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Gujarat Holiday Packages


About Gujarat

Popular as the Land of Legends, Gujarat is an exuberant state on the western coast of India. It has recently become a tourist hub, with flocks of explorers visiting the place for a vacation. Whether you are interested in a religious trip full of temple visits and stopovers at sacred sites, or are in for a cultural extravaganza, Gujarat with Thomas Cook India is an experience you must partake in. 

Gujarat has a coastline of 1215 kilometres, which is great news for all beach lovers who cannot do without dipping their toes in the sea when on a holiday. From the ghostly Dumas Beach and the divine Dwarka Beach to the serene Golden Beach and the scenic Mandvi Beach, Gujarat will not disappoint the sunset photography enthusiast in you. At Mandvi, you might even want to treat yourself to some adrenaline rush with water sports. If you prefer having a peaceful time though, then consider a quick camel ride along the shores of Rukmavati River. 

Historically rich, the forts and ruins in Gujarat will leave you speechless. While some are atop a hill, others hide in their nooks stories as old as time. Most people plan their trips around royal palaces in Gujarat. These present you a glimpse of various architectural styles of different periods in history, which is at once fascinating and bewildering. 

There are innumerable things you can do when in Gujarat. From trekking and birdwatching to sighting exotic animals, the list is endless. And if you find yourself in Gujarat during the Rann Festival, well then be ready to be spoilt for choices. An exuberance of colours, flavours, arts, crafts, music, everything will surround you during this time of the year in Gujarat. To be a part of the experience, book your holiday package today, or you could delve deeper about the majestic place and then plan your holiday accordingly.

Best Time to Visit Gujarat

Winter is the peak season to plan a holiday trip to Gujarat. This would typically mean visiting the place sometime between November and February. During these months, you can expect an average temperature of 29oC, which is lovely considering you will be out most of the time, sightseeing and exploring the delights this lively state has to offer. From walking through its regal forts and losing yourself in the mystery of its majestic palaces, to keeping your eyes on the sky, literally, during the kite flying festival, Gujarat during winters will leave you delightfully warmed up both inside out!

In case you miss out on the winters though, the next best time is Autumn, which Gujarat witnesses in the month of October. It is usually when Navaratri is celebrated, and so, visiting Gujarat during this time will also essentially mean soaking yourself in festive revelry.

Summers in Gujarat don’t encourage travel since the sun isn’t kind and can make fort-hopping a real struggle for you. However, if this is the only time you can visit Gujarat, then consider a hill station vacation in Saputara or travel to Dwarka to be in divine presence.

How to Reach Gujarat

You have all three major travel options available to reach Gujarat. The state has 17 airports, the most famous one being Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad. It offers you the quickest access to the capital city of Gandhinagar (just 30-odd minutes by road!). Flights from all major cities, from Delhi and Mumbai to Kolkata and Chennai, land and take off from this airport on a regular basis. 

If you are more of a train traveller fond of its old-school charm, then too you have nothing to worry about. Parts of Gujarat are well connected with the rest of the country via rails. You will find the busiest stations in Surat and Ahmedabad, while the one in Vadodara, being a part of the Delhi-Mumbai railway line, sees several passengers on vacation and on business, walk through its doors every day. 

For those with the luxury of time, a road trip might sound like a plan. The national and state highways running through the length and breadth of the state offer it access to all the major cities. There are several bus services too that can be availed for those traveling to Gujarat from nearby states. The multiple lane highways are well-maintained, making sure the journey is as pleasurable as the destination.

Where to Go in Gujarat

From planned cities to ancient ones were divinity dwells, Gujarat never disappoints those who decide to truly explore it. Here is everywhere you need to be when in the Land of the Legends:


In Ahmedabad, there are a ton of things for you to do. You can start with a visit to the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati to inform yourself better about the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, maintained exceptionally well by the Gandhi Smarak Sangrahalaya.

Enthused by both inspiration and strength, you can then spend the day in Jhulta Minara.  It is called so because when one minaret is shaken, the other minarets begin vibrating too, though the passage connecting the two minarets remains unaffected. This mystery will leave you happily racking your brains for the rest of the day.

At night, visit the open-air cinema on Drive-In-Road for the unique experience of watching a movie on the largest screen in Asia while seated in your car along with 600-odd other cars on the road. You might want to call it a day with a princely platter of Gujarati food.

Gir National Park

How about spotting some Asiatic Lions while on your visit to Gujarat? Book a safari jeep for you and your family at the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary and get a glimpse of some exotic animal and plant species. The perennial rivers running through the Park, have only left this place richer and more blissful. There is no way you can miss this when on your Gujarat holiday!

Rann of Kutch

Winters is such a splendid time in Gujarat, not just because of the mild weather, but also the annual cultural fest, Rann Utsav.

Imagine yourself on the white expanse of the salt desert, watching an incredible sunset while around you the air is infused with folk rhythms, rhymes, and everything colourful. Quite a feeling, isn’t it? It is also a must for people who are fond of decorating their living rooms with Indian handicrafts and handlooms.


The capital city of Gujarat is home to one of the biggest temples in the country. The Akshardham Temple, which has over 200 sculpted figures, sees hordes of pilgrims, every year, from around the globe.

Fans of Gujarati dance forms, such as Garbha and Rass are in luck in Gandhinagar as there are several places which showcase these art forms, especially during Navratri. You might even want to try your hand at some dandiya!


By the Tapi river, this textile centre of India receives several tourists from around the country and the world. It was Dandi in Surat where Gandhiji broke the colonial Salt Laws, which makes the place a history buff’s major attraction.

If getting spooked is on your list, then you might want to pay a visit to the Dumas beach. Flowing into the Arabian Sea, this beach is considered one of the top haunted spots in India, and yet, people love to come here for picnics. Strange? Maybe it is time to drop by!


Of the four sacred pilgrimage sites, also called Chardham, Dwarka is one of the foremost. Legend has it, that after his victory over his evil uncle, Kansa, Lord Krishna travelled from Mathura to Dwarka and settled down here. The ancient city, is therefore, bustling with temples devoted to the Lord. The temples are also of great interest to architecture lovers, due to the intricate work and the various architectural styles they display.


Vadodara, formerly Baroda, is a people pleaser with its magnificent palaces, captivating museums, idyllic parks, and sacred temples. Amongst all of these, Shri Aurobindo Society deserves a special mention. Once the abode of the much-revered Indian philosopher, yogi, and nationalist, Shri Aurobindo, the Society today hosts his relics and books written by and about the great saint.

Another monument you must have on your itinerary, is the Kirti Mandir. Built in the honour of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi, the temple is architecturally bewitching.

If you are planning a weekend getaway to Vadodara, do not forget Champaner. During medieval times, this historical city used to be the capital of Gujarat. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and offers its guests a striking view of the quaint Pavagadh.

Statue of Unity

About one and a half hours from Vadodara airport, driving through a gorgeous valley of flowers, you will reach the imposing Statue of Unity. Once you are there, climb up the statue to reach its chest, which is at 135 metres, where it opens to the majestic view of the Sardar Sarovar Dam.

Within the statue premises, you can spend time at the museum and the audio-video gallery, that inform and educate about the life of the Ironman of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. If you wish to spend the night, then you can book a room at the Shreshtha Bharat Bhavan.

Food in Gujarat

When in Gujarat, expect to be greeted on the table with preparations that are both tasty and wholesome. Despite being a coastal state, Gujarat is, for the most part, known for its vegetarian food due to the extensive influence of the Jains. Nonetheless, there are some communities that prepare cuisines involving seafood and meat.

You cannot visit Gujarat and not dip your fingers in the traditional Gujarati Thali! In the platter, the dishes you are likely to be served with include, Gujarati Khatti Meethi Dal, a bowl of lentil soup that is both sweet and sour; Methi Ringan Nu Saak, cubes of aubergine cooked with fenugreek leaves; Bhindi Sambhariya, a mouth-watering dish of stuffed ladies’ fingers; Aloo Rasila, a potato gravy item made rich with red tomatoes and spices, and so on. These dishes are best relished with rice; however, you might enjoy them with a couple of warm phulkas too!

The most loved dishes in Gujarat that find a mention now and again in pop culture, are the spongy Dhokla, the piping hot Thepla, the mushy Khandvi, and the spiced up Undhiyu. Also, make sure you do not lose out on the variety of chutneys that add both colour and sweetness to your Gujarati meals.

Things to Do in Gujarat

We always crave a little more of something that is good, and why shouldn’t we?! Keeping that in mind, here are a few activities that you can indulge in to make your Gujarat vacation a bit more special than usual.

Step into the stepwell
Gujarat hides in its small town, Patan, a grand stepwell, constructed sometime between 1063 and 1068 AD by a widowed queen, Udaymati. The Rani ki Vav (Queen Stepwell) is a grand example of Maru-Gurjara architecture style. Standing grand on the banks of River Sarasvati, this stepwell is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that you must stop at.

Witness the sun set into Kankaria Lake
Watching breath-taking sunsets is a passion. It is not unusual for some people to plan an entire vacation around sunset spotting. If you are a sunset lover too, then you might want to visit the Kankaria Lake. In order to not miss this, be sure to check the sunset time for that day before heading out to the lake. The lake also offers other activities, such as balloon safaris and toy train rides. There is a zoo and an amusement park too that might be of interest to kids and/or the kid in you!

Saunter down the Sabarmati Waterfront
When visiting Ahmedabad, you must go for a walk on the promenade along the mighty Sabarmati river. Both lush green and extraordinarily clean, the waterfront has over the years become a major tourist attraction.

Birding tour at Vadla
During Winters, migratory birds flood Vadla, a birdwatcher’s Eden, only a short ride away from the city of Ahmedabad. The most popular species of birds that have been spotted here include flamingos, Great white pelicans, and Ruddy or Brahminy shelducks. While Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary is flooded with people, you can expect a peaceful and exceptional bird watching experience at Vadla. If this was not already on your list, it is time to edit it in!

Climb the Girnar Hills
If you are visiting Gujarat in the off-season of Summer, and would love for an adrenaline rush, then an activity worth your time is trekking in Girnar. This group of mountains is alluring to both adventurers as well as those with a spiritual bent of mind because of the Jain temples. Be sure to carry your camera along to capture splendid views once on top.

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