Kerala Tourism

Taking a trip on the houseboat along the tranquil backwaters as the refreshing breeze caresses your face complemented by the breathtaking views while you relish some finger-licking seafood. Head out to God’s own Country, Kerala! This south Indian state takes you on an extravagant trip over the mountains, paddy fields, backwaters, hill stations, coffee plantations, waterfalls, and all things sweet. With its tropical climate that favors the beautiful palm-fringed beaches, glistening backwaters, and the emerald-blue Arabian sea; Kerala is one of the most beautiful destinations in India.

While in Kerala, you can travel from beautiful beaches to green hills. You can relax on the golden sands of the beaches while you hear the silences of the beach. You can witness the splendor and traditions of the temple festivals in Thrissur and also indulge in a fun boat race in Allapuzha. You can savor authentic vegetarian food and the spicy seafood. You can breathe in the aroma of the spice plantations in Munnar and the coffee plantations in Wayanad.

Tourism in Kerala is not only confined to lush green plantations, ayurvedic treatments, tea gardens, and houseboats. It also enchants the adventure seekers with its abundant wildlife, historic temples, warm beaches, bejeweled elephants, scrumptious dishes, smoothly draped white sarees with gold borders, and the cities that are adorned with lavish European architecture giving the state a multi-cultural vibe! There is almost everything you can experience in Kerala and get yourself to a euphoric high!

'God's own country,' after all. 

Language Spoken


Currency used:

Indian Rupee

NOV-FEB 18-29oC
MAR-MAY 32-36oC
JUN-OCT 18-29oC

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Best Kerala Tourism Guide

Quick Overview:

Currency: Indian Rupee

Population: 34.8 million

Time Zone: UTC+05:30

Area: 38,863 sq km

Capital: Thiruvananthapuram

Official Language: Malayalam

Capital's calling code: 0471

Geography: Wedged between Lakshadweep Sea and the Western Ghats, Kerala is one of the places in India with the best coastlines. It has a coast of 590 km, and the state can be divided into three regions based on the climatic variations. All the cities in Kerala have their own significance. Kovalam beach, Alleppey, and Varkala have some of the fascinating beaches of Kerala; whereas on the other side there are hill stations like Idukki, Ponmudi, and Munnar which give you breathtaking views. However, Alleppey and Munnar are mostly preferred by the tourists because of the blend of tradition and modernity they bear. 

History: As explained in Hindu mythological texts, the lands of Kerala were recovered from the sea by Parasurama; the sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Many marine fossils have been found in an area near Changanacherry, supporting the mythology. Other than this, there were many excavations of the Indus Valley Civilization located in and around the regions of Kerala.

Population: Kerala is a home to 2.76% of India's population. Most of the population is concentrated near the coastal regions, followed by the crucial places in the state. Around 32 million people are Malayali; followed by Tamilians. This state is known to have the highest literacy rate and the lowest birth rate in the entire country of India.

Language: Malayalam is the official language used to communicate in Kerala. However, about 90% of the people in Kerala are literates, and hence you can converse with them in English making it one of the assets of Kerala Tourism. Malayalam is a South Dravidian language and possesses an independently written script.

Currency: Indian Rupee (INR) is the official currency that circulates in Kerala. The coin denominations are 1, 2, 5 and 10 while the note denominations are 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000.   

Cost & Money: Kerala is entirely developed as a tourist destination; however the money required to travel here would depend on the luxury you want to choose and your mode of travel. You can absolutely spend less than INR 1000 per day for a stay, transport, food, and drinks; nevertheless, it would be advisable to pay about INR 2000 per day to make your stay much comfortable. It would cost you extra when you consider on taking the Ayurvedic massages, boat rides, etc. because they are a bit high on the cost end.

Overall, it is going to cost you INR 15000-20000 per week approximately if you stay in decent places and opt for all the varied experiences Kerala has to offer. Coming to the availability of ATMs and the usage of cards; Tourism in Kerala has brought a requirement of quick cash access to the state, and hence you can find ATM kiosks at any center excluding a few hill stations; where you might have to walk a few miles to see one. However, almost all of the restaurants accept cards.

Kerala Tourism is one of the best sources of revenue for the state. People from across the seas come to experience this sheer beauty! This Kerala tourism guide will help you know in deep about the things you can experience in Kerala and all the essential things you need to know before you travel to Kerala to make your visit much comfortable. 

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