Short Break

Bored of staying at home and missing the world ? Feel like escaping somewhere, for a short break? Here are your weekend getaways packages to get that relaxation and rejuvenation which your body and mind needs. Escape to some of the most intriguing places in India while planning your short breaks and weekend getaways. Discover new theme holidays offered by us with utmost care and safety precautions.

Affordable Luxury

Its time for you to take the luxury trip of a lifetime. Planning a short break doesn't always need to be about missing all the luxury without spending a lot of money. With our affordable luxury packages you can get all the fabulous services and tangibles along with proper hygiene and safety precautions. So what are you waiting for? Here are the weekend getaways packages that will leave you in awe of the trip and of the price.

Romantic break

If you wanted to treat your loved one with a romantic weekend away, but weren't able to do due to lockdown, look no further. Here are our handpicked getaways for your special romantic breaks. You won’t go wrong with either of these romantic weekend getaway ideas. Just go ahead and pick one


After staying at home for many weeks, we know all you want to do is get out, relax, eat great food and enjoy great views. Stayations are best for you if you do not wish to get lost in arduous sightseeing activities and end with a burnout at the end of the day. Our curated list of stayations give all of that along with assuring safety and hygiene

Unique / Experential Stays

When just a hotel and a normal weekend getaway is not enough, you need to experience these unique experential stays. Selecting a worthy stay is as important as planning any vacation or a weekend getaway; and we can enhance your holiday experience by giving you an entirely new perspective of the destination with our handpicked unique experential stays.


Take a deep breath! relax! de-stress! rejuvenate! Aren't we all striving to move towards a healthier lifestyle. With our wellness break, we put your health and well-being at the very center of your travel experience. Our wellness getaways incorporate activities that improve health, enhance the quality of life, and bring you to an increasingly optimum level of well-being. Explore these relaxing and rejuvenating destinations across India.

Spiritual Tours

India has been a center of spiritual tourism since many decades. From young wanderers to adult minds, we all are curious about the traditions, prayers, bhogs and ceremonies. What better way to experience these than being on a spiritual journey. Our spiritual weekend getaways are crafted for the minds who seek to explore spirituality along with rich culture and legacy.

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