g Max Reverse Bungy

If you’re looking for an activity that is extreme and will rush your adrenaline, then G-Max Reverse Bungy jumping is just the thing to do. This popular ride is located at the famous nightlife hub of Clarke Quay. Reverse Bungy also known as G-Max Reverse Bungy straps into the capsule when you are on the ground.


  • 3 River Valley Rd, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179024

Tel: +65 6338 1766


G-Max Reverse Bungy ride starts around 14:00 daily on the weekdays, and it starts at 13:00 and 12:00 noon on weekends. The ride ends at 01:00 or 2:00.


  • Hop on the G-Max Reverse Bungy to send your heart racing at the speed of 200 kph
  • The latest GX-5 ride will leave you gasping for breath and will give you a thrilling experience
  • G-Max Reverse Bungy straps into the capsule when you are on the ground
  • The ride speeds up to 200 kmph and G-force of 5 is applied to it.


  • A sneak peak of the entire G-Max Reverse Bungy ride
  • Complimentary ride
  • Medical aid


  • Adults (age 12+): GX-5 Extreme Swing INR 2250, Trampoline Bungy INR 500

Recommended for

  • G-Max Reverse Bungy is recommended for adults and children over the age of 12 years.

How to get there

MRT: Get off at Clarke Quay station and walk about three minutes from there.

Taxi: The fastest and easiest way to get there. Take a taxi straight at the Clark Quay, opposite MICA Building.

Bus: Bus service numbers 32, 54 and 195 will stop at Clark Quay, along River Valley Road

About G-Max Reverse Bungy

The G-Max Reverse Bungy falls from 60m and reaches a speed of over 200kph. It is incredibly fast, exciting, thrilling and at the same time safe. It was first invented by a New Zealander, Troy Griffin in 1995. The activity is designed and built in New Zealand. The activity is basically a bungy jumping but in a reverse way. The bungy is 100% safe and secure. More than 1 million riders have successfully taken the ride and have enjoyed themselves.

G-Max Reverse Bungy operates in seven various countries around the globe. Singapore is one such place that is quite famous for this thrilling activity. This ride has become one of the most popular activities at the lively, Clarke Quay.  The ride also known as the capsule, seats up to five people at a time and speeds up to 200 kmph.

The person operating the ride hits the eject button and the ride is pushed by 5G of force. The company has even added a latest feature which is the ‘GX-5 Extreme Swing’. This is the alternative that is available at the same spot, which is similar to the original G-Max Reverse Bungy. The only difference between the bungy and GX-5 Extreme Swing is that the latter involves much more swinging effect after the initial ejection.

The rider is strapped in a 3-seater capsule and is shot up into the air with the bungy cord that is 60 meters in height. The ride further takes a speed of 200 km per hour and G-force of 5 is applied to it. The G-force is nothing but the force that is experienced by the astronauts during the rocket launch. In G-Max Reverse Bungy, the rider will feel springing up and down a few times and later the ride will come to a halt mid-air. Soon, the ride will be lowered down till you reach the ground again.

G-Max Reverse Bungy rides are the best thing a rider can ever experience, and treasure this memory for a lifetime. But it is definitely not for the faint-hearted. G-MAX Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Xtreme Swing are both exciting and a treat to the eyes of even the spectators!

GX-5 Xtreme Swing is the latest addition that has been added to the list. This ride was opened in Dec 2007 and is a 5-seater capsule which is pulled to at 90-degree angle to the ground. The rider faces downwards and once the swing is released it is like a giant swing. The ride will then speed up to 125 km per hour. G-MAX Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Xtreme Swing are available in Singapore and New Zealand.

The riders must be 1.2 meters tall and should be over 12-years-old. Intoxicated people will not be allowed to board on any of the rides.  The best time to ride on these amazing rides is any time of the day and night except the rainy season.

Finding G-Max Reverse Bungy is not at all a difficult task. For reaching the spot, one needs to know the landmark where the ride is situated. The ride is located at Clarke Quay. The towering white metal support of the ride rising high into the sky becomes easy for one to spot. The entire area is illuminated at night which creates much more of a spectacle and becomes lively.

Interesting facts about G-Max Reverse Bungy

  • It is catapulted at 60 meters in height
  • First invented by New Zealander, Troy Griffin, in 1995
  • The riders are strapped in a 3-seater capsule and shot up into the air.
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