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US Dollar (USD) to Indian Rupee (INR)

Looking for the best Dollar to the Rupee exchange rate ? We are here for all your forex requirements. Converting USD to INR could be a hassle, especially after returning from one of the most memorable international trips. Find the best ongoing 1 INR to USD rate now and sell forex from the comfort of your home.

The United States of America treated you well, didn’t it? The U.S. is known as the land of opportunities. From work opportunities to the world’s top college universities and iconic tourist spots, this country has something for every traveler. Just like the U.S., Thomas Cook has a solution for all your travel concerns. From converting INR to USD, finding the best flight and hotels deals, to reconverting USD to INR, and several other International Tourism solutions, we have got you covered.   

Want to know the current 1 USD to INR rate? 

Head straight to our online money converter assistant that provides you real-time USD to the INR exchange rate. This tool is designed to eliminate the mental math that goes into finding out the reconversion value of forex. Whether you have foreign currency, traveler's cheque, or forex cards, we facilitate online Dollar to Rupee conversion.    Physically going to the forex vendor and negotiating for the best Dollar to the Rupee exchange rate is now passé. You can sell forex at the most competitive exchange prices with just a few taps.   

Why Thomas Cook?   

Thomas Cook understands the importance of a rupee and thus helps you convert USD to INR at the most competitive forex rates. Log on to the Thomas Cook website, enter the required details and convert Dollar to INR with just a few taps. Our collective years of expertise and constant focus on improving your experience have helped us become one of the world’s leading travel and forex partners. Travelers from across the world trust us for all the forex requirements; it’s time you do too.   

Convert USD to INR today to get the best value of the rupee. The sooner you convert, better the exchange rate, but make sure you choose only a trustworthy partner, else there are chances that you may be cheated.

At Thomas Cook, we understand the importance of vacations and business travelers alike, and hence offer a comprehensive range of travel solutions for all your travel woes.  

Still, have concerns regarding selling forex? Our forex experts are available to help you sell forex and get the best Dollar to Rupee rate.

How to Exchange Currency with Thomas Cook?

Why Thomas Cook?

Safe & Secure Transaction
Best Online Rates
Door Step delivery & branch pick up option
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Frequently asked questions USD to INR

How to exchange foreign currency online in Mumbai?
To exchange foreign currency online in Mumbai, visit our website's "Foreign Exchange" section, select the currency and amount, choose home delivery or branch pickup, provide personal details, review and confirm the transaction, make the payment, and receive confirmation. Our user-friendly platform ensures a secure and hassle-free experience when exchanging foreign currency online in Mumbai.
Can I buy dollars at the airport in Mumbai?
There are numerous currency exchange kiosks and booths at the Mumbai airport. However, you should be aware that the currency rates at the airport are extremely expensive. Instead, take advantage of Thomas Cook's hassle-free online currency purchase experience.
Would forex card be convenient to use in the US?
Forex card among other modes I a very secure and safe mode to travel with to take care of your transactions while you are travelling in the US. In case you are interested to purchase a forex card for your trip to the US, please do not hesitate to check out the online feature on our website to do so or you may even contact one of our experts for a detailed advice.
How much money can I carry in and out USA?
You can carry up to USD1,00,000, or equivalent foreign currency, in and out USA. However, in case the amount you are carrying exceeds the given limit then you will be required to declare the same.
I want to sell USD. Can I do that online?
Yes, you can sell USD online by just filling up a simple form, and we will assist you throughout the process.
How can I book USD via Thomas Cook? Can I book it online?
Yes, you can certainly book forex online by filling up a simple form on our website and can also check out the USD to INR rate today before booking. It is a very convenient process and by the end of the transaction, you will receive it at your doorstep.
Which is the highest denomination as far as US Dollar is concerned?
The largest denomination that was ever issued was the USD10,000 note which was later discontinued as a result of the lack of use.
Will carrying a forex card be a better option than carrying cash on my trip to USA?
If you are travelling to the United States, you must carry the majority of your currency in the form of a forex card. Forex cards are widely regarded as the most secure method of carrying foreign currency. They are similar to prepaid VISA/ Mastercard cards in that they can contain a single currency or multiple currencies. It is recommended that you carry 70% of your total amount in a forex card and the remaining 30% in cash, which can be used to pay for small expenses.
Is buying currency online safe?
Yes, buying currency online is quite safe. You can easily buy forex online by filling up a simple form on our website and also check out the dollar rate in Indian rupees before purchasing the currency.

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