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Kashmir Honeymoon Packages

Kashmir is part of the Jammu and Kashmir union territory in India that lies along the border of Pakistan. The region has been popular for its controversial history where each neighborring nation of Pakistan and China has been at constant war with India in their pursuit of acquiring Kashmir as a part of their country. Regardless of its tumultuous historical significance, Kashmir is often referred to as heaven on earth due to its exquisite beauty. Located around the northernmost regions of India Kashmir lies close to the Himalayan hills in the western province of the remarkable mountain range. It makes for the perfect backdrop for a honeymoon in Kashmir where couples can admire the traditions and culture of this uniquely gifted union territory while partaking in a number of adventurous activities that you cannot find elsewhere.
Laid out in a wide expanse as a valley, Kashmir is steeped in history as much as it is in natural resources. It is known for the incredible houseboats that provide tours of the cities and the snow-capped mountains where tourists can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other fun-filled snowy activities. From the weather to tourist spots, to incredible acquisitions, Kashmir is a heavenly collection of delight and delectable.
More than anything, the cultural diversity coupled with the warm welcoming attitude of the locals in Kashmir is what draws many tourists towards short and long trips to the northern mountain valley. Be it a trip with family, friends, business associates, or as a solo traveller or newlywed Kashmir is an unmatched holiday destination that remains at the top of everybody's list across the globe.

Benefits of booking Kashmir honeymoon packages with Thomas Cook

Travel is one of the many delights that keep the soul young and vibrant. Recognizing this incredible phenomenon Thomas Cook established its operations in India back in the late 1800s they have since led the travel industry in this great country to provide vacation solutions for tourists.
Given the vast experience of over 130 years in the Indian travel industry alone, the company has acquired an innate sense of what most clients look for when seeking Kashmir tour packages for couples, particularly the best Kashmir honeymoon packages. With these requirements in mind, Thomas Cook has since curated several Jammu and Kashmir honeymoon packages that appeal to couples’ sensitivities as well as fulfil all their needs.
Here are some of the benefits of booking your Jammu and Kashmir honeymoon package with the most experienced, thoughtful and attentive travel company in India:
○ They are a widespread organisation with branches across five continents covering 25 countries. Therefore, it allows them to explore various holiday destinations around the world, luxurious accommodations in the area, and intricate details that can only be acquired in person. Thus, they are able to offer a variety of honeymoon packages at different destinations, and at different budgets for different durations that suit the holiday needs of different couples.
○ Speaking of exploring and curating the best Kashmir honeymoon packages, the Thomas Cook website holds a collection of photographs, videos, and detailed information about activities, food, shopping, holiday spots, romantic Jammu and Kashmir tourist places to stay, and various frequently asked questions. This data is extremely useful to get a clearer idea of the holiday destination you chose before you make the booking for your honeymoon packages.
○ They offer accommodation at the most exquisite and luxurious hotels in their holiday packages so the guests are always pampered and feel special.
○ They include various amenities that are absolutely useful to all travellers be it honeymooners, families, businesses, or solo tourists. This allows them to offer travel packages at considerably lower and reasonable costs that benefit those who prefer to allocate funds as well as time to explore the destination. However, if you do want to add other amenities to your Kashmir honeymoon tour package, Thomas Cook also makes this experience hassle-free.
○ We have a massive team of dedicated travel advisors who are always keen to help their clients. They are well versed with the requirements of travel to different destinations and will do whatever they can to help you acquire any special permissions, visas, and other documentation which you may need to make your honeymoon extra special.
○ Thomas Cook also offers several additional methods of saving money and earning rewards that make your honeymoon trip a lot easier on the pocket. You can use coupons or collect cashback or even benefit with wallet money when booking your Jammu Kashmir honeymoon packages with Thomas Cook.
○ With a quick word and assistance from one of the dedicated travel advisors at Thomas Cook, you can book your Kashmir honeymoon tour package online through the website, check the total cost to avoid surprises, and add your flight plans or cruises, or other preferred modes of transportation.
Thomas Cook has been awarded the prestigious Times Travels Award due to their dedicated service towards their lovely tourists for all these years. Booking your Kashmir tour package for couples with Thomas Cook ensures that you get the best possible rates for the services provided for your travel, accommodation, and destination spots with utmost care and consideration.

Best time to visit Kashmir

Located around the mountain valleys near the Himalayan range, Kashmir remains a cold holiday spot almost around the year. However, this little piece of heaven experiences arranging climatic change that appeals to tourists at different times of the year.
The Kashmir weather in winter months can be very chilly in Kashmir. In fact, if you want to witness snow and play with snowballs or go skiing, the months of December to February can be very appealing to you and your spouse. The thick snow covering the gorgeous land with the chill in the air can make for a very cosy honeymoon in Kashmir.
The snow-capped mountains around the valley are particularly exquisite at this time with the sun glinting upon the white surface making it look almost unearthly, ethereal. A steaming cup of hot Kashmiri tea can be particularly delightful as you gaze upon the horizon through the windows of your luxurious accommodation with your partner. This would be a good time to book your Kashmir package for couples.
On the other hand, if you are not particularly keen on visiting Kashmir during the cold seasons, summers in Kashmir can be very pleasant. As it so happens, the early months of March lead the tradition of inviting tourists from all around the world into the beautiful valley. This pleasant weather lasts all the way through August when the lush greenery of Kashmir is at its best. You can enjoy the boat rides on the lakes and rivers as well as partake in various thrilling activities with your spouse without having to hug a heavy sweater or jacket. It is evident when you witness the appeal of Kashmir in person that you realise why Kashmir is called 'Heaven on Earth.'

How to reach Kashmir

Even though Kashmir is located in the northernmost region of India, it remains well connected by several modes of transportation. When planning your Kashmir honeymoon packages you can opt to travel by flight, train, or take road trips from the surrounding regions of Kashmir. Here are the available modes of transportation to reach Kashmir :

1. Travel by air

There are several major airlines that allow direct flights to the Sheikh Ul-Alam International Airport located in Srinagar for travel to Kashmir. These flights are available from cities such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, and Leh. There are also connecting flights through Jammu and these major cities from other regions around India. You can also opt to take a flight to Jammu city and land at the Jammu airport to explore the hillside area before you take a road trip to Kashmir valley.

2. Travel by railway

As beautiful as the city of Srinagar is, unfortunately, it does not have a train station. However, the Jammu Tawi Railway Station There's only 300 kilometres from the main city in Kashmir valley. The Jammu station welcomes railway services from many nearby locations especially the daily trains from Delhi. The most popular railway lines are Rajdhani Express, Jammu Tawi Express, and Jammu mail.
If you plan on travelling to Kashmir by railway, it is best to first get to New Delhi as they have direct trains available on a daily basis headed to Jammu. Upon reaching the Jammu Tawi railway station, you can hire a cab service or take a short road trip to Kashmir valley. The entire journey can be quite comfortable as well as easy on the pockets.

3. Travel by road

Kashmir valley is closely connected to Jammu, which is subsequently connected to several neighbouring states such as Shimla, Patnitop, Delhi , Chandigarh, Amritsar , and Jaipur . You can take a flight or train to Shimla or Patnitop and then go on a road trip from Jammu to Kashmir valley. You can also opt to take a road trip from Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, or Jaipur. These road trips may take longer up to a day of travel but the scenic routes set a beautiful backdrop to prepare for the upcoming honeymoon.
Kashmir valley is connected to most major cities in India by the NH44 and national highway and to Jammu via the Jawahar tunnel. You can stop at motels or hotels on the way to ease the journey if you are driving or take a cab service from the surrounding regions.
Upon consideration, taking a road trip to reach the actual Kashmir valley or the city of Srinagar is inevitable unless you take a flight to Srinagar for your Kashmir honeymoon. Therefore, regardless of your choice of mode of travel, prepare yourself for the scenic route that will leave you astounded by the beauty of Kashmir.

Main destinations in Kashmir

Kashmir is the ideal holiday destination for anybody. Whether you choose to travel solo or with your friends or take a family trip or plan a honeymoon in Kashmir, the breath-taking beauty of the valley close to the Pir Panjal mountain range will make you drop your jaw in awe. There are simply too many romantic Jammu and Kashmir tourist places with panoramic lushness and divine charm to add to your itinerary in your Kashmir honeymoon packages.
Still, it is very difficult to try and discover all the enchanting spots of Kashmir without some amount of planning so let us take a look at the main destinations where you can partake in a lot of activities, enjoy the food, shop authentic Kashmiri products, not to mention, enjoy the picturesque attractions:
1. Amarnath – Perched at an altitude of almost 4000 feet above sea level sits the shrine at Amarnath, a popular tourist and pilgrimage spot. The deep-trodden mountain roads beckon travellers on foot as well as those who love to go horseback riding along the hillside.
2. Aru Valley – The seldom-discovered land for tourists is famous for its meadows and lakes amid the hilly forestlands and mountain roads etched in snow. It is one of the best places in Kashmir for couples to plan a picnic or spend a couple of days in serenity.
3. Betaab Valley – You may know this place well if you watched the Bollywood movie ‘Betaab’ from which the valley derives its name. It was previously known as Hagan valley and still holds its prominence when it comes to the idyllic Mountain View littered with pine trees and green slopes sporting cottages and hillside homes.
4. Gulmarg – The destination of lush meadows is a coveted holiday spot for honeymooners. You can walk among the beautiful gardens of flower beds and exquisite plantations, including pine forests. You can also choose to take a cable car ride in the gondolas at 12200 feet above the ground.
5. Kupwara – The ideal destination to visit where you can find everything from steep, rolling grasslands, the thicket of trees, tribunal mountain streams, and a beautiful view of the valley. You can sit by the lake for a tranquil afternoon chat or trek through the mountainside for thrilling adventures
6. Pahalgam – Anointed as Shepherd’s valley, Pahalgam is a hilly town located in the Anantnag district. This is one of those romantic Jammu and Kashmir tourist places where the temperature doesn’t rise beyond 5 degrees Celsius so you can expect to have cosy times all year round.
7. Pulwama – This tourist destination in Kashmir is popular among honeymooners for its scenic views, turbulent riverbeds, perfect weather, and acres and acres of saffron cultivation. The aroma in the air is enticing enough to make you want to set up camp and never go home.
8. Sonamarg – When a place is called the meadow of gold, we already know what to expect. This hill station with its mesmerising lakes and rivers coupled with the grand terrains of foliage beckons honeymooners from all around the world to bask in its tranquillity.
9. Srinagar – The summer capital of Kashmir and the theme for so many beautiful poems about love and beauty is truly the ultimate destination for couples. Stretching across Kashmir, encircling the Jhelum River that finally meets in the heavenly atmosphere of Dal Lake, Srinagar is as best as a city can possibly be.
10. Vaishno Devi – The most popular pilgrimage in India is home to the three main female deities of Hindu mythology, i.e., Maha Kali, Maa Laxmi, and Maa Saraswati. This divine destination perched on a hill is the utopia for devotees with a shrine dedicated to Maa Durga and a picturesque view all around.
Truly, the exquisite beauty of the locations in Kashmir can only be experienced in person. The serene valleys, the rolling hillsides, the splashing of rivers against the rocky mountain feet, the dense forestlands, the lush gardens and the cultivations, are all just dreamy when you think about it. It is only when we witness it in their true essence spread across the Jammu and Kashmir regions do is when we realize the divine power of what nature can do.

Best hill stations and valleys in Kashmir

There are many hill stations, forestlands, deserts, and beaches that appeal to couples planning their honeymoon. However, seldom do you come across a mountain valley steeped in history and culture that leaves you in awe for almost the entire duration of your visit. Such is the essence of Kashmir that never disappoints.
As a Union Territory rather than a state in India, Kashmir is littered with hills all around that provide idyllic views of the valleys beneath. When planning your honeymoon in Kashmir, make sure to pen down the following hills and valleys for short excursions or a weekend getaway to truly immerse in the natural divinity of the land:

1. Hill stations in Kashmir

○ Amarnath
○ Kupwara
○ Srinagar
○ Yusmarg

2. Valleys in Kashmir

○ Anantnag
Aru Valley
Betaab Valley
○ Doodhpatri Gurez Valley
○ Khilanmarg
Nubra Valley
○ Pulwama
○ Sanasar

Of course, there are countless more alluring hillsides and valleys across Kashmir that you can travel to and enjoy an afternoon ravishing the sites or shopping in the small towns. The locations mentioned above are the most popular among couples so you simply must try to visit them during your honeymoon trip in Kashmir.

Kashmir honeymoon Places to visit

It is not for nothing that Kashmir is dubbed ‘heaven on Earth.’ After all, what can be more divine in its beauty than the hillsides coinciding with thrashing riverbeds that run through the peaceful valleys and offer a rare view into the spiritual tabernacles all at once.
Here are some of the Kashmir honeymoon places for couples to visit while on your vacation:

○ Amarnath
○ Aharbal Waterfall
○ Anantnag
○ Aru Valley
○ Baltal
○ Betaab Valley
○ Chashmashahi
○ Dachigam National Park
○ Dal Lake
○ Doodhpathri Gurez Valley
○ Drung Waterfall
○ Gulmarg, the meadow of flowers
○ Hemis National Park
○ Indira Gandhi Tulip National Park
○ Jama Masjid
○ Khilanmarg
○ Kupwara
○ Ladakh
○ Nishat Garden
○ Pangong Lake
○ Pulwama
○ Sanasar
○ Shalimar Garden
○ Sonmarg
○ Srinagar
Strawberry Valley
○ Tsori Moriri Lake
Vaishno Devi
○ Verinag
○ Yusmarg
○ The charm of Kashmir lies in the eyes of the beholder. Some see the lakes as a perfect place to spend an afternoon with their spouse while others seek the serenity of the quieter comforts in the hills. Regardless of how you spend your honeymoon trip in Kashmir, you will be amazed by the natural enigma of your surroundings.

The culinary delights of Kashmir

Every holiday destination has its culinary charms, but Kashmir’s rich heritage sets it aside. The dishes you will find here are regal in every sense. The finesse of mixed spices with aromas that tickle the olfactory nerves can set you in the mood to eat everything you set your eyes on. The mouth-watering dishes of Kashmir have been adopted by many nations and neighbouring cities but nothing comes remotely close to experiencing these flavours in the local restaurants of Jammu and Kashmir.
Whether you prefer vegetarian food or crave the taste of meat, the cuisine of Kashmir has you covered with the following delights:
○ Dum Olav – A variation of Dum Aloo consisting of potatoes cooked in a thick gravy made of a paste prepared from tomatoes, onions, ginger, and garlic. Then the concoction is mixed with curd and a myriad of local Kashmiri spices.
○ Rajma – A popular dish in India has its own special variety in Kashmir. The main ingredient of Rajma also comes as a uniquely darker variety with flavours packed in. Mixed with onion, tomato, and ginger-garlic gravy takes your taste buds on a happy trip.
○ Lyader Tschaman – A vegetarian delicacy made by dropping diced paneer cubes or cottage cheese in a rich gravy made of yoghurt, blended herbs with onions and tomatoes, and local Kashmiri spices.
○ Dahi Baingan – A tangy concoction of eggplants or brinjal cooked in a delicious mixture of Indian spices and onions, chillies, ginger, and garlic.
○ Modur Pulao – A vegetarian dish prepared with love and an enigmatic blend of saffron, cinnamon, milk, and ghee. The pulao is cooked and garnished with locally grown dry fruits, especially nuts that give it that feeling of royalty.
○ Momos – Be it vegetarian, chicken, or mutton, you cannot go wrong with momos when I Kashmir. With the high Tibetan population, this dish is one of the best served in the region even though it is not really a traditional food.
○ Thukpa – Another extraordinary dish inspired by Tibetan cuisine is the noodle soup called Thukpa. It also comes in vegetarian or non-vegetarian varieties with tons of fresh, organic vegetables and a delicious soupy stew.
○ Mutton Rogan Josh – You may have had it at the local restaurants near your residence but you cannot leave Kashmir without trying this savoury delight. The mutton is cooked and prepared in a thick gravy of onions, yoghurt, and varied local spices all but melts in your mouth as you ravish it with steaming hot rice or millet chapatis.
○ Yakhni lamb curry – A delightful white lamb curry made with yoghurt, onion paste, the essence of Mawal flowers, and dried or fried mint leaves.
○ Ghoshtaba – A yoghurt-rich gravy consisting of meatballs made from minced mutton that is mixed with local spices.
○ Muji Gaad - A dish fit for pescatarians made of fish that is freshly caught and added to a gravy made from radishes and local spices.
○ Khambir and Butter Tea – A breakfast bread with a thick crust served with butter tea, which is also a speciality in Kashmir. Butter tea has its origins in Tibet that go well with the traditions of the heavenly valley.
○ Kahva – A special tea prepared by blending almonds and walnuts with saffron and sweet spices. It is a favourite beverage for the local Kashmiris and a popular choice for tourists due to the sweet fragrance of the tea.
○ Nadir Monji – A fried delicacy made of lotus stems dipped in a coating of gram flour mixed with various herbs and spices.
○ Wazwan – A full-sized meal consisting of starters, garden salad, stew, rice, flatbreads or chapatis, vegetarian side dish, non-vegetarian side dish, meatballs, gravy, sweets, and accompaniment. It is a matter of pride for Kashmiris to prepare a full-fledged meal that is not only delicious but presentable.
The traditional and cultural influences of Kashmir are quite evident in the taste of their delicious cuisine. You can try the local tea varieties while you wait for their preparation. Each item in Kashmir will make you feel regal simply due to the choice of ingredients and the heavenly aroma of the food and beverages.

Things to do in Kashmir

There are a number of things you can do that will make your honeymoon in Kashmir feel like a treat to all the senses. From relaxation activities to shopping, to adventure sports, to the delectable cuisine, Kashmir has a lot to offer to tourists, especially for couples on their honeymoon. Here are some of the favoured things to do in Kashmir that tourists covet:

○ Golfing
○ Horseback riding or cycling through the small towns
○ Taking spiritual journeys or pilgrimages
○ Exploring the numerous Buddhist and Hindu temples as well as beautiful mosques.
○ Sailing on houseboats or shikaras in Dal Lake
○ River rafting
○ Hiking or trekking
○ Mountain climbing
○ Shopping for antiquities and souvenirs or home décor
○ Paragliding
○ Cable car riding
○ Hot air balloon rides
○ Hitting the tourist spots, especially the gardens and cliffs
○ Mountain biking
○ Checking out the museums demonstrating the history of Kashmir
○ Learning through scriptures at the libraries about the heritage of Kashmir
○ Restaurant hopping
○ Spending nights on a houseboat
○ Walking around the heritage sites
○ Wildlife safaris
○ Skiing
○ Camping
○ Snowboarding

Some of these activities can test your endurance while others provide opportunities to bond with your spouse at a deeper level. You can wilfully come up with new ideas to explore the extravagance of Kashmir, in beauty not in the lifestyle, and feel your heart and mind lighten as you prepare for your new life together as a couple.

What to shop in Kashmir

Kashmir is a delightful hub for shopping, especially for those who love the aesthetic appeal of hand weaving and artistry. The people of Kashmir take great pride in working with their hands and implementing the most intricate designs. Additionally, the Tibetan population in Kashmir also contributes greatly to their artworks, craftworks, handiworks, and woodworks, not to mention the incredible designs on textiles and fabrics.
When you visit on your Kashmir honeymoon packages, make sure to check out the following markets for a number of items of furniture, décor, and clothing along with souvenirs and local spices for yourself and gifting options:
1. Heritage: the traditional wear of Kashmir is spectacular from making to model. When on your honeymoon and Kashmir, make it a point to visit the Heritage store in Srinagar to acquire traditional ethnic attire with exquisite design. The hand-woven garments including sarees, dupattas, scarves, shawls, sweaters, and more are soft and extremely comfortable.
2. Samal Payeen Anantnag: a perfect storm to acquire artefacts, home décor, utensils, and other works of handicraft. You can find everything from miniature sculptures, models of attractions in Kashmir, vessels with antique designs, items for spiritual practices, and much more made of metal at this incredible store.
3. Shri Kedarnath Shop: another amazing store that carries metal works, as well as other assorted items, is the Sri Kedarnath shop at Katra. As Kashmir is popular for its pilgrimages and spiritual tours, you can find most of what you need for the religious journey at this store. Even if you do not partake in a spiritual observation, the items of worship including small metallic vessels, sandalwood, rudraksha, incense sticks, prayer beads, etc. are known to bring good luck and prosperity into your home. The store also carries bags, ornaments, and religious items of clothing with intricate designs that appeal to tourists.
4. Ahmad Complex: if you are fond of handcrafted Himalayan jewellery and accessories, Ahmad complex at Budgam is your perfect destination. The traditional earrings, neckpieces, headgear, and bangles are particularly appealing at this beautiful shopping destination. As a shopping complex, it also offers various other stores that carry tops and T-shirts, winter wear, classic souvenirs from Kashmir, and even attires best suited for summer. It is a one-stop destination to acquire all things beautiful that Kashmir has to offer.
5. Pick N choose: Kashmir is known for many things among which is also the famous Kashmir tea. The numerous tea gardens and plantations around the area specialise in producing fragrant green tea samples as well as those with different flavours. The pick N choose store carries the most varieties of Kashmiri tea along with local sweets, dry fruits, and homemade Kashmiri chocolate. Located in Regal Chowk, it is one of the major destinations where tourists love to spend time taking in delightful fragrances while choosing various delectable items for their journey back home.
6. Royal Kashmir: Speaking of dry fruits, it is one of the biggest exports of Kashmir and you cannot leave town without checking out the royal Kashmir shop. It is the ultimate destination where you can acquire organic dry fruits with marvellous scents and flavour that delights the senses. The store is also popular for carrying organic fresh fruits from the farms to the tables. They also pursue Kashmiris' need for the preservation of natural resources very seriously and only sell their products in biodegradable materials that have a minimum carbon footprint.
Aside from these very interesting and diverse shopping destinations, explore the local stores around every corner to procure the traditional and cultural offerings of Kashmir. The most interesting items, of course, are the rugs and carpets along with warmer materials such as blankets and pashmina shawls. The dress materials also hold a special appeal to tourists due to the traditional design crafted into beautiful fabrics.
Some of the local stores carry silverware, copperware, and other household items that will remind you of your honeymoon and Kashmir every single day. You can also look for items made of wood, wool, and paper to decorate your home. The authentic mandalas and artwork found in Kashmir are known to bring good luck along with adding aesthetic value to your home.
There are also products made from papier Mache such as coasters, tiny boxes, candle holders, Faberge eggs, and vases, miniatures of various animals including the lucky cats, turtles and elephants, and a lot more. These are exquisite masterpieces reflecting the traditional and cultural style of Kashmir.

Where to stay in Kashmir

In a land that inspires poetry from uncanny sources and makes your heart sing a delightful little tune, you can expect the best possible hospitality no matter where you take up accommodation in your Kashmir honeymoon packages. However, if you book your Kashmir tour package for couples with Thomas cook, you are bound to be boarding in sumptuous chambers where you will have a great view and an inordinate amount of pampering on your special vacation with your spouse.
Being an all-round beauty, Kashmir offers some of the best options for accommodation, which are as follows:
○ Palatial, grand hotels with spas and services at your disposal around the clock.
○ Houseboats or Shikaras on the great lakes of Kashmir.
○ Cottages in the hillside towns with extravagant colonial architecture.
○ Cottages in the valley offer easy commutes to the lush gardens and rivers.
○ Cabins in the woodlands where you have your isolated privacy amid nature.
○ Camps where you can relish the outdoor experience of wildlife and birds from the Himalayan Mountains.
○ Hotels overlooking Dal Lake.
○ Resorts with accentuated natural resources.
○ Villas turned into hotels for an immersive experience of the Kashmiri culture.
No matter where you stay, the hospitality in Kashmir will make you feel royal. With their cultural beliefs steeped in Buddhism and the practices of joyful living, Kashmiris welcome tourists with open arms. They will take such good care of you that you will not feel like returning home any time soon.

Adventurous activities in Kashmir

The terrain of Kashmir is one in a million and so are the adventurous activities that the region offers. Situated at the foothills of the western Himalaya with hill stations at high altitudes as well as valleys all around, Kashmir is ideal for adventure sports. There are a number of activities in which you can participate with your partner that create a lovely bonding experience for couples, especially newlyweds. When on your honeymoon in Kashmir, take some time to try these incredulous adventures:

1. Hiking

One of the best and healthiest adventures in Kashmir is hiking or trekking through the steep mountainsides. You are directly exposed to a lot of oxygen from the dense forest and grasslands. It is a good time to catch up with your spouse or discuss plans for the future as you hike along the paths much taken. Scenic view all around also helps inspire honeymooners to keep climbing further to watch the sunset at the hilt.

2. Horseback riding

Unlike most tourist spots, Kashmir is famous for providing horseback rides along the mountainside. You can ride along to the spiritual hills Check out the shrines and temples or gallop around town for an extravagant experience.

3. Mountain biking

The hills of Kashmir are quite steep and jagged; therefore mountain biking can give you quite the adrenaline rush. Be careful though as the hairpin bends can be really dangerous, especially on two-way streets.

4. River rafting

Treacherous waters on the river beds at Kashmir provide the perfect opportunity to go rafting or kayaking. The Jhelum River rafting in Kashmir sauntering through Srinagar can provide quite a thrill as you skip on a tiny boat or a river raft with nothing but a helmet and a life jacket to keep you safe.

5. Hot air balloon rides

Kashmir has scenic views of mountains, rivers, rolling hills, forests, and beautiful cultivations all over the place. Making a hot air balloon ride to get an aerial view of the various tourist sites is an innately adventurous activity that you cannot miss.

6. Paragliding

One of the favourite sports of travellers is paragliding in Kashmir through the sky. As you sail through the clouds feeling the chilly breeze, you can admire the valleys and hills underneath. It is an ideal sport for newlyweds to connect via a new experience together.

7. Mountaineering

Who wouldn't like to gather up some mountain gear and scale the rocky cliffs in Kashmir? The region beckons you to conquer the altitude and take in the picturesque scenery all around.

8. Skiing

The hills of Kashmir are the ideal place to learn how to ski. As you coast down the snow-covered hills, lodging trees and fences, you will feel alive while , skiing in Kashmir . You can also go snowboarding if you prefer a higher level of adrenaline rush.

9. Golfing

Not an adventure in the traditional sense but golfing in Kashmir can be quite a relaxing sport. As you swing the club side by side with your partner, you're technically indulging in a pastime activity that you can enjoy together.

10. Sailing on houseboats or Shikaras

Gliding on the lakes and rivers of Kashmir on a houseboat of shikara it's a lovely bonding experience for couples. You can take a ride, enjoying the glorious sun while perhaps having a small picnic lunch as you take in the allure of your surroundings. Adventures in Kashmir can be relaxing or hair-raising. In any case, you will have a splendid view of this little heaven on earth that will rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul.

Interesting facts about Kashmir

We have always heard that Kashmir is heaven on earth, this sentiment has driven countries to war with each other to acquire this piece of land just so they can call it their own. However, there are several aspects of Kashmir that remain unknown and mysterious to most visitors to this exquisite land. Here are some of the lesser-known facts that may interest you when planning your Jammu Kashmir honeymoon packages:

1. As opposed to popular belief, the city of Srinagar was actually founded by the admired Emperor, Ashoka. Mughal emperor Jahangir happened upon this piece of land at a much later time in history. The last known true king of Jammu and Kashmir was Maharaja Hari Singh.
2. Kashmir is a cornucopia of religions and practices of Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam. Although due to the surge of Tibetan refugees in the region, Buddhism is the most popular religion practised in and around the land, each religion made substantial contributions to the cultural diversity of Jammu and Kashmir.
3. Monsoon season in Kashmir is almost negligible making the most prominent seasons summer, autumn, winter and spring. Some light drizzle from time to time keeps the forests and valleys lush and green however The number of water resources available in Kashmir valley is abundant to not only sustain life but also powerful and support hydropower of thousands of megawatts.
4. Kashmir houses the longest railway tunnel in India called the Banihal or Pir Panjal Tunnels which extends over 11,000 kilometres.
5. There is also a road tunnel that runs for 9 kilometres all the Chenani-Nashri tunnel, which is the longest one in India.
6. Unofficially, the state has two distinct capitals based on seasonal changes. While Jammu is the capital during the winter seasons when high activity in the snow is a prime attraction, Srinagar remains the capital during the summer months.
7. One of the five major rivers running down from the Himalayas, Jhelum, is the only significant riverbed in the valley of Kashmir.
8. The cultural diversity of Kashmir invites several popularly spoken languages in the region including Balti, Dogri, Gojri, Kashmiri, Ladhaki, Pashto, Shina, and Urdu.
9. The traditional tea in Kashmir is coloured pink and exudes a salty taste. It’s called Gulabi Chai or sheer Chai.
10. The welcoming diversity of Kashmir is evident in the fact that a Muslim shepherd discovered the Amarnath caves that house the natural formation of a Shiv-ling made purely of ice. It invites religious pilgrimages for Hindus to this unique destination that is easily 5000 years old.
11. The second coldest place in the world, Dras, located in Kashmir experiences temperatures that sometimes fall to -45 degrees Celsius. It is the coldest place that is inhabited in India.
12. The very first floating government facility, a post office, in the country of India was situated on a houseboat in Srinagar at Dal Lake.
13. Kashmir was the favoured holiday destination during the Mughal reign in India.
14. The famous houseboats of Kashmir were initially designed by a pundit named Narayandas with the intention to provide transportation and accommodation for English travellers to Kashmir.
15. There is a spring running through the garden of Chashme Shahi that is believed to have healing effects.
16. The chain of the bridge is made of steel and is known to resist falls in temperature down to almost -20 degrees Celsius
17. Kashmir's traditional meal called Wazwan consists of 36 courses.
18. The holiest shrine in Kashmir valley is Hazratbal which is home to a single strand of hair believed by the locals to have belonged to Prophet Muhammad.
19. Kashmir is the leading exporter of saffron in India and the third most reputed one around the world.
20. The Raghunath temple located in Jammu is home to a library of 6000+ manuscripts in various Indian dialects.
These small facts about Kashmir almost always go amiss including the variety of Kashmir's flag and constitution being upheld until article 370 was passed in India.

The culture of Kashmir

Although a holiday destination of great delight, the history of Kashmir Has been clamorous to say the least. With a wide range of emperors ruling the valley followed by British invasions, refugee settlements, and war over the annexation with Pakistan and China, Kashmir has eventually developed into its diverse land of languages, people, and cultural practices. Due to the early settlements, Sanskrit plays an important role in the language development of both Hindus and Muslims in the area along with several well-preserved scriptures from ancient times.
Kashmiri cuisine largely consists of fresh meat, locally grown vegetables, and fragrant herbs and spices that make the food so very, very delectable. The locals add saffron to most dishes for colour and scent, as well as the healing properties on skin and hair. The vegetables are grown organically for the most part adding incredible health benefits to the tasty food. The entire style of cooking in Kashmir is quite regal, which reflects the royal heritage of the valley.
Speaking of royalty, the cultural and traditional attire of Kashmir also expresses their affinity towards finer things. The fabrics and materials used to design these clothes are lustrous and comfortable and so are the hand-woven designs. They mostly prefer loose-fitting clothes with headgear that is ornamented with basic jewellery. The Himalayan designs for accessories adorn Kashmiri women exhibiting a fondness for tradition, simplicity, and honour.
Kashmiris are hardworking people with a particular tenacity to work with their hands. They indulge in agriculture, farming, etc., with consideration towards biodiversity as well as natural resources. Aside from cultivation, Kashmiris also love to create things. Designing different vessels, clay pots, sculptures, vases, hats, shawls, rugs, carpets, woollen wear, woodwork, papier mache products, hand-woven baskets, and more using intricate patterns are some of their most popular professions. Most of these designs consist of flowers, plants, mandalas, etc. which tend to reflect joy and peace.
Due to the constant upheaval in Kashmir valley, the locals are also big on celebrations and festivals to keep up the morale. All the merriment is accompanied by folk music and Kashmiri dance forms. During the Hemis festival, they perform ceremonial dances with masks and robes. The popular folk music of rabab makes people tap their feet to the unique beats and partake in other dance forms such as Chakri, Dandaras, Dogri, Ladishah, Roul, Ruf, and Wuegi-nachun. They also love Sufi, Ghazals, and Choral music played on the sitar, nagara, or dukra.
For the most part, Kashmir is a land of diversity and warmth amidst the cold weather. Having experienced volatile and disorderly situations for years on end, the locals have grown to appreciate the little things in life. They find joy wherever possible and wholeheartedly indulge in the happiness of others. The Buddhist practices also encourage them to pursue peace and simplicity over materialism, which is largely observed in the behavioural practices as well as dressing and celebrations.

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Kashmir is a piece of heaven on Earth. The beauty of Kashmir has long been a matter of admiration for the divine source. The simplistic living and multiple tourist attractions have raged many a war for countries to decide who gets to keep this little piece of heavenly delight.
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What to pack for the Kashmir honeymoon?
Kashmir is a cold region, there is no denying that. In the summer, it may feel a bit warmer than usual but it is still colder than in most parts of India. As a result, you must always carry a jacket or sweater. For winters, pack heavy woollen clothes to protect you from the chill and occasional snow in some parts of the territory. Pack snow boots and walking shoes along with thermal innerwear. You can either purchase headgear or carry some beanies or caps with you to keep your ears warm and toasty.
For the summer, you can pack some light sweaters along with full-sleeved tops, shirts, and t-shirts to protect you from the sudden gusts of wind. Pack some closed shoes to keep your feet warm. You can also shop in Kashmir for things to wear according to the seasonal change.
Be sure to pack your documents such as identity proof, passport, and any special permissions to enter certain militarized grounds. Also, remember to pack light as the travel plans to Kashmir can take a long unless you land at Srinagar International Airport
How long does it take to tour Kashmir?
If you plan for your itinerary and only visit the Kashmir honeymoon places in at two or three of the main destinations, then 5 days are sufficient. However, if you wish to explore all of Kashmir, you may need to book a longer trip of two weeks or so. You can sign up for the guided tours in order to cover more ground but it will still take more than a week to traverse all over Jammu and Kashmir.
Is Kashmir a safe place to travel?
All the negative news surrounding Kashmir does raise our consternations. However, despite the constant upheaval, Kashmir is as safe for tourists as any other destination.
For one, Kashmir is highly militarized and you will spot army trucks just as frequently as any other vehicle. These constant patrols are put in place to ensure the safety of tourists and locals.
Secondly, the horrifying incidents in Kashmir don’t take place in the major tourist spots. So, consult with the local guides and plan a tour of the unexplored places during unassuming times. Although, it is best to stick to the major tourist attractions as a precaution.
Thirdly, the lasting conflict between India and Pakistan and the less popular war between India and China over Kashmir is to acquire the ‘Heaven on Earth’ for its popularity with tourists. Although Kashmiris are not very ostentatious, the union territory is quite affluent. Therefore, it is in their best interest to not harm tourists in order to keep the hype for tourism at its peak.
Lastly, Kashmir really is a little piece of heaven. We cannot miss out on this exclusive opportunity to explore Kashmir based on fears. In fact, Kashmir is one of the very few places in the world where the crime rate against tourists is zero. So, Kashmir is absolutely a safe and great place to travel.
How are the locals in Kashmir?
Kashmir is a cold region but the locals make it feel warmer. Wherever you go, you will be met with wide smiles. The locals are not at all averted to inviting strangers for a cup of tea or snacks into their beautiful homes. If you start talking to them, they will greet you into their house and most likely offer Kahva, which is a special tea made of walnuts, almonds, and saffron.
You will also find that the locals on shikaras are always looking for company and will gladly take you for a ride or invite you to spend the night on the houseboat, sometimes free of charge. Kashmiris believe in simple living, treating their guests with respect, and always being joyful despite their problems. They welcome strangers as they would do family or friends. In fact, there is a good chance that you may make some incredible friendships that could last a lifetime with the Kashmiri locals.
Why is there so much negative news about safety in Kashmir?
Despite the hospitality and serene beauty of Kashmir, propaganda has focused only on negativity. Bollywood movies no longer feature Kashmir as the place of love, instead talk about wars and violent crimes. Even news channels are focused on their TRP which is well-served when promoting the news about wars. However, the locals and militant officials of Kashmir are extremely focused on non-violence. With their beliefs rooted in Buddhism, they strive to make their land peaceful. Some locals are hurt by the sentiment that most people have towards the heavenly piece of land in Northern India. They encourage people to come and see for themselves just how nice and safe Kashmir really is as opposed to what is popularly advertised.

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