Experiential Holidays

Travelling has always been much favoured by people of all ages and cadres to give themselves a break from the humdrum of life and rejuvenate themselves. But like everything good that deserves being better, travelling too has evolved to its newest and the most satisfying avatar of Experiential Travel. The new and already a popular kid on the block, it is fast resonating with travellers of all kinds; passionate globetrotters, family vacationers, adventure seekers and couples looking to reconnect. But What is Experiential Travel.
Experiential Holidays

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Adventure Holidays

While you plan your travel to each destination across the globe, you should also try various popular adventure activities. These can be best experience with Thomas Cook. Trek above the clouds, rafting, biking are few to name. Satiate the adrenaline junkie in you with Thomas Cook adventure holidays packages here

Cultural Holidays

Traveling across the world and discovering more about local people, places, culture and pastimes is an essential ingredient in a tour package. And, if you’re looking for these, culture holidays is the theme to choose. Crafts, music, festivals and food are exciting and practical tools for showcasing cultural diversity that you can enjoy with Thomas Cook

Spiritual Holidays

Religious and spiritual travel is enriching for many. Living in a multi-cultural country, spiritual travels helps to understand cultures, customs and religions other than our own. Envisage devotees interact with their sacred tombs, pagodas, waterfalls or grottoes; giving you a greater insight into different cultures


Weekend getaways are perfect to break from a Monday-to-Friday work lifestyle. There are numerous attractions across India that make for the pick of weekend getaways list. From deserts of Rajasthan to adventures of Rishikesh, from temples of Madhya Pradesh to beaches of Goa, each of these places will let you take a break from all-Work lifestyle. Book a weekend getaway with Thomas Cook and choose to spend some quality time in the lap of nature.

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Experiential Tourism

Held in Sydney, Vivid Sydney is one of the major annual festivals of music, light, and ideas. It is a perfect union of technology, art, and commerce. These three weeks of amazing ideas, soulful music, seminars, and light sculptures transform the city completely.

The major centrepiece of this annual festival is the multimedia interactive, light sculptures, and building projections that transforms some of the major landmarks including Harbour Bridge and Opera House. This annual festival unfolds from Friday 24th May to 15th June 2019. These 23 nights Sydney witnesses tourism in full swing. Returning for its 11th year, this festival brings together music makers, vivid minds and light artists. It is the time when you get to witness the whole transformation of this city. It is full of round showcases, new art forms, and ideas.

History of Vivid Sydney

It was in the year 2009 when Vivid originated as a Smart light festival for energy efficiency designed by Mary-Anne Kyriakou – lightning designer and headed by Brian Eno. This expert projected the whole light planning to both the sides of the Opera House in collaboration with Bruce Ramus – lightning designer.

Vivid Sydney is your chance to see Sydney in a new light. You get to witness the beauty of this city to the fullest.

Highlights of Vivid Sydney