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Uttarakhand Tour Packages

Have you ever wondered how it feels to take a solo trip to the mountains, wandering aimlessly to find out where its heartbeats? Or have you dreamt of conquering the peaks alongside a loved one, or deep-diving from a cliff towards the emerald green expanse below? Or are you someone who is looking for a spiritual vacation with your family to immerse your souls in the divine? No matter what kind of holiday you have been fancying, Uttarakhand packages have your vacation dream covered.

Planning a Uttarakhand trip has never been easier with India’s Uttarakhand tour packages. These packages are expertly designed to ensure a hassle-free tour experience. From comfortable accommodations to delectable meals, the curated Uttarakhand trips will not burn a hole in your pocket and instead will leave you with a big grin. The Uttarakhand packages start at an easy INR 4 510.00 /- for a brisk outing of 2 nights and 3 days, and for the same duration, you can pick a splurge-worthy package full of adventures. For a leisurely trip where time isn’t a constraint, you can go for an immersive Uttarakhand tour of 8 nights and 9 days. There is a package for every kind of Uttarakhand tour in India.

Most Popular Uttarakhand Tour Packages

Uttrakhand Tour Packages No. of Days Price*
Char Dham Yatra By Helicopter 5 Nights/ 6 Days Rs. 1 99 990
Uttarakhand - Trek to Chopta Tungnath Chandrashilla Peak Deoriatal 4 Nights/ 5 Days Rs. 13 220
Unique stays At Naukuchiatal 2 Nights/ 3 Days Rs. 14 300
Honeymoon Special - Nainital Kausani with Ranikhet 5 Nights/ 6 days Rs. 56 899
Uttarakhand Honeymoon Special – Romantic Mussoorie With Corbett 4 Nights/ 5 Days Rs. 63 199

Plan your Uttarakhand Tour with Thomas Cook

Our in-house team of travel experts work day in day out to plan your Uttarakhand holiday and make it perfect to the t. Every facet of your Uttarakhand trip is given due attention, from your accommodation and timely travel to ensuring that the meals you are served with are nothing short of magical. The team leaves no stone unturned in making certain that the Uttarakhand holidays with  India stay in your heart forever.

To get a better understanding of what to expect when vacationing in Uttarakhand, we suggest you visit the  India website and check out the Uttarakhand tour packages in the Uttarakhand tourism section. Here you will find all the details about  India’s Uttarakhand holidays, such as Famous Places To visit In Uttarakhand, Best Time To Visit, How To Get To Uttarakhand, and so on. With Uttarakhand holiday packages available from all major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad an Uttarakhand trip with India is both convenient and comfortable. 

Uttarakhand COVID 19 Tourist Guide

All the tourists visiting Uttarakhand are required to adhere to social distancing protocols and wear masks at all times during their Uttarakhand Tour Package. There are certain guidelines that need to be followed by the residents and tourists who plan on spending their holidays in Uttarakhand. For more information, please visit the COVID Travel Advisory for Uttarakhand.

Highlights of Uttarakhand Packages

From mountains that seem to kiss the sky and rivers that probably know where God lives, to people whose smiles can thaw the coldest of hearts, Uttarakhand’s beauty is incomparable. There are several reasons why one might want to visit this tiny slice of heaven. And with  India’s Uttarakhand packages, you can expect a smooth travel experience and an Uttarakhand holiday that you will reminisce for years to come.

We are often under the assumption that spiritual and adventurous tours need different travel destinations. Going for an Uttarakhand tour, however, turns this idea on its head. If your perfect holiday is one among nature with wildlife at an arm’s length, or if you fancy stepping into the divine pool and cleansing yourself until you feel renewed, then an Uttarakhand trip offers both of those experiences to you. From traversing the surging Ganges to jumping off a cliff and either freefalling or letting the winds lift you gently and help you soar through the blue skies, your Uttarakhand trip can be whatever you want it to be! 

How to reach Uttarakhand

All three important travel options are available for you to visit Uttarakhand. The state has two domestic airports that can fly you in from all major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. Landing in the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun essentially means having the option to reach anywhere in Uttarakhand. Being only 22 kilometres from the city centre, this airport functions as a central point that has access to all the nooks and crannies of the state. For international passengers, it is suggested that you take a direct flight to Delhi and then hop onto another one that will carry you to Dehradun. People do not visit Dehradun only because it’s the easiest and fastest way to be in Uttarakhand. The other very significant reason for this choice is that Dehradun is stunning and it offers a quick entrance into Rishikesh, Haridwar, and even Mussoorie. Once you land at the Jolly Grant Airport, you can grab a window seat on the next bus and journey to one of these locations. The other airport is the Pantangar Airport which offers close proximity to covered hill stations in Kumaon like Nainital, Bhimtal, Ranikhet, Almora, Jim Corbett National Park and even Bareilly. 

If you wish to lap up the old-school charm of trains, then too your trip is sorted. The country’s major cities find themselves connected to the most picturesque hill stations in Uttarakhand by rail. There are 16 different stations that link up Uttarakhand to the rest of India. Only 2 kilometres from the city centre, the Dehradun Railway Station regularly sees trains from Delhi, Kolkata, Varanasi etc. making an entry or exiting the platforms at different times throughout the day. 

If time is a luxury and it seems like a safer option to you because of the pandemic, then a road trip to Uttarakhand can be planned without breaking a sweat. Several national highways run through the state connecting it to other parts of the country. Uttarakhand trip by road would allow you to see the raw beauty of the scenes leading up to the gorgeousness that is Uttarakhand.

Best time to visit Uttarakhand

The best time to visit The Land of the Gods, but from March to April and September to October is considered the ideal time to plan a Uttarakhand trip. With a plethora of religious sites, this place is a major attraction for people who would like a tête-à-tête with God. If you worship adventure, then too Uttarakhand has to be on your list of must-visits. This is why the summer season, from March to June, is considered the peak season. Summer Uttarakhand packages make it possible for you to indulge in a variety of adventure activities. Whether you want to glide across the blue skies or plan to do a spiritual soar with the Char Dham Yatra, Uttarakhand opens itself up for exploration during the summer months. During the summertime, our Uttarakhand packages will allow you to enjoy a laidback visit to the prime attractions while soaking your senses in all the beauty nature has to offer to you as a seasonal present. 
If winter doesn’t scare you, but instead appeals to you more, then Uttarakhand in the months from October to February may be when you should plan your Uttarakhand holiday. For those who might be sceptical, Uttarakhand will dress its mountain caps in snow and transform itself into paradise to lure you in.  An Uttarakhand tour during the monsoons may seem like a bad idea, but surprisingly it is not. The place shows a different side of its personality to you when you visit between the months of July and September. Imagine a rich velvety green spreading across you, every leaf drenched and looking fresh and full of life! Expect sighs of ecstasy to leave your lips constantly during your monsoon Uttarakhand trip.

Places to visit in Uttarakhand


Even though it has been 50 years or so, people still connect Rishikesh to the Beatles visit of 1968. So strong is the association, that the “Beatles’ Ashram” has become a major attraction of the city. If you are a spiritual seeker, who is searching for the eternal truth, then Rishikesh must be on your list of places to visit. With hills dressed in forests and the exquisite views of the Ganges crisscrossing and plotting a course through the hills, Rishikesh is a wonderland to say the least. The peaceful hum of the temple chants echoing through the streets will find a way in your heart, and stay that way for days together. When skimming through the Uttarakhand tour packages to pick the perfect one for you, be sure it includes a stopover at Rishikesh. Fondly dubbed the gem of Devbhumi, Nainital is a charmer that sweeps you off your feet and makes sure that you land on a bed of flowers. Nainital was dreamt around the quaint Naini Lake which forms the heartbeat of this tiny hill station. Naini Lake along with the other spectacular lakes of this region has contributed to making Nainital, ‘The City of Lakes’. It is no wonder then that boating in Nainital is one of the activities that tourists seek when browsing through various Uttarakhand packages for their honeymoon. Nainital is reason enough to take a Himachal Pradesh tour.


The Queen of Hill Stations, Mussoorie is the ultimate pick for a quiet romantic Uttarakhand holiday. It is poetic to be wrapped in the arms of your loved one just as the little town is swathed in the arms of mist. When the haze clears, the intoxicating views of snow-capped mighty mountains and the charming valleys turn your vacation into a dream. If you take pleasure in architecture and the history of the places you visit, then too Mussoorie has plenty to offer. This hill station was a favourite escapade during the British Raj, and so you will see vestiges of Victorian architecture in every corner, starting from the places of worship to bistros and even shopping arcades. Mussoorie is one of the places to include on your Uttarakhand tour package.


A mixed bag in the truest sense, Dehradun is full of both explored curves as well as hidden alcoves. No matter how many times you visit the city, you will discover something new about it each time. That is the magic of Dehradun. The winter capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun claims to be explored like a new lover – if you think you know everything about it, then you are at a loss. From treasures like Robbers’ Cave with its stony walls, shades of green and the freezing water running between its rocks, to watching a mesmerizing sunrise at Paltan bazaar, follow your heart when you visit Dehradun if you want to discover the land like no one before you have.


Exploring Badrinath a town along the banks of Alaknanda is a spiritual journey that will leave you far richer than it finds you. Lord Badrinarayan, the main deity and after whom the temple is named, is an incarnation of one of the gods of the Holy Trinity, Lord Vishnu (The Preserver). Apart from the Badrinath temple, there are four significant temples in Badrinath – Yog Dhyan Badri, Bhavishtya Badri, Vridda Badri and Adi Badri. If you are seeking an adventurous trip to Badrinath, then too you will not be disappointed. From hiking to bathing in hot water springs, our curated Uttarakhand tour packages will show you a side of Badrinath that only a few have seen before.

What to Eat in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is adored for its mammoth mountains, its valleys of rolling green, the streams and rivers that cut through its rocks, and the temples that house divinity within. But there is one more spectacular thing about this state that attracts people to its doorstep and that is its food. You may have heard that simplicity is the closest one can get to perfection. The same holds true for Uttarakhand cuisine. With its aromatic Kumaoni dishes and enchanting Garhwali delicacies, Uttarakhand fills your stomach and your heart with every spread it lays in front of you. Here is a list that will make you pack your bags and immediately hit the road to Uttarakhand

Kafuli Must try delicacy on your Uttarakhand tour

Kafuli is a hearty Garhwali dish for anyone who cannot get enough of good food. Extremely rich in iron, this blend of fresh spinach and methi or fenugreek leaves is the ideal food for those who enjoy a tasty meal that is brimming with nutrients. The dish is laced with spicy green chillies, appetising bits of ginger and some yummy curd.

Bhang Ki Chutney - Don't miss out on this special dish on your Uttarakhand trip

Are you still trying to wrap your head around that name? Don’t worry, you read it absolutely right! Bhang ki chutney is a special chutney that Uttarakhand lavishly serves its guests. It is a concoction of roasted bhang seeds and cumin seeds with a whole lot of lemon juice. It is further flavoured with hot chillies and newly-plucked coriander leaves. Bhang Ki Chutney is served alongside other items to enrich the taste just as most chutneys are usually served. 

Garhwal ka Fannah – A relishing dish to watch out for!

The Queen of Hill Stations presents to you a regal dish known as Garhwal ka Fannah. This dal is the cream of the crop when it comes to pahari delicacies. Made from nutritious ingredients, this dish gets its zest from the tomatoes that it is loaded up with. The creamy and soft texture of this dal might remind you of another popular North Indian dish, the Dal Makhani, but the two taste totally different. You will get hints of several spices while savouring this healthy dish that is mainly relished with hot rotis.

Baadi - Highly recommended dish on your Uttarakhand package

Baadi, like most recipes from Uttarakhandi cuisine, is very simple to follow and extremely delicious to eat. You can expect the tangy hints of this dish to linger on your tongue for a very long time. Baadi is not only delectable but also nourishing with a fair share of vitamin B12 and vitamin A. It is prepared with wholesome Buckwheat flour and a smidgen of ghee is added only to give the flavour an accent

Kandalee Ka Saag – One of the most famous dishes at Uttarakhand

Your visit to Uttarakhand is incomplete if you return without having tasted this hearty treat. Kandalee Ka Saag is prepared with the soft, small leaves of Kandalee and dry red chillies. Some restaurants embellish the preparation with dry fruits and make it even more scrumptious

Things to do in Uttarakhand

Dive towards the emerald green vastness below

Regarded as one of the most thrilling adventures, bungee jumping is a recreational activity that daredevils just cannot get enough of. In Rishikesh, Uttarakhand the excitement reaches a completely new level as you plunge towards the fast-flowing bright green Ganges that runs through the city. This experience of freefalling is described by many as life-altering. The bungee jumping activities organized in Rishikesh are extremely exciting while keeping all safety precautions in mind.

Pay a visit to the ferocious Royal Bengal Tiger

Jim Corbett National Park was established in 1936 with a goal to preserve the fierce Bengal Tiger and protect them from extinction. In fact, it is the oldest National Park not only in the country but also the whole of Asia. A jeep safari through this reserve is something that cannot miss a place on your Uttarakhand trip. With 650 endangered species, this National Park is affluent in what it has to offer your eyes. While the showstopper is definitely the Royal Bengal Tiger, this area of 521 square km is stunning as it presents a confluence of grasslands, forests, and hills covered in green. This riparian tiger reserve is home to some of the wildest and most spectacular beasts, such as leopards, sloth bears, wild elephants etc. For your convenience, the Jim Corbett National Park is divided into six zones, but most of them remain closed during the Monsoons, something to keep in mind while planning your Uttarakhand tour.

Sweep the sky with your wings

Would you like to experience how Uttarakhand is viewed by a bird? Here is your chance to spread your wings and soar across the blue heavens above us. If Uttarakhand looks so spectacular with its lakes and mountains and lush jungles, imagine how exquisite it will look from up above. For those who have always wanted to try the recreational sport of paragliding but have shied away for whatever reason, Uttarakhand clear picnic-worthy skies will surely woo you to give it a whirl. If you are planning to avail the Uttarakhand tour packages during your summer break, then the cards are in favour of a fantastic paragliding experience. The summer winds will gently lift you, carry you across and land you softly on a bed of greens.

Give your adventurous spirit a little jiggle

With its temples, sadhus and ashrams, Rishikesh is the hub of spirituality in Uttarakhand. But apart from the adventures of the soul, it also offers adrenaline-pumping activities for the body and the mind. River rafting in Rishikesh is not only singled out by travellers around the country but also by international tourists who have an Uttarakhand tour in hordes every year. The Ganges surging through the rocky terrain makes for a ferocious route to steer and sail across, thus turning the experience into something even more sensational. To prepare you for this adventure, appropriate training and instructions will be given before you weigh anchor.

Get drenched in the presence of divinity

One among the venerated Chardhams of India, Badrinath is believed to have been built by Adi Guru Shankaracharya. The holy town of Badrinath welcomes with open arms flocks of worshippers every year from around the globe. Along the banks of the sacred Alaknanda River, Badrinath temple sits like a crown at a height of more than 10,000 feet above sea level. The architecture of the temple showcases Garhwali woodwork and adds to its mystifying nature. The devotee in you must already be enthused to visit this holy town. A trip to Uttarakhand without visiting Badrinath is considered incomplete, so add it to your itinerary now!

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