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Singapore Tourism is thriving by the day. And there is a reason for that. Bling and sparkles everywhere with tall buildings, scrumptious food, and lightning speed transport; Singapore deserves a spot on your ultimate bucket list. You can whizz around Singapore in minutes with their super fast public transport system which makes it easier to explore this place. Be it the food or the culture; everything is taken seriously in Singapore. Be it the street hawkers or the luxury dining experiences, just follow your nose, and it will lead you to heaven. Keeping aside its magnificent culinary choices, the skyline of Singapore is to die for. Singapore is a concrete jungle with tall skyscrapers that fill the sky and trees that fill the roads. There is not a thing you cannot find in the shopping plazas of Singapore, including the heavenly duty-free shopping experience. This tiny, yet easy to explore-destination is one of those Asian potpourris of cultures that will leave you entranced.

If you are planning to travel to Singapore, you will certainly need a list of best places to visit in Singapore. The entire city is so interesting that you will not care about the sweltering heat to roam around in the city. The best Singapore packages will acquaint you to the bustling markets, crazy art galleries, beautiful designers, Chinese based medicines, and many other quirky items on sale that will satisfy the shopping fanatic in you. Name a thing, and Singapore will give you! This fantastic destination is one of the most beautiful man-made wonders that you cannot give a miss. The exquisitely beautiful attractions like Sentosa Island, Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios and Night Safari are the pride of Singapore tourism. 

Singapore is an ideal destination to plan a fun-filled holiday with family. There are a plethora of activities and attractions for your children. Let your little ones indulge in the adventures of Singapore night safari, river safari and Singapore zoo, and we assure you they will thank you for a zillion times. Plan your vacation to Singapore; we vouch, Singapore tourism never disappoints anyone! 


Singapore Quick overview:

  Currency   Singapore Dollar (SGD)
  Population   5.6 million
  Time Zone   UTC+8
  Area   719.9 km
  Capital   Singapore
  Official Language   English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
  Capital's calling code   +65

Tourism is a key industry and one of the major revenue generators for Singapore. The tourist footfalls increase manifolds every year courtesy its people friendly setting and heritage conservation policies. Public transport is quite convenient, its metro system, the MRT, is the most popular among tourists and citizens alike for its convenient accessibility.

Marked as the centre of Singapore tourism is the Orchard Road district, laden with multi-storey shopping centres and hotels. Among other tourist attractions are the Singapore Zoo, an open zoo where animals are kept in enclosures instead of caging them, the River Safari, comprising river Nile, Amazon, Tundra among many others; and the Night Safari, that facilitates patrons to explore habitats of different wildlife at night with minimally visible barriers.

Another major attraction for tourism in Singapore is the Jurong Bird Park, which is home to birds of many varieties from all around the world, including the good old flamingos. The Sentosa Island itself comprises a number of landmarks, one of which is the Fort Siloso, of World War II.  Furthermore, for the patrons who want to catch a glimpse of the entire Sentosa Island, can do so over the Tiger Sky Tower built on the island. Travellers can also partake in Sentosa Luge where they can go sleighing.  

Other major tourist attractions that would instantly strike a chord with the visitors and non-visitors of Singapore are the dual casinos Marina Bay Sands, Resorts World Sentosa, Merlion, which next to One Fullerton overlooking the Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios and Gardens By the Bay. The Singapore Botanic Gardens are marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the historic Raffles Hotel as a national monument.

Singapore Tourism has been effective in attracting travellers to the country due to its spectacularly clean, hygienic, and an environmentally friendly stature. It is also amongst the safest for its negligible crime rates. While it comprises people speaking multiple languages, English is the dominant of the lot, thereby making it convenient for travellers to communicate with the local people.

As per the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report of 2017, Tourism in Singapore was the third best in Asia after Japan and Hong Kong at the first and second ranks respectively. The given detailed information to follow should work as an effective Singapore tourism guide for the readers.

Singapore Geography:

Singapore is a beautiful sovereign island city-state, one among the few such remaining in the world. It is the second smallest in Asia however, courtesy its efficient and fast-paced progress it has quickly become a global economic stalwart.

The country is laden with ample of sightseeing and culinary offerings that travellers can choose from. In addition, Singapore also offers a great deal of luxury for those seeking a premium experience while on leisure or business travel, and some great avenues to always keep travellers busy with shopping.

Singapore is located much closer to the north of the equator, by 1 degree, which amounts to around 137 kilometres. Although it derives perception among travellers of being a small island state, it is, in fact, an amalgamation of 63 islands i.e. one main island surrounded by 62 other small islets.

Courtesy its tropical climate, the temperatures remain quite stable throughout the year with consistently distributed rainfall. The weather keeps the place welcoming enough all-round the year for business and leisure travellers alike.

Singapore has been given many names one of which is that of the ‘Garden City’ – due to its green policy to cover the area with lush gardens, serene parks, and tropical flora & fauna. Although Singapore may appear as a hub of tall standing commercial and residential hubs, the country is making relentless efforts towards striking the right balance between its socio, economic and environmental sustainability.

There is a lot to find here whether it’s about walking through forest trails, wooden bridges in the jungles, sighting plenty of diverse wildlife and much more.  Thanks to this flora and fauna, ‘Singapore’s Botanical Gardens’ is marked as the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It comprises a seamless blend of varied cultures viz. English, Chinese, Indian, Malay and Arabic

Singapore History:

A traveller is bound to be swayed by the historical riches of Singapore, in every aspect of its antique structures, and traditional values, that have endured extensive social and geographical changes. A highly civilised nation, Singapore offers that perfect blend of both eastern and western worlds.

Singapore’s growth as a nation over the past few years has only been exemplary to many other developing nations. Today it is marked as a global hub whether it is for commerce, finance, or transportation.

Furthermore, it has been globally recognised for its innovation, competitive stature, foreign exchange market, education, healthcare, oil refining & trading and much more. While such progress would sound amazingly overwhelming for a non-Singaporean, it certainly is not the case for this country, which thrives on relentless innovation and development.

A trip to the Colonial District, the core of the Singapore downtown is something worth cherishing. There are flocks of spice stores in Little India calling out to every passer-by with their aroma. The Arab stores, although tiny, selling some fine silk, and possibilities are to stumble upon some calligraphers and fortune tellers that will make one’s day.

Singapore has everything to offer, whether it’s music, festivals, nightlife, theatres or culinary. Whether the purpose is business or a family vacation, Singapore offers an array of activities that every traveller would cherish for a lifetime.

Singapore is a safe country, with strikingly hygienic and smoke-free public spots. It is the most wired nation in Asia.  The public transportation is so well organised that one does not need to take a personal vehicle out to commute. While one way to explore the city is to simply walk down places, there are tour buses and metro trains – MRT – that are well connected.

Standard of living is considerably high in Singapore, with a high average per capita income.

Singapore Population:

The idea of the multi-religious and multi-racial approach is deeply rooted in the soils of Singapore. The city has beautifully blended the cultures of English, Chinese, Indian, Malay and Arabic into a single culture of joy and festivity.

Singapore Religion:

Cosmopolitan nature of Singapore respects the diversified religion beliefs. The most followed religion is Buddhism due to the higher population of Chinese group.

Singapore Language(s):

Malay and English are widely used in Singapore due to its bilingual policy. So, if you know English, communicating with locals in Singapore won’t be a problem!

Get inspired by local culture and greet with– ‘hay, apa kabar?’ And you might hear in response— ‘selamat datang, I am denda!’

Singapore Currency:

SGD – Singapore Dollar is Singapore’s official currency unit. The paper notes are commonly denominated with $2, $5, $10, and $50, whereas coins come in 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and $1 denominations. SGD – Singapore Dollar is Singapore’s official currency unit. The paper notes are commonly denominated with $2, $5, $10, and $50, whereas coins come in 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents and $1 denominations.

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Singapore dollar


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