Ananthagiri Hills

The speciality of Telangana - Ananthagiri Hills

Telangana is one of the top states in India filled with cultural diversity and elegance all around. Although Hyderabad or Secunderabad are the first places that pop up in our minds when thinking of Andhra Pradesh, there is more to the state of Telangana than just the high-functioning metropolis. 

Located roughly 90 kilometres away from the city of Hyderabad lies a hill station that has been celebrated for the love of afforestation. Being one of the densest forest lands in Telangana, it is responsible for the most part in maintaining the ecosystem in this troubled era of climate control. 

Ananthagiri Hills is one of the most natural and beautiful places in the state that appeals to tourists for not only the hiking opportunities along the hillside but also for spending time in the bosom of a dense forest, protecting you from the heat of southern India. 

This hill station is also the primary source of water for the neighbouring regions of Himayat Sagar as well as Osman Sagar. These water sources are a result of the Musi River that runs through the hill station of Ananthagiri. The Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple dedicated to the worship of lord Vishnu overlooks the river, as well as invites pilgrims from all over the country for a spiritual experience. 

Fun activities at Ananthagiri Hills 

Planning a vacation to the Ananthagiri Hills is in itself an activity that brings joy and serenity. When planning your holiday at Ananthagiri Hills on your Andhra Pradesh tour, you can also partake in a few adventures such as: 

  1. Camping in the dense forestry that is home to many varieties of indigenous flora and fauna.
  2. Cycling through the curvy hill station roads for thrills.
  3. Swimming in the river or at the pools of exotic resorts and places to stay in Ananthagiri Hills.
  4. Going quad biking along with friends and family, or even solo.
  5. Zip lining through the sky to catch a bird's eye view of the scenic topography of Ananthagiri Hills.
  6. You can roll down the mountainside in a zorbing ball for some laughs. You can even go zorbing in the water.
  7. You can learn the art of archery, or if you already have some experience in the field, pick up a bow and arrow and shoot some targets for fun.
  8. You can also partake in shooting guns at the range and learn how to use shotguns to target flying inanimate objects. 

Visiting the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple on the hill station of Ananthagiri can also be fun as well as an enlightening experience. Lord Vishnu who is a symbol of prosperity is a welcome sight on a vacation to the Ananthagiri Hills. 

Location The hill station is located 90 km from the city of Hyderabad in the district of Vikrabad in the state of Telangana, also known as Andhra Pradesh.
Language is spoken Telugu, Hindi, English, and Urdu
Type of place Hill station

Why is Ananthagiri Hills in Telangana so popular? 

A hillside vacation is a much-needed escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, and Ananthagiri Hills in Telangana is the perfect location to spend time reflecting and embracing your inner peace. These days, people seem to believe that peace is something that is acquired externally. However, a short trip to Ananthagiri Hills will bring you to the revelation that peace is something we find within us. 

Ananthagiri Hills in Telangana are popular for many things such as the lush forest lands that roll down the hills coupled with the Musi River cutting through the topography of the region. The thrill of partaking in adventure activities along with a vacation of doing nothing but admiring the natural scenery are just some of the things that appeal to tourists from all over the country if not all over the world. 

However, what makes Ananthagiri Hills so popular is the temple dedicated to lord Vishnu who presides over the land, blessing the surroundings with good luck, abundance, and life. What makes this temple so special is the history behind it. 

About 400 years ago, a Nizami ruler from the Islamic faith built the temple that is now known as Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple to boost harmonious living among the Hindus and Islamic populations in the region. In a way, the temple is a testament to the forward-thinking of those who came before us. They strived to survive in unison, helping each other as well as respecting the faith of one another. The temple symbolises a need to pursue peace and understanding among the human population rather than fighting over territory. The Nizami ruler set an example for generations to come, which still stands as a welcome present to tourists from all faiths who visit this astounding hillside vacation destination.

Interesting facts about Ananthagiri Hills 

Ananthagiri Hills is a popular tourist destination in Telangana for tourists from around the state as well as the country. However, there are hidden gems in this hill station that remain a mystery despite the high number of visitors who take an interest in this natural environment. Here are some interesting facts about Ananthagiri Hills: 

  1. The most famous attraction of Ananthagiri Hills is the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple housing a moving idol of lord Vishnu that invites pilgrimage as well as spiritual visits from all tourists despite their religious practices. The interesting thing is that this temple was actually built by a Nizami ruler who wanted to unionise people from different faiths to live in harmony during his reign.
  2. Another popular attraction in Ananthagiri Hills is the Borra caves located around the Borra hills. Not only are the caves and enchanting series of cavernous explorations building a beautiful waterfall into the dense forestry that surrounds the region but upon methodical carbon testing, it was discovered that the caves actually age back millions of years.
  3. The Musi River of Ananthagiri Hills is not only the primary water source of the region and its surrounding towns and villages but it descends from the Himalayas as a sacred river.
  4. Amateur hikers and trekkers as well as travellers interested in archery and shooting guns have the perfect opportunity to experience these enhancing activities in a controlled environment at Ananthagiri Hills. The advisors, as well as facilitators, take special measures to ensure that no indigenous fauna or flora is endangered during these expeditions and activities while making sure that the participants are safe and comfortable. 

Why Ananthagiri Hills is perfect for your next vacation? 

Hillside vacation is often regarded as the best way to relax and rejuvenate. And the hill station is populated more by greenery and nature's done man-made objects and humankind because they travel destinations that are unparalleled in bringing harmony and a treat to all five senses. Ananthagiri Hills is the perfect location for a vacation for many reasons which are as follows: 

  1. It has a tremendous view of the scenic Araku Valley that treats the eyes with its lush flora.
  2. Ananthagiri Hills is home to the famous Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple well lord Vishnu presides to protect the hillside destination and is blessed with prosperity all year round.
  3. Ananthagiri Hills host several fun activities to keep you entertained on your vacation. You can go zorbing, rowing, swimming, trekking, hiking, camping, or simply relish the panoramic view all around.
  4. The hill station also poses the perfect opportunity to partake in thrilling activities such as archery and shooting guns without hurting the indigenous fauna. Not only can you partake in these activities as an expert with some experience but you can also learn them with advisors as an amateur.
  5. Ananthagiri Hills is full of viewpoints from where you can catch a glimpse of the sunrise and sunset on the horizon as the golden rays spread across the tantalising view of indigenous flora. Galikonda viewpoint and Godamguda viewpoint are just a couple of the many Ananthagiri Hills places to visit during early mornings or early evenings for exquisite scenery to uplift your spirits.
  6. You can go zip lining for a bird's eye view of the natural environment surrounding Ananthagiri Hills while enjoying the thrills of soaring through the sky on a harness.
  7. The Kotipalli Reservoir offers opportunities to go canoeing, kayaking, and voting for very low prices. You can enjoy the serenity of the water and use this unique opportunity to reflect and relax.
  8. If you love lush forest lands, you can start with Tyda Park, which is equivalent to an introductory course in camping in the wilderness. There are several fun activities in which you can partake including bird watching as well as entertaining games.
  9. Ananthagiri Hills has a long-standing tradition of harmonising religious practices ever since a Nizami ruler built a temple to honour lord Vishnu. The sense of camaraderie extends further towards Bhavanasi Lake, which is considered the Badrinath of the southern states. This is a sacred lake where immersion in the water for cleansing one's sins is a popular custom much like baptism in Christianity. Pilgrims as well as regular tourists take time for this holy immersion to instigate a start of a new life blessed by lord Vishnu. It is among the top Ananthagiri Hills places to visit.
  10. The Musi River that flows through Ananthagiri Hills is a primary source of water for the neighbouring towns and villages and a highly regarded tourist spot as well as a local attraction.
  11. If you crave further adventurous ventures into the belly of Ananthagiri Hills and its natural beauty, you can check out the Borra caves and hills. The eeriness of the caves that date back a million of yours at least adds to the fun of visiting the scintillating hills of Ananthagiri.
  12. Take a whiff of the air in Ananthagiri Hills, you will be tickled by the smell of fresh coffee. The rolling hills are home to many coffee plantations which treat the olfactory senses as well as your sense of taste when you try the local blend of coffee berries with a touch of spice.
  13. Ananthagiri Hills is also home to many waterfalls, one of which is the Katiki waterfalls which are over 50 feet high, flowing from the ancient and infamous Borra caves. Whether you view this waterfall from a distance or up close, it is truly mesmerising how the water creates a misty appearance amongst the dense forestry that surrounds it. It is the main Ananthagiri Hills place to visit.
  14. While on your vacation at Ananthagiri Hills in Telangana, don't forget to check out the tribal museum. It is as the name suggests a museum dedicated to the culture of the tribal populations around south India, especially around the state of Telangana. The museum features handicraft works revived from ancient civilisations as well as craftsmanship of the present population with glory and pride. 

How to reach Ananthagiri Hills? 

Ananthagiri Hills is a beautiful holiday destination that you can reach very easily from any major city in India. Here are some of the best ways to reach Ananthagiri for your holiday in the hillside destination: 

  • By flight - Ananthagiri Hills is located 90 kilometres from the city of Hyderabad and a little less than 60 kilometres from Visakhapatnam. Therefore, it is fairly easy to catch a flight from one of the major airports in India such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Kolkata as well as other cities including Pune, Jaipur, Kerala, etc. To either Hyderabad or Vizag airport, followed by a short cab ride or bus ride to the hill station. If you choose to catch a flight to Hyderabad instead of Vizag, even though the journey to Ananthagiri Hills will take slightly longer, you can spend some time exploring the wonders of the metropolis, including the museums and art galleries exquisite cuisine, and tombs of various Nizami rulers.

  • By railway - Being so well connected to Visakhapatnam as well as Hyderabad allows tourists of Ananthagiri Hills to also opt for trains headed from major cities around the country. The popular Duronto Express makes a long stop at Visakhapatnam, as does most of the other super-fast Express as well as other railways.  Not only can you catch a train to Vishakhapatnam and head over to Ananthagiri Hills within a couple of hours in a cab or bus, but you can also opt for direct trains to Hyderabad and use the roadways to reach your hillside destination. You can get good deals on both modes of travel when booking your Ananthagiri Hills travel packages with Thomas Cook. Aside from Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam, you can also choose to travel to Srikakulam railway station which is only three kilometres away from the main town of Ananthagiri Hills. It is the best mode of transport to reach your destination directly without having to contemplate your further means of transportation from the station. Not only can you catch cabs to your accommodation but also autorickshaws, which is an incredible mode of transportation to get around the towns quickly.

  • By roadway - The well-connected roads of Ananthagiri Hills also allow you to travel by roadway. Not only can you easily catch autorickshaws and cabs from the nearest airports and railway stations around Ananthagiri Hills, but you can also choose to travel there by road from the beginning of your journey. To start with, there are regular buses available from the surrounding cities of Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam headed to Ananthagiri Hills on a daily basis. The journey can be quite comfortable in air-conditioned buses which hardly take more than a couple of hours to reach the destination. 

If you wish to travel more privately, you can book a cab or drive yourself with a rental car or your own vehicle. Since the journey is short, both private as well as public modes of transportation are preferred by the tourists visiting Ananthagiri Hills for their vacation. 

Top places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills 

The fun and adventure at Ananthagiri Hills in Telangana extend far beyond the camping trips and fun activities of zorbing, swimming, and more. Here is a list of the top places to visit in Ananthagiri Hills that you simply must visit during your vacation for an enchanting experience: 

  1. The tour of the viewpoints of Godamguda and Galikonda. Not only can you catch a glimpse of the glorious valley underneath but the sun rising and setting from behind the thicket of trees.
  2. The tribal museum is a haven providing an opportunity to explore the ancient as well as the present cultural stigmas that govern these remote populations.
  3. Check out the Borra caves that date back to the dawn of the 19th-century since its discovery but are almost a million years old. The hills that surround Borra caves are not only home to several natural caverns but also the infamous Katiki waterfalls.
  4. Visit the glory of lord Vishnu residing in the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Temple. The spiritual experience only adds to the serenity of a vacation.
  5. Check out the Musi River, which is the primary water source in the region.
  6. Take a trip to Kotipalli Reservoir for thrilling experiences of activities on the water.
  7. Trudge through Tyda Park for an immersive experience amongst the indigenous flora and fauna of Ananthagiri Hills.
  8. Dip in the holy waters of Bhavanasi Lake to start life a new.
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