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Singapore Sightseeing - Top 100 Places to visit in Singapore in 2019

Although Singapore is an island city-state, there is an array of places to visit in Singapore for leisure and business travelers alike. Whether you are a nature admirer, a culture lover, or an adventure enthusiast, Singapore is that one destination that offers a wide range famous places in Singapore, well within yards’ access. Some of the most recommended and treasured places to visit in Singapore include the iconic Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Night Safari, Singapore River Safari, and Singapore Sea Aquarium.

Singapore has its own charm when it comes to culinary offerings. The colorful cuisines on offer will leave you awestruck with their unique taste and aroma. When in Singapore, travelers must try the local food, for that is what will give them the true flavor of the country’s culture. If you are to savor the culinary offerings of Southeast Asia, then Singapore is certainly the true gateway for a traveler to get a truly relishing experience. If Singapore Tourist Attractions are on your mind now, you might want to explore Thomas Cook Singapore Tour Packages for a Singapore Visa Application.

Numerous malls, flea markets, and small stores make Singapore a haven for the visitors who are on a shopping spree. Whether one is looking for a premium retail purchase or is on budget shopping, Singapore tourism will offer an array of options to choose from. When you shop in Singapore, you are bound to come back with your bags stuffed more than you may have expected. From apparels to souvenirs, from chocolates to gadgets, you will find the smallest of things here that you can take back home for yourself and your loved ones. Check out our Singapore Sightseeing options for an experience you will cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you are looking to have a good time while you are sipping on to your drink, or you want to step on the gas for some dance moves, Singapore offers an array of entertainment experiences that will blow you away. There are outdoor events, musical concerts, stand-up comedy performances and the list go on. This country will offer that perfect platform to mingle with people from all corners of the world while you are having a good time. 

If you are planning summer holidays with your family in Singapore then the best time to visit Singapore is between the months of June and August. For a detailed information on Singapore weather and seasons read the best time to visit Singapore. Also, it is imperative for you to know how to reach Singapore in the most convenient way when planning your vacation.

Plan a trip and don’t forget to get yourself the Best Travel Insurance for Asia at Thomas Cook.

Attractions in singapore


Gardens by the bay are man-made incredible nature park premises in the bay area of Singapore. This sprawling area is spread on 101 hectares in central Singapore. This mechanical garden is an icon of Singapore tourism. The vision of Singapore government was to bring a city in the garden, they wanted to make an environment for their citizens to live in peace and give them better surroundings to work.


18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Address:18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Tel: +65 6420 6848

Hours: Daily 05:00 - 02:00


The timing for outdoor garden is 05:00 to 02:00 daily, for conservatories and OCBC Skyway is 09:00 - 21:00 For Far East Organisation Children's Garden, is 09:00 - 21:00 on weekends and holidays, 10:00 - 19:00 from Tuesday to Friday, and closed on Mondays.


  • The Garden has the Largest Glass Greenhouse in the World.
  • Four themed spaces related to main ethnic groups India, Malay, Chinese.
  • Supertree Grove at Gardens by the bay with steel framed plantation generating the power.
  • Climate Control biomass based on the shape of an orchid flower. It is equivalent to the size of 4 football grounds
  • You can find different species of trees, vegetables, and plants under one roof.
  • Take home pitcher plants from different merchandises.
  • Host an unforgettable event within the flower dome with an unforgettable experience.


Admission to Gardens by the Bay

Entrance fees to the two conservatories: Flower Dome and Cloud Forest (both to be completed on the same day).


  • Adults (age 13+): Standard Ticket INR 1400
  • Child (age 3 - 12): Standard Ticket INR 750
  • Senior (age 60 and above): Standard INR 1400.

Recommended for

It is an iconic destination for waterfront gardens and conservatories, with flora and fauna that gives the pleaser to adults, kids, families.

How to get to Gardens by the bay

MRT: The Bayfront MRT Station and Tanjong Pager MRT Station are the closest to the place.

Shuttle: The shuttle runs between Bayfront MRT and Conservatories in every 10 minutes; it is wheelchair compliant.

Bus: Board bus No. 400 and get down at bus stop No. 03371 along Marina Gardens Drive, From Tanjong Pagar MRT Station take exit C and go towards stop no. 0323 located at Anson Road.

About Gardens by the bay

Their vision is to give their city a garden artistry that represents Singapore to the world. The $1 Billion fantasy garden consists of three waterfront gardens – Bay South Garden, Bay Central Garden and Bay East Garden. Bay South Garden is the largest of three gardens with 54 hectares that opened in 2012. This area has 18 super trees that generate solar power and collect rainwater to generate electricity and solar power to convert sunlight into energy. Each Supertree’s height is between 25 to 50 meters. Over 200 species of the planet and flowers are at the exterior of this vertical garden. You can enjoy music concerts, movie screenings, community events and school programs all within this magnificent premise.

Bay East Garden was opened in 2011 and it is the 2nd largest with a 32-hectare area. This space is opened to the public and has an unobstructed view of the city skyline. It is designed in the shape of a tropical leaf with its own design and theme. Bay Central Garden provides a link between the East Garden and South Garden. It is spread acoss 15 hectares that give you a fabulous view of the city. This garden is inspired by the culture of Singapore’s ethnic groups Indian, Chinese, and Malay.

Gardens by the Bay has two conservatory complexes, one is the Flower Dome and the other is the Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome is the world’s largest glass greenhouse, holding the Guinness World Record! It is a large area with a height of 38 Meters and maintains the temperature of 23 °C to 25 °C. In this quaint little town, tulips grow on the top like cupcakes. The Cloud Forest has a cool moist condition; at the highest point of the mountain there are vegetables found growing at 2000 meters above the sea level. The Crystal Mountain will help you know the importance of fossils and understand our planet's past. The cloud walk will let you look closer at various plant species. Treetop Walk is close to the forest canopy and gives you a bird's eye view. The Secret Garden is opened recently with 7,000 plants comprising more than 130 species.

OCBC Skyway, with a height of 22 meters and 128 meters long walkway, is the best place to click some snapshots with the beauty of its surrounding area. The Children Garden attracts your child with educational programs and water games. Bay East Garden is an open lawn with a fabulous view of the marina bay skyline. It is the place where you can chill out and enjoy the open area. There are many Art Sculptures placed in The Gardens by the Bay with incredible craft and stonework like Moongate, Planet Guardian Lions at the end of the supertree, trio of kingfishers at the Kingfisher Lake.

Interesting facts about Gardens by the Bay

  • Gardens by the Bay has some good restaurants that give you the assorted dishes with natural views
  • Skyways and walkways give you a fantastic aerial and birds-eye views
  • Learn about the culture and history of Singapore in the Heritage Garden.
  • Experiencing to visit Baobabs from Africa, Olive Tree from Spain, Kangaroo Paw from Australia.
  • Benjamin Sheares Bridge gives you the ideal venue for many types of events.
  • Give a treat to your eyes with breath-taking views of waterfronts.

Recognised worldwide, Universal Studios is lighting a fire of entertainment in the hearts of adventure seekers and fun lovers alike. Located within Resorts World Sentosa, it is the first ever Hollywood movie-themed park in Southeast Asia. The park is divided into seven movie-themed zones and each of them is uniquely designed. It features 24 rides and attractions that promise thrill, lots of laughter and lasting memories.

Fit for every age-group, Universal Studio is our top recommendation.

Zone 1 - Hollywood 

Hollywood zone will acquaint you with the glamorous world of Hollywood where you will come across gorgeous art nouveau buildings of 1940s.
The streets are lined up with a plethora of unique shops and restaurants.

The Star Attractions in Hollywood

Lake Hollywood Spectacular: Spectacular fireworks glaze the sky with bright lights. Good and uplifting music score is played throughout the firework show. Definitely not to miss out on.

Hollywood Walk of Fame: From the glamorous Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, a meet and greet session with the most famous superstars along the Hollywood boulevard will leave you star struck. Click a few pictures with Sesame, Minions and may more Universal movie stars.

Other attractions

Minion Mart: Buy minion toys, posters, merchandise and a lot more. The store is insipired by the famous Minion movie franchise produced by Universal Studios.

Hollywood China Bistro: One of the most famous eateries in the theme park. Enjoy lip-smacking Chinese food amidst a warm ambiance.

Universal Studio Store:  You can buy any article associated with Universal Studios all under one roof. This huge store is a dream come true for the fans and a must-visit.

Zone 2 – New York

This zone takes you back in the classic New York of 1940s with cobbled-stoned streets and faux gas lamps. Here you step on to a movie-set that replicates the Big Apple.

The Star Attractions in New York

Lights Camera Action!: A Steven Spielberg masterpiece, it is a show that follows a story of Hurricane hitting New York. It has the right flavours like every Universal Studio movie.

Other attractions

Sesame street spaghetti space chase:  A thrilling ride that is surely not to miss out on for the adrenaline rush. Sesame Street characters and special effects complete this ride.

Big Bird’s Emporium: A store that has all the sesame street characters related products on sale.

Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor: This is your destination if you crave the classic NY style pizza. Pick the best of authentic Italian pizzas that are served in variations.

Zone 3 – Sci-fi City

Explore the fabulous world of Sci-fi City, a perfect place for science fiction lovers. This is where you will experience next generation 4D motion-base thrill ride – The Transformers.

The Star Attractions in Sci-Fi City

Battlestar Galactica - Human or Cyclone: This is the tallest dueling roller coasters in the world at 42.5 m height. It is designed for optimum adrenaline rush with its diversions and loops. This is biggest challenge of all the 24 attractions and certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Transformers - The Ride:  A 4-D ride that takes you through all the dark, spooky loops and whirls. Apart from the 4-D effects, several other special effects like fog, water, warm air and many more are used to give a full-fledged end to the fun ride.

Other attractions

Starbot Cafe:  Starbot cafe is a cafe that serves great soulful food. Hog on junk food and the best soft-serve ice creams.

Accelerators:  A ride that can be equally enjoyed by the adults, senior citizens as well as the kids. Keeping up with the tradition of loops and turns, Accelerator is not as scary.

Zone – 4 – Ancient Egypt

After spinning on the exhilarating rides of Sci-fi world, step into the world of ancient Egypt. It’s a haven for archaeology lovers and Egyptologists. Explore the buried treasures of The Mummy and hog on the spicy Mediterranean and Malay cuisine at Oasis Spice Café.

The Star Attraction of Ancient Egypt

Revenge of the Mummy Roller Coaster Ride:  Inspired by The Mummy movie franchise, this ride includes all the elements of the movie. From dim lighting effect to variations in track, it is a complete adventure ride.

Other attractions

Treasure Hunters: Discover treasures and mysterious artefacts of Ancient Egypt with Treasure hunt. Hop on the ride and explore Egyptian replicas and vintage car models.

Zone – 5 – The Lost World

Now step into The Lost World to go further back in time for prehistoric adventures.  The rides and activities are majorly based on the two most popular movies ever – Jurassic Park and Waterworld. It features a lot of dining and shopping options too.

The star attraction of The Lost World

The Jurassic Park River Rapids: The ride will drift, rush, and plummet you through the river rapids. The ride starts swiftly and then suddenly flash floods hits and that’s when things go terribly thrilling.

Other attractions

Amber Rock Climb – a vertical wall studded with Dinosaurs skeletons, suitable for novice and expert climbers. There is a pint-sized wall for kids too.

Dino-soaring and Canopy flyer

While Dino-soaring will let you ride your own dinosaur and controls its vertical movement, the flying Canopy will let you fly high and offer a bird’s eye view of “The Lost World”.

Water World

Water world packs the action extravaganza, especially for the die-hard stunt fans. The aerial acrobatics, explosions, boat and Jet Ski stunts will get your jaws dropped in amusement.

Zone – 6 – Far Far Away

From The Lost World to the world of fairy tales, Far Far Away will take you to the whimsical world of Shrek. It will bring the magical home of Princess Fiona with its towering castle and cobbled-stone streets to life.

The Star Attractions of Far Far Away

Puss in Boots Giant Journey: A theme-based roller coaster ride that takes you on a journey with Puss in Boots, an iconic Universal character. Search for the eggs with the mighty cat, and save the orphanage.

Other attractions

Fairy Godmothers potion shop and juice bar: Two different stores that sell magical juices and magic words written on exotic articles. This is the closest you could ever be with the magical world of Shrek.

Donkey Live: A show that allows the crowd to intimately interact with the digital puppet. This is a hit amongst the younger crowds.

Shrek 4-D adventure: The typical story of Shrek on a journey to find Princess Fiona wins hearts every time. This is a 3-D show with added effects to enhance the overall experience.

Zone – 7 – Madagascar

Madagascar is a mega blockbuster that depicts stories of animals who escaped zoo and go on an adventure to find their true habitat. Indulge and relive the exotic jungle life in the ‘Madagascar zone’.

The Star Attractions in Madagascar

Madagascar - A Crate of Adventure: Listen to the voices of David Schwimmer, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and Jada Pinkett Smith while you go on a river boat journey. What make this a star attraction IS the sound effects and extremely complex technological advancements that make the experience as real as possible.

Other attractions

King Julien’s Beach party-go-round: This is a very simple merry go round ride that involves all the Madagascar characters.

Gloria’s snack shack: A Japanese food serving eatery, Gloria’s shack is hosted by Gloria the hippo (a character in Madagascar).

How to get to Universal Studios?

Universal Studios is situated in Sentosa Island. It is really easy to reach this destination, as it is well connected to all the transportation facilities available in Singapore.

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit): MRT is the cheapest way to get to Universal Studios. From Bugis MRT Station, take the train to Outram Park MRT Station, alight and transfer train to Harbour Front MRT Station. From Harbour Front you can choose to take bus at the bus interchange or monrail at vivo city level 3 into USS.

Bus: There are many buses that halt at Vivocity, Merrill Lynch, Harbourfront. Take the buses (numbered 65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145 or 166) and reach your destination, i.e., Resorts World Sentosa.

Monorail: Take a Sentosa express monorail from Imbiah Lookout. To reach Imbiah Lookout, board a cable car from Harbourfront II.  Sentosa express monorail will halt at Waterfront station.  Directly Head towards Universal Studio hereafter.

Shuttle: If you are a tourist, make sure you show your passport while boarding the bus that will directlt take you to universal studios. The theme park provides this service for free for all the tourists.

Taxi: Getting a cab is the easiest way to reach Universal Studio. It will cost you 10 to 15 SGD.


  • Child - Age 4-12; Adult - Age 13-59; Senior - Above 59

One day ticket 

  • Child:  Rs. 3654    Adult:  Rs.  2692     Senior: Rs. 1827

Singapore residents’ one day ticket

  • Child:  Rs. 2548   Adult:  Rs. 3461   

Annual Pass

  • Child: Rs. 7596   Adult:  Rs. 9038 Senior: Rs. 7596

Universal Studio Express

In addition to your admission ticket you should also consider buying the Universal Express ticket. The ticket allows you to bypass the regular queue at participating attractions in Universal Studio Singapore. Universal Express access is a separate line with a shorter wait line at each v attraction. It is valid only for one time use. 

  • Off-peak Universal Express add another S$30
  • Peak Universal Express add another S$50

Annual pass with express

  • Child:  Rs.13845   Adult:  Rs. 15287 Senior: Rs. 7596

Season pass

  • Child:  Rs. 4230 Adult:  Rs.  4711 Senior: Rs. 4230

Season pass with express

  • Child: Rs. 9038   Adult: Rs. 9518   Senior: Rs.  9038

Student season pass

  • Student: Rs.  4230  

Student season pass with express

  • Student: Rs. 9038


Universal Studios is usually open from 10 AM-7 PM, 7 days a week. Exceptions occur during festivals or emergencies.

Did You Know?

  1. If you are planning to celebrate your birthday at Universal Studios Singapore, be sure to collect you birthday present from them. Not many know about this and miss out on an amazing gift. Head towards the guest services lobby and collect yours.
  2. Talking about birthdays, you can book yourself an entire room in the Far Far Away zone for a perfect universal dreamy birthday. Spend fun time with the popular characters from Universal movies.
  3. Universal Studios Singapore also hosts world’s largest marine life aquarium. Get to witness exotic species like sharks, dolphins and many more.
  4. All the buildings you see in the Hollywood zone are modelled after actual buildings.

Sentosa Island is a manufactured island tailored specifically for recreational activities. This island is home to some of the major destinations within Singapore namely the sprawling Resorts World, the entertaining Universal Studios Singapore, the high Tiger Sky Tower, the colourful Singapore Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, and one amongst the biggest collection of marine life in the world, S.E.A. Aquarium, all hosting hordes of visitors from all over the world. 

In between the bunch of some popular activities on Sentosa Island are some fantastic manmade beaches sprinkled with soft sand frequented by visitors generally on weekends. One can find some respite from the bustling city life of Singapore in embrace of these lovely beaches. The best thing is its easy accessibility from the city in just a few minutes.

Location: Universal Studios

Known for: Universal Studios, Light shows at night and exquisite beaches

How to reach: You can reach Sentosa Island in a cable car ride, which in itself is an experience where you can sight a panoramic view of the city while you are enroute.

Cost: Ticket cost may vary as per the packages. Click h.ere to view the prices. 

Operating hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: Take additional clothing with you for there are many rides after which you will need a fresh pair of clothes


The iconic three-pronged hotel is charming enough to inspire the visitors even from a far.  While one gets to observe the city’s view from the deck from far above, they can also get a staggering view of the Gardens by the Bay, which is another iconic landmark of Singapore. Visiting the Marina Bay SkyPark early in the evening is an experience in itself. As a visitor, you will get to view either side of Singapore whether during daylight or after dark. Viewing the sunset from this point is just as mesmerising. There are guided tours available at the SkyPark, in case you have a love for understanding the knowhow of structural landmarks. These guided tours are insightful from knowing about the building to understanding the skyline view and the culturally rich heritage of Singapore. The SkyPark, however, is not the tallest spot in Singapore, yet standing right atop a globally iconic landmark is something worth the experience. Get a bird’s eye view of other iconic structures in the city from here, and charming view of the blue waters with boats afloat make the sight all the more worthwhile.


Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956


Address: Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Tel: +65 6688 8826


The best time to visit is the early evening and the visitor can get a view of both day and night. The park is open from 09:30 till 22:00 (23:00 on weekends).  The observation deck may be closed on certain days, kindly check the website before planning a visit.


  • Marina Bay Sands Sky Park has three 55-storey hotel towers which were topped out in July 2009. 
  • The observation deck provides panoramic views across the bay
  • Three towers include a Theatre Block, a Convention, and Exhibition Facilities Block, as well as the Casino Block
  • The three towers are connected by a 1-hectare roof terrace, Sands SkyPark.


  • Tickets
  • Registration process
  • Viewing


  • Adults (age 12+): INR 1150
  • Child (age 2 - 12): INR 850
  • Senior Citizen (age 65 and above): INR 1000
  • Infant (age 0 - 2): Free

Recommended for 

Entrance for adults starts at S$23 and there are special discounted rates available for children and senior citizens.

How to get to Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

MRT: Reaching the Sky Park is easy, and one needs to take a MRT which is the closest stop to the Bayfront. From there, one needs to walk via the luxury mall and enter the hotel’s lobby, post which the visitor needs to register at the bottom of Tower 3 and take a lift to the 56th floor to get an amazing view. The registration process starts 09:30 on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Bus: Services 97/97e, 106, 133, 502/502A, 518/518A, NR1, NR6

Water taxi: From Grand Copthorne Water Front, Raffles Landing Side, Boat Quay, River Side Point and Robertson Quay.

About Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

The Sky Park is located on the 340-meter connecting bridge of 57 storey three-tower building which has the most expensive casino complex, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Explore the city with a new perspective to see Singapore from above. This includes the huge boat shape observation deck, which offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the lion city’s top landmarks including Orchard Road, Vivo city, Sentosa and many more. 

With a capacity of 3900+ people, this park provides a long platform with fresh air and an unforgettable experience of photo sessions.  Marina Bay Sands Sky Park was opened in 2010 and was termed as one of the most expensive casino properties in the world. The hotel has an opening for seven celebrity chef restaurants.

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park is like a garden city in the clouds, which also provides you with the world’s longest swimming pool at the edge of the landscape, and hence termed as ‘infinity swimming pool’. The Sky Park gives the best experience with jogging paths, tropical landscaping, gift shops, and bars and retro. Visitors can even enjoy the panoramic vistas of the stunning Marina Bay and the beautiful architectural wonders of Supertree Grove. 

The immortalizing memory of blue waters glitter under the clear bright sun giving visitors a clear view of the spectral light and water show. The observation deck is the best place to sharpen your photography skills from being the best vantage point in the city. This deck takes up one side of the rooftop area of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park, which is high above the city. 

Visitors can surely enjoy a bird’s eye view of Gardens by the Bay. The visitors can also get access to the pool and can surely enjoy a dip in the water. The Sky Park has the world's longest elevated swimming pool which is 146 meters long.  The three towers that are built have a Theatre Block, a Convention and Exhibition Facilities Block, and a Casino Block, which includes more than thousand games and slot machines for the visitors. 

The Art Science Museum is constructed next to the blocks and has the unique shape of a lotus. The Art Museum was opened in 2011 and has one of the latest Southeast Asia water show displayed in it.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is truly one of the best places to visit in Singapore. The place will simply offer you that premium experience of viewing the Singapore skyline from high above. It is a massive wooden deck platform located right at the top of the landmark Marina Bay Sands. The 360-degree panoramic view is just too mesmerising for the patrons who can see the whole of Singapore through just a thin glass and some wires. Marina Bay Sands Skypark is one of the major attractions in Singapore, where every visitor in Singapore aspires to go get an experience of a lifetime.

Interesting facts about Marina Bay Sands Sky Park

  • Panorail gives you a panoramic view of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park
  • Explore the amazing view from the 56th floor and get some of the best clicks.
  • The huge boat shape observation deck provides a 360-degree view of the lion city’s top
  • The hotel gives a double view of the skyscrapers downtown and the view is just too mesmerising.

If you are in Singapore and want to spend your day with some excitement, then this is the place for you. The iconic wax museum - The Madame Tussauds museum is located at the Imbiah Road in Sentosa Island. This is Madame Tussauds’ 7th branch in Asia, which is globally famous for its wax sculptures. The French Artist Marie Tussaud is the founder of the iconic wax museum and they opened their first branch in London. The museum is spread across the world with many branches including Washington, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Sydney.


40 Imbiah Rd, Singapore 099700


Address: 40 Imbiah Rd, Singapore 099700

Tel: +65 6715 4000


The Madame Tussauds Museum is open from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and 10:00 to 17:30 on weekends.


  • Madame Tussauds Singapore is the first to introduce a Boat Ride and an Actor led show among all the global chains.
  • Explore the Singapore Culture and Heritage while sitting on the boat
  • One of its kind - first IIFA award experience in the world.
  • Get a chance to meet famous celebrities of the world.
  • First in the world to have an actor led and special effect show with 15 themes.


  • Entry Ticket
  • Guides


Adults (age 13+):

  • Online Saver – Online INR 1600, Price on day INR 2100
  • Trick Eye Museum Bundle – Online INR 2400, Price on day 3350
  • Wax Hand Package – Online INR 1900, Price on day INR 3100 
  • VR Racing Package – Online INR 2600, Price on day INR 3100
  • IIFA Trophy Package – Online INR  2100, Price on day INR 2950


Child (age 3 - 12):

  • Online Saver – Online INR 1100, Price on day 1600
  • Trick Eye Museum Bundle – Online INR 1750, Price on day 2600
  • VR Racing Package – Online INR 2100, Price on day INR 2600
  • IIFA Trophy Package – Online INR 1600, Price on day INR 2350

Recommended for

This place is suitable for everybody. A complete family entertainer.

How to get to Madame Tussauds

MRT: Harbour Front Station from where it's a 30-minute walking distance

Monorail: Board the Sentosa Express Monorail from the Vivo City mall to the Sentosa Island

Cable Car: Get the cable car from HarbourFront Tower ll to Sentosa Island.

About Madame Tussauds

Feel the stardom from Hollywood to Bollywood and explore the famous stars and pop cultures. Click some selfies with your favorite stars! The museum has many wax sculptures with different sections wherein you will feel like being amongst celebrities. There is a statue of the pop star very well known around the globe, especially for his moonwalk, the legendary star Michael Jackson. 

Get some snaps with American Singer Taylor Swift, and the Queen of pop, Madonna too is there in the Music Section. Famous superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, who started his journey with Titanic, and Johnny Depp, who acted as Captain Jack Sparrow in the A-lister Party section. 

Once you are done with Madame Tussauds museum, get going to the sports zone and take some snaps with Cristiano Ronaldo. Show your boxing moves to the Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali and get a glimpse of the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.  The World’s greatest Leaders are waiting for you in the History and leaders section. 

The Queen of the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II, Founding Father of modern Singapore Lee Kuan Yew and KWA Geok Choo are also there. Do not miss to visit the Master of Martial Arts Bruce Lee and see the beautiful Marilyn Monroe in Film and TV star Section.    

The Iconic Madame Tussauds Museum has many more things in their showcase other than wax statues. ‘Images of Singapore Live’ is a 45-minute journey about the transformation of Singapore from a fishing Village to a Modern City. 

Start your journey with the Singapore Dock to the Four Winds Trading, that influence the growth of Singapore. Explore the fishing village of the lion city and see the success of the 1800’s version of Singapore in the financial centre. Experiencing the livelihood of the workers in the 1900s. The journey will bring you to many more sections of the development of Singapore since the past 50 years with some fantastic visuals. Witness the tour with talented live actors and special effects.

The Spirit of Singapore Boat Ride will take you to the ranges of Singapore that is like a royal journey to discover the Historical landmarks while watching the native plants and giant palms wafts in the air. The drive will take you from the temples, to the F1 Singapore Night Race and also the jungles of Singapore with an amazing light-show experience. Feel the Bollywood life with the green carpet IIFA awards along with your favourite actors and have fun while dancing to the music beats.

Join the racing section with Lewis Hamilton in the VR Racing Experience which has two virtual reality cars. The newly opened Marvel 4D Experience will take you to the world of Marvel's superheroes and give a chance to be a part of the battle between good and evil. Enjoy the 10-minute short film with amazing animation and water sprays.

Interesting facts about “Madame Tussauds Singapore Museum”

  • Experience the world of superheroes like Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America.
  • Be a part of the journey of Singapore, from a Fishing Village to a Modern Superpower.
  • Get an Interactive experience with stars, get up close and personal with celebrities.
  • Drive the virtual reality car in the Madame Tussauds museum
  • Discover Singapore across the 200 years.

A giant observation wheel, The Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest. Tourists get a unique experience when they partake in the wheel that stands as tall as a three-storey building. As this giant wheel rotates, visitors are just mesmerised with the staggering panoramic view that are poles apart during the day and the night. Whichever time of the day you visit you would want to back again to get a glimpse of the view of the other time of the say. Try getting a view of the city from the Singapore Flyer during the dusk when the sun emerges with its rays shedding sparkles of light on the city.


30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039803


Address: 30 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039803

Tel: +65 6333 3311


The Singapore Flyer is open from 8:30 to 22:30 pm daily and last entry is 22:15


  • Fine dine and wine experience with the stunning view of Singapore.
  • Find some relaxing and joyful activities at the Singapore Flyer retail terminal.
  • With the help of multimedia displays at the flyer, you can explore the culture and heritage of Singapore
  • The 30-minute journey will give you an experience like never before.
  • The dreamscape gives you a screen display projected on to geometric cut-outs.


  • Tickets
  • Hotel Check-in
  • Transportation


  • Adults (age 13+): INR 1650
  • Child (age 3 - 12): INR 1050
  • Infant (age 0 - 2): INR 1200

Recommended for

You will feel safe and secure in the air-conditioned capsules with some great services. One can there with family, children, and friends for cherishing moments.

How to get to Singapore Flyer

MRT: The downtown line and Circle line provide you navigation till the Promenade Station, from there it is a 5-minute walkable distance to Singapore Flyer  

Car:  It will take hardly 20 minutes from Changi Airport, only 10-minute distance from Orchid Road, they have free lunch parking from 12:00 – 14:00 on weekdays.

Taxi: Just take a taxi and ask them to take you to Raffles Avenues. There are taxi pick-up & drop-off points at the entrance of the flyer.

About Singapore Flyer

This giant Observation Wheel is of 165 meters in height and 150 meters in diameter. The Singapore Flyer opened in 2008 during the Chinese New Year and the first ride was started on Valentine’s Day for citizens. It was officially opened on 1st March and the Wheel takes 32 minutes, with speed of 0.21m per second, for completing a round. The Flyer is 30 meters higher than the famous London Eye, it is one of the tallest Observation Wheels until the United States opened the High Roller which is placed in Las Vegas.

The wheel gives a 360° stunning view of iconic and historical landmarks along the Singapore River. The Singapore Flyer has 28 air-conditioned glass capsules which are attached to the rim of the wheel, with a holding capacity of 28 passengers in the capsule, on a 280 sq. ft of floor area. The Flyer is placed on a three-storey beautiful building.

You will be able to see the Sentosa Island and some parts of Malaysia and Indonesia. The wheel has on-site multimedia displays which help one know about Singaporean history and stories behind the making of the Singapore Flyer. 

Singapore has many more places to visit but this Flyer gives you breath-taking panoramic views that have never been seen before. The Wheel was rotated in the counter clockwise direction, but this was reversed on advice from the Feng Shui masters.

Witness the journey of dreams with 7 new galleries at this fabulous place. There is a section of Discovery in this area and you will find a dial that will tell you about the pre and post construction stories of this giant wheel through images. You will find out about the technology behind it, how it controls the speed, what is the difference between Giant Observation Wheel and a Ferris wheel. 

Then we will move to the dream journal, which shows the dream of Singaporeans that has come true in real life. Over here, one will witness the story of aspirations on these walls and can experience it at every turn. This place is called as the heart of Singapore flyer, which explores the history and architecture of this beautiful city. The Fragment of Dreams explores the culture of Singapore.

You will see the portrait of old Singapore highlighted by the lighting of a torch with the theme of a garden city and cultural city. The Planet, the Numeric and Orb are there to help you to explore the mechanism and transformation physics of this Singapore Flyer. 

You will see the 3D flyer character of the rotating gear that will show you the inside-mechanism of the flyer in the Prelude. The journey of the dream gives you a moment to explore Singapore's heritage and architecture. 

Enjoy the sky dining dinner experience with cocktails and champagne and while looking out through the inspiring and stunning views of Singapore. One can easily feel the experience of a romantic dinner like never before, a VIP treatment in the private capsules for couples. You will find uniquely themed street food offering some local and international cuisine.

The Singapore Flyer comprises capsules of enormous size that can carry up to 28 passengers. One rotation takes about a half hour giving you a view of some prominent locations of the city. Each capsule in the wheel is very secured and stable. It is designed uniquely to resist against external tough conditions too.

Interesting facts about The Singapore Flyer

  • Premium packages for you to stay in exclusively designed capsules and a night stay in the luxurious hotels of Singapore.
  • Enjoying the Fish spa and Kenko Reflexology with relaxing experience
  • You can enjoy and explore the sightseeing with e- scooters, and hover boards.
  • Retail shops give you the verity of shopping at the flyer
  • Enjoy the serenity of their tropical forest.

Marina Barrage is a 350-meter long dam built across the marine channel where five flowing bodies of water merge. It is more than a reservoir with a recreational centre, where the visitors can go to the hangout and enjoy the day. Marina Barrage is made to fulfil the growing water demand of Singapore. It is the 15th reservoir of Singapore and provides about 10% water of the city demand. This is the first urban freshwater reservoir.


  • 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951

Address: 8 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018951

Tel: +65 6514 5959


  • This place is open 24x7.


  • Marina Barrage provides 10% water of the city requirement.
  • Lifestyle attraction offering water sports, restaurants and hotels.
  • 350-meter channel to prevent the merging of the river and seawater.
  • World’s largest drained pump to throw the water into the sea.
  • Singapore’s largest collection of 400 solar panels.


  • Free entry
  • Free pass for the exhibition centre

Recommended for

  • Marina Barrage is recommended for all age groups

How to get to Marina Barrage

MRT: Get down at Bayfront MRT Station and a 20-minute walk from there, alight at Marina Bay and or Downtown MRT Station and take bus 400

Car: You can go from Central Boulevard, Marina Coastal Expressway, and ECP also.

About Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage's roof has an elevated green area with the size of about 4 football fields. This area is very famous amongst children & families and poses as a great picnic spot. The grass and soil on the roof help in getting down the temperature by 3-degree centigrade. One can enjoy the paranormal view of the cityscape; Singapore Flyer, the magnificent Marina Bay Sands, the amazing Gardens by The Bay and its cloud forest conservatory from the roof. 

The Marina Barrage is a place for relaxation and a break from the busy city life. The Marina Barrage provides Water Storage and Flood Control system with beautiful multi-purpose attraction to roam around with peace. The green roof is also accessible from the main complex by a lift.

Marina Barrage has nine steel crests, which releases the water into the sea and prevents the flood coming into the city during heavy rains.

The Solar Park has 400 panels, which are providing electricity to the reservoir in the night. This is the largest collection of solar panels in Singapore. Sustainable Singapore Gallery is a place where you can find illustrations of environment with multimedia display that shows water issues and interactive exhibits and games. The reservoir has won many awards for its engineering and sustainability.

Marina Barrage also has a fountain area which is a nice spot for children to play around and enjoy the shower. The area also has jogging and cycling paths. One can enjoy the view of the water over beautiful sunsets.

Interesting facts about Marina Barrage

  • Exhibition gallery and games for the education
  • Marina Barrage has shopping stores and restaurants
  • 11000 square meter green roof for the crowd.

The Jurong Bird Park is spread over 49 acres at the highest peak of Jurong Hill, Singapore. The park is home to 6,000 Birds representing 400 species. It’s the largest Bird Park in Asia and the visitors can enjoy with their friends and family at the lay of nature. This is a world-famous zoo with 29 endangered species.


2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925


Address: 2 Jurong Hill, Singapore 628925

Tel: +65 6269 3411


  • Open every day from 08:30 to 18:00. You must reach there before 17:30 to make the last entry.


  • Spot the Hornbills with their loving partner in the bird park
  • Get the chance to learn about birds and their natural talents from pelicans to the Night-heron.
  • Feed the lory on the world’s largest Lory Loft with 360 – degree view
  • Having lunch with the parrots with exciting surprises.
  • Jurong Bird Park has a collection of over 6000 birds.
  • There is a research and Breeding centre that takes care of the eggs and the birds


  • Tickets
  • Amusement
  • Bird watching


  • Adults (age 13+): INR 1500
  • Child (age 3 - 12): INR 1000
  • Senior Citizen (age 60 and above): INR 700

Recommended for

  • This beautiful and colorful place gives a joyful moment to your child and has a suitable environment for every age.

How to get to Jurong Bird Park

MRT: Get down at the boon lay (EW27) then take the bus No. 194 that will drop you at the Jurong Bird Park.

Bus: There are bus services available for the park from Suntex City, Singapore Flyer at 9:30 am, 11:30 am and 2:00 pm.

Taxi: The Park has the distance of 30 minutes from the city; you can come here by taking the route of Central Expressway and can come via Pan Island Expressway.

About Jurong Bird Park

The Park is designed to give rest and recreation from the fast-urban life of Singapore. You will feel the freedom of nature through these birds, getting a chance to come close to colourful and beautiful avian.

This is the largest Bird Park with a huge number of birds. The Panorail will give you a panoramic view of the environment of Jurong Bird Park. You can explore the African waterfall aviary which is the world’s 2nd largest walking aviary. You will feel joyful to see hoopoe and golden-breasted starling flying there. A Flock of African Birds, the Flamingo, give you the feeling of Africa in Singapore.

This beautiful Park opened in 1971 for the public to feel some never-before felt experience. The Penguin is the star of Jurong Bird Park; there are 5 species including the macaroni and rockhopper living indoors with the interior of wooden flooring and timber beams.

Visitors can enjoy seeing penguins from the underwater viewing gallery. The temperature and climate are adjusted to their suitable environment. Visitors can also feel the cheering moment of African Penguins playing outdoor.

Visitors will get a chance to feed a special mixer of water and honey to lorry and lorikeets by hand. The Lory Loft is 9 storeys high with an environment like the rainforest valley of Australia. It gives a 360-degree view of the aviary. Lorries, the genealogical name given to a brush-tongued parrot, is one of the world's first underwater gallery that has seven species of the pelican who at their feeding time scoop up fish. 

The Jurong Bird Park has a collection of Southeast Asian Birds with over 200 species. It will be one of the most memorable moments of your life so click some pictures with them.

World of darkness will give you the chance to catch a glimpse of some night herons and snowy owls. In this area, the light converts to darkness and visitors get a quiet walk along this path. There are 60 birds to watch along with the immersive natural surrounding and cool air. Many birds are living here in peace and in a healthy environment. Explore the Jurong Bird Park with beautiful and colorful birds. The live shows are always going on for entertainment and these interactions with birds help visitors gain knowledge about the birds and their life.

Lunch with parrot gives you the memory of the park that provides some surprises on the dining table by birds showcasing their natural talent along with having delicious food in the 30 minutes show. You will feel joyful and have some laughs with the fantastic mimicking of Amigo, listening songs from the only bird on the earth which can sing in three languages. You will see a large number of birds performing on a single act.

Interesting facts about “Jurong Bird Park”

  • Panorail gives you the panoramic views of the Jurong Bird Park
  • Explore the Flamingo Lake with the flock of flamingos
  • See the Sothern Asian Birds collection with over 200 species 
  • Explore the world’s tallest 30m manmade waterfall
  • Waterfall Aviary give the chance to see over 600 birds flying there.

Singapore Night Safari is one of the must-visit attractions in Singapore. Apart from its conventional activities of facilitation some world-class entertainment and amazing activities, it is also works towards conserving, rescuing, constantly conducting research dedicated towards improving the wildlife.

Plenty of animals from multiple origins can be found in the confined yet spacious simulated natural settings of the Night Safari. Many families frequent this spot to enjoy the wildlife of different species.


80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826


Address: 80 Mandai Lake Rd, Singapore 729826

Tel: +65 6269 3411


The timing is 19:15 to 00:00 for night safari and you can make the last entry by 23:15. It is open every day.


  • You can visit a zoo anywhere, but the night safari gives you the real taste of the jungle.
  • You can see those animals here that you cannot find out at any other places.
  • It is divided into seven different geographical zones.
  • There are foods and beverages outlets in the night safari for travelers.
  • Animals are roaming around freely without any fear with proper maintenance
  • Cultural performances are an attraction for visitors including fire eating displays


  • Express tram ride
  • Ticket to night safari
  • Dinner


  • Adults (age 13+): INR 2349
  • Child (age 3 - 12): INR 1550

Recommended for

  • It is the place where anybody can enjoy. There is no age restrictions at the Singapore Night Safari

How to get to Singapore Night Safari

MRT: If you are planning to come from north-south MRT Lines then get down to nearest MRT station and take a connecting bus

Shuttle: There are services available daily, every 20 minutes till 19:00. For that, you have to get down at Khatib MRT Station, from where it takes only 15 minutes to reach there.  

Bus: You can catch the safari gate bus, which will get you to the night safari. They have many drop off locations. You can come there and board the bus. 

Taxi: It will take 30 minutes for the ride to the night safari from the city

About Singapore Night Safari

Night Safari is the most popular tourist spot among travellers in Singapore. Former executive chairman of Singapore, Dr. Ong Swee Law gave the idea to build the nocturnal park. The Night Safari spread over 86 acres, has 2500 animals living there with over 130 species including many indigenous to the region, such as the Asian Elephant, Malayan tiger.

The park has seven geographical zones of the world including the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asian rainforest, and Himalayan foothills. The jungle comes to life in the night when animals freely walk around and explore the free-roaming environment in the moonlight and in the specially designed lighting for Singapore Night Safari. 

It is an open-air area in a humid tropical forest that is closed in the daytime and opens only in the night. In this park, the animals are separated from other animals with natural barriers, not from the zoo like cages. Avery animal in the park have their own space to roam around freely with the help of metal sheet grills which is helping them to stay away from other animals.

For visiting Singapore Night Safari, you can take the express tram ride which takes you across seven geographical zones of the park with live commentary in 8 different languages English, Mandarin, Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, and Bahasa Indonesia. After the tram ride, a guide leads you to the Fishing Cat Trail, Wallaby Trail and Leopard Trail by walking.

Cultural performances are always going on at the night safari. Dance performance by a troupe of Thumbuakar warriors include the flame-throwing, fire eating and many more. The creatures of the night show are the main attraction in the night safari. It is a 20-minute show with an education showcase of nocturnal animals. You can take a look at the powerful jaws of a spotted hyena and many more creatures.

In the park they are giving rental services like Wheelchair for senior citizens as well as Strollers for your babies, so you can go around in the park comfortably. For cash withdrawals, they have ATMs at the main entrance, they have private nursing rooms also for making your journey stress free. You can keep your belongings in the lockers for the safety of your valuables. You can place your extra luggage at the visitor services booth.

You must make some arrangements before going to the Singapore Night Safari for your safety and convenience. If you are going early, then it is helpful for you to discover many animals and shows. 

There are occasional showers, and if the rain gets heavy then you can seek shelter at the stalls for your safety. Please wear insect repellents to prevent insects and mosquitoes’ bites. Your dinner is waiting at Safari Express onboard a moving train, with a candle light meal with juices and mocktails; from there you can see some animals moving around.

As you take a trip through the safari, you will get to catch a sight of the nocturnal wildlife, with over 60 exhibits and over a thousand animals to see. You can even enjoy your trip on-foot through the walkways and trams that are well connected. There many exotic and endangered species on exhibit with the likes of the Himalayan griffon vulture, one-horned greater rhinoceros, wildebeests, gazelles, giant anteater and the Burmese gaur.

There’s a 20-minute show named Creatures of the Night where visitors get an overview of the animals to be seen. Patrons then take a trip to the Himalayan Foothills in a tram where get to sight the bharal, Himalayan tahr, mouflon and markhor strolling around while they are on exhibit.

Moving further, the tram takes the patrons to the Nepalese River Valley, which encompasses animals like the large sambar (a deer) which is an inhabitant there. Other animals that can be sighted are the golden jackals, pelicans along with the one-horn greater rhino.

There’s plenty of wildlife to sight here with the likes of the sloth bear, striped hyena, barasingha and Gir lion all from the Indian subcontinent. Then there’s African wildlife on exhibit like the giraffes, lions, servals, bongals all in simulated setting of the African continent.

In case the quantum of wildlife to experience sounds extensive enough, then there is still a lot more to experience than you can imagine. There are Malayan tigers, babirusas, tapirs and elephants, giant anteater, the capybara, a water hog, the biggest rodent alive, and big wild Burmese gaurs.

Interesting facts about Singapore Night Safari

  • Popular leopard trail gives you the chance to see leopards closely through a glass
  • East Lodge Trail is a fascinating trail which leads to the new wallaby trail.
  • You can catch a glance of Sunda pangolin which is the world’s most trafficked animal’
  • There are only 40000-50000 Asian elephants in the world, and here you can see them in the moonlight
  • Fishing cat trail, where the cat plunges fishes in seconds.

River Safari is the first river-themed zoo in the Asia Pacific. The River Safari was officially opened in 2014 for the crowd. You will explore the zoo which has the most famous rivers in the world. The river themed park spreads across a 12-hectare area between the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. This place has surely attracted several tourists since its opening and has become the most visited tourist spot in Singapore.


  • 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Tel: +65 6269 3411


  • 10:00 to 19:00 daily (last entry is 18:30)


  • Get some glimpse of giant panda pair Kai Kai and Jia Jia at the giant panda forest.
  • Explore ‘The Amazon’ with the ‘Amazon River Quest’ and ‘River Safari’.
  • Learn about the Giant Pandas and more animals at the River Safari, where a behind the scene program is conducted.
  • Get the chance to come close to animals like never before.
  • See the giant Mekong catfish which is also known as the Thailand Giant catfish.


  • Entrance ticket
  • Hotel Pick up and drop
  • Guide


  • Adults (age 13+): INR 1600
  • Child (age 3 - 12): INR 1050

Recommended for

  • This amazing zoo is recommended for every age; your little ones will surely enjoy there.

How to get to River Safari

MRT: You can come from Khatib Station, Woodlands Station, Marsiling Station and take bus no. 926,138,927 for River Safari.

Shuttle: The loop shuttle services from Khatib MRT station to the River Safari take only 15 minutes. 

Car: River Safari is located at a 30 minutes distance to the city. You can come via Bukit Timah Expressway or from Central Expressway.

About River Safari

A freshwater habitat of rivers, like the Mekong, which is a home for monster giant catfish. River Nile is world's longest river and has animals like the African Arowana and tiger Fish. The Congo River is one of the largest rivers in the world and deepest at 220m. One can find giant freshwater puffer there.  The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia where you will discover the Chinese alligator, ancient sturgeon, and other animals.

The Newest theme zoo of Singapore has 300 species of 5000 animals, including West Indian manatees, golden pheasants, electric eels, squirrel monkeys. River Safari has 40 threatened species within a secure and friendly environment.

There are only 1600 pandas left in the world, with 26 zoos in different countries that have giant pandas. Every country has to sign a contract with China who gives the panda on lease basis for a few years. The giant pandas are on the red list of IUCN. Two of the pandas are living in this zoo - a pair of female and male pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia, in a climate-controlled bio dome which keeps changing into the four seasons according to their suitable environment. There are special plants in the zoo that help in feeding the pandas. A pair of red pandas is also living here in the friendly environment. The world’s largest freshwater aquarium with over 18 animal species, The Amazon Flooded Forest, have animals like majestic arapaima, manatees and many more South American fishes. The viewing glass panel is 22m long and 4m in height which contains 710000 cu ft of water.

‘Amazon River Quest’ is a mysterious boat adventure of 10 minutes. You can see the Giant anteater and Jaguar there along ‘The Amazon River’, which houses the most amazing rainforest habitats in the world. They are hidden among the plants, you have to find them out.

‘Squirrel Monkey Forest’ will give you a chance to see their namesake primates. They are from South and Central America and have unique personalities.  Discover the giant catfish and freshwater stingray along the Mekong River. After that, one can even explore the River Safari, hopping on to the River Safari Cruise and relax. The visitors can even click some good scenic photos with their loved ones. Each boat has a capacity of 40 people, with no restriction bar on age. Learn about the rivers and explore the lively hood of native animals and plants that are living there and live this wildlife experience!

Interesting facts about River Safari

  • Discover the Amazon Flooded forest, which is the world’s biggest freshwater aquarium.
  • You can find 5000 animals across 300 species.
  • Explore Asia's first river-themed wildlife park.
  • Get the chance to explore the world’s historical and iconic rivers in the River Zone.
  • Meet with the adorable little squirrel monkeys.

The Singapore Art Museum is the first art museum of Singapore, opened in 1996 and is known as the SAM. The museum is focused on contemporary art through evolving curatorial practice. The major part of Singapore Art Museum is dedicated to the temporary exhibits showcasing artwork of Asian and Singaporean artists. The Singapore Art Museum building was the home of St Josef's Catholic school on the Bras Basah Road. While converting into the museum’s building they focused on the structure, while keeping the artwork of the building as is.


  • 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569


Address: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

Tel: +65 6471 7138


  • Monday to Sunday is 10:00 - 19:00, Friday 10:00 – 21:00.


  • This is a contemporary art museum for art practices in Singapore and Asia.
  • Singapore Art Museum conducts workshops, artist tours, talks for visitors to extend their experience.
  • Collaborate with other art museums to produce the exhibition.
  • Maintain another building on 8 Queen Street which also have the collection of contemporary artwork.


  • Free for the Citizens and Permanent Residence.
  • Guide
  • Still photography for Personal


  • Adults (age 6+): INR 300
  • Child (age 0 - 6): Free
  • Students (with valid pass): INR 150
  • Senior Citizens (age 60 and above): INR 150

Recommended for

  • Singapore Art Museum is for the Art Lovers, educational programmes are always going on there for children and people of all ages.

How to get to Singapore Art Museum

Located at 71 Bras Basah Road

MRT:  From Bras Basah MRT Station is a 2-minute walk, 10-minute walk from the Dhoby Ghaut, Bugis MRT Stations

BUS: Board the bus no. 7, 14, 77,171,502,700 to there

CAR: The museum does not provide car parking facility. You can come here via Singapore Management University, Queen-street, Waterloo Street.

About Singapore Art Museum

The Singapore Art Museum is the first art museum of Singapore, opened in 1996 and is known as the SAM. The museum is focused on contemporary art through evolving curatorial practice. The major part of Singapore Art Museum is dedicated to the temporary exhibits showcasing artwork of Asian and Singaporean artists. The Singapore Art Museum building was the home of St Josef's Catholic school on the Bras Basah Road. While converting into the museum’s building they focused on the structure, while keeping the artwork of the building as is. 

The 140-year-old Singapore Art Museum’s building opened along with four more museums, Singapore history museum, People’s museum, Asian civilization, and children’s museum. Those are the initiatives taken by the National Museum. The first artwork by the museum took three months to build. It was a 23 feet height Swarovski crystal chandelier weighing 325 Kg. This was placed at the main entrance of the museum.  

The Singapore Art Museum keeps changing the artwork every few months. SAM is the place where you will find a variety of artwork from moving media, eye-catching sculptures to installation of artwork and different type of traditional paintings.

The Singapore Art Museum collaborates with international museums for shows that cover both artworks and define the artwork of various artists from the world by producing exhibitions such as the collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo for Trans-cool TOKYO. 

The Singapore Art Museum organizes different events and interactive exhibitions at their gallery like Singapore Biennale back in February, Imaginarium: to the ends of the earth in 2017. In that art exhibition, the world of Wonderland took to the childhood days with the installation of hanging mobiles, spinning lanterns, with the jungle printing teepee tents. Visitors could make their own terrariums, natural cleaning solutions. 

The upcoming events exhibition at SAM are, Imaginarium: Into the Space-Time, this is the 8th edition of family-friendly exhibition and the Asia Pacific breweries foundation Signature Art Prize 2018. This is the 4th edition of the Art Price to give a spotlight at the most compelling and complex artwork with the Art Prize of worth SGD 100,000 with SGD 60,000 for the Price winner and SGD 15,000 each for the two Jurors award winners. SGD 10,000 award for the public choice which is chosen by on-site public voting.

The recently placed artworks in The Singapore Art Museum was The Blind, Crowd of Bystanders, See Slab, status, the fire of the year and many more. An Archaeology Investigation was conducted on SAM’s building vicinity to reveal the history of the building because the Bras Basah area was the prison settlement in the 19th century.

SAM will be closing for a major revamp to create a ‘double- volume' spaces for the large art installation. This will cost S$90 million to the Singapore Government who will be raising the funding for this revamp.

Interesting facts about The Singapore Art Museum

  • The Singapore Art Museum provides international standard facilities and programs.
  • Art Museum's building was a Catholic School in the 19th century.
  • It was established by the National Museum, to set up total five museums in the City
  • From 2011 the museum started accepting donation from various artists.
  • The Singapore Art Museum is the organizer of Singapore Biennale.

The Singapore Cable Car, a gondola lift, is linked from Mount Faber located at the main island to the Sentosa island. The cable offers a scenic aerial view while transiting from one end to the other. At its inception in the year 1974, it was the first ever aerial linkway to stretch across a harbour. While it is single cable gondola lift, it is still popularly known as the cable car among visitors.

Address: Tower 2, 1 Harbourfront Ave, Keppel Bay Tower, Singapore 098632

Tel: +65 6377 9688


  • 08:45 – 21:30


  • The cable car system comprises 67 cabins
  • Each cabin can accommodate 8 passengers
  • All cabins in total can bear up to 2000 passengers per hour both ways
  • 27 red-coloured warning bells over the cable way


  • Round Trip
  • Mount Faber Line
  • Sentosa Line


  • Adults (age 13+): Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass Round Trip INR 1750, Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass Round Trip (Local Price) INR 1475
  • Child (age 4 - 12): Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass Round Trip INR 1250, Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass Round

Recommended for

Adults, Kids, Families, Couples.

Visitors with problems of motion sickness are requested to take precautionary measures beforehand for their safety.

How to get there

MRT: On your way from the HarbourFront MRT station, go towards exit B in the direction the HarbourFront Centre. Then, cross the link bridge to get to Singapore Cable Car at HarbourFront Tower II. You can buy tickets from the ground floor of this tower.

About Singapore Cable Car

The Singapore cable Car travels at a speed of 5 m/s, spanning around 15 minutes to reach from the first station to the last with non-stop travelling.

While onboard the cable car, visitors can alight at its three stations – Mount Faber, HarbourFront, and Sentosa. The government of Singapore had initiated the plan of a cable car in Singapore bearing in mind the tourism project for the country. Today, the cable car is merrily used by the travellers who come to Singapore and without fail visit the island of Sentosa via the cable car in large volumes.

The cable car, more than being a commute, is like a ride through some mesmerising sights. The moment one steps onboard the cable car, the sightseeing seems to have already begun.  Scenic views of the island, blended with some beautiful sights of dense forests, sea, dolphins at the Adventure Cove in Resorts World Sentosa, and much more, are all along your way during your commute via the cable care. As you alight the Singapore Cable Car on the Sentosa island, a whole new world of life-time experience is waiting for you.

Interesting facts about Singapore Cable Car

  • In the late 70s, the first ever Mass Weddings on the cable cars was introduced
  • Hawaii Five-O was filmed here
  • The 10 millionth rider was celebrated in the year 1988
  • The 20 millionth rider was welcomed in the year 1995
  • The world’s only life-size cable car cabin was presented to Singapore by Lego.

The Intan museum in Singapore is specialized in Peranakan culture. It is is one of the most iconic museums in entire Singapore and has a unique cultural attraction. This museum symbolizes ‘My Rose Cut Diamond’, which is a collection of antiques that best reflect the Peranakan culture.


69 Joo Chiat Terrace, Singapore 427231


Address: 69 Joo Chiat Terrace, Singapore 427231

Tel: +65 6440 1148


  • The Intan is open from 07: 00 to 22:00. However, prior appointment is necessary.


  • The Intan museum gives visitors a chance to walk back in time and take a glance at the beautiful and remarkable culture that is preserved for years.
  • The open layout of Intan museum and the mirrors create an aura of spacious indoors
  • The museum has various rows of beaded traditional slippers, coloured costumes, jewellery pieces and an array of trinkets.
  • The collections of unique artefacts from years gone by are still applauded by the visitors.
  • Intan is not just a museum or a house but the entire place represents one of the hopes that Alvin has for the future generations.


  • Admission to the Intan 
  • Tickets


  • INR 3000 per visitor. Visits on appointment only.

Recommended for

  • Anybody can learn about the traditional Peranakan culture; young adults will surely enjoy in Intan with family and friends.

How to get to Intan

MRT: You have to get down at Woodleigh MRT Station then catch bus number 13, 107, 133,147 that will drop you at Bef Joo Chiant PI and it’s a walking distance from there.

Taxi: You just tell them about Intan and they will drop you there, every Taxi driver knows about Intan.

Car:  Intans is located in the Joo Chiat, that is nearby from many landmarks, you can come via Nicoll Hwy or via ECP.

About Intan

This place explores the culture and other former Straits Settlements in Malacca and Penang. The Intan is a cultural gem, which is hidden in the terrace house along with JooChiat Terrace. It is basically a small museum but has numerous awards including “Best Overall Experience” in Singapore’s inaugural Museum Roundtable Awards and has been featured internationally on CNN Travel and Discovery Channel. 

The museum is different from other museums that give an experience of a lifetime. The museum experience was started 30 years ago by the owner Alvin Yap.  He decided to turn his beautiful home into a museum that can give the visitors a view of the country.

The Intan museum has been highly appraised by Singapore Airlines. The entire tour to the visitors is provided by Alvin and the tour starts with welcoming the visitors into the open space and they sit around beautiful tables and chairs and hear stories about the Peranakan culture. 

Later the visit is followed by viewing the two stories worth of artefacts representative of the Peranakan culture. The best part of the entire tour is that the information session about the Peranakans is given by Alvin and he narrates the anecdotes of Singapore’s history and how the artefacts relate to it.

Alvin moreover shares the tours that are adapted to the level of visitors’ understanding. In the Intan museum, one can look at an interesting artefact, which is the oldest artefact in the house – the planet chair.

These chairs are made of teak wood rattan base and were commonly found in Peranakan households back in the 1920s. It is said that these chairs need a good amount of workmanship as they were joined together without nails. Apart from that, there are other beautiful objects that are put on display including jewellery, beaded shoes, golden belt buckles, and rose cut diamonds. 

The Intan name symbolizes these beautiful objects. In the Intan’s kitchen, visitors can have a look at multiple tiffin carriers and pots in the house that adorn elegant floral designs with vibrant colours. Alvin relentlessly shared the culture and heritage of the place.

The Peranakan culture has several qualities, that Alvin believes, people will look past the act of viewing and collecting antiques and will recognize the value of a culture that can be passed down. 

Values such as filial piety, hard work and gratefulness can be passed on to generations. Intan’s or Alvin’s mission is to encourage all visitors to realize their own dreams, just the way the museum is Alvin’s dream that has been materialized.

Interesting facts about the Intan museum

  • This is basically a traditional Peranakan neighbourhood.
  • This is a sister museum to the Asian Civilisations Museum and was the first of its kind that was made.
  • The Intan is not the conventional museum but will surely provide the visitors with the best heritage and culture.
  • The tour is ended with serving handmade nonyakuehs.
  • Before you plan to visit the museum, prior appointments are necessary, and a minimum of four people are required to start the tour.

Get ready for some amazing and colourful world of the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park at I Light Marina Bay 2018! The animal kingdom is back with a new edition with a 100000 square feet space. The huge experiential art inflatable zoo is devised for kids to give them a complete experience of a zoological garden set-up.  The marina bay floating platform is molded into a zoological set-up with giant animals in the second edition of the Art zoo. You will find many inspiring inflatable animal set-ups bearing in mind the childhood dreams of being in the world of mythical creatures.



Address: Marina Bay, Downtown Core, Singapore

Tel: - +65-3159-0681


  • Monday to Thursday is 5:00 pm to 10 pm
  • Friday to Sunday is 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm


  • Little Kong is the tallest in the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park
  • Play with the BBB with 1,50,000 balls.
  • Purple meadow was made by the 2000 individual handpieces of fabric. 
  • The Magical Rainbow is most attractive place in the Art Zoo.


  • Entry Ticket


  • Child (age 3 +): INR 900
  • Infant (age 0 - 2): Free

Recommended for

  • Suitable for all, especially children

How to get to there

MRT: The closest stations are Promenade, Esplanade and Bayfront

Bus: Nearest stops by these buses 531, 961, 961#, 75, 77, 106, 171, 700A, 857, 960, NR1, NR2.

About Art Zoo Inflatable Park

A big inflatable gorilla family can be spotted comprising a male and a female gorilla along with their baby. Then there are zebras and quaggas in the black forest. As if the children cannot get enough, there is a little kong, standing mighty-tall at a sprawling height of a 6-storey building. While jumping is not allowed, children can touch them and play with the bananas that lie scattered around the little kong. 

Further ahead there is an area called Yellow Woods, where visitors can the tigers In the same area visitors can try to climb on the Numbats and termit’s home, to get a sight of some aquatic creatures. In The Art-Zoo Inflatable’s Park Pink lagoon has an oversized pool float where one can jump along with their friends and families. 

Next is the BBB - Bubbly Bear Bath, where one can take a dip in to the gigantic bathtub full of balls to cherish some good with beers while taking bath along with inflatable crocodiles and a colourful bear. Enjoy hide and seek in the Red Reefs, one and only X-ray Tatra is the best-suited place for them. 

While taking a tour of the place, be ready to meet the family of otters and give them a hug. There is then a crocodile and a dragonfly nearby that one cannot miss. Purple Meadows and Blue Bay are the smallest animals made by the 2000 hand-cut pieces of fabric. Little moles and hedgehogs are also there in the purple meadow. Yeti's Peak in the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park gives visitors a glimpse of the yeti. Only inflatable yet fascinating to the minds of the visitors who are mesmerized by its everlasting legend. 

Adding on to another fascinating legend is the 19-meter tall, with colorful slides, majestic Unicorn right in to the heart of the Art-Zoo. Some of these slides offer the tallest rides for the patrons. This one is a major attraction of the Art-Zoo. Other attractions include owls and penguins, for some fun jumping and lastly there lies a colourful candy Canyon.

The Art-Zoo Inflatable Park is more than just a display of creatures and entertainment kingdom. It is like learning process for the children, the happy way, and a way to understand the importance of conserving the beautiful wildlife.

Interesting facts about the Art-Zoo Inflatable Park

  • Shoes are not allowed on the inflatables 
  • This is the second edition of the Inflatable Park
  • The Art-Zoo is a playground that explores the nature through the sight of art.

Singapore has many gems in the showcase; Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of them. With a lusciously green surrounding and many adventure spots, this is the most beautiful place in Singapore.  Located 12 kms away from the city, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is where one can find some peace and happiness of their own. The Nature Reserve has a variety of plants, animals and forest life along with some rare insects.


1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569


Address: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

Tel: +65 6471 7138

Entrance to the park is free


Opening Hours are 07:00 to 19:00 for the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, and 08:00 to 17:30 for the Exhibition Hall.


  • Bukit Timah was an industrial estate area. The industries eventually transferred to the Jurong area.
  • The name of the Nature Reserve is taken from the Bukit Timah Hill.
  • The Sumatran tigers and leopards used to roam the reserve in the 19h century.
  • There are many trails for adventure lovers.
  • The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is declared as the ASEAN Heritage Park.


  • Access to trails

Recommended for

  • Kids
  • Families
  • Adventure Seekers/Nature Lovers

How to get there

Bus: Opposite Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, buses that go there are no. 67,852,961 and 75

Car: Drive towards Woodlands and make a U-turn at the pedestrian bridge, turn left into Hindhead and on to the reserve.

About Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Singapore has many gems in the showcase; Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is one of them. With a lusciously green surrounding and many adventure spots, this is the most beautiful place in Singapore.  Located 12 kms away from the city, Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is where one can find some peace and happiness of their own. The Nature Reserve has a variety of plants, animals and forest life along with some rare insects.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is the most diverse ecological system along with the Bukit Timah Hill, which stands at a height of 163 meters, the highest hills of Singapore. The reserve comprises 40% flora and fauna in Singapore, which highlights the importance of the spot in Singapore.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is where you can enjoy activities such as running, hiking, rock climbing, courtesy the mountain area. It is popular with athletes who train themselves, for the much-needed fitness, by climbing the mountain. It is that one place where one can enjoy nature with some exciting adventures. The reserve has various hiking trails, marked from the easiest to the hardest by its symbols and the corresponding colour.

Route one is the Red Route at a distance of 1.2km, taking approx. 25 minutes to reaching there. The second route to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is Blue with a distance of only 0.7 km, taking 20 minutes approximately that is an easy trail. Route three is Green with a 1.9km distance. It takes 1 hr 20 minutes for a return journey and it is graded as a moderate to difficult trail.

The next route to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is Yellow, which is very difficult among all the trails with a distance of 1.8 kms, will take approximately 1 hr 50 minutes to reach there. The other one is Kampong Trail, which is an easier one consisting a 50-minute journey. The reserve also conducts a trail for bike riders who want to flaunt their riding skills with the specially allocated 6-km long loop around the reserve with difficult routes and technical climbs.

There are some restrictions to ensure conservation of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Feeding, releasing animals and removing the flora and fauna is also not allowed. The visitor center is one of those places where travellers can learn about the flora and fauna. The reserve has an exhibition gallery where you can find interactive touch screens.

Towards the visitor center, there are two columnar trees, which are natives of the Southeast Asia region known as the Meninjau Trees. Fan Palm, found under the shade of forest canopy, is used in the making of umbrellas and hats. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is home to a variety of birds such as Red Crowned Barbet, Emerald Dove, and the greater racked tailed drongo.

There are some drongos who follow monkeys all the time. Malayan Colugo, millipedes, carpenter bees, squirrels, all live in the confines of this friendly environment and if luck enough, one can catch a sight of the Malayan Pangolin. There is a variety of snakes that reside here. The Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is also known for history, they have a trail of Battel Reminders, where one can experience the battle for Bukit Timah in the World War ll.

Interesting facts about Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

  • A 62-meter eco link, which is an ecological bridge connecting the Central Catchment to the Nature Reserve.
  • Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is spread on a small area but considered as the most productive.
  • Kids can learn some art and craft in the nature park workshops.
  • Home to about 500 species of fauna.
  • The most recommended place where you can go for a mountain bike ride.

If you are a nature lover and want to explore its wonders, then the Sungei Buloh Nature Park is for you. Sungei Buloh Nature Park is the largest mangrove forest in Singapore, spread across 130 hectares. Migratory Birds, in large numbers, take a stop here during their long journey that was commenced from the cold lands of Siberia to avoid its chilling winters. Such is the importance of the park for these birds, that they have made the Sungei Buloh Nature Park their home of respite.


301 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718925


Address: 301 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718925

Tel: +65 793 7377


  • 07:00 to 19:00 daily


  • The Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is listed as an ASEAN Heritage Park.
  • Every year, thousands of birds migrate to Sungei Buloh Nature Park
  • Spiders, water snakes, monitor lizards, mud lobsters, Estuarine crocodile and others are living in the Sungei Buloh Nature Park
  • Sungei Buloh Nature Park is the home of more than 170 species of birds.
  • There is Visitor and Wetland centre to educate the people about mangroves and their ecosystem.


  • Guided tour
  • Access to all walkways
  • Ticket


  • Adults (age 13+): INR 50
  • Child (age 3 - 12): INR 25

Recommended for

  • Sungei Buloh Nature Park is suitable for all age groups, especially for children.

How to get to The Sungei Buloh Nature Park

MRT: For coming here get down at Kranji Station, then take a private bus called as a Kranji Express.

Bus: 925 no. bus will take you to The Nature Park.

Taxi: This area is far from city centre. You can book a taxi according to your convenience.

About Sungei Buloh Nature Park

The place was officially opened in December 1993 with the efforts of the Malayan Nature Society, aimed at making constant efforts to conserve the area. 

From September to March, visitors can see a variety of migratory birds like Marsh Sandpiper, Himalayan Swiftlet in this wetland of Sungei Buloh Nature Park. The park has a Visitor Centre, a mangrove walkway area, ponds, mid-canopy walk, coastal boardwalk and forest trail, and a Junior Adventure Park for children.

Singapore had large mangroves in the past, but they lost their space to coastal development. This Nature Park is one of them. Sungei Buloh Nature Park saved the nature in its lap. 

The visitor centre is a place where people can explore the nature through multimedia games, live camera that give live footage from various spots of the park, the exhibit of the park, and interact with other students which in turn can help them to explore nature.

Forest trails give a chance to know the nature, plants, and wildlife up close. Through the Coastal Boardwalk, get exposed to the views of kranji waterfront. In this vicinity, you will witness many birds feeding and hunting. 

One can get to see jellyfishes, eels etc. during low tide. One must possess patience while exploring the park. You can witness rare birds and animals, if you look closely and attentively. One can have an experience of a lifetime at the Sungei Buloh Nature Park.

There are five observation pods located at various spots around the wetland area where you can explore the view of the forest and capture the scenery in your camera. You can catch glimpses of dragonflies at the butterfly pod. Mud Experience should not be missed, this is an enjoyable experience. However, one must note that, the Sungei Buloh Nature Park is only accessible during low tides. 

There are some interesting places for children at the park like the junior adventure trail. The main attraction of this park is the Migratory Bird Trail. During September to March the migratory birds come and stay here.  

One can observe different species of birds that migrate all the way from Russia and Australia. The Wetland Reserve provides free guided walks that are available in different languages.

Interesting facts about Sungei Buloh Nature Park

  • The Sungei Buloh Nature Park boasts of different themed parks weekly.
  • Mid-canopy walk, Coastal Boardwalk, Forest trail help in getting a close view of the wetland.
  • Junior Adventure Trail provides some exciting experience for young children.
  • Enjoy drawing techniques to bring the nature on your canvas.
  • Learn about the traditional method of prawn harvesting in Sungei Buloh Nature Park.

If you’re looking for an activity that is extreme and will rush your adrenaline, then G-Max Reverse Bungy jumping is just the thing to do. This popular ride is located at the famous nightlife hub of Clarke Quay. Reverse Bungy also known as G-Max Reverse Bungy straps into the capsule when you are on the ground.


  • 3 River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024

Tel: +65 6338 1766


G-Max Reverse Bungy ride starts around 14:00 daily on the weekdays, and it starts at 13:00 and 12:00 noon on weekends. The ride ends at 01:00 or 2:00.


  • Hop on the G-Max Reverse Bungy to send your heart racing at the speed of 200 kph
  • The latest GX-5 ride will leave you gasping for breath and will give you a thrilling experience
  • G-Max Reverse Bungy straps into the capsule when you are on the ground
  • The ride speeds up to 200 kmph and G-force of 5 is applied to it.


  • A sneak peak of the entire G-Max Reverse Bungy ride
  • Complimentary ride
  • Medical aid


  • Adults (age 12+): GX-5 Extreme Swing INR 2250, Trampoline Bungy INR 500

Recommended for

  • G-Max Reverse Bungy is recommended for adults and children over the age of 12 years.

How to get there

MRT: Get off at Clarke Quay station and walk about three minutes from there.

Taxi: The fastest and easiest way to get there. Take a taxi straight at the Clark Quay, opposite MICA Building.

Bus: Bus service numbers 32, 54 and 195 will stop at Clark Quay, along River Valley Road

About G-Max Reverse Bungy

The G-Max Reverse Bungy falls from 60m and reaches a speed of over 200kph. It is incredibly fast, exciting, thrilling and at the same time safe. It was first invented by a New Zealander, Troy Griffin in 1995. The activity is designed and built in New Zealand. The activity is basically a bungy jumping but in a reverse way. The bungy is 100% safe and secure. More than 1 million riders have successfully taken the ride and have enjoyed themselves.

G-Max Reverse Bungy operates in seven various countries around the globe. Singapore is one such place that is quite famous for this thrilling activity. This ride has become one of the most popular activities at the lively, Clarke Quay.  The ride also known as the capsule, seats up to five people at a time and speeds up to 200 kmph.

The person operating the ride hits the eject button and the ride is pushed by 5G of force. The company has even added a latest feature which is the ‘GX-5 Extreme Swing’. This is the alternative that is available at the same spot, which is similar to the original G-Max Reverse Bungy. The only difference between the bungy and GX-5 Extreme Swing is that the latter involves much more swinging effect after the initial ejection.

The rider is strapped in a 3-seater capsule and is shot up into the air with the bungy cord that is 60 meters in height. The ride further takes a speed of 200 km per hour and G-force of 5 is applied to it. The G-force is nothing but the force that is experienced by the astronauts during the rocket launch. In G-Max Reverse Bungy, the rider will feel springing up and down a few times and later the ride will come to a halt mid-air. Soon, the ride will be lowered down till you reach the ground again.

G-Max Reverse Bungy rides are the best thing a rider can ever experience, and treasure this memory for a lifetime. But it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. G-MAX Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Xtreme Swing are both exciting and a treat to the eyes of even the spectators!

GX-5 Xtreme Swing is the latest addition that has been added to the list. This ride was opened in Dec 2007 and is a 5-seater capsule which is pulled to at 90-degree angle to the ground. The rider faces downwards and once the swing is released it is like a giant swing. The ride will then speed up to 125 km per hour. G-MAX Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Xtreme Swing are available in Singapore and New Zealand.

The riders must be 1.2 meters tall and should be over 12-years-old. Intoxicated people will not be allowed to board on any of the rides.  The best time to ride on these amazing rides is any time of the day and night except the rainy season.

Finding G-Max Reverse Bungy is not at all a difficult task. For reaching the spot, one needs to know the landmark where the ride is situated. The ride is located at Clarke Quay. The towering white metal support of the ride rising high into the sky becomes easy for one to spot. The entire area is illuminated at night which creates much more of a spectacle and becomes lively.

Interesting facts about G-Max Reverse Bungy

  • It is catapulted at 60 meters in height
  • First invented by New Zealander, Troy Griffin, in 1995
  • The riders are strapped in a 3-seater capsule and shot up into the air.

Nearly a decade old this is one of the landmarks of Singapore. It is located at the Marina bay Sands Hotel, and is more than being just a traditional casino. Activities here surpass just the conventional play of gambling and making some prize money. It is well-equipped to become a hot shot entertainment destination in the whole of Southeast Asia. You place your bets, as you play cards, the machines, the roulettes, and then wait until the lady luck charms in your favour. The ambience is such that will leave you awestruck and make you want to stay more. Even if you are not the playing kinds, there’s ample of things to look at as you take a stroll around just to experience the place. Some lucky patrons in the past have been proud owners of the premium cars that were given away as a prize of the ‘Mystery Car Jackpot’. If you are not the gambling kinds or you have run out of luck, then you may take the elevator up to the 56th floor to enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the city. You may even go chill at some buzzing rooftop clubs and sip on to some drinks. So, even if it’s your bad day at the casino, there is some entertainment always around to keep you occupied and cheer you up.


Location: Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Known for: The most expensive casino with newest electronic devices. 

How to reach: The nearest spot to get to the Marina Bay Sands by metro (MRT) is Bayfront. Once you reach Bayfront, you can stroll down through the mall, thereby reaching the hotel’s lobby area to access the casino. One can also avail of bus services and water taxi to get here.

Cost: Foreigners entry is free for casinos in this hotel, however, an entry is levied for Singaporean and permanent residents of Singapore. There are two types of levy; 24 hours costing  INR 30000-35000 approximately and an annual entry levy that costs  INR 100000-250000 approximately

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: Carry a photo ID and persons entering the casino should be 21 years and above


The Art Science Museum, which appears like an extended is located in the heart of the Marina Bay Sands. You will find displays here that range from anything like Dali to Harry Potter. Although a science museum, the place is a centre on entertainment and education for children and adults alike. The museum highlights the synergy between art and science in a novel way. This museum is quiet prominently noticeable as you walk past the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The museum has become one of the iconic structures of Singapore at a rapid progression over the time. This environment friendly building encompasses windows that shed natural light for the galleries on the inside. There is a reflection pond too which underneath the base of rain harvest recycled for bathroom usage. The museum in the embrace of lily ponds shines much brighter at night as if it is a horizon point where earth meets the sky. There are over 20 gallery spaces which are later customised based on the nature of the exhibition. A blank canvas is kept within the confines which is tailor-made specifically to complement the work on display. Galleries are customised for regular exhibitions as per the defined themes/concepts. 

Patrons enter the section named ‘Curiosity’ through a floating staircase, where questions are inscribed on the wall pertaining to the link between art and science. Interiors give a detailed insight on the minds that have gone into making the sprawling structure of the museum, aesthetically and technically. 

Patrons can also access the ‘Inspiration’ gallery which lies further ahead upstairs. This multimedia gallery entails works of the objects that shaped the future for the world today including the work of stalwarts like Leonardo Da Vinci’s flying machine that accentuates the perfect link between a work of art and science. 

Right atop the museum is ‘Expression’, which portrays a cinematic presentation on the accomplishments of science and art over the period. Presentations include works on building structures, flights, robots and maps.

Tourist exhibitions are also organised accentuating such as timeless pieces of the Titanic, objects taken from the Harry Potter movie sets, and some art work of stalwarts like Vincent Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, and Andy Warhol. When you visit the Art Science Museum, you are bound to embark on an enlightening journey with the array of art and science works up for display.


Location: Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Known for: The world’s most iconic art galleries are housed here.

How to reach: The museum can be easily reached from the Bay front MRT station at a walking distance. 

Cost: Future World Adult tickets at  INR 800-1000 approximately and children’s tickets at INR 500-600 approximately

Operating hours: 10am to 7pm

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: N/A


Known to all either via television, internet, pictures or even by paying a visit is the 8.7 m tall Merlion. The Merlion is a fabled symbol of Singapore, that indicates an amalgamation of half fish and half lion. Inevitably, this is the most popular destination flocked by tourists in the whole of Singapore. 

While it stands right in the heart of the Marina Bay area, you can get a distant but mesmerising view of the tall standing three-pronged Marina Bay Hotel. The place becomes even more picturesque during the evening with lights shining bright as the water comes out of the statue’s mouth.

The park is also surrounded by many eateries, souvenir stores and public toilets. One of the best this here is that you can walk right up close to the statue and get the best view possible. Pictures can also be taken from right underneath.

Locals in Singapore are of the belief that the part fish of the Merlion symbolises the humble beginnings of Singapore as a fishing town, whereas the part lion of the Merlion is derived from the island-city’s name itself where in literal Malay language it is called as Lion City.  

If you wish to avoid the crowds, then you can visit the park during the night and still catch a scenic yet serene view from the bay.

Location: Marina Bay 

Known for: This statue weighs 70 tonnes and spouts water from its mouth is a must-see icon for tourists.

How to reach: Located in One Fullerton, you can reach the Merlion Park by taking the metro (MRT) to Raffles Place. Once you get down at this stop, the park is just a walking distance away. 

In case you are not comfortable with the MRT, or want to experience the whole of Singapore whilst you tend to reach the Merlion Park, there are popular day-tours available that you can hop on to that will take you to all the major attractions of Singapore including the Merlion.

Cost: The Merlion Park, is free and open to all, therefore always bustling with hordes of crowds that come here either to just have a good time or take back home some memories to cherish.

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: Carry a camera with you, and you will surely come back with memories of a lifetime


Singapore is the only destination in the world to host the F1 race, the Singapore Grand Prix at night. The event brings in a pompous atmosphere where top music performers elevate the event in addition to the racing action, which is the prime attraction. 

The race is organized at the Marina Bay Street Circuit, that further pumps up the action with a tinge of entertainment for all the fans in attendance. Major grandstands at the Singapore Grand Prix circuit are the City Hall, Stamford, Connaught, Padang, Esplanade Waterfront, Esplanade Steps Premier, Raffles, Marina Bay, Singapore Flyer, Pit and Turns.

The circuit is also known as the Singapore Street Circuit, one of the only few anti-clockwise circuits in the Formula One fraternity. The circuit stretches over a distance of 5.1 kms encompassing 23 turns. 


Location: Marina Bay Street Circuit

Known for: Singapore F1 Grand Prix is a motor race that also forms the part Formula 1 world championship.

How to reach: The circuit is quite big and different MRT stations are convenient to different circuit gates.

Cost: Click here to view the list of ticket costs as per available packages

Operating hours: Gates opens at 2pm to 12am midnight and extends till 1am during Grand Prix weekend.

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: Be careful while exiting gates as some gates can get quite congested.


The Esplanade – Theatres on the bay in Singapore is art centre comprising a multitude of performances. While the shows are just amazing to watch, there are a lot of shopping areas and culinary experience to indulge in for the visitors. 

Performances include a display of culture, stage performances by local bands and Malaysian & Thai traditional dances. All these performances can be watched free of cost. The Concert Hall is without doubt the best space in the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, where you get a feel of being on a wooden boat as if you are afloat balancing on water.


Location: Marina Bay 

Known for: Esplanade is one of the busiest art centres which exhibits diverse cultures in the form of dance, music, visual arts and theatre to extend the cultural vibrancy of Singapore

How to reach: One can take a metro (MRT) to the City Hall or Esplanade Circle Line station to reach to the Esplanade. If you go via the Esplanade Circle Line Station, the theatre is accessible at a walking distance. One cannot miss this building because of its unique stature that comprises two gigantic aluminium glass domes by the riverfront.

Cost: As per the available plays

Operating hours: 12pm to 8:30pm

Any precautions/must carry items etc.: Fine is issued in case one is found with an offense of littering, smoking or chewing gum.


Wonder Full Marina Bay Sands are all about the light shows that are organised in Singapore every night of the week. These shows comprise the pompous show OCBC Garden Rhapsody at the iconic Gardens by the Bay. The event is surely a must watch for the visitors especially if they are within the vicinity of the Marina Sands Bay area. The event is so grand that come any night during the week and you will find Singapore shining bright with multi-coloured lights somewhere that change to the tunes of well-known tracks and original compositions.


Location: Marina Bay

Known for: Its extravagant view with laser, glittering water and moving orchestral soundtrack makes it a dazzling display.

How to reach: Wonder Full Marina Bay is easily accessible with local transport facilities like MRT Train Services, car and taxi.

Cost: Whether its amazing laser light shows or the manufactured trees of Gardens by the Bay Shining bright, visitors can be in attendance and watch it all free of cost thereby entertaining all without having to pay any price. 

Operating hours: Open 24 hours.

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: N/A


The Marina Bay Golf Course is Singapore's first ever golf course, and still the only 18-hole golf course open to all. The golf course is situated within the heart of the city offering a scenic view of the city to all its patrons throughout the day. Based right in the heart of Singapore, this beautiful golf course facilitates convenient accessibility supplemented with a picturesque view of the city skyline, during any hour of the day.

The design of this course is linked to the history of golfing and how it came to inception. There are 91 pot bunkers here which are a salient feature of the course, in addition to being a perfect platform that has an array of exciting challenges for its golfers.


Location: Marina Bay

Known for: It has one of Asia's longest golf course with an impressive skyline. It's an 18-hole golf course and is open for public.

How to reach: One can easily get a bus outside the stadium. The public transports are easily accessible from the stadium and only takes 5-7 mins of a walk to reach from the gate.

Cost: In the range of  INR 500-2000 approximately

Operating hours: 6:45am to 10:00pm


Clarke Quay is inevitably the centre of all nightlife in Singapore with its always buzzing atmosphere. Lights shimmering, happening nightclubs all filled with people decked up for the parties - these are a common sight for a visitor who is at Clarke Quay or Boat Quay for the same purpose.

An array of pubs and bars, some unique are all lined up and ever buzzing in this side of the city calling people out to indulge in some amazing party scenes. One may find it hard to believe that Clark Quay once upon a time used to be a centre of commerce by the Singapore River. 

It now stands has one happening spot for all those party goers where there is no falling short on eateries, concept bars, retail outlets and even recreational activities. 

Go to the Forbidden City, and visit the Bar Cocoon or Bamboo Bar for a happening outing. You may even attend some amazing shows at the Lunar Asian Fusion Bar. Other noteworthy spots that are a must visit are the Bar Opiume located at the Empress Place adjacent to the riverside and Attica or Canvas if you are an after-party rave buff.  

Clarke Quay is Singapore’s heart of nightlife, that holds in its embrace an exhaustive list of nightclubs, bars, and pubs to enjoy your party scene to the maximum.


Location: Singapore River Planning Area

Known for: It offers splendid view of architecture and monuments with relishing dining hot spots beside the riverside. The old colonial shops have been converted to attractive pubs and restaurants.

How to reach: MRT [Mass Rapid Transit] station is 10-minute walk away from Clark Quay. Also, one can easily find a bus to take a ride back to the hotel. 

Cost: Free

Operating hours: 10am to 10pm

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: Basic precautions with your valuables and important documents is advisable.


Raffles hotel, a high-end colonial-based hotel, is a national monument of Singapore. It stands today as one of the most iconic structures of Singapore. The likes of celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth II, and Michael Jackson have all resided in this hotel. 

The hotel encompasses a total of 103 suites, 18 restaurants & bars in addition to around 40 boutiques and stores that include high-end brands. The Raffles Bar in the hotel premises is frequented by many patrons who come here just for a premium experience. 

The good old and world-renowned Singapore Sling was invented by this hotel, and is still prepared and served the best in this national monument of Singapore.


Location: Beach Road, City Hall, Singapore.

Known for: The hotel has its private beach which was made in 1830s. Though the hotel has been renovated but the billiard room is still original which serves Singapore sling.

How to reach: The hotel is located just 20 minutes from Changi Airport and two-minute ride on MRT from Orchard Road. 

Cost: Avg. rates start from INR 25000-30000 approximately

Operating hours: 24 hours

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: N/A


Taking a walk down Chinatown will take you back in time giving you an experience of the rich Asian culture, courtesy Peranakan shops, among other historic structures that lie here. Chinatown is an amalgamation of four prominent districts viz. Kreta Ayer, Telok Ayer, Tanjong Pagar and Bukit Pasoh. The most popular attractions within these districts are the Smith Street and Pagoda Street. 

While you will see many restored shops lined up in the whole town, there many other traditional structures of worship like the Hokkien temple Thian Hock Keng, Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple, and James Mosque. 

There are several eateries serving a variety of Asian cuisines inside of the town, and a bunch of hotels ranging from the most basic priced to the luxury ones. 


Location: Quantrum District, Singapore

Known for: The dingy narrow streets which are filled with lights and hawker’s of Chinatown to serve fresh and relishing local Asian cuisines. 

How to reach:  To reach Chinatown in no time, one can take a metro (MRT), which brings travellers right to the entrance of the Pagoda street. 

Cost: You will find everything here, from food to souvenirs and at a very cheap rate

Operating hours: 7am to 10pm

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: N/A


Orchard Road is a shopping paradise in Singapore, and a go to place for visitors who just cannot get enough of shopping. The area is so laden with the local and international stores, boutiques, spas, salons, and entertainment activities among others that will certainly be spoilt for choices. There are enough avenues for entertainment & cafes to keep you occupied and give you some respite while you are on an intense shopping spree.

The area is big and loaded enough to easily take your whole day, or maybe a day too may not be enough in case you have an eye for detail when picking the right stuff for yourself and your loved ones back home. Try visiting the Tanglin Mall, and the Plaza Singapura by the end of the Road.

You will find basically anything in the malls lined up at the Shopping malls at Orchard Road whether it is to do with clothing, electronic or home brands. All the malls and shopping centres are always buzzing with some entertaining activities, and there’s no chance of one getting bored.

The complexes will always be up to something to keep the crowds entertained. Over the weekends you will find performers by the sidewalks entertaining the passers-by.


Location: 437 Orchard Road, Singapore

Known for: It is Asia’s biggest shopping hub with upscale boutiques and innumerable retail stores. It was Singapore’s first supermarket which has turned to be the centre point to shop anything and everything you need.

How to reach: Taxi would be the best option if you are travelling from Changi Airport to Orchard Road. The approximate fare would be  INR 250-300 approximately

Cost: The cost my vary here subject to your shopping items, and the food  that you may grab for a quick bite while you are  busy shopping

Operating hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm; extends till 11:00pm on Saturdays.


This event is organised every two years by the Singapore Art Museum. It is one of the grandest contemporary art events of the country. This is a good event for someone looking to delve deep in to the rich cultural heritage of Singapore. 

At every event there is different theme on display thereby making it even more interesting the concept of enlightening the patrons which something unique and distinct. They may range from world affairs to societal issues. Every theme is defined by its own peculiar story.


Why you should attend this: One of the biggest contemporary art events in Singapore

Who should attend this: Special for art lovers, open for all


Anything artistic whether its theatre, music or dance are exhibited that the mega event of Singapore International Festival of Arts. Those who are dedicated enthusiasts for their true love of arts, music and films never go back disappointed. 

There is always something unique on offer at Singapore International Festival of Arts every year with stellar performances in either dancing, music, arts or even stand-up comedy right from the heart of Singapore’s own local talent. 


Why you should attend this: Stellar performances in dance, music, arts, and stand-up comedy

Who should attend this: Enthusiasts for arts, music and films


The Singapore Art Week is week-long event that takes place every year in January. Numerous artworks with salient features are exhibited at this annual event.  There is a lot to do at this event come stroll tours, screenings, gallery openings amongst many other activities. The art week is spread across all neighbourhoods in Singapore, be it Chinatown, Marina Bay, Gillman Barracks or the Bras Basah & Bugis areas. 

Art Stage Singapore is the major attraction and a distinct feature of this art week. This event holds a massive collection of select galleries from all over Singapore. The event is graced by the luminaries of the contemporary art in Asian fraternity, something that a true art lover in attendance would certainly cherish.


Why you should attend this: Massive collection of select galleries from all over Singapore

Who should attend this: Art lovers, and all


Come September the Chinese Mid-Autumn festival beckons thereby marking the end of the Autumn season. People gather at Chinatown and Chinese garden for a hearty feast that involves savouries like the mooncakes available in different flavours. Kids bring out a parade as they carry lanterns alongside their families and friends. 

Diwali is also celebrated full-swing in Singapore during the months of October or November, which is an Indian festival. The influence is substantial especially if you take a stroll down to Little India. The place is decked up with colourful and decorative lights. An array of markets is all set during this season selling genuine Indian material up for grabs.


Why you should attend this: It’s a celebration time in Singapore

Who should attend this: All


May to August

During May on its fifth day, you will get to witness dragon boat races and relish some tasteful rice dumplings. If you have a taste for some intense adrenaline rush, then you must watch these races from spots such as the Bedok Reservoir, Kallang River, and the Marina Bay area. Kim Choo Kueh Chang is favourite to savour some tasty rice dumplings. 

It is then followed by the Islamic festival of Ramadan that generally happens between May and June. This is the time when Singaporean Muslims all come together to break the fast as the day ends by sunset.  This month is an ideal time to stroll down the markets at night to buy some clothes and scrumptious savouries and sweets. Kampong Glam and Geylang Serai are amongst the known markets frequented during this time of the year.


Why you should attend this: Along with the cultural experience, one gets to delve in to the adventurous side of Singapore

Who should attend this: Must for foreigners visiting Singapore.


This event brings fun along with some great music and food & beverage to relish over a 12-hour long period. Every year it is organised in the month of January that brings in a mix of music, bands and singers that bring in the local flavour devoid of anything mainstream. It’s a non-stop day-long music-packed event. Apart from the signature music feature that it’s known for, the event is also a food & beverage galore that will only leave you impressed every time you nibble on to something.


Why you should attend this: Signature music event along with lip smacking food and beverages

Who should attend this: Adults


Every year in Singapore begins with the Chinese New Year celebrations. However, the days may differ as per the Chinese Lunar Calendar thereby falling either in the month of January or February. During this time families generally come together for activities like steamboat dinner or giving away packets that contain some money. 

River Hongbao, is another lively festival, that follows after the Chinese new year, organised on a buoyant stand at the Marina Bay that is decked with lanterns highlighting the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, along with some enjoyable activities and local performances. 

Chingay Parade, is another event that highlights Singapore’s rich heritage with some eye-catching accessories and performances.

During the month of January or February, Thaipusam is also organised. This is an Indian festival, where devotees come together amongst a grand spectacle displaying their vows at the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple at Serangoon Road. The event then attains closure at the Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple at Keong Saik Road.

Performances that are displayed during this festival include devotees piercing their cheeks with prongs, which sounds intimidating however an interesting performance to watch.


Why you should attend this: Perfect events to get a taste of the Singaporean culture

Who should attend this: Foreigners who are visiting Singapore


Singapore’s most stellar event is home to some renowned international and local performances. Not only does it highlight the moulds of indie and electro music, but also the poetry and stand-up comedy. This event is brain-child of directors who have had the global exposure of organising and managing outdoor activities in other countries like the UK and Australia.


Why you should attend this: Be a part of some international and local performances

Who should attend this: Adults


For those who have a classical taste distant from the usual loud music come to attend this series of orchestra performances stacked up at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. There are piano and violin performances all organised at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Singapore Botanic Gardens elevating your mood as you soak in to the tunes of the peaceful music performances.


Why you should attend this: Organised at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Who should attend this: For those who have a taste for classical music. 


Jazz music on the tunes of saxophones and pianos will keep you going with some grooves. That is all about this stellar event.  Renowned performers will keep you on the sway throughout the event with their magical presentations at the Singapore International Jazz Festival.

Fondly called as Singjazz, this outdoor event is organised at the Marina Bay. There is an array of performances to enjoy while you sip on to your drinks, delve deep in to the tunes of some brilliant music, scrumptious culinary and the ever-flowing bar. 

Many luminaries grace this event thereby making your visit a lot more interesting and worthwhile.


Why you should attend this: Attended by many luminaries of the industry, and a perfect event to experience the true sense of jazz music

Who should attend this: All, jazz lovers.


Almost two-decade old, ZoukOut is Singapore’s biggest music event that has housed some eminent names like Avicii, Paul van Dyk, and Afrojack at helm of the consoles at this beach side dance music event. There is a rush of adrenaline at this festival all day long that will certainly challenge your endurance. This festival is organised in December every year.


Why you should attend this: Biggest music event of Singapore, frequented by many globally renowned DJs and composers

Who should attend this: Adults


The Miami-based music festival has graced countries all over the since its inception and Singapore is one of those. Prominent DJs attend this event that keep the crowds on their feet to their EDM tracks. More and more globally known DJs frequent this event every year only making it more promising for the patrons in future. It is grand music festival that will make you step on the gas and keep grooving till you drop.


Why you should attend this: Frequented by globally renowned DJs

Who should attend this: Adults


This is a music festival set aboard a cruise ship. This event is marked by an array of genres that range from EDM to House music. 

Some stellar names have graced this event in the previous editions, and more so the event has been consistently among headliners.


Why you should attend this: The festival takes place on a cruise ship

Who should attend this: Adults

Activities in singapore

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/hiking-trip-to-southern-ridges/3931" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

The Southern Ridge of Singapore is filled with encompassing lush greenery and numerous birds. The four parks of Southern Ridge are spread across the western half of Singapore. This hike starts from treetops of Mount Faber and takes you to Labrador Nature Reserve. The high peninsula provides gorgeous views of the entire region along with Singapore’s high-tech skyline. This hike doesn’t require great endurance or challenge as amenities like toilets, drink vending machines and rest shelters are well placed throughout the trail. You’ll also find a couple of full-service restaurants and cafes along the trail as well.


Location: Alexandra Road, Mount Faber Park, Singapore.

For: Family with Kids, and groups

Difficulty level: There are different walks with different difficulty levels ranging from easy to challenging.

Cost: Subject to the activity

Why you should do it: To explore various flora and fauna while walking amidst fresh green trails

Tips: No wheelchair access

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/traditional-makan-feast/3932" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

If there is one activity that people of Singapore love more than anything, then it will be enjoying a scrumptious meal at their favourite restaurants. Locally known as ‘fare’ one can head to the nearest kopitiam to enjoy the vegetarian or non-vegetarian delight. You can try one of the many Kopitams at Maxwell Road, Newton Circus and Block 85 at Bedok and decide yourself that who serves the best meal.

Location: Any nearest coffee shop

For: Family with Kids, Couples only, Friend’s Group, Senior Citizen 

Cost: Variable according to establishments

Why you should do it: To relish the traditional cuisines with some live music.

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/dolphin-sighting-at-the-sisters-islands-marine-park/3933" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

The clear blue waters of Sister Islands make this place perfect for snorkelling. This region is filed with biodiverse marine life. It is also a lovely place for those who like to enjoy watching the Marine Life. This park is also the home to some of Singapore’s richest and vibrant coral reefs. Among some of the unique marine life, the wild dolphins can be seen in plenty over here.


Location: Sister’s Island 

For: Family with Kids, Couples only, Friend’s Group, Senior Citizen 

Difficulty level: To be aware of grumpy wild dolphin, but the staff is always there to keep everybody safe and happy.

Cost: May vary as per the activity

Why you should do it: Besides snorkelling with wild dolphins one can relax under the shaded palm trees

Tips: Precautions/ must carry items/ required skill: Keep the noise level low. One should have basic skills of swimming.

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/farmart-centre/3934" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Farmart is one of the few or probably the last centre of the farmers community in Singapore. If you want to take a break from the city chaos and the fast life, then Farmart Centre is the place you should be visiting. This place takes you to the time when life was slow and devoid of the rush in which Singapore exists today. The simple farming kampong community lives and earns their livelihood here. You can buy the regular farm produce for cheaper prices compared to Singapore’s supermarket. You can also find some exotic goods like crocodile meat being sold in this market.


Location: 67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore.

For: Family with Kids, Friend’s Group, Senior Citizen 

Difficulty level: Easy

Cost: Free admission

Why you should do it: Great place to interact with animals and to feed them

Tips: Do not smoke, and keep the eco-system safe.

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/the-singapore-zoo/3935" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Singapore’s award-winning zoo is the home to over 300 species of animals, birds and reptiles. This place is a paradise for Animal enthusiasts. From baboons in the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia to komodo dragons in the Reptile Garden, The Singapore Zoo is an amazing place to visit and enjoy watching these animals in artificially created natural habitats. The Zoo has a special section for kids with a plethora of activities like water playground, obstacle course and farmyard animals.


80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826


Address: 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore 729826

Tel: +65 6269 3411


  • The timing for Singapore Zoo is 08:30 to 18:00 and for Rainforest Kidzworld is 09:00 to 18:00.


  • Reptopia - It is home to over 55 species of amphibians and reptiles, that will take you the four geographical zones
  • Bearded dragon - It is from the lizard family, they are found in Australia in deserts, and woodlands.
  • Brown Lemor - They are hunted for food, thereby are a threatened species
  • Rain Forest Fight Back Show features diversity in animals 
  • Breakfast with orangutans where you can take some good photos with your family which is one of its kind dining experience.
  • Animal feeding trail which is all about the connect with the wildlife and humans.


  • Tickets
  • Entrance fees
  • Hotel pickup


  • Adults (age 13+): INR 1750
  • Child (age 3 - 12): INR 1150
  • Senior Citizen (age 60 and above): INR 800

Recommended for

  • Animal lovers, Adults, Children

How to get to Singapore Zoo

MRT: You can take the MRT Train near to Singapore Zoo. From there you can hop no to a bus of any of these numbers 927, 138, and 926

Shuttle: Shuttle runs between Khatib MRT Station (NS14) to the Singapore Zoo every 20 minutes.

Bus:  There are direct bus services that take you straight to the Singapore Zoo. You catch them at Suntec City, Singapore Flyover, Orchid hotel, Mandarin hotel. These buses have fixed timings.

About Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. It was open to the crowd in the year 1973. The zoo spans across 69 acres in Singapore's densely forested area. The zoo is home to more than 300 species of reptiles, mammals, birds freely roaming around in the sprawling area. 

Animals do not live in the cages here, however the set-up is in a safe and suitable environment. The zoo offers open exhibits with hidden glass, and moats, as fencing between the animals and visitors.

There are 2,800 animals living under one roof, all from different set of origins. The Singapore Zoo, home to many animals, comprises some of rarest species of animals, birds, and reptiles. The golden monkey from China is one of them, followed by Giant pandas, White Tigers and many more.

The zoo was designed to bring mankind much closer to the animals to witness the true beauty of the wildlife. There are underwater galleries from where one can watch hippos and crocs swimming. There are orangutans in large numbers with whom one can share their food. There are 11 animal zones from Australia to Africa, some of which are Treetops Trail, Rep Topia, Fragile Forest, Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia, Australasia, and Frozen Tundra.

A glimpse of some rare species of wildlife is truly a memorable experience. There is a play zone area for children called as Rainforest Kidz world, where the children get a chance to feed goats and head over to the pets’ corner to catch a site of rabbits. Visitors can take snapshots with animals much closer than one could be.

Special events and exhibitions are frequently organized in the Singapore Zoo where visitors can get a lot of insights in to the amazing wildlife residing within the premises. 

One of the interesting shows, mainly for the elephant lovers, is one where elephants play within their habitat alongside the mahouts. They do the task of lifting, pushing, basically something that will make the audience laugh their wits out. Also, there’s Animal Friend Show, which is aimed at making a difference to inspire people to love animals.

Interesting facts about Singapore Zoo

  • This huge area gives you the glimpse of forest life with rear animals
  • You can buy toys, nature-inspired mementos, articles and unique things here
  • Diaper changing facilities, first aid, nursing room all for the visitors’ safety
  • Come in and explore the park with Tram ride, that will guide you and tell stories of animals
  • You can easily roam around with Electric Scooter and enjoy your ride
  • There are special places for kids like Jurassic park and rainforest kidz world.
international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/singapore-botanic-gardens/3936" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Botanic Gardens is the most popular picnic spot of Singapore. The park is filled with families who come here with their sandwiches and mats to enjoy some time out with their families. Spread in a huge area, The Botanic Gardens have green meadows, scenic foliage and amazing sculptures everywhere. For those who love flowers can also visit the National Orchid Garden. This garden is one of its kinds and it is the home to 1,000 species of plants along with more than 2,000 hybrids.


1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569


Address: 1 Cluny Rd, Singapore 259569

Tel: +65 6471 7138


  • 05:00 am to 00:00 midnight daily


  • The Singapore Botanic Gardens has 36000 plants with 6500 species and 44 heritage trees.
  • There are Eco- Garden and Eco-Lab in the children's garden to examine nuts, medicinal plants.
  • The Singapore Botanic Gardens have plant taxonomic and biodiversity research centers. 
  • The only tropical garden as the UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Enjoy the classical singing at the symphony stage.
  • Heritage museum was built in 1921


  • Free entry
  • Workshops
  • Guide


  • Adults (age 13+): INR 250
  • Child (age 3 - 12): INR 50

Recommended for

  • The Singapore Botanic Gardens is for children and families.

How to get to The Singapore Botanic Garden

Singapore Botanic Gardens are located in Central Singapore and a five-minute walk from Orchid Road.

MRT: You can get down at Orchid MRT Station, Botanic Gardens MRT Station.

Bus:  Take the bus no.  SMRT 75,77,106, 67,101, SBS Transit 7,33,174

About Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanic Gardens are one of the oldest gardens in Singapore and a major attraction for travellers. The 150-year-old garden describes "the city in the garden". It is like heaven for park and nature lovers. The Singapore Botanic Gardens boasts a rich history of huge collection of exotic plants from across the world. 

The Singapore Botanic Gardens were established in 1859. One can trace the origin of the gardens in 1822 when Stamford Raffles suggested the plan of allotting the 19-hectare site for developing a botanical garden mainly for cultivation of cash crop and to set up a preservation centre for native plants. 

The Singapore Botanic Gardens was closed from 1829 to 1836 due to financial constraints. In 1836, 2.8 hectares of the garden was used to cultivate nutmeg. In 1859 The Singapore Botanic Gardens was established in Tanglin. It was made as an ornament garden which reflects English style garden with pathways and terraces. 

In 1877, rubber plantation was started and by 1888 the plantation spread across the Malaya and made it the world’s biggest producer of natural rubber. From 1920 The Singapore Botanic Gardens have started the plantation of orchid flower and has become one of the largest producers of orchids. Orchid is now the National flower of Singapore.

Singapore Botanic Gardens is the most visited garden in the world and honoured as the first UNESCO World Heritage site. It is divided into three zones, Tanglin, Central, and Bukit Timah. Tanglin is oldest of them, this area has historical and oldest landmarks including the Swan Lake, Tanglin entrance gate, Bandstand, Heritage Museum, herbarium research centre with 7,50,000 species. The Central zone has botanical and horticulture places like Ginger Garden. One can find 250 species of ginger, not as a spice but as the flower. You can see the Palm Valley, fragrant Garden in Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The National Orchid Garden is spread across 3-acres with over 2000 hybrids and 1000 species, this is for an orchid lover who wants to explore the flower. Discover many spots in the Orchid Garden such as Coolhouse. 

VIP Orchid Garden is the home of orchid’s most popular variety. Close to 100 famous personalities have visited the garden, like Princess Diana, Elizabeth, Maasako Kotaishi Hidenka. Rainforest is also set up in the central zone.

The Bukit Timah zone has the children garden, it was opened on children’s day as Asia's first children’s garden. The garden has tree houses, water play area, etc. Children get knowledge about plantation and the ecosystem, farm forest from this garden. There are other attractions also such as Ridley Hall, Holttun hall and many more.

Interesting facts about The Singapore Botanic Gardens

  • In VIP Orchid Garden you get a chance to meet famous personalities like Jackie Chan, Shah Rukh Khan.
  • Enjoy the picnic with your family in Singapore Botanic Gardens 
  • You will find old tropical rainforest in the gardens.
  • Singapore’s first green roof is there at the green pavilion
  • There is the mystery sculpture that looks like a tree from distance, but it has 500 human figures.
international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/macritchie-reservoir-park/3937" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a popular destination for those who love nature walks. Apart from being one of the toughest walking spots, MacRitchie is a beautiful grassland with gorgeous scenery spread everywhere. The Tree Top Walk is a suspension bridge and is open every day between 9 AM and 5 PM. This suspension bridge connects two highest points in MacRitchie. A walk in this area gives you glimpses of lovely wildlife hidden here. You also get to see the different layers of forest canopy and the splendid shades of greenery around it. 


Location: Central Catchment Nature Reserve

For: Family with Kids, Couples only, Friend’s Group, Senior Citizen 

Difficulty level: N/A

Cost: Free

Why you should do it: A wonderful place for family to enjoy amidst lush green pastures.

Tips: Do not litter. Keep the water reservoirs clean.

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/quayside-isle/3938" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Quayside Isle is a high-end neighbourhood of Singapore that seems to have come out of Hollywood movies about rich people. Quayside Isle has many lavish premium restaurants and a beautiful harbour which is filled with luxury yachts. Quayside Isle hosts some of the most lavish pool parties in the area. You can keep an eye on the internet forums and attend when it is organized. A party here will give you an idea of the activities that rich millennial like to do in Singapore.


Location: Sentosa Cove, Singapore 

For: Couples only, Group of friends

Difficulty level: N/A

Cost: Average cost for a solo lunch is It will cost you INR 250-300 approximately 

Why you should do it: It is located in luxurious enclave of Sentosa for an amazing dining experience. 

Tips: N/A

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/take-part-in-togetherly-book-exchange-movement/3939" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

This countrywide movement has become a huge phenomenon with time. This book exchange program is totally anonymous. The book lovers bring a copy of their favourite book, and they wrap it up after leaving a note for the next reader. Following this they get to exchange it for another book. This amazing activity has followers everywhere and now others have started their own exchange programs at different places.

Location: Tanjong Goodman Weekend Market

For: Family with Kids, Couples only, Friend’s Group, Senior Citizen 

Difficulty level: N/A

Cost: Free

Why you should do it: Yes, you can grab a beer and enjoy some book reading  

Tips: N/A

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/sungei-buloh-wetlands/3940" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Singapore has a unique wildlife which is preserved by the local administration. This exclusive mix of a jungle safari takes you through two regions. You get to explore the coastal boardwalk and a mid-canopy walk during your trip. The Sungei Buloh Wetlands is filled with monitor lizards, mudskippers, herons, horseshoe crabs and lots of snakes and insects.


Location: 301 Neo Tiew Crres, Singapore.

For: Family with Kids, Couples only, Friend’s Group, Senior Citizen 

Difficulty level: N/A

Cost: As per the activity

Why you should do it: It’s a great chance to witness reptiles, mammals and birds in their own habitat.

Tips: Do not approach the wildlife. Maintain safe distance.

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/buddha-tooth-relic-temple/3941" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

The Tooth Temple of Singapore is a highly revered spot among Buddhist devotees. Buddhists visit this temple from all over the world because it houses an alleged tooth of Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. This temple is famous for its amazing architecture. The style of this temple is inspired from the buildings of Tang Dynasty. Exploring Buddha Tooth Temple is like stepping into a whole new world.


Location: South Bridge Road

For: Family with Kids and Senior Citizen 

Cost: Admission to the temple is free

Why you should do it: The Buddha idol is made of gold. The interiors of temple tell stories of culture over hundreds year old.

Tips: Photography is strictly prohibited.

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/singapore-open-movie-theatre/3942" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Are you fascinated by the idea of enjoying a movie show under the clouds and the stars? What if we told you that the movie is going to be free for all? Yes, Singapore open movie theatre organized by Movie Mob boasts itself as old-school outdoor movie experience. This theatre has a drive-in concept and visitors often come with their picnic meals to accompany the movie with. 

The best part of this movie show is that it takes place at different parts of the city and the viewers get to vote for the favourite movie they want to see.


Location: 32 Eng Hoon St., Singapore.

For: Family with Kids, Couples, Groups

Difficulty level: N/A

Cost: Free

Why you should do it: Watching movie on wheels is an old tradition of Singapore. Community come together to enjoy the cinema with family and friends. One should not miss this opportunity in Singapore.

Tips: N/A

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/stand-up-paddling/3943" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

This recreational activity is a popular sport among the adults as well as the kids. The non-existent waves of Singapore Sea make it one of the best coastal lines to do Stand Up Paddling. This activity is absolutely safe and suitable for members of all ages. Stand up Paddling or SUP is also a great muscle building exercise.


Location: One can find many SUP centres around the East Coast Park.

For: All

Difficulty level: Medium to difficult

Cost: Classes cost in the range of It will cost you INR 500-800 approximately and boards rentals from It will cost you INR 600-900 approximately 

Why you should do it: It’s a new form of water sports and is a great workout for your upper body and legs.

Tips: Carry your sunscreen, sunglasses and hat to protect from scorching heat of Sun.

international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/barbecue-at-beachside-chalet/3944" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

The chalets of East Coast, Changi or Pasir Ris offer the facility of booking the place over the weekends. The old school bungalows remind you of the classic Singapore and show you a rustic and raw side of the city. The Chalet managers offer the facility of pool parties and barbecue nights to make your visit a more memorable experience.

Why you should do it: To enjoy the live grills with small/big groups under the skyline of Singapore. 


Location: Changi/Pair Ris

For: All

Difficulty level: N/A

Cost: It will cost you INR 500-800 approximately per person


international-tourism/singapore-tourism/places-to-visit-in-singapore/heritage-tour-with-singapore-walks/3945" class="placedetailblk_hrf_static">

Singapore walks take you through the classic charms of Singapore that a majority of people have forgotten about. This walk offers some cool and unique heritage tours and even locals join the event. The walking tour of Singapore is conducted by an expert guide who would weave stories in the history of Singapore. This is a fun activity and entire family can take part in it. Adults will find some unique places to capture in their cameras while the children will find it really educational.


Location: The tour is through famous trails, shops from colonial times, museums, relics and much more.

For: All

Difficulty level: Easy

Cost: It will cost you INR 1000-1200 approximately per person

Why you should do it: It’s the best way to explore localities of Singapore. It is more like an educational tour for children. 

Tips: You can carry a video camera for filmography to capture the local tradition of Singapore.

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Singapore has several archery clubs. Some of these clubs are founded by Olympic level athletes. These archery centres follow international standards and have trained expert and trainers who’ll take you through the basics of this sport. A day of Archery Session will also make you feel like Legolas or Robinhood.


Location: Variable


For: All


Difficulty level: Difficult. Requires trained skills.


Cost: It will cost you INR 800-1000 approximately per person/per session Why you should do it: To enhance skills of wielding bow and arrow


Tips: Must try under strict supervision. Young kids to be kept at safe distance.

Food in singapore


You will find this as a standard staple across all the food centres, hawkers and premium restaurants in Singapore. This national dish contains a Cantonese influence in its flavours and the preparation is such that ensures that the chicken remains tender after it is boiled, bleached, and soaked in to cold water. At times, cooks add a twist to the dish either by roasting or braising the met in soya sauce to experience a different flavour from the conventional preparation. 

What adds the true taste to this dish are the rice and chilli paste, which actually define its true flavour. These two define that specific quantity of oil and tanginess thereby begin the base of the dish. Their flavour can either make or break the cuisine.


Must eat: Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken rice at Maxwell

Cost for two: INR 350-400 approximately

Address: Maxwell Food Centre, #01-10/11, 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore.

Contact: +65 6225 5632

Opening hours: 8:00am to 10:00pm


The Chilli Crab is one scrumptious dish, elevated mainly by its sweet and spicy sauce. Although it does look intimidating specially to crack the shells open, the flavour is worth every crack. Chilli Crab is one of the signature dishes of Singapore and is easily available at almost all the sea food restaurants. The most conventional recipe that is used across Singapore for preparing this dish is by marinating the crabs with sambal sauce, tomato paste and eggs.


Must eat: Chilli Crab at Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

Cost for two: INR 4500-5000 approximately

Address: Long Beach KING Seafood, 220 Stadium Boulevard, Singapore

Contact: (65) 6344 7722

Opening hours: Daily 11:00 - 15:00; 17:00 - 01:15


While it might push the faint-hearted away with its appearance, is a visually satiating meal for many who just can’t do away with their love for seafood. Soaked in a red gravy, this dish is prepared with a spice mix of a South Indian curry. The Chinese treat this dish as their delicacy. 

The flavour of the curry usually varies as prepared by the respective communities where some might add the tangy flavour of tamarind paste, others might add coconut milk to make it creamier. The fish head that is usually used is that of the Red Snapper along with veggies like the lady finger and eggplant. 


Must eat: Fish Head Curry at Ocean Curry Fish Head

Cost for two: INR 3500-4000 approximately

Address: 181 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068629

Contact: 6252 2168

Opening hours: 11:00am to 2:00pm and 5:00pm to 9:00pm


This one isn’t literal to its name. It has no orange carrot in the dish. Instead, the recipe comprises rice flour and radish with a tinge of white carrot. It a fried dish where the ingredients steamed, cubed and fried in eggs, garlic and some well-preserved radish. This dish is easily available at all hawker stalls, and is served in black or white sauce.


Must eat: Carrot cake at ANG MO KIO 

Cost for two: INR 450-600 approximately

Address: Stall no. 24, Chomp Chomp Food Centre,20 Kensington Park Rd, Singapore 557269

Contact: N/A

Opening hours: 4:00pm to 12:00am


This dish of stir-fired noodles is cooked in the flavourful pork bones & prawn head stock. This is dish is complete mixture of yellow noodles, thick vermicelli, pork, prawns, squids and eggs. Every ingredient adds its own unique flavour making the dish even more lip-smacking. If you look to add more flavour to the already rich dish, try and add some sambal chilli along with some squeeze of lime.


Must eat: Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee at Tian Tian Li (Come Daily)

Cost for two: INR 800-1000 approximately

Address:  Blk 127 Toa Payoh Lor 1, #02-27, Singapore 310127

Contact: (65) 6251 8542

Opening hours: 9:30am to 6:00pm


A perfect sidekick to one’s cup of local coffee is this toasted slice of bread laden with generous servings of butter and kaya, which traditional jam carved out of coconut and eggs. Consumption of this snack is usually dependent on one’s taste. Therefore, it is eaten either during breakfasts or tea breaks. At times, it is served with tender boiled eggs with loose yolk and whites made even tastier with a tinge of dark soya and white pepper.

The kaya toast is a crispy & crunchy snack with hearty spreads of butter and jam that will leave your taste buds craving for more.


Must eat: Kaya Toast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Cost for two: INR 650-800 approximately

Address: 18 China Street, Far East Square #01-01, Singapore 049560

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 07:30 – 18:30; Sat & Sun 08:30 – 17:00


This broth has many varieties of its own, among which the Katong Laksa, a home-grown laksa, is the most renowned. The dish is defined by its soup stock that is spicy, some dry shrimps, and coconut milk. These are then garnished with some cockles, prawns and fish cake. The noodles and vermicelli are nicely cut in to halves making it easier to slurp them while you are savouring every bite of the dish. While the good old chopsticks are all we know of a cutlery to eat food, there some places in Singapore that only offer a spoon to eat the scrumptious Katong Laksa.


Must eat: The Curry Laksa and the Assam Laksa

Cost for two: INR 450-600 approximately

Address: 208 New Upper Changi Rd, S (460209)

Contact: N/A

Opening hours: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM 


Nasi Lemak is Malay term for rich rice, where apart from its literal meaning rich actually refers to the coconut cream that defines its true flavour. Rice is permeated with some coconut milk along with pandan leaves. It I then served along with some fried fish, chicken wings, local anchovies, peanuts, eggs, cucumber, and a spicy chilli paste. This dish also has varied versions depending on the ethnic group preferences while preparing it.


Must eat: Rice with sambhal chilli, fried chicken leg and cucumber

Cost for two: INR 350-400 approximately

Address: 6 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069787

Contact: 66352999

Opening hours: (Tue-Sat) 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM


Rojak is a Malay term for eclectic mix and rightly so, this dish offers that mix. The dish is a perfect amalgamation of distant items however seamlessly flavoured in to a lip-smacking blend. It is local mixture of veggies, fruits and dough fritters mixed in black sauce, chopped peanuts and ginger flowers. What really defines this dish is it’s a sweet and spicy mix of the prawn paste, lime & chilli paste and sugar. When the sauce is cooked, unless and until its completely done, the ingredients are not added.


Must eat: Rojak with rick dressing of peanuts and palm sugar

Cost for two: INR 250-300 approximately


Contact: N/A

Opening hours: 11:30 AM to 19:00 PM 


What adds this dish on the list is its crispy exterior yet the softer inside. This is South Indian preparation that is flat bread made out of fried dough stuffed with Indian ghee. Generally, the roti prata is served alongside mutton or fish curry. A number of variations are available of this dish too and is usually consumed as quite a satiating meal. Some even use the roti prata as a part of desserts by serving it along with chocolates, ice creams and other savouries. 


Must eat: Roti Prata is eaten when dipped in curry 

Cost for two: INR 250-300 approximately

Address: 246M Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574370

Contact: N/A

Opening hours: Open 24 Hours


You will find authentic Malay food at this market. Dishes available are — nasi padang from Hajjah Mona, or putu piring from Haig Road Putu Piring. There’s always something available during the day or night you satiate your food cravings. For a late-night bite there is Sin Huat Eating House, which is open until 1 am. Their signature dishes are the crab bee hoon, otah, frog legs in addition to other local offerings. For something lighter, make your way to Yong He is another joint that offers quick bites. It offers soybean pudding.

A variety food is available down the East Coast Road, where you can visit Mongkok Kitchen to try some dimsums, steamed rice rolls, chicken feet and Cantonese dishes like seafood beehoon.


Must eat: Spicy beef, locally known as Beef Rendang. 

Cost for two: INR 1500-2000 approximately

Address:  1 Geylang Serai, Singapore 402001

Contact: +65 6225 5632

Opening hours: 6:00 AM TO 9:00 PM 


There is Eurasian food variety available that comprises culinary such as the Devil’s curry, beef consommé stew, and sugee cake amongst many more. You can try these dishes at Quentin’s Eurasian Restaurant, offering the blend of old and contemporary dishes that highlight the Eurasian culture.

Must eat: Katong Laksa

Cost for two: INR 800-1000 approximately

Address: 53 East Coast Road, Singapore 428771.

Opening hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM 


Hawker centre will complete your trip to Singapore?  East Coast Lagoon Food Village, a hawker centre that houses all the food varieties of Singapore, should be on your checklist. There are flocks of stalls lined up offering some scrumptious meals that bound to spoil you for making choices. Favourites amongst locals are Haron 30 Satay, offering grilled meat skewers with a side of homemade rice cakes and peanut sauce, and Kampong Rojak for a taste of some traditional vegetable salad dish with lavish generous servings of accompaniments.


Must eat: Lagoon Carrot cake 

Cost for two: INR 1000-1200 approximately.

Address: 1220 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468960

Contact: +65 6225 5632

Opening hours: 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM


Ampang Niang Tou Fu, is a traditional spot that offers good quality Hakka Chinese cuisine consisting tofu or vegetables filled with ground meat or fish paste)—there are combinations to choose from as accompaniments.

Siglap also offers places for visitors who just want to have a quiet time over a cup of coffee. Dutch Colony Coffee Co. is the place to lean back, and get mesmerised in the taste of the waffles or bagels for weekend brunches, or spend your lone time just sipping a coffee on a quiet afternoon.


Must eat: Chirashi dons, mango prawns 

Cost for two: INR 800-1000 approximately

Address: 77 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 455218

Contact: 6243 0700

Opening hours: 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM


Bedok 85 Food Centre has an array of food offerings, that comprise signature dishes like the minced meat noodles stalls, such as Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian and Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee. Spice lovers can try some sambal stingray (stingray marinated and barbecued in spicy chilli paste) from Chomp Chomp BBQ.

Bedok Marketplace, is another bustling place that offers some tasteful culinary like think pho (Vietnamese rice noodle broth), and grilled skewers from The Burning Oak. Within close reach are other spots such as Tang Tea House, a dimsum restaurant.


Must eat: Minced meat noodle 

Cost for two: INR 300-500 approximately

Address: Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian: Blk 85 Bedok North St. 4, Fengshan Market & Food Centre,460085

Contact: N/A

Opening hours: 3:00 PM to 1:00 AM


Chock Full of Beans, has an interesting form of serving. Here, your latte is served with 3D Latte Art. You may choose your cute carvings from the latte foam.

The Coastal Settlement is the place for those premium ambience seekers. The place comprises a vintage taste as if taking you back in time. There is a wide range of food available at this spot that is offered at pocket-friendly prices.


Must eat: Nasi Ayam Penyet 

Cost for two: INR 600-800 approximately

Address: Lucky Plaza, Orchard Road

Contact: N/A

Opening hours: 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM 


This series has set Singapore abuzz with from time of its inception. There are joints that are starred by Micheline thus defining winners basis the number of stars assigned to a given eatery. Some noteworthy Michelin-starred namers are Candlenut, Alma and Labyrinth among many other names.


Why you should attend this: A good competitive event to attend as an audience

Who should attend this: Those who have that taste for culinary expertise


Local cuisines and culinary arts all come together for its annual food festival. There are tonnes of events that take place all over Singapore which are execute right under the nose of some prominent chefs of this country. The motto of this event is to celebrate as a mark of respect towards Singapore culinary culture and its promising future prospects. 

The signature event as this festival is named STREAT, that brings together the traditional and contemporary cuisines all prepared and served by well renowned chefs of Singapore.


Why you should attend this: Traditional and contemporary cuisines are prepared and served by well renowned chefs of Singapore.

Who should attend this: All


This grand event brings together the who’s who of Singapore’s culinary fraternity. The World Gourmet Summit is all about a premium dining experience and the prominent restaurants of Singapore. Look forward to various programmes and highlights, where gourmands can get up-cl


There’s exclusive dining along with wine tasting where you will see foodies go head to head with globally eminent chefs. That it brings all the luminaries of the culinary fraternity together you can expect to see some amazing culinary presentations.

Why you should attend this: Luminaries of the culinary fraternity come together, and you can expect to see some amazing culinary presentations

Who should attend this: All


Singapore Restaurant Week as it reads is a week-long event. At this bi-annual event, patrons get to pick their favourite from the participating restaurants. They are then served a 3-course meal either over lunch or dinner at a special price. Seats fill up fast for this event and patrons are required to reserve their seats well in advance to avoid any last-minute glitches.

Patrons get to choose their favourite culinary served by one of the participating restaurants.

Who should attend this: All


Singapore Cocktail Festival, is a grand mark of celebration of Singapore’s best mixers. There are cocktail tours, workshops to attend that are well-equipped to make your day. Stellar bartenders grace this event with their presence.


Why you should attend this: Stellar bartenders serve some amazing cocktails here

Who should attend this: Adults


Local and international chefs grace this event with their presence and their culinary skills. You will some new variety of cuisine to try every year. Different editions of Savour like gourmet, wine and Christmas are bound to make you fuss for choices. 


You get to acquaint with chefs, attend workshops, and purchase from a gourmet market selling some rare ingredients.


Why you should attend this: You get to acquaint with chefs, attend workshops, and purchase from a gourmet market selling some rare ingredients. 


Who should attend this: All


Singapore is known for its lovely, mouth-watering food. The roots of Singapore’s culinary culture are hidden in the traditional meals of Singapore farming and fishing community. The hawkers here also take inspiration from the oriental cuisine. These hawker centres offer relishing food for less than 20 Dollars. Some of the amazing places where you’ll have the delicious street food of Singapore are Maxwell food plaza, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre. You can try from Chinese Rojak, Chicken Rice, Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice, Barbecued Seafood, Chee Kueh and Nasi Lemak for dirt cheap prices.


Location: Raffles place MRT station, Old Airport Road, Smith Street 

For: All 

Difficulty level: N/A

Cost: It will cost you INR 900-1200 approximately per person

Why you should do it: There are 1000s of food shops, which offer a wide scope of opportunities for tourists to relish over numerous styles of cuisines.

Tips: N/A 

Night Life in singapore


The Clark Quay and Boat Quay go way beyond than just being marked as the party destinations of Singapore. There are live music performances one can enjoy at the Crazy Elephant for blues, and Cuba Libre Café & Bar for Latin music.  

There are sports bars too for the ardent fans in Boomerang Bistro & Bar and Hero’s. A good time for the fans to watch some thrilling matches along with friends, and other fans. 

Prince of Wales bar and the resto bar Draft & Craft that brew craft beers are for those who just want to have a peaceful time while they are sipping on their drink away from loud noises. In case patrons look to spice it up at these places, they can partake in the beer pong battles. 

For those who seek some romantic time with their beloved while sipping over some cocktails can visit Southbridge which is a rooftop restaurant. A panoramic overview of the Singapore skyline is a given while you are enjoying special time with your beloved.


Must try: New Zealand Pacific Oysters and Champagne

Opening hours: 16:00 pm to 3:30 am

Location: River Valley Road


If Clarke Quay is the only place you have heard of in Singapore, then Ann Siang and Club Street is another partygoers’ zone you must go to. The place is full of fun, and possesses an electrifying charm of its own, especially after dark. One of the must nightlife destination amongst visitors. 

This neighbourhood is laden with lines of shops in the streets, taking you to a juncture where its rich history meets the contemporary shopping and culinary choices. 

This buzzing area is situated in Chinatown — the second-most frequented attraction of Singapore. What once used to be a Chinese migrants’ settlement is now a bustling area where you will find the perfect blend of the country’s old and modern-day experiences. 

You can walk down the pioneer’s trail in Ann Siang Hill to get an experience of the colourful shops, heritage landmarks namely the old well and as Al-Abrar Mosque, of the mid-1850s. 

Another noteworthy location is the Musical Box Museum on the Telok Ayer Street, which comprises over forty historic musical boxes. Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan on Telok Ayer Street, is another landmark that was erected the immigrants as a mark of their cultural collection.

Major attraction of the Ann Siang and Club Street area is its vibrancy and the buzzing nightlife.  Yen Yakiniku, for the meat lovers who can relish farm fresh Japanese wagyu or American/Australian steaks. Ones who wish to stick to the traditional taste of local favours can visit the The Coconut Club to try the coconut rice (nasi lemak) and grilled fish cake) otak-otak. 

Situated on the Gemmill Lane is the Club Street Social with a bistro-bar ambience and offers American Asian food lovers seeking a unique spin in the variety can step in to :pluck. Oxwell & Co is another attraction that offers a classic Brit bar experience with a rooftop view overseeing Chinatown.

There is something for the shopaholics too at place like Lorna Jane for the fitness lovers before that move to Level Gym or SLAP Dance Studio (these offer trial sessions) to tune up on some cardio. 

Truefitt & Hill is a traditional barber shop for male grooming. Q Menswear on Telok Ayer Street is for those fashionistas who have a premium taste for style. 

Aster by Kyra would be good halt for some traditional purchase of Chinese and Malay culture floor and wall tiles, which could go as some unconventional souvenirs. 

As busy as the area sounds there are places such as 5footway.inn at Ann Siang, for the budget travellers who could just lie back and relax after a hectic day of shopping and partying. There are many boutique areas for a pleasant stay within the area. There is another place that offers a rooftop restaurant and an outdoor top to relax yourself - The Scarlet Singapore.

The Club, is a happening food & beverage hotel, that houses rooms stuffed with eclectic interiors. IN addition, there is a rooftop bar Tiger’s Milk, fine dining restaurant The Disgruntled Chef, and a laidback café & bar - Mr & Mrs Maxwell.


Location: Chinatown, Singapore

Known for: Best bars and restaurants. It’s the most famous street to eat, drink and shop. 

How to reach: Taxis are advisable to reach Ann Siang and Club Street as its 20 kilometres away.

Cost: As per the prices listed at the places you visit in this area

Operating hours: Variable according to establishments

Any precautions/ must carry items etc.: Take care of your belongings as its one of the busiest and crowded streets.


There is something way beyond the Marina Bay’s impression of being a shopping, art galore and luxury hotels landmark. That is its buzzing nightlife.

Go to the Post Bar located at the Fullerton Hotel. There are many restobar options with waterfront views to choose from. There are many such name amongst which are the Kinki Rooftop Bar, Fullerton Bay Hotel’s Lantern Bar, 1919 Restaurant & The Rooftop Bar, Overeasy and The Pelican all of them well within the vicinity of the Merlion Park.

Orgo at the Esplanade, is rooftop joint well equipped for those seeking some cosy time. Not only will steer clear of the crowds at this place, but you will get a spectacular view of the city. 

The Bar @ Long Chim, at the Marina Bay Sands is a good place to visit serving some lip-smacking food to nibble on. For those seeking a high-end fine dine experience can visit Caffe B, and Spago, consisting a breath-taking view of the city from the towering 57th floor.

Other favourite tall rooftop bars include Cé La Vi, Flight Bar & Lounge, 1-Altitude and LeVel 33 that will give you the feeling as if you rule the world as you overlook the city from the tallest spots.


Must try: Barbeque sea food 

Opening hours: 11:00 to late daily

Location: Bayfront Avenue


Laden with nearly adjoining doors of restaurants, pubs and bars, this happening precinct is party hive. 


Pay your visit to the nearly 2-decade old Wala Wala Café Bar, and enjoy some time for yourself as you listen to the soothing live music performances. Another well-known restobar among patrons is the PARK to feast on some burgers and steaks while you enjoy sipping on some drinks. 

If you are looking to experience an international party-feel within Singapore, then you may go to Starker and Baden Restaurant & Pub to grab some German beers and bites. Then there’s Cambodian/Vietnamese cuisine at #WineTapasFriends by Indochine, another known restobar. Gulp down to some beer as you nibble on those spicy bites.


Must try: Irish Ale and Bohemian Lager


Opening hours: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Location: Near Bukit Timah and Queenstown


Singapore Night Festival could be a must attend event for the nightlife buffs. This a fortnight event that is organised in the month of August. The set-up is well endowed to blow the audience in presence away. It is free event, therefore open to all. If one is to get awestruck then they must visit the event to witness some breath-taking aerial performances, light shows and a set-up that virtually brings the museum to life. Those in Singapore during this time of the year must visit this event from the centre of the Bras and Bugis district to see the museum come to life for themselves.


Why you should attend this: Breath-taking aerial performances, light shows and a set-up that virtually brings the museum to life

Who should attend this: It’s a free event open to all

Shopping in singapore


The Orchard Road has well known among visitors due to its good blend of retail stores and shops. Malls like the ION Orchard and Paragon are located here, best known for their premium global brand offerings. 

For those looking to purchase something made under the local brand, may visit joints like TANGS and Orchard Gateway. These two malls will offer you good mix of eco-friendly and local fabrics. In case a visitor is looking to purchase some souvenirs may pay a visit to Naiise, which is a design megastore. 


Location: 310 Orchard Road

Timing: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Known for: Orchard Road has local as well as international department stores. Hence, it’s a one-stop destination for all that you need. 

Bargaining: If you hunt, you will find an opportunity to bargain. 


Visitors who are looking for a much more premium brand experience may pay a visit to The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. It is one of the major luxury shopping malls that is laden with heaps of renowned brands in addition to many other beauty & wellness and jewellery stores offering products one cannot resist.

Location: 10 Bayfront Avenue

Timing: 10:00am to 11:00pm

Known for: It has the largest luxury malls with varied boutiques for men and women.

Bargaining: N/A


Hordes of buyers frequent the Bugis and Haji lane. Although these lanes are within each other’s vicinity, the experience is distinct in both the areas.

In Bugis street there are small shops and Korean stores which offer some traditional yet contemporary products well-loved by the patrons. There are many stores lined up that look almost the same and the ideal thing to do before making a purchase would be to figure out which one offers the best deals. 

The Haji Lane is decorated with stylish boutiques that are a sight to look at even if one doesn’t end up shopping. You will find a perfect blend of traditional fashion and local brands that are unique in their own way. Checkout outlets such as Mondays off and Soon Lee. 

Traveller looking to soak in to the culture can take a stroll down the nearby Arab Street. Royal Fabrics, which is stocked with colourful offerings of the Malay and Indonesian dyed fabric patterns, and Jamal Kazura Aromatics selling Arabic perfumed oils are amongst the well-now stores to visit down this street.


Location: Bugis Street, Haji Lane, Singapore

Timing: 11:00am to 11:00pm

Known for: Small and stylish boutique stores

Bargaining: There is a lot of scope bargain for all shops are selling almost the same product thereby giving you room to negotiate on the best deal for you.


Little India is a busy precinct, where you will find some traditional apparels and accessories like saris and bangles. The Mustafa Centre is located in this area that is open 24x7, offering wide options for making purchase ranging from electronics to essentials, toys, and sports material. You think of something to buy and you will find it here.


Location: Serangoon Road

Timing: 10:00am to 11:00pm

Known for: Availability of almost any and every product you are looking to buy

Bargaining: You may try your luck


Amongst the oldest districts of Singapore is the Tiong Bahru. It is also happening in nature thereby making it a destination that offers that right mix of the traditional and contemporary. There are these bunches of small old-fashioned stores and there are boutiques which will offer you something up-to-the-minute. Pay a visit to Strangelets, a trendy boutique in addition to bookstores like BooksActually, and Curated Records, which is a traditional vinyl store. 

If you are looking for some hip cafes and brunch joints to just sit back in peace and relax as you sip on to some coffee, then visit the Tiong Bahru Bakery and Open-Door Policy amongst many others.


Location: 9A Boon Tiong Road, Singapore 162009

Timing: N/A

Known for: Hip cafes and brunch joints

Bargaining: N/A


Meander through that places inhabited by the locals and you will find stores here that will surprise you with their offerings. Known retail landmarks like Tampines 1 and Queensway Shopping Centre, offer premium brands, and sports apparels & goods especially at the Queensway Shopping Centre. All your favourites brands are available for purchase.


Location: Outskirts of the Orchard Road and Central Business District

Timing: N/A

Known for: Retail stores and shopping centres

Bargaining: One may try their luck


Vivocity, one amongst the largest malls in Singapore is located here. You will find some really cheap stuff at stores like the COACH, and a Japanese outlet name Daiso which sells almost everything at the price of INR 100-150 approximately. 

This mall is haven for kids specifically for its children-friendly ambience that facilitates them with the open playground and an aqua Sky Park. It is truly a good place to keep you children occupied with fun while you are busy with your shopping spree.


Location: 1 Maritime Square, Singapore 099255

Timing: 10 AM to 10 PM

Known for: Vivocity

Bargaining: Cheap products available at negligible prices


Singapore’s award-winning Changi Airport, is an ideal spot for some duty-free shopping for you and your loved ones. It is an ideal spot for travellers who need to buy some souvenirs and other essentials at the last minute for their loved ones back home. There’s wide range of brands available to scout through. There’s so much shopping to do in Singapore, that travellers are bound to go back awestruck with the variety, and the loads that they will carry back home.


Location: Airport Blvd, Singapore

Timing: 24/7

Known for: Duty free goods

Bargaining: N/A


This market spreads the idea of not throwing something away that is not in use. If you have an obsolete item, then you can bring it here and let someone else take it away. This market is absolutely free and there is no registration fee required for the event. You can visit this market and be a part of this unique community sharing concept.


Location: Variable

For: All

Cost: Free of cost

Why you should do it: It’s the only place where you can donate used clothes, home accessories, books and can take away anything in return for free


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