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Goa Honeymoon Packages

Goa is a holiday destination located along the western coast of India, famous for its white beaches around sparkling blue waters. The state of Goa is one of the first witnesses to British and Portuguese colonisation and offers a cultural diversity that is attractive amidst breath-taking views. Tourists come from all over the world to sit by the beautiful beaches of Goa or explore the neighbouring towns and villages with their historical significance. Goa is a cornucopia of religion, culture, and architecture. The run-down churches, the town of Vasco Da Gama, the wide stretches of beaches, and the celebratory nature of the locals have long been a fascination to the world. The cultural diversity of Goa is evident in the many languages spoken in the region. While the primary language of Goa is Konkani, the locals are adept at speaking, English, Hindi, Marathi, Parsi, and even some languages from the southern parts of India. This is simply because Goa is the equivalent of coastal Canada where people from all over the world are not only welcome but also appreciated.
Be it a holiday for couples, friends, families, or solo travellers, Goa has entertainment, culture, food, alcohol, and scenic views to enjoy all around the year. It is the perfect holiday destination for everyone.

Benefits of booking Goa honeymoon packages with Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook is one of the oldest travel organizers in the country of India. Established in the late 1800s, long before the independence of this great country, the company has dedicated over 140 years to identifying the perfect holiday spots and designing luxurious packages for travelers to enjoy their much-needed vacation time.
There are many benefits to booking your Goa honeymoon packages with Thomas Cook, some of which are listed below:
1. The Goa packages for couples by Thomas Cook are reasonably priced. This is to ensure that everyone gets similar luxurious services at low costs and only pays for what they would absolutely use.
2. Thomas Cook offers additional amenities for those who want to add flight plans, excursions, and other services at a one-time cost to reduce hassle while ensuring no one has to pay for anything that is redundant to them.
3. They spend a lot of time curating the best possible options in terms of accommodation, entertainment, excursions, and meal plans for their guests.
4. Their services are always top-of-the-line, which has benefitted their customers greatly over the years, thus earning them several awards and titles. In fact, they are the proud recipients of the Times Travel Awards, which is one of the most prestigious accolades in the travel industry.
5. Thomas Cook offers customized packages for honeymoons in Goa, business trips and incentive trips to Goa, family trips to Goa, Solo trips to Goa, and Goa tour packages for friends.
6. Spanning across 25 countries in 5 continents allows the company to continue exploring domestic and international holiday spots to enhance the experience of their travelers.
7. They are always available to help you redesign your packages for your honeymoon in Goa. All you need to do is choose your preferred destination and arrange a callback or reach out via text or call through the popup window on the website. They have over 8000 dedicated travel advisors to assist you with your vacation plans.
8. The comfort of their guests is always a priority. Therefore, they make sure to arrange a majority of the meals at the accommodation which are perfect to start the day feeling pampered in luxury.
These innate qualities make Thomas Cook a primary choice for not only honeymooners but also families, friends, and business associates to book their vacation. Booking a holiday with Thomas Cook is similar to approaching the head of the department for career advice, someone who is well-versed with the concept and can provide guidance based on your specific needs.

Best time to visit Goa

Goa is a coastal region, therefore the basic philosophy of hot days and cooler nights is prevalent throughout the year. However, since most of us enjoy sightseeing excursions during the day, not to mention playing on the sandy beaches of Goa, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the time of travel for your Goa honeymoon package.
Summers in Goa can be a little hotter than usual. The open beaches can be discomforting, especially to those who are not familiar with extreme weather conditions. Therefore, avoid the summer months of April to July.
As the monsoon season dawns, the water level can rise, and it makes for an awful experience when you cannot sit at the beach, sipping tropical drinks and gazing on the horizon. Therefore, the months of August to October are also not too favourable.
The best time to visit Goa is between the months of November to March when winter and spring tango together in the region. The weather is cool and breezy, and the beaches and water are pleasant. You can enjoy your excursions through the towns and villages as well as spend time with your spouse under the palm trees, letting your toes sink into the sand.
Since Christmas and New Year celebrations are quite grand in the state of Goa, you can join in to see what the fuss is about. This time of year can be a bit crowded though, so if you wish to spend quality time with your partner alone, maybe plan your Goa honeymoon trip in the middle of January and after or before the mid of December.

How to reach Goa

Goa is a well-connected region with access to your holiday destination by several means of transportation. Here is how to reach Goa :

○ By Air
○ By Railway
○ By Road
○ By Sea

1. Flights to Goa

The fastest mode of transportation for your honeymoon in Goa is by flight. Major airlines offer reasonably priced air tickets to the Goa International Airport. You can get direct flights to Goa from major cities such as Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Delhi. You can also avail of connecting flights from your location to Goa. The connecting flights may take a bit longer but the overall journey will be covered quickly and with much ease.
When booking your Goa honeymoon packages with Thomas Cook, you can easily add your flight plans at an additional cost. You can also add a pickup and drop service from the airport by discussing the available options with your travel advisor.

2. Trains to Goa

Goa is also well-connected by railway, which is another feasible option to travel with relaxation. There are superfast express trains as well as others headed to Goa from almost all Indian cities. The proximity of your hometown to the state of Goa will determine the length of your journey.
Train travel may not seem like the best for couples due to the lack of privacy, but with an AC sleeper cabin, you can begin your honeymoon in Goa a little early and plan out your itinerary.

3. Cars, cabs, and bike travel to Goa

The location of Goa against the Western Ghats makes it convenient to reach your honeymoon destination with a prior road trip. Taking a bike trip from the neighbouring regions of Maharashtra or Karnataka is quite common for travellers.
If you live further away or do not wish to endure the back-breaking journey by bike, you can also hire a car rental service in Goa. If you make pit stops at hotels or motels along the way, the journey becomes extremely endurable and enjoyable, especially for newlyweds who have a lot to talk about.
There are also outstation cab services available if you do not wish to drive yourself. You can book a cab for Goa at reasonable rates and enjoy the length of your seat while spending some quality time with your partner.

4. Ships and Cruises to Goa

Since Goa is located on the western coast of India, it is entirely possible to take a luxurious cruise to the holiday spot. The most popular cruise liner in India, Cordelia Cruises, offers various packages for a cruise to Goa from Mumbai, Cochin, Lakshadweep, and more. You can take a direct cruise or a scenic one to enjoy the high seas before you reach Goa.
This is a much more ideal option than flights as taking a cruise to Goa is like getting an early start on a luxurious Goa honeymoon trip. You can enjoy the scenic view and have drinks by the pool, partake in fun activities or relax in the sauna with your spouse. You can take a cruise or ship to Goa from any of the major harbour ports in and around India.

Main destinations in Goa

When booking a holiday, it becomes a challenge to choose which places to visit in Goa. There are so many wonderful locations in north Goa as well as by the beachside. It is ideal to visit at least one of the main destinations and check out all the sites in the area. So, here are the main destinations in Goa but you can find delightful activities for couples as well as beautiful sights that will take your breath away:

1. Candolim Beach

This beach town is famous for hosting the sunburn festival of Goa, one of the most enchanting experiences for travellers. The white stretch of white sand and sparkling blue water makes for the perfect location where couples can hang out and spend time together.
Candolim is known as the longest beach as it marks a route to traipse around along the other beaches on the coast. The area from Candolim to Calangute beach is lined with exquisite hotels for accommodation, Restaurants serving delectable Goan cuisine, and beautiful souvenir shops. There are even thrill-seeking activities such as water skiing and parasailing along the beaches of Candolim.
The nightlife at Candolim Beach also attracts visitors to Goa looking for parties and relaxation. SinQ is one of the most famous clubs in the area with upbeat music. You can also partake in karaoke with your spouse at the many nightclubs and restaurants on Candolim beach.

2. Anjuna Beach

One of the most happening beaches around Goa is Anjuna beach. With the jutting rocks in the water and the overlooking Cliff, for couples it has become a popular destination as well as solo travellers to spend some time reflecting on the various aspects of life.
Anjuna beach has a Rastafari vibe that appeals to everyone. Be it the white sandy beaches, thriving nightlife, the beach shacks, the numerous souvenir shops with unique offerings, the adventure sports, and all the special appeal of sitting on the Cliff enjoying the vast ocean before you, Anjuna beach has it all to keep you both entertained and relaxed at the same time.

3. Fort Aguada

Located near Candolim beach, Fort Aguada is a major attraction for history buffs. It is a Portuguese Fort built back in the 17th century, overlooking the Arabian Sea and the famous Mandovi River in Goa. It was built by the Portuguese inhabitants to protect the town from invasions by the mighty Marathas and the Dutch.
Standing aside, Fort Aguada is a unique lighthouse that is four storeys tall, overlooking the Arabian Sea. It is one of the major attractions of Goa where honeymooners enjoy watching the sunset over the horizon while engaging in deep conversations.
There is also an Aguada jail which is a patriotic site where the locals as well as visitors pay respect to all the freedom fighters who fought with their lives for Goa's liberation as well as the independence of India.

4. Baga Beach

A uniquely fascinating destination in Goa is the Baga beach named after the Creek that connects Baga to the Arabian Sea. It is a core destination to celebrate the coveted nightlife in Goa as well as spend serene afternoons playing in the clear blue waters.
Whether you are looking for adventure water sports, or time to relax at one of the spas and saunas, on which to have your palm read or get a tattoo to commemorate your honeymoon in Goa, Baga beach has plenty of fascinating discoveries to be made.
If you want to spend some quiet time with your partner to talk, connect, and plan your future together, Baga beach is the perfect location for some much-needed tranquillity.

5. Chapora Fort

If you have watched the movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai,’ then you have already witnessed the beauty of this beautiful tourist destination on the big screen. But the history of Chapora Fort is much older than the Bollywood flick of 2001.
The Fort was first built by the Muslim emperor Adil Shah and named Shahpura. As years went by and the Portuguese invaders took possession of the historic building, they reconstructed and personalised it to reflect what we see today. The name Shahpura was replaced by Chapora by the Portuguese after the namesake river bank on which it stands. When the Marathas took possession of the Fort, the Portuguese used two carefully crafted tunnels to escape. You can still visit these tunnels for a first-hand experience of the historical event.
This Fort is a particular attraction for couples due to the serene and scenic view of Vagator beach along the Arabian Sea. You can enjoy the sunset while gazing upon the picturesque view beneath.

6. Calangute Beach

The queen of beaches and Goa, Calangute beach is a major tourist attraction for people all over the globe. You can travel from Candolim to Calangute without having to leave the waterside and enjoy numerous tourist attractions, shopping destinations, and eateries with the most delectable offerings from Goan cuisine.
There are also many fun activities in which you can partake on the Calangute beach with its devious connection to the Arabian Sea. We’re swimming or jet skiing or surfing or parasailing and enjoying the marine life around Goa in its absolute glory.
It is the ideal destination to acquire accommodation on your Goa tour package for couples as Calangute is well connected on both sides to other beaches and major attractions. If you are in Goa during Christmas and New Year, Calangute poses as the perfect hub for celebration with your spouse.

7. Arambol Beach

One of the best beaches in Goa is Arambol beach which remains secluded and unexplored by most tourists. This bohemian construction of the beaches attracts only those who want to explore the beauty of nature and its powerful influence in this man-made world.
The beaches at Arambol are a conjugation of sand and rocks bordering the thrashing sea waves. The beach is also surrounded by forest land on the other side where you can take a short hike or explore extreme water sports such as jumping off a Cliff like Bella in Twilight.
Several marketplaces fascinate tourists with their unique offerings as well as a celebratory drum circle to incorporate the bohemian feel. You can also encounter spiritual practitioners and various people in the pursuit of peace and happiness. It’s a lovely destination for honeymooners to stay or spend an afternoon relishing the glory of the hidden gems of Goa.

8. Vagator Beach

As a party destination, we have a lot of expectations from Goa, especially given their penchant for exploring otherworldly experiences. And we have to say, Goa does not disappoint. While each area in Goa has its particular charms to entice tourists, Vagator Beach is the ultimate destination for trance.
Located around Baga in the Bardez district, Vagator is surrounded by rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. You can look around and always be amazed by the openness of the area. It makes for the perfect setting to enjoy an afternoon beer or lunch with your partner at the many different beach shacks all over the place.
The region is divided into two parts to ensure the comfort of all the tourists who visit. On the left side of the water is Little Vagator, also popularly known as Ozran Beach where you can find eateries and shacks for quiet fun. On the right side of the water lays Big Vagator which is the destination for large gatherings, thriving nightlife, trance experiences, and lively fun.

9. Basilica of Bom Jesus

As an architectural genius with exquisite baroque designs that fascinate even those who are not particularly fond of the artwork on buildings, the Basilica of Bom Jesus has been a major attraction of Goa for five solid millennia. It is one of the oldest churches that still houses the remains of one of the most respected Christian dignitaries, St. Francis Xavier.
The Basilica of Bom Jesus was built at the turn of the 16th century and was used to find the Society of Jesus. Saint Francis Xavier and his dear friend St Ignatius Loyola brought Christianity into India. Protected under the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the remains of Saint Francis Xavier still remain intact and cared for.
The interiors of the oldest church are fascinating. With floor-to-ceiling screens depicting images of the infant Jesus being protected by St. Loyola, the images of the Holy Trinity, and more, it celebrates the dawn of Christianity in this beautiful country. Even the floors, walls, and ceiling reflect a holistic vibe that immediately subdues the mind of all its constellations. You cannot miss visiting the Basilica of Bom Jesus with your spouse on your honeymoon in Goa.

10. South Goa

Although North Goa is the most coveted holiday destination due to its coastline scattered with unique beaches that have distinctive attractions to offer, South Goa is the true heart of the city. South Goa consists of areas that were inhabited during Portuguese rule in Goa and still supports some of its exquisite architectural phenomena in town developments.
While partying and enjoying the beaches can be a relaxing as well as lively experience on your Goa honeymoon trip, take some time to explore the chance of the southern regions of the state. This is where you will witness the enigmatic culture of Goa and its true essence. The areas are clustered with small towns that have a rich history which goes back decades contributing not only to the heritage of Goa but to the country of India itself.
South Goa also houses Butterfly beach which is a couple-friendly destination that makes it a must-visit for honeymooners. There are a number of other beaches in the area to explore as well as waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, and more. South Goa offers diversity and cultural stimulation that are highly sought-after by newlyweds for a thrilling experience in Goa.

Best beaches in Goa

Goa is a coastal region and you can find the best beach destinations here. The popular beaches offer a ton of water activities as well as restaurants and clubs all around the perimeter. In fact, one of Goa’s many charms is to start walking from Baga beach all the way to Anjuna at a stretch without any interruptions while you enjoy a cool beer, sinking your feet into the sand.
Here are the top beaches that you must visit in Goa:

1. Anjuna Beach
2. Agonda Beach
3. Arambol Beach
4. Baga Beach
5. Benaulim Beach
6. Butterfly Beach
7. Calangute Beach
8. Candolim Beach
9. Colva Beach
10. Morjim Beach
11. Palolem Beach
12. Panaji Beach
13. South Goa Beach
14. Vagator Beach

During the daytime, you can partake in various fun activities and adventures at the beach of your choice, go swimming, or sit on the clean, white sand to relax. In the evening, most of the beach-front restaurants extend their seating all the way to the side of the water or the cliffs overlooking the sea. You can enjoy a tranquil dinner with some live music, go for karaoke or party at the popular nightclubs in Goa.

Goa honeymoon places to visit

Goa is a heaven for not only solo travellers looking for relaxation and parties but also families, friends, business associates, and especially couples. The open-minded locals welcome visitors from all over India and abroad to bask in the Goan sun and explore the various attractions in the numerous villages and small towns Of Goa.
The state is littered with Forts, churches, beaches, and towns with rich Portuguese history. If you love to explore new experiences, then make time in your itinerary when planning your Goa honeymoon packages to visit the following best places in Goa:

1. Candolim

This beachside attraction holds many wonders that amaze and amuse couples. Here are some of the Goa honeymoon places that you must visit on Candolim beach:

○ Aguada Fort
○ Sinquerim Fort
○ The St. Lawrence Chapel
SinQ Night Club
○ The stretch down to Calangute and Baga Beach

2. Anjuna

With its numerous relaxation spots and thriving party life, Anjuna Beach has quickly become one of the most visited locations in Goa. Take a walk along the rocky shores or the cliffside and visit the following romantic places in Goa while you are there:

○ Curlies Café and Nightclub
○ Café Lilliput
Shiva Valley
○ Blue Whale Water Park
The Anjuna flea market
○ Little Vagator
○ Sunburn Festival, if it is conducted during the time of your visit.

3. Baga

Known for its tranquillity, nightlife and scrumptious culinary charms, Baga beach is one of the most popular destinations where honeymooners love to spend their time. Here are some of the places that you simply must visit on your Goa honeymoon trip aside from the beach at Baga:

○ The Casa de Retiro
○ Our Lady of piety
○ Dr Salim Ali bird sanctuary
○ Chapora Fort
○ Aguada Fort

4. Calangute

As one of the major beach attractions in Goa, Calangute offers a number of beautiful places to visit on your honeymoon trip to Goa. Aside from Calangute Beach itself, here are some of the Goa honeymoon places you can visit for an enriching experience with your spouse:

○ St. Alex Church
○ Casino Palms
○ Benz Celebrity Wax Museum
○ Goa Aquatics
○ Wild Goa
○ Literati Book Shop and Cafe
○ The Cyril Yoga Ayurveda Centre
○ Mystery rooms
○ The Tibetan Market
○ Calangute Market
○ Holiday Street
○ Shalala Handicrafts
○ The Decades Bar
○ Café Mambo

5. Vagator Beach

Thriving on nightlife, trance parties, and delightful shacks all around, Vagator is a treat to the senses. The area sports museums and shopping markets alongside the panoramic beach view. Even though any place you visit in Vagator will amaze you, here are the top locations you must add to your itinerary for the honeymoon tour in Goa:

○ Bharat Yoga Centre
○ Sensistaan
○ Conrad D'Costa
○ Let's Play
○ Feetology Spa and Salon
○ Soiree
○ Sunburn, if your trip is during the grand festival
○ Goa Collective Bazaar

6. South Goa

Unlike most of north Goa, there is more than just a handful of romantic places in Goa to explore in the South regions. The vastness of the region calls for extended periods of exploration, with each place providing a welcome respite to the senses. Make room in your itinerary during your Goa honeymoon in to check out the following places in South Goa:

○ Agonda Beach
○ Benaulim Beach
○ Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
○ Bogmalo Beach
○ Cabo De Rama Fort
○ Cavelossim Beach
○ Chandor
○ Colva Beach
○ Dudhsagar Falls
○ Goa Chitra Museum
○ Holy Spirit Church
○ Japanese Gardens
○ Loutolim
○ Palolem beach
○ Mollem National Park
○ Mormugao Indian Naval Base
○ Nagesh Gardens
○ Our Lady of Grace Church
○ Se Cathedral
○ St. Cajetan Church
○ St. Xavier’s Church
○ Tambdi Surla Waterfall
○ Tanishkar’s Organic Spice Farm
○ Varca Beach
○ Vasco Da Gama

7. Divar Island

A tourist site in itself, Divar Island is one of the oldest inhabited colonies in Goa that remains devoid of exploitation. There is no particular place on Divar Island you need to visit to feel connected to its divine beauty.
First colonised by the Portuguese in Goa, Divar Island is populated by churches, houses built in traditional Portuguese architecture, numerous Paddy fields, and dense forests all around. Commercialization and tourist exploitation never made their way into this serene spit of land due to its distance and disconnection from the mainland of Goa.
The only way to visit Divar Island is with a short ferry ride across the sea from the ports of Old Goa. You can go on an exploration tour of Portuguese architecture and include Divar Island on your itinerary during your honeymoon tour in Goa.

The culinary charms of Goa

Goa is a coastal state with fishing as the primary profession. Therefore it is no surprise that most of its culinary offerings are dominated by seafood. This is not to say that they don’t offer an exquisite range of vegetarian, poultry, and hard meats cooked in their special concoctions. In fact, one of the many charms of Goa is its diversity, even when it comes to food. You can find all manners of diets, including vegan if you prefer.
Here are some of the famous dishes in the Goan cuisine that you simply must try once during your honeymoon in Goa:

1. Chicken Cafreal – A starter dish featuring chicken marinated and fried in a mixture of ground green chillies mixed with local herbs and spices.
2. Shark Ambot Tik – A unique dish prepared in Goa made of shark meat cooked in tomato and spice gravy consisting of red chillies and kokum.
3. Xitti Kodi – A type of Goan fish curry prepared with Pomfret or King Fish in a delicious concoction of raw mango, coconut, and local spices.
4. Samarachi Kodi – A prawn-based dish made with onions, tomatoes, coconut, and tamarind in coconut milk.
5. Prawns Xeque – A side dish prepared with prawns dropped in a delicious gravy made of garlic, onions, tomatoes, and ground spices.
6. Fish Recheado – A stuffed fish starter made of pomfret hollowed out to hold a mixture of onions and spices that pack a delightful tangy taste.
7. Chicken Xacuti – A side dish made of chicken, poppy seeds, and spicy Kashmiri chillies and served with rice.
8. Pork Vindaloo – A side dish prepared with a delicious mix of garlic, onions, chillies, and vinegar with local spices.
9. Sorpotel – A concoction of onion, garlic and local spices cooked with a red meat of your choice be it beef, pork, or mutton.
10. Crab Xacuti – A variation of the chicken dish prepared with carefully treated crabs in poppy seed, and chillies mixture.
11. Feijoada – Goan variation of stew consisting of coconut milk, red beans, salted pork, and local spices.
12. Khatkhate – Another stew fit for vegetarians seeking a wholesome concoction of carrots, beans, potatoes, and drumsticks topped with red chillies and coconut.
13. Sorak – A treat for vegetarians made of onions and tomatoes mixed with spices that delight the taste buds.
14. Bebinca – A Goan variation of cake baked one layer at a time with a batter prepared from flour, coconut milk, eggs, and sugar.
15. Patolea – A filling of red rice mixed with cardamom, jaggery, and coconut is wrapped in a tamarind leaf to prepare this eclectic sweet dish.

The flavours of Goa speak highly of the cultural diversity of the state. The dishes are majorly influenced by their time with the Portuguese empire and they cherish their cultural heritage with every bite.

Things to do in Goa

Goa is a place of adventure, a place for couples to relax and bond, a place to explore architecture and history, and a place where you can delve into the natural beauty of heaven and water and everything in between. There are so many things to do here to spend time and connect on your new adventure as a couple. Here are some of the popular things to do in Goa that attract most couples to Goa for their special vacation:

1. Relaxing at the beach, playing in the warm water streaming in from the Arabian Sea and enjoying the Goan sunset can be a unique, mind-altering experience for couples.
2. Cycling through the various small towns of Goa, surrounded by architecture and greenery with your partner can be enriching to the soul.
3. Partaking in adventure sports such as parasailing, scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. Can be a real bonding experience for thrill-seeking couples.
4. Taking a boat ride with no one but your partner on the open waters is another way to get to know each other as newlyweds.
5. Enjoying an excursion with a tour guide or traipsing through the towns by yourself to view the many waterfalls and caves in Goa is quite an adventure in itself.
6. Going for a Goan cruise to explore the multitude of islands and the high seas around the coast of Goa.
7. Vibing to the nightlife of Goan clubs with peppy music or at a trance club for a soul-bonding with your spouse.
8. Taking a casino cruise or visiting the floating casino can give you quite an adrenaline rush as you gamble with your partner to set up a nest egg for your future.
9. Touring through the popular forts and locales featured in movies can feel quite unreal, as though you are in a movie yourselves.
10. Taking a sunset trip on a spectacular houseboat on the Chapora River while gazing at the historical Chapora fort is both enticing and relaxing.
11. Commemorating your honeymoon trip in Goa with an authentic photo shoot.
12. Hiking through the spice plantations and forests to witness nature at its finest is quite rejuvenating to the mind and body.
13. Taking wildlife safaris is a great new experience for couples, especially those who are caught in the bustle of city life.
14. Reflecting upon your future together at one of the many churches of Goa can be spiritually enriching.
15. Shopping at the various flea markets of Goa with their distinctive works of handicraft and artwork while you plan the décor of your house is good for couples.
16. Sailing and kayaking in Goa on the open seas will make you hold hands and support each other while you laugh and let the wind catch your hair.
17. Having a picnic by candlelight at the beaches to celebrate the dawn of a new life together is ethereal.

Each location and each beach in Goa has a unique gift for travellers. You will find so many things to do, so choose what you love most and experience these moments with the picture-perfect view of Goa in the background.

Shopping in Goa

Goa is famous for more than its adventures and relaxation. The markets of Goa sell the most beautiful objects at such reasonable prices that your jaw is bound to drop. Collect souvenirs, and home décor, or shop for outfits with the Goan theme at one of the many flea markets and malls on your honeymoon tour in Goa. Here are some of the top places to go shopping in Goa :

1. Anjuna Flea Market is a haven for shoppers. You can find countless stores with a range of jewellery, accessories, clothing, footwear, handicrafts, woodwork, wall hangings, bed sheets and covers, and even Goan souvenirs. You can also find stores for home décor including those that sell hammocks to bring home the Goan vibe.
2. Baga Market is famous for its diversity. On the one hand, you have the local market with a wide selection of clothing, accessories, textiles, souvenirs, miniature décor items, and eatables. You also have the Tibetan market where you can find accessories to help with meditation and bring home good luck with the numerous prayer flags, bells, sculptures, etc.
3. Arpora Night Market is the ultimate destination to collect souvenirs from your honeymoon in Goa. Located around the many clubs in the area, this market attracts international travellers looking for miniature Goan articles such as local craftwork, spices, floating lanterns, wall hangings, and more.
4. Calangute Market Square is the perfect place to collect memorabilia from your honeymoon trip to Goa. They have everything from jewellery, leather items, seashell products, beach attire, carpets, and rugs, and for enthusiasts, shops that carry the most unique ashtrays and similar products.
5. Mapusa Market carries a selection of handicraft works that will remind you each day of the astounding trip you had in Goa with your spouse. It is the perfect place to pick up items of home décor.
6. CocoRoots is the ultimate destination for jewellery lovers. The range of accessories made with beautiful stones embedded in exquisite metalworks to those made from animal horns, seashells, coconut shells, bone, etc. is more than trinkets. They offer a part of Goa that you take home at the end of your honeymoon.

Shopping in Goa is both exciting and enthralling. You can roam through the markets for hours, shop bags full of stuff and you still won’t be spending as much as you do back home. The Goan markets are pretty flexible on bargaining but you must remember that they thrive on the tourist economy, so don’t bargain too much.

Best places in Goa for honeymooners to stay

Goa has a natural charm to welcome tourists, especially couples on their honeymoon. Of course, on your special vacation, you will need to find accommodation in a place that offers an easy commute to go sightseeing as well as romantic places in Goa to sit back and relax, bonding with your spouse. The best places in Goa for honeymooners to stay are as follows:

1. Candolim – The hippest beachside and a coveted location for beach festivals.
2. Anjuna – A jagged paradise with beaches and cliffs, and the famous Curlies café at a stone’s throw distance.
3. Baga – A perfect amalgamation of lively nightlife, adventure sports, and peaceful beaches.
4. Arambol – A quiet location for couples to relax and enjoy the clear blue sea and white sand beaches.
5. Calangute – The ultimate destination to enjoy water activities and view marine life in its natural beauty.
6. Vagator – Panoramic views, shacks, and trance parties will enliven your honeymoon in Goa.
7. South Goa – The place of deep history and cultural diversity, with locations dedicated to couples who want to enjoy each other’s company freely. Of course, South Goa offers a greater number of notable options for accommodation, coupled with its varying charms in terms of sightseeing and adventures.

You can also scout luxurious cottages and shacks along these best places in Goa to stay. When booking your Goa honeymoon packages with Thomas Cook, you can explore the varied options available and choose to stay in a more favourable location as per your needs.

The adventures of Goa

With the sparkling water and low-hanging cliffs, it is hard to not think about doing something adventurous when in Goa. The locals must feel the same way because they have arranged a number of activities that are bound to entice travellers and honeymooners. Regardless of your preferences for adventure sports, you will always find one or more activities that excite you on your honeymoon in Goa.
Here are some of the major adventures in which you can partake both in the North and South regions of Goa:

1. Scuba diving and snorkelling to explore the marine life in their natural habitat around Grande Island or Malvan Island.
2. Jet skiing alone or with your spouse around Baga Beach.
3. Banana Boat rides and Bumper rides with your partner at the many facilities offered at Baga Beach.
4. Paragliding through the skies with your partner is a major attraction at Anjuna Beach.
5. Going on hot air balloon rides from the historical village of Assolda in South Goa.
6. Getting an adrenaline rush from gambling on one of the many casino cruises around Goa, including the floating casino.
7. Parasailing with your spouse while fastened securely to a boat with expert divers near Calangute Beach.
8. Bungee jumping off a helicopter ride near Mayem Lake is an unworldly experience.
9. Kayaking in with your partner at the creeks near Baga Beach.
10. Surfing on the high waves thrashing at Morjim.
11. Cliff jumping at Anjuna or in South Goa.

There are numerous activities to do in Goa. Sail through the skies or in the water, glide on for a bird-eye view of the coastline, and feel the wind brushing against your hair as you jump from a helicopter or a cliff. Each sport leaves you feeling an adrenaline rush and reaching for your partner’s hand. It is a truly enigmatic experience to witness such thrills amid exquisite beauty.

Interesting facts about Goa

Goa is a fascinating land with rich cultural history. Every year, millions of people visit Goa and explore its most popular sites, beaches, party hubs, villages, and more. But the land still holds some secrets that are seldom known by the tourists who roam around the state to relax and recoup.
Here are some interesting facts about Goa that are known to very few people: 1. Did you know there are floating casinos in Asia, the largest of which is in Goa? You can reach it by a short ferry ride from Panjim.

2. Goa is the wealthiest state in India in terms of per capita due to its small size. Attracting numerous tourists on any given day contributes to Goa’s popularity and income, however, the local population is quite small, and therefore it wins by numbers as compared to larger cities.
3. Goa is home to Asia’s singular naval base due to its large number of ports and access to the sea.
4. Goa also houses the largest church in Asia, which is the Se Cathedral church located in Old Goa. It features portraits of Catherine of Alexandria and various carvings and scenes from her life. There is even an altar dedicated to her.
5. Goa is also the destination for the highest waterfall in India, the Dudhsagar Falls.
6. Goa is famous for its alcohol and nightlife. But did you know it has over 1000 drinking establishments in that small piece of land?
7. Although India was defended and achieved independence on 15th August 1947, Goa remained under the rule of the Portuguese even then. On 19th December 1961, after more than 14 and a half years, Goa was finally freed. Thus, they celebrate Goa Liberation Day as well as Indian Independence Day as part of their inclusive tradition.
8. People who were born before the liberation of Goa from under the rule of the Portuguese were offered s dual citizenship of India as well as Portugal.
9. Although there are many states in India that feature beaches, Goa is a tiny speck of land compared to them all. Yet, it not only features the greatest number of beaches but also a distinguished attraction at each of them. It is thus often referred to as the Beach capital of India.
10. Goa was the proud host of the very first-ever film festival held in India in 1952. Since then the festival has been conducted in different locations until 2004 when Goa became the enduring champion to host it every year since.
11. Goa’s capital city was also home to the very first medical college in Asia. Established by the Portuguese at the time, it has now shifted to Bambolim as the state was restructured.
12. Back when the Portuguese were still establishing their roots in Goa, they opened the first printing press, which remains the first in India.
13. Goa is not only the coastline but also a cluster of 150 islands away from the mainland.
14. Goa is one of the few states in India where gambling is absolutely legal.
15. St. Francis Xavier’s mausoleum is located in Goa and is marked as a heritage site by UNESCO. It signifies the birth of Christianity in the country of India. It is situated within the Basilica of Bom Jesus Church.

When taking a honeymoon tour in Goa, make sure to visit the lesser-known destinations to witness architectural marvels and scenic views that are unparalleled to any other holiday destination. You will have a rejuvenating experience of realizing just how old this country and the culture of Goa really are.

The Goan culture

Goa is a land of cultural diversity and friendliness. Ruled by the Portuguese for over 500 years, Goa established a custom to welcome all kinds of people regardless of their caste, religion, region, gender, and class distinctions.
Although the Portuguese established the Christian religion and its practices in the state of Goa, there are also people from Hindu, Muslim, and Jewish religions residing harmoniously with each other. In a way, the Portuguese traditions opened up the scope to explore the variety and welcome change into the Goan lifestyle.
Goa is famous for its parties, yes, but not all parties in Goa are clubbing events. In fact, the most famous parties in Goa are conducted by the locals where they partake in traditional dances and music, popularly in Jive, Samba, Cha Cha Cha, and ballroom dancing. This is also a custom practised during celebrations of festivals as well as small parties. The Goan people relish in their own merriment inclusively with their neighbours.
The people of Goa are also ferociously patriotic. Even though the state did not join the Indian Independence till much later, the people of Goa believe that they are and always have been a part of India. That is probably why they do not distinguish who they welcome into their picturesque state of joy.
Goa is steeped in history and the Goan people hold that to their heart. While they partake in every new celebration, their historical roots are closer to their hearts. Thus, they preserve their monuments and ancient architecture, frequently celebrating their heritage all the way back to the Mauryan kingdom. They are also very handy with craft and textile work. Most pieces you collect in Goa will reflect their culture and history in some way or another.
The people of Goa are also comparatively more open-minded than the rest of the country. They are majorly influenced by western cultures, what with the constant swarm of international tourists. This has made them more tolerant towards more ideologies, thus making it one of the safest places to live and visit especially with Goa packages for couples.
The Goan people prefer a laid-back lifestyle, going about their daily lives with ease. As a coastal tourist destination, their primary occupations revolve around fishing, tour guiding, and hospitality, which they cherish. They welcome tourists with open arms and celebrate every occasion like there is no tomorrow.

Other honeymoon packages to consider

Goa is an enigmatic coastal region with a tremendous number of attractions. The party scene in Goa is always happening and the relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place for couples to start their new lives together.
However, if you are not too fond of Goa honeymoon packages for your first holiday as a couple, here are some other best-selling packages for honeymooners. You can choose from a range of domestic and international packages as per your preference.

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There are a number of other domestic and international Goa tour packages for couples travelling from India. The above-mentioned honeymoon packages are most favoured due to their diverse destinations and amenities. You can visit the Thomas Cook website to identify more suitable honeymoon packages for you and your spouse After all, this is your special time and the memories you create on your honeymoon will stay with you for the rest of your lives together.

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People also asked about Goa Honeymoon Packages

1. Are there restrictions at the beaches in Goa?
There are no such restrictions on the beaches of Goa. Some clubs and restaurants arrange parties and seating at the beach. You can enjoy the beach at night as well. However, due to the high current, swimming is not allowed after dark most of the year. There are dedicated beach patrol to ensure your safety.
2. Is Goa safe for couples?
Absolutely. Goa is a very friendly and welcoming region with a high emphasis on security. There will be authorities patrolling the areas and ensuring the safety of tourists and locals. You must practice personal safety too, as is the case in any place, but Goa is quite peaceful and safe for couples.
3. How much alcohol can I carry back from Goa?
You can safely cross the border with at least 2 litres of hard alcohol. Beyond that, the border patrol may either levy surcharge or you may have to lose a bottle or two.
4. Can I hire bikes in Goa?
Yes, there are a number of facilities where you can rent a two-wheeler for a short term in Goa. The petrol prices are also pretty cheap as compared to the rest of India so you can roam around endlessly with your two-wheeler vehicle.

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