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About Cordelia Cruises

Embark on your very own adventure on the high seas, with Cordelia Cruises, India’s only premium cruise liner. Providing luxurious, indulgent, rejuvenating, entertaining and thoroughly captivating journeys to some of the most spectacular shores around the country. A cruise vacation is all your favourite holiday experiences rolled into one, with everything from accommodation to dining and activities looked after as well! Once you hop aboard The Empress, the royal treatment begins. The iconic ship is an experienced seafarer, having previously sailed across the Bahamas and Caribbean. And now, she is here to take you around the stunning seas, ports and islands around the country, under the stewardship of Cordelia Cruises.

Take your pick of the wondrous destinations currently on offer by Cordelia Cruises. Let your hair down on a sea-bound weekend off the shores of Mumbai, or all the way to Goa. Sail towards Diu or Kochi, for culturally enlightening cruise holidays. Go from boat to beach, on cruises that take you to the spectacular Lakshadweep Islands and Male, Maldives. While the cruise tours around Sri Lanka’s Colombo, Galle and Trincomalee offer the perfect blend of tropical bliss and urban buzz. Thomas Cook brings you the best Cordelia Cruises Tour Packages for the cruise vacation of your choice, starting at just INR 15,599 per person. Our travel experts highly recommend Cordelia Cruises for your next escapade and have curated all-encompassing packages that ensure you have the most amazing time. Whether you’re looking to plan a big family trip or a girls trip, a romantic holiday for two or a company offsite.

Whatever be your holiday type – girls trip, fam-jam, school reunion etc., one thing is for sure: you’ll get to experience travel in a completely unique way. Yet, in a way that travellers have been for centuries of history. This is how the world was explored, new places were discovered, cultures came to be. Now, you can sample this feeling as you roam aboard the cruise liner, the marvellous Empress. Where a journey of a lifetime awaits! One that you can now have as often as you’d like, with Thomas Cook’s amazing Cordelia Cruise tour packages. Cruises are available throughout the year, to select destinations based on the climate and seasonal possibilities. So whenever you decide that it’s time to pack up and go on a holiday, you should really consider a cruise holiday. Something extraordinary and memorable for you to experience and cherish, as you sail through life.

Cordelia Cruise Packages

Cordelia Cruise Packages No. of Days Price*
Cordelia Cruise (Goa - Mumbai - Goa) 2 Nights / 3 Days Rs. 15 599.00
Cordelia Cruise (Mumbai - Goa - Mumbai) 2 Nights / 3 Days Rs. 15 599.00
Cordelia Cruise (Mumbai - Highseas - Mumbai) 2 Nights / 3 days Rs. 15 599.00
Cordelia Cruise (Chennai - Jaffna - Chennai) 2 Nights / 3 days Rs. 15 599.00
Cordelia Cruise (Chennai - High seas - Colombo) 2 Nights / 3 days Rs. 15 599.00

Highlights of Cordelia Cruise

Waking up to new, spectacular views as you glide across the vast expanse of the ocean is the first of many highlight experiences. Discover a ship that’s full of comfort, excitement, pleasure, relaxation and all-round engagement. You’ll never have a dull moment! In between sunrises and sunsets, you can enjoy it all. A magnificent stay in cosy, comfortable accommodation. Gourmet on-board dining including global fare as well as various Indian specialties and diets. Exceptional entertainment and activities for all ages. Book a Cordelia Cruise packages and it’s anchor-free enjoyment all the way.


Your home on the sea promises land comforts. Cordelia Cruises offer five cabin options, from budget-friendly interior rooms to lovely ocean view rooms and wonderful balcony rooms that open out onto your own private lookout point. As well as gorgeous suites and the special Chairman’s Suite, with luxurious state-of-the-art facilities as well as premium access to in-room dining and the Chef’s table experience. Whether you spend two nights on board or five, your cabin offers the perfect cosy bit of the ship to call your own. Where you can relax, spend time with only the view, enjoy the world-class amenities and feel totally refreshed for your next adventure out on the decks.


Dining aboard the Empress is always a delight. The restaurants and menus have been specially curated for the variable Indian palate, with cultural and dietary considerations taken into account. Anytime is a good time to visit the All Day Dining food court, where buffet food stations called Essence of India, Far Eastern Kadhai, Sugar & Spice, The International Grill, Hot Clay Tandoor, Kettle & Bun, Jain Haven, Vegetarian Bang Street Food and The Cafe, offer all imaginable global and local favourites. While the two specialty restaurants — The Waterfront and Chopstix — offer unique dining experiences. Perfect for families, groups and couples too. The Waterfront for its charming decor and gourmet servings, and Chopstix for a grand Pan-Asian affair that one always has the appetite for. For those seeking a more exclusive affair, make advanced reservations for a seat at the Chef’s Table, where you will be served a specially crafted menu.


The Empress knows how to entertain. Day or night, the fun never stops on a cruise vacation. With the wind in your sails, explore every avenue of excitement and thrill that Cordelia Cruises has on board. Make your way to the fabulous casino and play your luck. Soak in a sensational performance at The Marquee theatre. Broadway or Burlesque take your pick. Other nights, music performances turn the ocean into the hippest dance floor, and outdoor movie nights let you enjoy cinematic moments under starry skies. Meanwhile, spend your days rejuvenating at the spa, salon or fitness centre. Splash about in the swimming pool or dive into the quiet of a book at the reading zone. Go shopping on board the ship or plan your shore excursions so that you can make the most of your time on land. Cordelia Cruises also offer special activities for children, like a kids pool and rock climbing wall. Then there is the Cordelia Academy, where they are looked after with plenty of care, engaging activities and games.

Cordelia Cruise Destinations


Nothing shines brighter on the coastline of the Arabian Sea, than India’s biggest metropolis, Mumbai. Cordelia Cruise tour packages take you to and from this vibrant cultural city, giving you the chance to explore everything from Colonial monuments to the historic street food. And then there’s everything from promenades and beaches to shopping centres, temples, galleries and museums, to visit too. The maximum city is always a total blast.


Cruise to the country’s favourite coastal destination, Goa. Where your state of mind switches to holiday mode instantly, and instinctively. Spend your shore time exploring the old town and its Colonial heritage. Visit beach after beach, they all have a charm of their own. Eat! Soak in as much of the coastal flavours as you like. Celebrate and party, the way only Goa can make you. This is where your sea escapade comes full circle.


A pleasure filled sail aboard Cordelia Cruises, that takes you all the way to the breathtaking Lakshadweep Islands off the coast of Kerala. Where white sand beaches welcome you, crystal blue waters beckon you, the local folk culture will charm you and the natural serenity will leave you enchanted and inspired. Don’t miss out on activities like kayaking, snorkelling and scuba diving, explore the underwater life just as much as you are life up on sea. An amazing experience for families and couples alike.


Experience South Indian culture at its finest, in the beautiful blend of old and new that is Chennai. Sample its traditional filter coffee, marvel at its historic St. George Fort. Catch a sunset on the beach, you have a few to choose from. Or make your way for a pilgrimage to one of the bigger temples in the city.

Sri Lanka

Cordelia Cruise packages are a great way to visit Sri Lanka. Witness its beautiful port cities. The picturesque beach town of Galle has everything from monuments to museums, surfing to the stunning Japanese Peace Pagoda. The capital city of Colombo is a colourful cosmopolitan, where you can get a refill on your favourite urban pleasures, from shopping to fancy dining. Jaffna and Trincomalee are the other two ports you could visit, both offering a different perspective of Sri Lanka. One that’s bustling with culture treasures, and the other that’s full of natural wonders.


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