. What do I need to know before planning my honeymoon in Sri Lanka?
Sri Lankan culture is focused on preservation and conservation. The country is open about its dislike towards animal cruelty, deforestation, and exploitation in general. Therefore, there are a few dos and don’ts that you need to bear in mind when planning your honeymoon trip to Sri Lanka:
○ Never photograph a person of any gender or age without first seeking their permission. The conservative culture of Sri Lanka does not appreciate random people, be they tourists or strangers who live in the area to click their pictures or make videos. Ask for permission and they might allow you based on their level of comfort. They are pretty sweet people.
○ Don’t insist on riding the elephants. They are prevalent in the country and quite tempting for a ride. However, Sri Lankan people prefer their wildlife to have their freedom. So, please do not even indulge anyone who offers an elephant ride. You can go as far as to report them and leave them to the authorities.
○ Don’t wear provocative clothing in public, especially the religious venues. Always cover your shoulders when visiting spiritual establishments in Sri Lanka. Men must always be dressed in trousers and shirts or t-shirts and women must cover their shoulders and legs. Remove your footwear before entering the establishment. At other times, you can dress how you want without being too seductive.
○ Always purchase water bottles instead of drinking directly from the tap. The tropical region with direct access to the ocean has helped the locals adapt However, it may not be suitable for tourists. Be very particular about the bottles and ice served during your meals when you eat outside your luxurious hotel.
○ Do not photograph the religious sites, especially the sculptures and statues of Buddha. Sri Lankan people are very wary as Buddha is the holiest of their religious icons. Do not indulge in selfies or videos, or any manner of public display of their holiness.
○ Carry an insect repellent or purchase one from a local store.
○ Don’t speak badly about the Sri Lankan cricket team or cricket in general. The locals are quite sensitive to the issue as cricket is one of their shared favourite past times.
○ Don’t indulge in public displays of affection. Sri Lanka is a very conservative country.
3. Is Sri Lanka ideal for honeymooners?
Sri Lanka is a beautiful holiday destination off the coastal areas of India. It is perfect for couples to take a honeymoon trip to bond with one another. The luxurious accommodations paired with exquisite sites and beachside activities contribute to having a wonderful honeymoon or vacation for couples.
However, the culture of Sri Lanka is fairly conservative. Therefore, LGBTQ couples need to be a little discreet as people have not yet completely adjusted to the idea. You won’t be openly discriminated against, but the energy may be a bit charged. As with any couple visiting the place, don’t take offence and don’t indulge in public displays of affection.
4. Do the people of Sri Lanka speak English or Hindi?
The commonly used languages in Sri Lanka are Sinhala and Tamil. However, most people in the country speak English as well. Hindi speakers may be a little difficult to find, especially in smaller towns and villages. It is always best to pick up a few important phrases in Sinhala, which is relatively easy to learn.
You can be prepared for polite greetings, asking basic questions such as ‘where is the washroom?’ ‘Where is location X?’ ‘I don’t speak Sinhala very well,’ ‘Do you speak English, Hindi, x-language,' etc. The rest is fairly self-explanatory as they might use sign language to guide you. Speaking of guides, those who escort you on your tours around the country are usually quite fluent in Hindi and English so you can ask for their assistance in finding things.
5. Is a visa required for Indians travelling to Sri Lanka?
Actually yes. Even though Sri Lanka is so close, it is a different country so you will require a visa. Luckily, you can apply and acquire a Sri Lankan visa within 2-5 business days. You can speak with your travel advisor at Thomas Cook and they will help you in applying and getting a Sri Lankan visa for your duration of travel. It is quick and convenient.

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