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About Canada Holiday - Visiting Canada has never been easier thanks to Thomas Cook India’s Canada holidays. Thomas Cook India’s provides you with a range of Canada holiday packages customised to suit your every need. Choose from Thomas Cook India’s range of Canada tour packages ranging from a time efficient Canada- Northern Lights of The Yukon (3 nights and 4 days) to a more elaborate, immersive Best of Americas with Bahamas Cruise (21 Nights and 22 Days). Each of these vacations to Canada is available on the Thomas Cook India website starting from a budget of INR 45,240 to a splurge worthy INR 5,04,298. Booking your Canada holiday couldn’t be easier, and Thomas Cook India wants it that way. Why worry about the nitty gritty of booking, planning and searching for deals, let Thomas Cook India handle the hard parts of your Canada tour, all you need to do is pack and show up on time.

Every Canada tour from Thomas Cook India is meticulously planned and curated by our team of travel experts whose mission to ensure your Canada holiday is as memorable as possible. With comfortable accommodations, expert guides and scrumptious meals Thomas Cook India strives to make vacations great again.

With Canada holiday packages available from all major cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore getting to Canada with Thomas Cook India is convenient and comfortable.

Most Popular Canada Tour Packages

Canada Tour Packages No. of Nigts / Days Price*
East Coast of Canada 5 Nights/ 6 Days  Rs. 1 17 871
Best of Canadian Rockies 8 Nights/ 9 Days  Rs. 2 17 032
Canadian Delights 12 Nights/ 13 Days  Rs. 3 24 956
Best of Canadian Rockies With Alaskan Cruise 15 Nights/ 16 Days  Rs. 3 47 141

About Canada Holidays

It is general knowledge that Canada is the second-largest country in the world. But, what so many of us don’t know is that Canada is also an influx of charming landscapes. Its awe-inspiring scenery, vibrant cities and cultures and welcoming vibe make it a very popular tourist destination, especially for Asians.

And, to make this awe-inspiring scenery extend to a heart-warming trip, Thomas Cook India is here to help you choose the kind of holiday you can make the most out of.

Canada is the land of majestic mountains. It is the land of lush green forests, and mesmerizing coastlines. What we know of Canada is very little compared to what the reality of the harmonious country is. And, well, do you know what its reality is? Vibrant and culturally rich cities full of natural and manmade wonders- yes, that’s what. Canada is home to people from different cultures and backgrounds. The accepting nature of this country makes home to people of different descent- British, French and others.

How to go to Canada?
Multiple Indian cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore have constant flights from India to Canada. These flights connect to most major Canadian cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. While most flights are generally connecting flights that have one or two halts, there are also some 15-hour long direct flights from New Delhi to Toronto and Mumbai to Toronto.

Best time to go to Canada:
Yes, we know that countries of the west remind us of snowfall (the sight of which looks straight out from a fairytale), and snow-covered streets. But, as tempting as it is to visit Canada during the winter, the best time to visit is during summer, between June and September. The weather is warm and pleasant. This is the perfect time to enjoy natural landscapes such as lakes, gardens and parks. This is also the ideal time to visit the countryside and to enjoy outdoor lunches and picnics.

Winter, of course, also has pros and cons of its own. However, Canada experiences extreme cold during the winter as the temperature drops drastically. But winter also means that you would get to enjoy winter sports like skating and skiing. Depending on the activities you want to engage in, and the places you want to visit, you must decide if you want to visit during the summer or winter.

Places to visit in Canada:
Quebec City:
Quebec City is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Canada. If you’re someone who enjoys the feel of colourful old towns, high-domed churches and narrow streets filled with tiny art stalls and ice cream places, then Quebec City is the place to visit! Called North America’s oldest walled city, we would recommend Quebec for couples looking forward to a romantic getaway.

Niagara Falls:
Of course, no discussion about Canada will ever be complete without a mention of the marvelous, majestic and mesmerizing Niagara Falls. As is commonly known, one can see half of the falls from the town of Niagara in Canada, while the other half can be seen from the United States of America. For those interested, there are also ferry services that tour you around the falls. En route these ferry jet boats is a remarkable experience of its own, especially when one nears the falls and feels the gentle spray of water on their face.

The town of Niagara is not just known for these falls, but also for the many casinos that are spread around the area.

St John’s:
The artistic town of St John’s is famous among locals and tourists alike as Mini San Francisco for its colourful, picture-perfect town vibe. This town, with its technicoloured houses, has a vibrant atmosphere and appeals to the creative side of even the most practical of souls. Despite being one of the oldest towns of the country, St John’s has a refreshing vibe that makes for a pleasant getaway.

Whistler hosts the largest ski resorts in the entire North American continent. This is a winter wonderland and has everything- from snowboarding and skiing to tobogganing. Whistler, however, is not a day trip, and we would recommend staying there for a couple of days to make the most out of the many resorts in the area.

Tofino is the perfect place to go to if you're looking for a beach-y getaway. For the love of sea, sand and sun, you must indulge in a visit to Tofino and explore the beautiful Long Beach and Chester Man beach.

Old Montreal:
For all of you old-school souls, Old Montreal will literally seem like a scene from your favourite 18th-century novel. With impressive architecture, horse-drawn carriages, domed buildings and quaint bistros, the city of Old Montreal has an old-worldly charm to it. This is actually a perfect vacation spot, especially if you're looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

This is one of our personal favourites to visit in Canada. And, for one particular reason: polar bears. Churchill is the polar bear of the world! If even that doesn't sound exciting to you (HOW!), then what about underwater activities? Churchill is the hub of that and more!

What to eat in Canada?
Out of respect for this amazing dish, we had to put it first! Imagine a plate full of hot, crispy fries topped with cheese and rich gravy of your choice. Does it sound tempting? This French-Canadian dish has gained considerable popularity over time and is now available globally. The dish has vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian variants.

Butter tarts:
Well, tarts are not a big novelty. But, how often have you heard of butter tarts? They sound ordinary but believe us when we say their taste is anything but ordinary. Flaky pastry shells are filled with butter, sugar and eggs to make the lip-smacking butter tarts that Canada is so famous for!

Bannock, essentially a type of bread, was the staple food of Canada's Aboriginal people. However, over the years this bread has undergone many changes. Now, one would find many versions of bannock available in most patisseries throughout the country. There is baked bannock and then, there is fried bannock. This is one of those things that you would want to carry back with you!

Caesar Cocktail:
Who doesn't like cocktails? Nobody. Yes, we thought so! Well, when in Canada, you must let loose and party a little. And, what better way to party than by trying the country's national cocktail? The Caesar, made with vodka, clamato juice, Tabasco and Worcestershire sauce is Canada's version of the Bloody Mary. But what really makes this set out from the others is the garnishing. Along with the traditional garnishing of a salt rim and celery stalk, some restaurants and bars have upped their game by including an entire roast chicken, sliders, onion rings and even hot dogs as rim companions!

Pouding chômeur:
The name of this pudding literally means 'unemployment pudding'. It is said that this pudding was introduced during the time of the Great Depression. This classic French-Canadian dessert is made of a few basic ingredients- cake batter topped with hot syrup. Its charm lies not in its ingredients or preparation, but in its deliciously sweet taste that melts the heart and its woes!

What to do in Canada:
Visit the CN Tower:
The CN Tower is the landmark of Toronto. It is an 1815-feet long tower that highlights the city’s skyline. The tower offers not just a very mesmerizing view, but also a very exciting experience through the glass floor. Looking down through the glass below your feet is a once-in-a lifetime experience, truly!

Another exciting opportunity for all adventurous souls is walking on the edge of the CN tower. Equipped with protection gear like jumpsuits and harness, walking on the edge is sure to give a much-needed adrenaline rush!

Mountain Biking:
The winter land, as many people believe Canada to be, is not just about winter activities like skiing and snowboarding. It is also about outdoor activities like mountain biking in British Columbia. Canadian citizens, especially the people of Vancouver are very fond of outdoor activities as they like to make the most out of the pleasant weather. These enthusiasts have mapped out several mountain bikes trails. The towns of Sooke and Campbell River also have suitable terrains on which one can experience bicycle tours.

Canoe Your Way:
The landscapes of Canada offer more than just peace of mind. The mesmerizing icy blue lakes at Banff offer you the chance to float on a canoe, that you can navigate on your own, with your significant other. The cherry on top is that the beautiful lakes are surrounded by majestic fir trees and Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The same lakes also offer the option of kayaking, if you’re looking for a more thrilling activity.

Hop through West Queen West:
West Queen West is Canada’s trendiest and the hippest neighbourhood because of its amazing street art. This area is a must visit to pacify the spontaneous, creative soul within you. West Queen West is home to the trendiest artist and houses a lot of galleries. What’s more, the area also offers a chance to go on a free graffiti tour! Don’t miss out on exploring galleries like the Propeller and the Birch Contemporary.

Skate through the Ottawa Canal:
UNESCO has declared Ottawa Canal a world heritage site. And, the 202 km Rideau Canal is an entry in the Guinness Book of World as the world’s longest naturally frozen lake. This lake is best suited for ice skating during the months of January, February and March. The lake is surrounded by snack stations and changing stations. This region also hosts the Winterlude Festival which has ice sculptures, live music and dance festivals.

Party in Vancouver City:
This is probably the most exciting invitation for most of our readers. Vancouver is known for its wild and frolic nightlife! With various clubs situated in a line, you will find enough and more options to unwind with a pint of beer and some delectable snacks.

So, what are you waiting for? Book your Canada tour through Thomas Cook India. All you have to do is tell us where you want to go and when, and we will plan it out for you!

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