Lakshadweep: Island Intrigue

They call it by many names. Some called it Laccadive, some said Minicoy and still others referred to it as the Aminidivi Islands. Today, we refer to these jewel-like islands, collectively, with the Malayali word for “one hundred thousand islands”. We call it Lakshadweep. This precious archipelago, 260 nautical miles off the Kerala course is located in the crystal, blue green waters of the Laccadive sea. Here corals bloom and grow. Here sea turtles’ nest. Here the pristine blue waters seep into the gentle shores of the islands. Here, you will find the pulse and spike of adventure sports in the most serene locations, or ride on a luxurious yacht, or even just revel in everything that Lakshadweep has to offer.


Lakshadweep: A Quick View of the state 
Capital Kavaratti
Official Language Malayalam
Dial Code 04896
Population 88, 600 (as of 2018)
Currency Indian Rupee (INR)
Time Zone UTC+05:30 (IST)
Area 32.69 square km 

Highlights: Tropical Cocktail

Kavaratti Island

Pristine, pure, perfect… these are some of the words that come to mind when you visit Kavaratti – the capital of Lakshadweep. Here you will find dazzling white beaches and sheltered lagoons to spend a quiet day. However, if you’re looking for excitement, don’t worry, Kavaratti has enough and more water sports to get your adrenaline flowing. Dive, surf, snorkel, ski – the waters welcome all adventurers. Windsurfing, Parasailing, Jet Skiing, Water Bikes, Glass Bottomed Boat rides are just a few activities to explore. When you’re out of the water, take some time to visit the tourist spots on the island, like the Marine Aquarium, Urja Mosque, Jamnath Mosque and more.

Agatti Island

Blue meets green and yellow, to create a synergy of Pinterest worthy landscapes. Agatti is brilliant and buoyant. 7.6 km of sand runs as far as the naked eye can see, glittering like an expensive highlighter. People come here to escape the craze of life. Its remote setting is idyllic, peaceful and oozing with natural beauty. You can snorkel, dive, sail, deep sea fish and kayak! The water sports are countless. The thrills are endless. The fun is unimaginable. Agatti Island Beach Resort offers comfortable and charming accommodation for all you beach bums to recoup at. And if you’re looking for a little something different, visit the government run museum. It contains trinkets from the indigenous tribes, that you should definitely glimpse.

Kadmat Island

Kadmat Island is laden with coral reefs (with sea grass) and marine turtles. This ecological feature, among others, has rendered the beaming island a ‘marine protected area’. Like every island in the archipelago, Kadmat is endowed with the most beguiling beaches and waters. You can spend hours just gazing at the alluring sceneries. We promise you this; you wont tire of it easily. Something truly special is its 1.5km wide lagoon. Fishing is the principle activity of the islanders, so you must try some of the fresh and succulent dishes. Furthermore, you can engage in a host of water sports that are exhilarating!


Seafood and coconut wind their way into most of the local dishes on the islands. The food is spicy, and the flavours often speak of Lakshadweep’s closest neighbour – Kerala. You’ll find every kind of tuna preparation here – baked, grilled, fried. Sink into the dishes like rayereha (red tuna curry) sannath (a white-based coconut tuna curry with potatoes and papaya) and flaky Malabar parotta. Finish the meal off with a long drink of soothing coconut water.


Interesting facts about Lakshadweep: Secrets of an island

  • The name Lakshadweep roughly translates to ‘one lakh islands’.
  • Out of 36 islands, only 10 are inhabited by humans.
  • The Lakshadweep archipelago has approximately 600 species of marine fish, 52 species of crabs and 101 species of birds.
  • Kadmat Island is shaped like a tear drop. Furthermore, it is also known as Cardamom Island.
  • Lakshadweep has been a tourist destination in India from the year 1974.


Location: Big Little Lands

This archipelago resembles little emerald droplets scattered over 30,000 square miles of the Arabian Sea. The eastern most island lies around 185 miles off the Kerala coastline. Of the 36 islands in the archipelago, only 10 are inhabited – Andrott, Amini, Agatti, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy. The lagoon area of Lakshadweep covers 4,200 square kilometres, the territorial waters cover 20,000 square kilometres and the exclusive economic area of Lakshadweep is around 400,000 square kilometres. For the smallest Union Territory of India, Lakshadweep boasts of some big border numbers!

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Best time to visit

The weather gods smile down on these gorgeous little islands throughout the year. However, the period of October to May is the most welcoming to tourists. Mid May to September sees these islands shrouded in rain, which means certain islands (even the inhabited ones) become inaccessible. Furthermore, the monsoon season also means that many water sports and other island activities remain shut until the rain abates. The winter season brings cool sea breezes, pleasant nights and spectacular winter sunsets over the water. What could be more perfect than that?


How to get to Lakshadweep: Your voyage awaits

By Air

Kochi International Airport is the closest airport connecting Lakshadweep to the mainland. It consists of flights to and from major cities in India, as well as International locations. Flights from Kochi land in Agatti airport. From here, you will have a variety of transport options to choose from.

By Ship

To reach Lakshadweep, you can avail of one of the ship services beginning in Kochi. The duration is approximately 14 to 20 hours. From Deluxe Class to First Class, and Tourist Class, you will be spoilt for choice.


History: Island Empires

Although it remains off the coast of India, many kings and empires extended their rule from the mainland, all the way to Lakshadweep. In fact, legend has it that the first settlement on the Lakshadweep islands happened during the reign Cheraman Perumal, the last Chera king of Kerala. Of the islands in the archipelago, Amini, Kalpeni, Kavaratti and Agatti show the earliest signs of inhabitation.  During the 5th and 6th centuries, archaeological discoveries point to a strong Buddhist influence in the area. In 661 A D, Islam was brought to the islands’ shores by an Arab named Ubaidulla. In the 11th century, the islands were rules by the Cholas, and then became a part of the Kingdom of Cannanore. In the 16th century, the Portuguese took over and christened the island as Laquedivas until they were expelled by the locals. In 1787, the islands came under the control of Tipu Sultan, which then passed to the British under the Madras Presidency.

Post-independence, when the states were reorganised the Lakshadweep islands were separated from Madras and designated as a Union Territory. The name Lakshadweep was formalised on 1st November 1973.

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Indian Rupee (INR)


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Lakshadweep Tourism Guide

Lakshadweep is one of the best tourist destinations covered with all colours of nature. The clear water, blue sky, white sugary sand and moderate climate have made this place the perfect location to unwind yourself and rejuvenate your senses. You may check Lakshadweep tourism packages to get the best experience at the time of your travel and stay in Lakshadweep. There are many different packages available online as well and you can explore them to find the one in your budget.

If you want to enjoy every bit of your travel to Lakshadweep then don’t forget to take a guide as he will explain the history, culture and existing beauty of the place in detail to you. Lakshadweep tourism guide will understand your liking and interests well and take you to those places where you will find the utmost entertainment. Check all the available Lakshadweep tours online. If you don’t find the one that fits into your plans then opt for the customised travel plan as it will add to your convenience and enjoyment to a great extent.

The tropical island of Lakshadweep is an ideal vacation spot, with the island being surrounded by scenic views. It is a perfect amalgamation of sea, sand and the sun, displaying its stunning beauty and picturesque locations. The local culture and traditions of Lakshadweep have made up for an ethically rich environment. There is also a known fact that Lakshadweep, having a number of small islands under it, sports a vast number of flora and fauna species, making it a traveller’s paradise.


Places to visit in Lakshadweep

You can easily visit a number of the nearby islands through ferry or other transportation arrangements. Each of these islands has its own charm, and Lakshadweep tourism makes sure to maintain them for public viewing. For example, Minicoy Island is said to be one of the most famous island destination in Lakshadweep. Many Lakshadweep tour packages also include trips to Minicoy Island in their itinerary.

A number of Lakshadweep tours have special provisions for the tourists, allowing them to customize their Lakshadweep tours any way they want. It also helps in providing the tourist with a wholesome experience.


Best time to visit Lakshadweep

The best time to visit Lakshadweep is considered to be between the months of October to mid-May. During this time the weather is pleasant, making way for a number of water sports activities. A number of Lakshadweep tour packages are also available for this time, making travel easier and convenient. During this time, you can take Lakshadweep tours and enjoy visiting the local places on the island itself. From mid-May to September, the rainy season takes a grip at the island, making for hot and humid days.

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