New Zealand

Unending vistas of breath-taking landscapes await you at New Zealand – from the sheer mountains of Queenstown, to Northland’s Ninety Mile Beach, to the clear waters of Abel Tasman. You can enjoy this dream destination by traveling the length and breadth of the nation. What interests you the most? The outdoors, with the possibility of hikes and treks, or do you look forward to lazing at the beach, or do you wish to live the high life, with a glass of wine in your hand as you look upon the rolling greens around.


New Zealand - A Quick Overview


New Zealand

Official Language


Dial Code



4,981,780 (2019)


New Zealand Dollar

Time Zone



268,021 square kilometres


Highlights of New Zealand:

Monuments of New Zealand:

New Zealand recognises the need to remember and commemorate the people who shaped this country to what it is today. Peppered all through the country, visitors find numerous attractions and monuments that celebrate its history and culture. And you needn’t travel too far to see most of them. Most are in prominent locations in major cities and you can easily enjoy this rich heritage within driving distance.

The 57th Regiment NZ Wars Memorial located in New Plymouth's Te Henui Cemetery honours the soldiers who lost their lives while fighting Maoris. Then again, the Katikara Memorial commemorates the Maoris who gave their lives in the Battle of Katikara in 1863. The Brunner Mine Industrial Site was once famous for being New Zealand’s biggest coal mine, but when an explosion killed 65 miners, the mining was stopped. Today, the mine is closed and serves as a reminder of the people who lost their lives there.


Natural beauty and wildlife of New Zealand

Since New Zealand was one of the last places in the world to be settled by people, its biodiversity has grown amazingly. The country is truly blessed with astonishing natural beauty. The nation is covered with stunning mountain ranges and active volcanoes. You will be mesmerised by the picturesque lakes and gigantic waterfalls that dot the country across both islands.

Of course, there is also a fantastic array of wildlife in New Zealand. The kiwi bird, hector’s dolphin which is also the world’s smallest dolphin, yellow-eyed penguins, seals, and a host of beautiful birds can be found spread across this land.


Adventure in New Zealand

New Zealand is an adventure junkie’s dream destination. Its coastline and magnificent landscape lends itself for adrenaline-filled activities. You will find amazing cycling and walking trails all over the country, from the north to the south. If you wish, you can also try your hand at kayaking, sailing or diving in the beautiful waters of New Zealand. If you're after more thrill, you can choose from bungee jumping or skydiving. Jet boating and zip lining are pretty high on rush factor. Winter brings with it a host of snow adventures like skiing and sledding.

Everything in New Zealand need not be about blood-pumping. You can visit the Lord of the Rings site and imagine what it must be to live like a Hobbit. Go to the hot water beach and enjoy a natural Jacuzzi in the wet sand. Sit by the beach and watch the whales as they give you a breath-taking show. Stay overnight at Milford Sound and enjoy the stunning silence of the gorgeous place of countless waterfalls, glassy lakes and exotic wildlife.

Did you know that New Zealand has its response to the Northern Lights? Do not miss without seeing this celestial show.


Cuisine of New Zealand

New Zealand cuisine is largely influenced by British flavours, followed by Mediterranean and Pacific Rim foods. There is a historical Maori influence, and today the cosmopolitan nation has seen an explosion of flavours from South Asia, South East Asia and America. Dinners are the most important meals when the whole family gathers together to share their day with the other members.

While you are sure to get all your favourite foods, why not sample some of the local delicacies, such as a traditional Maori Hangi (meat and vegetables slowly cooked in an underground oven), crayfish (what we call lobsters) and kina (a New Zealand sea urchin). Vegetarians can enjoy a hangi made with a kumara (a different type of sweet potato). For dessert, have a hokey pokey ice cream or dig into pavlova, an original dish made from meringue, whipped cream and fresh fruits. Carry a bag of jaffa (crunchy sugar-coated chocolate balls) to pop into your mouth as you walk about.


Interesting Facts about New Zealand

  • With 2.5 million cars for 4 million people, New Zealand is the world’s highest car consumer.
  • There are just four million people in New Zealand, making it one of the world’s least populated countries.
  • New Zealand was the first country where women were given the right to vote.
  • The first person to climb Mount Everest, Sir Edmund Hillary, was from New Zealand.
  • Heard of the Kakapo? It’s the world’s only flightless parrot and it is found in New Zealand.
  • New Zealand is possibly the only nation in the world that has no snakes.
  • No nuclear power stations in New Zealand means it is one of the cleanest countries New Zealand is the first country to greet the sun each day.
  • New Zealand was the first nation to win the Rugby World Cup.


Location of New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country that is made of two primary islands – the North Island and the South Island – along with a bunch of 600 smaller islands. The nation is in the south western Pacific Ocean. The closest land mass is Australia, which is about 2000 kilometres away. Its remoteness meant New Zealand was one of the last areas to be settled by humans, allowing its biodiversity to develop unhindered.


Best time to Visit New Zealand

New Zealand offers beautiful weather all year through depending on your holiday preferences. New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, so the weather is the opposite of what most of us are accustomed to. Visit between December and February to enjoy a gorgeous summer and a sunny, outdoor Christmas. If you wish to hit the slopes, winter is a great time to plan your holiday. So choose the best time to visit New Zealand wisely.


How to reach New Zealand

Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to New Zealand from India. However, you can get connecting flights from major cities, such as New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur and Kolkata, with a halt at Kuala Lumpur. The total flight time is about 16 hours 50 minutes. You can also check out more ways on How to Reach New Zealand


History of New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the last land masses to be settled by humans. The first people to settle there were the Polynesians between 1250 1300 and they established the Maori culture. Europeans explorers didn’t arrive until the late 1700s and the Treaty of Waitangi signed between representatives of the United Kingdom and Maori chiefs turned New Zealand into a British sovereignty. New Zealand was pulled into worldly affairs during the first and second world wars. Today the nation is a developed country, ranking high on international indices of health, quality of life, happiness, education and economic freedom.

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Language Spoken

English, Maori

Currency used:

New Zealand dollar


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Cost and Money

Daily Budget

Budget: A daily budget of around INR 9500 INR is sufficient for accommodation in dorm beds or at campsites, meals at small eateries and traveling by Naked Bus for exploring NZ or InterCity Bus Pass too.

Mid-Range: A budget of about INR 9,500 INR to 15,000 INR will be needed for a stay in a mid-range motel or hotel, meals in a mid-range restaurant and exploring NZ by a rented car.

Luxury: A daily budget of more than INR 15,000 is required for a stay at a top-end hotel, meals at a fine dining restaurant and traveling via domestic flights.

ATMs can be widely found in most cities and larger towns. Credit cards are accepted by almost every restaurant, hotel and major retail shops. Tipping is optional in New Zealand and only the total bill is required to be paid. You can however pay 5-10% of the bill as a tip for good service.
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