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How To Reach New Zealand

Travel Options

By Train

New Zealand is surrounded by water on all sides, therefore reaching New Zealand by train is not possible as of now. You can take a flight to any of the international airports in New Zealand and after landing at the airport you can travel within the country with the help of trains. The railway station has been built all over the country and it is even possible to travel from the North Island to South Island via train. Although almost all of the towns in New Zealand have an airport, traveling by train enables the tourists to reach their destination by emptying their pockets a little less. Some of the most important railway stations in New Zealand are the Hamilton Railway Station, Box Hill Railway Station, B. Baldwin Avenue Railway Station and Mount Eden Railway Station.

By Air

New Zealand is a developed nation, hence all the major cities have an airport and most of the small town also have an airport of their own. The small towns in New Zealand do not have an international airport so one will have to take a Flights to any of the major cities of New Zealand. A number of the international airports present in New Zealand are limited to travelling only till Australia. The New Zealand flights you take will be a hopping flight from Australia or it will take you to any of the eight international airport. Major Airports: There are only eight international airports in New Zealand from which flights travel abroad further than Australia, namely, Auckland Airport, Hamilton Airport, Rotorua Airport, Wellington Airport, Christchurch Airport, Dunedin Airport and Queenstown Airport. New Zealand is a pretty small country so there will not be much of a difference in prices for people travelling from different corners of the world. Travelling to New Zealand is the cheapest for the people residing in Australia as the distance is not much. Even for the people traveling from the South East Asian countries or the west coast of the United States of America, the airfare will be significantly low as compared to the rest of the world. Traveling to New Zealand is most expensive for the people living in Europe and Africa. The distance between these two continents and New Zealand is the most, thereby making the airfare expensive. Most of the times people get a hopping flight to New Zealand which takes a stop at Australia. You can therefore, explore a bit of Australia for a few hours while touring New Zealand. Getting in New Zealand is a very tedious process. You need to be sure that all your documents, such as Visa, passport, and the likes, are in place. New Zealand is one of the few countries which has a very tight security system. Airway is the easiest way to reach New Zealand for people residing in any of the countries in Asia, Africa, Europe or America. For some countries in Asia, Europe and Africa, plane is the method by which one can reach New Zealand. Since there is a time zone difference between New Zealand and the rest of the world, you should pay careful attention to the timings of the flights, their departure and arrival times. Major Airports: There are only eight international airports in New Zealand from which flights travel abroad further than Australia, namely, AucklandAirport, Hamilton Airport, Rotorua Airport, Wellington Airport, Christchurch Airport, Dunedin Airport and Queenstown Airport.

By Road

Since New Zealand is an island, roadways have not been built to ensure a cross country travel to New Zealand. You can take an international flight to any of the major cities of New Zealand and after landing at the airport, you can travel to your destination on road. Road trips are probably the most sought-after trips in the whole world. Unlike flight journeys or train journeys, road trips are very time consuming. A journey which takes a couple of hours on a flight and few hours on a train might take a day on road. The beauty of road trip is the time it takes. This time enables you to explore New Zealand and penetrate deep in the country. You get to see places which have not been mentioned by anyone anywhere, but offers one of the prettiest sight in the country. Travelling in New Zealand on road is a different experience altogether and is something which should be done by everyone because you get to witness the true beauty of New Zealand.

By Sea

New Zealand is an island country and is surrounded by water on all sides, therefore it does not allow tourists to enter the country by any mode of transport except for planes or boats. The waterway is the only other way by which you can enter New Zealand except for airway. Travelling to New Zealand on a boat is possibly the best experience you can ever ask for. Being surrounded by water with no sight of land and watching the sun emerge and disappear into the horizon is some of the things people do when they travel on boat. Travelling by boat is not much of an ask for the people living in Australia or from the people residing in South East Asian countries and west America, but it becomes very difficult as the distance keeps on increasing. It becomes extremely difficult for the people coming from Europe and Africa. Therefore, waterway is not a popular mode of transport when it comes to visiting New Zealand. Some of the places you can reach by boat are Auckland, Queenstown, Bay of Island, Coromandel Peninsula, Marlborough Sounds and Abel Tasman National Park.

Transportation in new zealand

Commuting within New Zealand

The fastest, but the most expensive way to get around NZ is via its domestic inter and intra-island airline service, that has a good network all over the country. You can travel into the city from NZ airports via their airport shuttle buses which run at regular intervals of 10-30 minutes. Alternatively you can also hire taxis. To go around an NZ town sightseeing, you can make use of bicycles which can either be rented or bought as well. To commute between two islands you can also make use of a boat running between Auckland and other Haruki Gulf islands, or ferries. Travelling to various places of interest can also be done by taking a local bus. However, it can be inconvenient, expensive and time consuming as well. A more convenient way to travel within New Zealand would be by hiring a car or motorcycle which is quite cheap and convenient too. New Zealand has a well-established public transportation system. The most popular and preferred mode of transport here are the city buses. Passes for the same start at approximately 450 INR per person. Children under 15 get their passes for approximately 150 INR or 3.50 NZD. The fare for each trip is valid for maximum 2 hours from when the ticket is taken. If you make two trips on weekdays on buses like the Orbiter in Christchurch, you can enjoy free trips on weekends. You also have the option of taking NZ taxis including the First Direct, the Blue Start and the Gold Band, all of which are readily available. You can call them using their toll free numbers. Taxis however can be expensive in New Zealand. A better alternative here would be Ubers. The Queestown public transportation system is relatively expensive compared to elsewhere in New Zealand. A one way bus trip here costs approximately INR 270 per person. Here, it is best to hire a cycle or walk around the town.
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