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    Last Updated : 13th January 2021
  • When will Dubai be open for tourists?
  • Dubai is open and tourists can now travel to Dubai with a Tourist visa.

  • What are the international travel requirements when travelling to Dubai?

  • The following requirements are necessary when travelling to Dubai:
  • From 1 August all tourists, residents, citizens and transit passengers must present a valid negative PCR test.
  • Passengers must carry an original print out of their negative RT –PCR test certificate when they travel. This must have been issued by an ICMR accredited lab within 96 hours to the departure time. The UAE government has specified designated laboratories. You can either use the recommended laboratories in the list or any trusted and certified laboratories in your country of origin to get your COVID-19 PCR test. (If you are flying from India, Pakistan, Nigeria or Bangladesh, you must get your certificate from one of the labs listed in the designated laboratories document to be accepted on the flight).
  • The PCR test report conducted in India should have stamp of the hospital/clinic and signature of the Doctor; without this the test report may be rejected by the immigration in India.
  • Name on PCR Certificate should be as per Passport only.
  • Soft copies of the RT-PCR test certificate on mobile are not accepted; Hard copy is a must to be carried.
  • Other test certificates including antibody tests and home testing kits are not accepted in Dubai.
  • Web checkin Mandatory
  • PAX have to visit airport minimum 3 – 4 hours prior to departure
  • Valid entry visa to visit the UAE.
  • Proof of hotel accommodation booking and return flight ticket upon arrival in the UAE.
  • Hard Copy of the Medical Overseas Travel Insurance with international coverage before travelling.
  • Passengers are required to complete the Health Declaration Form before departure. https://betawebapi.dcaa.gov.ae/Uploads/pdfs/HEALTH_DECLARATION_FORM.pdf
  • Install Aarogya Setu App before you reach the airport.
  • Tourists are required to register all their details in the COVID-19 DXB app iOS-Android

  • Note: Airlines have the right to deny travelers if they display any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Will Children and infants be subject to COVID-19 PCR tests as well?
  • Infants and children below 12 years old are not required to do the COVID-19 PCR test. All older ages are required to conduct the COVID-19 PCR test except those with severe or moderate disabilities will be exempted from the pre-arrival PCR test. (differs from airline to airline hence a pre check to be done)

  • What are the procedures upon arrival at Dubai Airport?
  • Passengers are required to give their quarantine undertaking form to the Dubai Health Authority staff on arrival. https://c.ekstatic.net/ecl/documents/dubai-arrivals-quarantine-procedure-declaration-form-july.pdf
  • All arrival passengers have their temperature taken with thermal screening devices.
  • Passengers must also download the COVID19 – DXB Smart App iOS-Android
  • Passengers may need to take another COVID-19 PCR test on arrival. If you take a test at the airport, you must remain in your hotel or residence until you receive the test result.
  • If the test result is positive, you will be required to undergo isolation and follow the Dubai Health Authority guidelines.

  • What happens if one tests positive on arrival at the Dubai airport after showing symptoms?
  • If the result is positive, compliance with 14-day isolation becomes mandatory.
  • Alternatives for isolation include institutional quarantine (dedicated hotels/facilities), home or hospitalization and potential options based on the patient’s assessment. The 14-day isolation period will be completed while following all necessary precautionary measures and monitoring of symptoms.
  • All the above will be at an additional cost to be borne by the passenger.

  • Will the passenger have to pay for quarantine / hotel stay during the treatment ?
  • Any hospitalization or medical treatment due to NCOV-19 will be covered in the overseas travel insurance policy as per the medical limits of the policy. Home or hotel quarantine is not covered.

  • Where can one find the official measures and requirements by the Dubai Government?

  • The tourists will be required to strictly follow precautionary measures, which include:
  • Maintaining physical distance from others as per guidelines
  • Wearing a face mask as required
  • Undergoing temperature checks

  • Please find below helpful links to official sources:
  • Are there still restrictions in Dubai? What is open or closed?
  • As a destination, the city adopts the highest international health and safety standards enabling the city to ensure the wellbeing of all our visitors remains the highest priority. Everyone must observe physical distancing guidelines and abide by the instructions and preventive measures outlined by concerned authorities for example wearing masks and washing hands regularly. Family entertainment, attractions, observation decks, public transport, parks, beaches, pools, as well as shopping malls and restaurants & cafes are open and fully operating. All activities follow strict hygiene and sanitization measures as well as implemented temperature checks to ensure the safety of guests. Please see Dubai Municipality www.dm.gov.ae for further information on specific attractions or refer to the official websites of events/attractions as well as their social media channels for up-to-date information.

  • What are the procedures for Exiting Dubai Airport & Return Travel to India?

  • You are advised to check the requirements of the country / state you are travelling to. The travel regulations change frequently. You may need to take a COVID-19 PCR test before you depart or another particular type of COVID-19 test specified by your destination.

    This is a list of authorised COVID-19 test laboratories in Dubai where you can get tested at an additional cost before you travel to your destination.
  • One must submit a self-declaration form online at www.newdelhiairport.in at least 72 hours before the scheduled return travel to India. This links works for International passengers arriving at any airport in India.
  • Before boarding, all passengers should also give an undertaking on the portal that they would undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days, which includes 7 days paid institutional quarantine at their own cost, followed by 7 days isolation at home.
  • Exemptions from institutional quarantine will be allowed only for very compelling reasons like pregnancy, death, serious illness in the family or in the case for parent(s) with children of the age of 10 years or below. For such cases, home quarantine may be permitted for 14 days. A request for exemption (for such cases) must be communicated during the online registration at www.newdelhiairport.in at least 72 hours before boarding. The decision taken by the government as communicated on the online portal will be final.
  • Customers arriving into the city of Mumbai from UK, European and Middle East Countries shall have to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine at their own cost. Such customers shall not undergo a RT-PCR test upon arrival however they will have to undergo the test during the 5th to 7th day of their quarantine at their own cost. If found negative customers shall be allowed to proceed to 7 days mandatory home quarantine.
  • A passenger arriving on an international flight who desires to catch an onward flight / connecting domestic flight for further journey, shall be permitted to do so if :
    • 1. Passengers arriving are permitted to take onward flights only after they have completed mandatory quarantine at the first port of entry into India or are exempted from being quarantined. Customers without RT-PCR negative certificate wanting to take an onward flight, can also get themselves tested at certain Indian airports upon arrival, at their own cost. They are free to take an onward flight if the RT-PCR report is negative.
    • 2. Upon arrival the passenger undergoes a mandatory temperature screening and completes a Self- Declaration Form which is then submitted to the APHO.
    • 3. The passenger has a valid RT-PCR test report, which has been conducted within 96 hours prior to departure. This report will be validated by the State Government official at arrival triage and be stamped accordingly.
    • 4. The passenger will then be permitted to exit the State Government triage area without having his/her hand stamped, and permitted to proceed to their domestic connecting flight through appropriate channels
    • 5. All passengers shall be advised to download the Arogya Setu app on their mobile devices
    • 6. Customers arriving into Mumbai taking onwards flights to states/cities outside the state of Maharashtra shall not be quarantined in Mumbai provided they are in possession of a COVID-negative certificate (RT-PCR) issued within 72 hrs of the departure or else conduct an RT-PCR test on arrival into Mumbai and await 6 hrs for the negative to proceed further to their final destination
    • 7. Customers arriving into Mumbai and taking onwards flights to cities within the state of Maharashtra shall be mandatorily quarantined in Mumbai

  • For detailed guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, click here
  • In case one of the persons in a family is found positive while testing before departure will there be full cancellation?
  • Case to case basis the cancellation charges will have to be checked for the services booked.

  • Is there a facility @ Indian airports on return for PCR test?
  • Covid-19 RT-PCR Testing facilities are currently available at both Mumbai and Delhi International airports.

  • Suppose if passenger is not carrying any mobile/Smartphone. Any other option to complete the PCR?
  • A Smartphone is a must for international travel.

  • For toll free helpline numbers in Dubai, visit https://www.dha.gov.ae/en/Pages/ContactUS.aspx

    The guidelines are subject to change.